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TIMES, Herne Bay, England - Oct. 19, 1989


The Herne Bay UFO mystery deepened this week when another witness told of

seeing the strange lights in the sky. Herne resident Mr. Clive Darby said: "My

wife and I saw them coming straight towards our home in Mill Lane.

"We thought they were the landing lights of an aircraft, but when we read in

last week's Herne Bay Times that they had been seen in Beltinge, we began to


Mr. Darby was sitting watching television when he first noticed the lights.

"Our home is right on top of the hill and faces Manston, but I wouldn't say we

are on the airfield flight path. As I sat watching television I suddenly noticed

two beams of light travelling parallel with the Thanet Way and coming from the

direction of Manston," he said.

"They were very intense and appeared to be coming from some sort of

aircraft about 200ft. above the ground. If it was an aircraft, however, there

were no flashing lights on the wing-tips.

"The lights were coming straight towards the front of the house and I don't

mind admitting that I was concerned. I thought an aircraft might be in trouble

and looking for somewhere to put down." Mr. Darby said he opened the window and

was immediately aware that there was no noise.

"Aircraft normally throttle right back when they come in to land, but you

can still hear the engines and the rush if air over their wings," he said. "But

in this case there was absolute silence and I couldn't see any silhouette.

"The beams of light were shining straight towards the ground and getting

nearer all the time, so I called my wife and we rushed into the back garden to

try to get a better view.

"But this is the odd thing. Although we stood looking for some minutes,

nothing happened. There were no lights and no sign of anything in the sky.

Whatever it was had completely disappeared. "I know it wasen't a helicopter and

if it was a conventional aircraft it must have been big, because the beams were

quite a long way apart."

Mr. Darby admitted that the experience had left him and his wife feeling

"strange" and said he had come to the conclusion that it had been some sort of

aircraft. But he added: "Having read the Herne Bay Times report, we're beginning

to wonder and we wouldn't be a bit suprised if other people saw these lights as

well but are worried about being branded as nuts."



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