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Article Number: 9874



(Cleveland Area Bbs List Extra!)

for Issue #10




You people out there like Tradewars 2002? We need a response on this one...

I'm gonna take a poll as to who likes this online game. Personally, I hate it,

especially when I want to play Doom II, but there are people playing Tradewars

hogging up the lines and even playing Tradewars instead of Doom II! Just mail

me, Martini, at the Spectrum or at the I-net address!

I'm waiting for YOUR response... just give me some input and I'll show the

results in the next issue.


Personally I think Doom II Sucks. It went out a while ago, and with Doom

there is no building up your level. You just run around shooting people

up. In Tradewars you work as a team, and it can take you months to earn

a respectable level. Each planet "upgrade" takes maybe a week on average,

its not like you run around, get a gun and just go shooting people. Die,

swear then go start over. It really takes a LONG time and a lot more

intellegence then. OOOOOO.. SHOOT. =). Ok Theres mine.


Medieval Realms

Medieval Realms has undergone more changes. For donators, a new

node has been added, this line will Call Forward Busy to the 356-2341 number.

This means less busy signals, and interuser Lord, Usurper, The Pit and other

game battles.


Apple ][c computer for sale...

Though an antique, there is an Apple ][c for sale. It comes with a Imagewriter

II printer, paper, a monitor, joystick, and software. The system is good for

a cheap alternative to type up reports or to play those old favorite games

(Joust, Lode Runner-the original, Donkey Kong, etc.). Please call

(216)835-9725 and just mention that you are interested in purchasing this

system. Asking for around $225.


Interview with Denebian Prime of Star Base (1) Microsystems (216-441-2168)

BBS Name: StarBase One MicroSystems

BBS Phone #: (216) 441-2168

Voice Support #: (216) 441-2316

# of Nodes: 4 (Roll over from main number)

Baud: 28.8 V.34

Modems: 2 US Robotics Courier v.Everything

2 Supra Fax Modem v.34

Sysops: Denebian Prime (Troy Cefaratti)

Space Kadet (Ken Cefaratti)

Supports: ASCII, ANSI & RIP (Rip is not supported fully by the CD-Rom

Module, but we are working on fixing this.)

Online Since: The anniversary of the moon landing (sometime last August)

Software: The Major BBS v6.25 by Galacticomm 8 node license

The Major Gateway / Internet (for USENET & Mail)

The Major CD LAN Module (CD-Rom Module)

The Entertainment Pack (Expanded Teleconference, Registry

and online games)

Microsoft (Yuk!) DOS 6.22

Novell Netware 3.12

OS/2 Warp


BBS Computer: 486 DX2/66 processor on a VL-Bus Motherboard

16 Megabytes of RAM

230 and 1080 Megabyte Hard Drives

Caching IDE VL-Bus Controller with 16 Megabytes

of Cache RAM

Two 2-Port Serial cards with 16550 UARTS

Conner Tape-Stor 250 w/Iomega accelerator

File Server: 486 DX2/66 processor on a VL-Bus Motherboard

32 Megabytes of RAM

240 Megabyte IDE Hard Drive and Controller

Two 1.3 Gigabyte SCSI Hardrives w/Adaptec Controller

CD-Rom WS: 486 DX/33 Processor on a 16-Bit Motherboard

8 Megabytes of RAM

340 Megabyte IDE Hard Drive and Controller

One Toshiba 3401 Double Speed CD-Rom Drive

One NEC ???? Double Speed CD-Rom Drive

Two Pioneer DRM-602X 6-Disc CD-Rom Changers

Pro Audio Spectrum 16 (To control single drives)

Future Domain SCSI controller for Changers

Colorado Jumbo 250 w/Iomega accelerator

Mail Tosser: 486 DX4/100 processor on a PCI Motherboard

8 Megabytes of RAM

420 Megabyte IDE Hard Drive

Conner Tape-Stor 420

Diamond Stealth 64 2 Megabyte DRAM PCI

(Also used for viewing pictures)

Other: 3 Foot Satelite Dish (Planet Connect)

Norstar 19.2 bps satelite receiver

HP Deskjet 500

Nets: Internet Mail and USENET Newgroups via a Planet Connect Satelite

Receiver and a UUCP account with New Age Consulting Services.

(Should be working right by the time you print this)

Online Games: Blademaster! Our most popular game, it's an arena combat

game very similar to The Pit.

Archery: A game of skill in which you can win free credits.

Kyrandia & Fazuul: Text adventure games.

Super Nova: Battleship in space.

Super Lotto: Buy tickets and win system credits

Androids: Real time multiplayer ANSI game.

Files: We have a large collection of files on both our CD-Roms and our

Hard Drives. For Shareware enthusiasts (sp) we have Nightowl 14 &

15, Pier 6, and the 4-disc Shareware Extravaganza set from PC-Ohio.

For gamers we have the Software Vault Games 2 disc. There are a

total of 12 CD-Roms online (2 empty drives) now, others include

Forbidden Subjects 3 (Hacking, Anarchy, etc.) and California

Beauties (adult)

On the Hard Drive we have a fairly large Image Base, including scans

from popular Science Fiction movies and tv shows, Fantasy art scans,

and some of the hottest swimsuit scans around. The Hard Drives also

provide an area for new games, utilities, pics, BBS lists like this

one and other information

Adult Access: We do offer adult access, but only with POSITIVE PROOF of

The users age. This requires an additional form and

a photocopy of your drivers license. You will also

receive a voice call for verification.

With Adult access you will be able to download from the

California Beauties and Amature Models 1 & 2 CD's as

well as from the Adult libraries on the Hard Drive.

You will also be able to receive the Alt.Binaries.

Erotic and Alt.Sex Newsgroups.

