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Clete & Don's Excellent Adventure Part 2

Fry Fest I

Okay, This story is about a little party we had called a Fry Fest.

What usually happens at a fry fest is that we get a bunch of people together

and drop acid. Now, dorpping acid by yourself, or with someone else is

usually quite a hoot in its self, but when you get a sizable number of

people together all frying really hard, its such a fucking scream, you wouldnt

believe it.

This particular time, we were at Pauls house, his toads were gone for the

week, so we saw this as an oportune time for this. There were 5 of us there

we were going to have a sixth person, but it turned out to be his birthday

so he couldnt come, poor guy. Me, Clete, Joe and Lee all dropped 2 hits

spaced an hour apart, and Paul only took one hit. Now the guy we got it

from said to be careful with this stuff, cuz it was really powerful, and damn

was he right.

Shortly after we dropped the second hit, we got the total speed trip

and decided to go on a walk. Up some big hill, not a bright idea, so we did

that for a while till someone finally figured out just how stupid of an idea

it was, and we went back to Pauls.

When we got to Pauls we were just starting to peak, I was off walking through

the ivy in his front yard while everyone called me idiot, personally, i thought

it was pretty trippy. At any rate we managed to make it to the top of the hill

behind Pauls house, cause it wasent that big. There are eucalyptus trees up

there and they had dropped all those funky looking berries. I think it was

Joe who was the first to throw one, and i beleive he threw it at me. As soon

as he did this, everyone caught a massive trail off his arm, which thus led

into 2 hours of everyone thorwing thse things at each other and alternatly

watching the clouds, the dialogue at this point was rather amusing.

"Whoooooaaa, NICE trail."


"Hey! Cloud time!"

(Everyone lays down on there back)

"Whooooa, fuuuuuck"

"Sun HOT! OW!"

This went on for quite a while. Eventually I went into the house to get a coke

and never made it back outside. I ended up sitting against the door in the

kitchen that led outside wondering waht happend to my 3-D perspective. I

evidentally left it on the hill, bummer. I watched the cupboard doors swim and

contort in small circles, while all the items in the cupboards danced. The

cupboard doors had glass in the middle so this wasent a problem. The floor also

reminded me of the ocean with big rolling waves.

After some amount of time, Clete and Paul came into the house looking for me

and got lost in their own hallucinations. Clete was sitting on the couch

looking at the wood ceiling and saying something about faces. Paul was lying

down in the middle of hall doing nothing, I think he logged on POPnet a couple

of times too, but im not sure. As for Lee and Joe, they were still on the hill

watching the tree and climbing into their heads. They eventually made it back

to the house, and i played them a song a composed on the Adlib. Well, this was

quite trippy and blew everyone away.

After that i dont remeber a whole lot, the next hour or so was quite fuzzy

I do remeber opening the fridge and watching the back of it fall away, and it

didn't stop doing that all day.

At one point Clete walked into Pauls room and saw Joe sitting at the computer

with something similar to this on the screen...








Clete exclaims

"Oh No, Joe dropped carrier"

Which was pretty much the gist of it, then joe limped of to the bathroom and

we didnt see him for another half an hour, meanwhile, Lee tears out the door.

Why we dont know, but we found her walkin in circles in the fornt yard, she

had yanked her sweatshirt off and tossed it on the ground, and she was being

pretty incoherent, so Paul and I decided to calm her down, which lead to a

very funny converstaion about green things and how they are good, we managed

to somehow relate everything to green.

"Look, that lady over at the next house, shes watering the ivy"


"Well, shes keeping it green, and thats good, so she must be good

therefore se must be green"


"Green is good"

Lee also claimed that the cement walkway tried to eat Pauls dog, kinda wish

I could have seen that. As to what happend to Joe, i dont know, he just kinda

spun of in a weird trip in the bathroom and forgot to leave.

After we all clamed down we decided we could use a walk and some fresh air.

We left Pauls and started walking towards Acalanes since it was really close

by. We walked through the nearly deserted halls, tripping off the echos. We

walked around to the back of the school and Joe and Lee decided they had a lot

of speed in their system they needed to work off, so they ran around the back

field, they got about halfway across the field and decided they had had enough

running now, and wanted to go back, but were to tired. Oddness.

We also managed to find one of those stupid filmstrips you used to love in the

5th grade, but this one was on child abuse, since all we had were the pictures

and tape to go with it, and a good amount of LSD in our systems still, we made

some intresting observations as to what the film was about, we came up with

something like, you spank your kids and they send you and the children to the

SPCA, but this didnt make any sense to we threw it away.

On the way down to Acalanes we passed this cal-trans orange truck that had

some oxidation, I observed that it left a bad taste in my mouth. (those colors

just do that) Joe acused me of tasting cars.

Well, after about an hour we decided we had had enough of Acalanes and went

back to Pauls to listen to some nifty music and mellow out.

Us walking along the street must have been intresting, 5 kids, all with shades

on, at dusk, walking fast, and laughing. ah well.

So we get to Pauls and watch Dazzle again, but it wasent quite as fun as it

was while we were peaking, wed watch the thing, and the patterns would extend

beyond the screen, but this didnt happen the second time, so Joe and Clete

started playing racing games, while Lee, Paul and I went to Pauls room and

listend to music. We listend to Animals, by Pink Floyd, and hallucinated to

in the dark, while were coming down, damn good album. After we got done

listening to it, we put it away as naturlay we would, but in the back ground

we heard some dogs barking, well, Lee and I figured they had escaped of the CD

so we had to put the CD back in the player and get those dogs back in the music.

Luckily it only took us 5 mintues to figure out what was really going on.

Damn neighbors and their dogs. So the we put in the wall, smoked some shake and

felt nifty, when we got done with that, we decided to leave, since Pauls

sister might come home soon, and we didnt want her to find 5 people frying there

I dont think she would have understood. So we all piled in cars and headed to

Lees aprtment, Paul did leave a not for his sister though, went something like


We went to Lees

Have too many cars

See ya tomarrow


I wonder what his siter thought of that. On the way to lees we stopped by

Safeway and picked up tons of food, a 12-pack of coke, a chocolate cream pie

a fat box of milkduds (which just about killed us, those things are a bitch

to chew) and a bunch of chips and things. We ate it all in about 20 minutes,

kinda frightening. Watching really great cartoons and laughing, that was about

the end of that trip.

The whole time, we bitched and moaned about not having pot, and not being

able to get any, we also had the problem of wondering where the sixth person

was, which, of course, was right behind you.

All in all it was a succesful Fry Fest. Fry Fest II didnt go over so well as

I heard, i had something else to do and couldnt make it, but Fry Fest III is

soon, and that should be the most fun, Ill write about that as soon as it


Untill next time, Fry with impunity, and dont do it without pot.

Next time:

Redondo Beach

(C)1991 Clete'N'Don Productions


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