Friday, November 14, 2014

Article Number: 9873

Cable Descrambling

If you have cable TV but are not fortunate enough to have the Premium services,

here is a simple way to steal Cinemax, The Movie Channel, Showtime, the

Disney Channel, and any other service that appears as a bussing fuzzy picture

(that you can ALMOST get clearly by fine tuning). This method also works on

channels that appear as a lined flashing screen that produce a beeping sound.

These channels are not scrambled, but instead a garbage transmission is sent

at the same frequency. Therefore, in order to receive the movie servcices

clearly, you must filter out the garbage.

Here is a simple way to do this:

1) Examine the back of your TV set. Find the VHF antenna terminals (these are

the antenna terminals that the cable service is hooked up to). Get a piece of

antenna wire (about 3 feet long). Strip one end of the wire and and attach it

to the VHF terminals along with the cable. Tune in to one of the movie services

and adjust the fine tuner until you get the cleanest picture. Cut off about 1/4

inch of the antenna wire and adjust the fine tuner. Continue to do this until

you get a nearly perfect picture (you should not have to cut off more than 6

inches of the antenna wire). Get a piece of aluminum foil and wrap it around

the antenna wire slide it up and down until you have a perfect picture. This is

a simple yet effective way to get movies for free.

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Haill Eris!

All Hail Discordia!

Pirating Cable Premium Channels

(Written By Exodus)

This is for all of you that have cable but don't have those

premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, and Playboy because your

parents are too cheap to get them or they think that you'll

become a stupid moron if you get them. Well, this will tell you

how you can get all those premium channels as a perfect, clear

picture at absolutely no charge.

First of all, you have to have one of those real old cable

boxes that don't have a remote control but the ones that have the

little buttons that you have to push (I don't know about the

other kind, but you can go ahead and try.)

What you do is open up your cable box with a small screw

driver or a thin knife. Inside you'll see some copper thingies (I

forgot what they're called) but anyways, they're thin and long.

Each one of these represents a channel. You'll also see these

little triangular things, which usually touch one of the copper

things. Well, if you haven't figured out already, when the copper

things are being touched by the triangular things, this means

that you're getting that channel on the channel number that the

triangular thing (from now on I'll call the triangular things

"triangles" and the copper things "coppers") represents.

The thing that you have to do is find all the coppers that

aren't being touched by any triangles. These are the premium

channels! Now, find a triangle that isn't touching a copper and

turn it so it touches the copper. That's all!! Now you have your

premium channels, at no charge. Just make sure that you set them

back if you ever turn your cable box in so that the cable company

doesn't find out what you've been doing.

May all your viewings be pleasant ones!


Brought to you by Golden Apple Enterprises, INC.

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