Future Plans: We plan to upgrade to Worldgroup (actually version 7 of

MajorBBS) when it becomes available. This is a windows

based Client / Server setup in which the user has a

special Client on their computer that does most of the

work, enableing the BBS Server to do more. Users will be

able to download in the background while chatting in the

teleconference or reading their mail. There are many more

improvements but i won't go into those now.

Once we get the Planet Connect Satelite feed working

properly we plan to pick up additional Nets and Services,

such as FidoNet, RIME, Weather Maps, TV Listings and

whatever else seems interesting. Planet Connect is also

Beta testing a 100mbps feed, which will allow us to

receive 40 Megabytes per hour over the satelite.

We will be adding more Online Games in the near future as

money permits (people registering helps!). We have many

game demo's online and which ones we purchase will be based

on user preference.

Now that we have 4 nodes, I have also been sotting around

the idea of hooking up to Chatlink at specific times. This

will depend on user interest and willingness to pay.

Registration: All New Users are given 36,000 credits on their first call

to explore the system. After this, however, Registration

is required to continue to access the system.

To Register, you need to download, fill out, and mail back

to us the REGFORM.TXT and the RULES.txt files (Also the

ADULT.TXT file if you want Adult Access). Payment is not

necessary at this time, because you will be given an

additional 36,000 FREE credits just for registering.

If you are under 18, a parental signature is required on

these forms. Also, if a parent so requests, specific areas

of the BBS can be locked out from their children.

Payment: This BBS operates on a Credit based system. This means that you

are only charges for what you actually do, unlike monthly or

yearly subscriptions, in which you are charged if you call or not.

The standard rate of consumption of credits is 1 per second of

access time, or 3,600 per hour. Some areas of the BBS also have a

surcharge, which would increase or decrease the rate of credit

consumtion. Each function of the BBS has it's own charge, so you

are only charged for what you actually use.

There are also many ways to get FREE credits, such as winning the

Lottery, winning Archery, converting Kyrandia Gold to credits or

Uploading files. When you Upload a file, connect time charges are

stopped, AND you get a royalty off the file everytime it is

downloaded, currently ranging from 10 to 40 percent. This means

that if a file cost 100 credits to download, you will receive up

to 40 credits everytime your file is downloaded!

Credits can also be purchased directly from us, for as little as $5

Credit Prices: $5 360,000 Credits

$10 720,000 Credits

$25 2,160,000 Credits

Users can also purchase credits through our 900 number service

(see info and disclaimers online) Current Prices are as follows:

$10 320,000 Credits

$25 2,000,000 Credits

With the 3,600 per hour consuption rate, you can get up to 600

HOURS of access time for $25!

Me: I currently work at HLK & Associates, and electronics parts Broker and

Distributor where I am in charge of Shipping and Receiving and assist

in network management. I plan on going back to college as soon as i

get some of me bills paid (Running a BBS is expensive!).

I do not really have any "hobbies". I spend my time watching Science

Fiction shows and movies, listening to music (just about anything) and

reading Sci-Fi Fantasy books. I think the Star Wars movies are some of

the best movies ever made and I am anxiously awaiting the new ones. I

believe Babylon 5 and The X-files are the best Sci-Fi on TV. Anne

McCaffrey is my favorite Author, but i ran out of books to read so I

moved on to the Chronicle of Amber by Roger Zelazny.

My experience with computers started in 5th grade way back in 1983,

where i learned to program in Logo and Basic on Atari 400 and Atari

800 computers (Pretty high speed stuff at the time). By the time I

got to Junior High and High School, we had moved up to Apple IIe' and

then Apple IIgs', on which i programed stupid little programs in

Apple BASIC (I even got suspended in high school for a nasty program

i left running on the Journalism computers).

Our first home computer was an Enhanced Apple IIe that we bought from

MicroCenter back in 1986 (we had to go down to Columbus back then).

It was a good computer at the time, considering Apple ruled the

educational market back then and it was what we learned on at school.

We still have this computer, and it still works.

I bought my first PC in 1992 when is was in Germany (in the Army). I

bought a 486DX/33 from MicroExperts (Definitely not an endorsement)

and had it mailed over to me. Since in Germany the phone company

charges for every call you make (no local calls, everything is metered)

I did not do any modeming until returning in December of 1993. This

computer is now the CD-Rom server (what parts are left of it).

I bought a Macintosh Quadra 840av in January of 94, which I use in

my Desktop Publishing business. It has a 230 MB HD, 24 megs of RAM, a

20 inch greyscale monitor, a HP Scanjet IIcx and a HP Laserjet 4mp. A

nice setup and i use it mostly for Pagemaker 5 and Photoshop work. I

can also do custom scanning and digitizing for BBS Users, but only of

non-copyrighted material.

We (Me & Space Kadet) have since purchased the two DX2/66's and the

DX4/100 along with the rest of the equipment to run the board.

I have taken Programming in C at college and have Borland CÄÄ, but

use it very little. I am definitely NOT a programming genius. I

have a hard enough time keeping the BBS going.

I am also not an artist, and will probably recruit somebody else to

do any cool ANSI or RIP stuff i feel i need for the BBS

SK: You'll have to ask him, but i can give you an overview. He started out

at the same time i did, in the Apple world at school. He has since

started a popular Apple BBS called the Space Station GS, which runs

METAL and Futurevision on an Apple IIgs. This BBS is still in

operation and is a good source of old apple files as well as new apple

and IBM stuff. He now also works at HLK & Associate as the Office/

Network manager. He is in charge of a 12 node Netware 3.12 LAN as well

as a 27 session IBM System 36 Mini. He also programs in dBase and has

heavily rewritten the inventory and sales programs used here. This is

why he is the network Guru for the BBS (I am better with the hardware)

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