Friday, November 14, 2014

Article Number: 9871


Copyright 1991, Adam Poszar

This'll fix 'em. Abuse me will they! There's laws

against that stuff ya know!

Been plannin' this for more'n a week. Ever since I

saw this old place hidden back here off the road in the

middle of all these trees. Saw it when they brought me

back from soccer practice. THEY didn't see it. THEY

don't pay any attention!

Sure is quiet. I hate quiet. I'd of brought my boom

box 'cept the batteries are dead. Its all THEIR fault!

"Buy your OWN batteries," they said. "EARN the money,"

they said. "Mow the lawn," they said. "Do your homework.

Clean up your room. Take out the garbage. Pick up your

shoes." I'm so mad I could scream! And its always when

my favorite shows are on!

Sure is quiet, though.

I'm hungry. Missed dinner. Had to get here before

dark and it took me TWO HOURS to ride up here on my bike.

That dumb old piece of junk. I've had it since the

Christmas I was nine! Two whole years!

I'm cold, too. I grabbed a couple of cans of stuff on

the way out but there isn't any microwave here. No

'lectricity either. Besides, the can opener musta fallen

outa my pocket. That's HIS fault! I had to get out

before HE came home from work and I'd have to listen to

"Do your homework." and "Turn off that television!" all

night. Well they're not gonna abuse ME anymore...'cause

I'm not there!

I'm still cold. I brought a pack of matches so's I

could start a fire. Had 'em in my back pocket. Hey, it

was hard work coming all the way up here! I got sweaty,

so what? Darned matches got wet and now they won't work.

Dumb old bike. I told them I wanted a new ten-speed!

Told them last week! Would they buy me one? NOOOOO!

What's that?

Voices! Somebody's shinin' lights in the window!

There's cars outside!

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