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Article Number: 990


KEIGHLEY NEWS, Yorks., England - Feb. 2, 1990

by Gill Abbott

Police are baffled by an UFO which hovered over a North Staffordshire

beauty spot for two hours. Officers from Kidsgrove saw a large bright light

above Mow Cop in the early hours of the morning.

They went to investigate the bizarre object after air traffic controllers

at Manchester Airport spotted a static blob on their radar which they were

unable to explain. During the police investigation, their portable car

radios went dead. In the end, the town's police chief superintendent, Peter

Grocott, decided to take a look at the UFO himself.

He said: "We didn't get to the bottom of it - We just don't know if it was

atmospherics or somebody from Mars.


"The traffic controllers called us because they thought it could have been

the county's helicopter but it was not flying that night." He added: "We checked

the Air Force too and they said it was nothing to do with them."

The police station log shows that as well as the air traffic controllers,

several people called in to report the phenomenon at 5am. Supt. Grocott and his

men kept an eye on it until 7am, until it disappeared into the morning sky.

Mr. Chris Mason, of Civil Air Authority, blamed the radar blip on unusual

weather conditions. But a spokesman for the Minestry of Defence said a UFO

report has been received from police and an inquiry would be carried out.



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