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Clete & Don's Excellent Adventure Part 3

Redondo Beach

Okay Boys and Girls, its that time again, time for another one of

Clete'N'Dons adventures (Bill'N'Ted, eat your heart out). This time

we went to Redondo Beach, some people have heard me tell this story

many times, but I'll relive forever in this electronic memoir. But first

before i get started, I have some updating to do, its been a while and

some things have changed for Clete and myself.

Okay, I (Don) have gotten a job, okay, you can all stop saying

Bullshit and whatnot now. Yes, I am employed, I currently work for a

small press called AE Printing, I run a press and stuff, but we have the

best small press prices youll ever find, so if you have any need for a

small press, contact me, Ill hook you up with one of the owners, I am also

going to school again (shit, he got a fucking life), yeah yeah, right

I got to DVC, big whoop. As for Clete, he moved out of his moms place

and moved in with his dad in San Carlos (just south of San Francisco)

I still live in Pleasant Hill (East of Oakland near Walnut Creek), which

as you can undersatnd makes things a little awkward since i still dont

drive, so Clete moved in with his dad and was supposed to get a job with

Apple being a beta-tester, but they flaked, so now i think hes applying to

NCR to be a beta-tester or some such bullshit, what it boils down to is that

hes being what i was, and getting away with it much better than I did.

His dads house is pretty plus, has a very nice stereo system, but not as

awesome as mine (heh heh heh, I have Klipsch speakers, his dads only has

Infinitys, I get MUCH better bass out of mine). Its a pretty Yuppie place

but they have this deck that is so out of hand, I'll go into that in another

adventure. Now, on with this one

This was a most heinous night in the history of Clete & Don, for on this

We were not aware of the journey that awaited us, it was most cool.

It all started out in Martinez at Joe's house, he still had 2 doses left

over from Fry Fest I, so we got them and dropped them instantly, we then went

on out to his sisters house in Brentwood, where we hung out played some

horseshoes (dont ask me, they are your typical suburban fruitcakes, but

they are cool people none the less), and drank a couple beers, we could

feel the acid starting to kick in and we decided it was time to leave, they

kept asking us to stay for dinner, but there was no way we could do that

especially when his sister had some lady over that was one of her superiors

at wherever it is that she works, so that would not have been good, so we

got out fo there with the quickness. I think we may have gotten some pot

from her, but im not sure, i know we had some dirty 30 left, so we weren't

in total dire straights. So after we bail out there we keep on heading towards

Sacramento on highway 4, somewhere out there in Butt Fuck Egypt we got lost

and depressed, everything was so dead, and lifeless. Therefore we had the

bright idea to go the beach. About two weeks earlier, some of us, Joe, Jenn

Rob, Me, Clete, Rich went to this beach in halfmoon bay, had a bonfire, slept

there and stuff, with no hassle, so we decided to go back since that would be

mucho trippy, so we go along some road that connects Brentwood and Liverbore

and get on 580 and start heading west. We get to the San Mateo bridge, had

some problmes handing the guy the one, but managed it. We then cranked up

Boston (Playing Foreplay) and smoked a bowl while going about 90 right at

sunset, I tell you, it was a really wonderful expirence, if you ever get the

chance, make sure you try that, its great.

So, we manage to get to Half Moon Bay and stop in a 7-11, we need big

gulps, moral impreative. But, there was so many people in there, i mean

the place was packed, and they were all STARING at me! I swear they were, thats

why i left clete to deal with it, i couldnt hang, i was getting freaked, so we

get done with that little episode, and head on out to REDONDO BEACH (lotsa

reverb here). We get there, and start going down the cliff, no, this cliff

isnt too bad, not very steep, buts its pretty dangerous in the dark, and of

course, we didnt use a flashlight, so after almost getting ourselves killed

we get to the beach, about 200 yards away from where we were, some kids were

having a bonfire, cool we thought, we can hang with this. So we go down the

beach a ways from them and start hallucinating. But i just happen to notice

these odd lights just offshore, seem to be coming our way, looks kinda like

a boat, but im not really sure. I look down the beach about 300 yeards and

theres this big light sweeping donw the beach, I instantly hit the dirt,

Clete was a couple feet in front of me with his back to the ocean looking

at me, wondering what the hell i was doing, he doesnt see the light sweeping

the beach. Im yeliing at him, theres a spotlight, get down ect. and he

notices it at the last second, right as it sweeps over us he drops. I figure

they saw us since the beam stopped right where we were and looked like

it was being focused on us, so Clete was shitting bricks, thinking they

are going to land and arrest us and hes looking for the pot so he can ditch

it if nessecary, and hes just havin a cow, and i was just laying there

laughing my head off, hes freaking out, were on this beach in the middle of

the night, were on a lot fo drugs, and they have a big spotlight on us

and i have a head full of acid, it was too much, so of course i did the

only things i could do, laugh, it was pretty hairy though. Anyways

the light finally goes away and we feel a little better, but not much

since clete thinks he lost the pot, so we spend the next 5 or 10 minutes

looking for it with no luck. but while were looking, we hear a helicopter

and its getting closer and louder, just to be safe we move back up the beach

a bit and were sitting there on some rocks, and it starts getting really loud

then, we see it, this hbuge Huey not more than 200 feet off the ground with

on of those HUGE spotlights you see in movies sweeping the beach, so of course

we start screaming and shitting bricks. The light passes by us not more than

10 feet from out feet, I was trying to crawl out of my skin, and i was so damn

scared, i thought i was going to die, i could see the beam, it seemed to move in

10 foot chunks, almost animated. Well, the chopper went away and we just sat

there on some rocks with our brains scrambled, our pulses doubled and totally

scared, we had given up the pot as a loss, and decided to smoke the rest of the

bowl we had with us (we had some in the bowl and the chamber, so we werent

totally SOL), i reasoned that they were just trying to scare us and wouldnt

come back, so we should smoke a bowl to calm down and start hallucianting like

we should be. So we smoked a bowl and started tripping again and basically

calmed down, which was nice, but after about 15 minutes, the fucking chopper

came back, it was a little farther out the beach, but there it was, and ya

know, it scared us just as much the second time, after it left again i noticed

that patrol boat was sweeping up the beach again, it was unanimously decided

that this was a good time to get the hell out, we were pushing our luck.

So we made a mad dash up that hill and into the car, about halfway up the hill

we ran onto some problems, we were hallucinating lights all over the place

we were afraid the parking lot was crawling with cops, so it took us about

15 minutes to get up that last stretch, of course there were no cops up there

so we sat in the car and stuck in the second disk of The Wall, we had listend

to the first disk sitting there in the parking lot before we went down.

after we got in the car we left, with much haste, and headed back north on

highway 1, about half a mile down the road, Clete found the pot!

(HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY) He had put it in a pocket he forgot to check while

we were at the beach, so we tootled on up 1 through Pacifica and into SF

and kept on going across the Golden Gate, got onto 101, went to the Richmond

bridge, went across, got on 80, took 80 on up to 24 and headed back out to

Cletes moms house, and pretty much sat there for the rest of the night going

shiiiit, what a trip, we were all over 3 countys, it was brutal, so that

about wraps that one up.

Untill Next time: Bunk Doses really suck!

Coming soon-

Mt. Diablo Turns into a Bud

Christmas Eve

Redondo Revisted!

and more (we hope)

(C)1992 Clete'N'Don Productions 4/10/92


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