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Subject: Submission to archive: Cadet Cruise

Date: Thu, 21 Apr 1994 16:48:36 -0400 (EDT)

Mr. Young

This is my thrid startrek story. The others reached you via the

regular channels. However, it appears that outgoing posts are not being

sent out of Radford University. As the semester is nearing its end I

am sending you the story to place int the archives.


Stephen B. Ratliff

Star Trek ________

The Next Generation ___---'--------`--..____


(__________________<|_) `--.._______..--'

| | ___,--' - _ /

,--' `--'Cadet | by Stephen Ratliff

~~~~~~~`-._ Cruise |




Captain Picard and his daughter were packing to return to the

Enterprise. It had been a nice vacation at the Picard family vineyard

in Lavar, France. But now it was time to leave.

"How many T-shirts did you get in town this month?" Captain

Jean-Luc Picard asked.

"Four," Marrissa said, displaying them as she packed. The first

was a white one with the french flag and the Effail Tower on it. The

second one was colored like the Starfleet Command Branch Uniform with

the Words Future Starship Captain across the back and front. The thrid

was a white one with Golden Gate Bridge on it. The last was black with

Captain Picard's picture cir. StarDate 42000 and the sky line of the

small village of Lavar and the words I visited Lavar,France,Earth home

of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

"Where did you get that one?" Captain Picard said with distaste.

"The shop next to the Catholic Church," Marrissa Picard said

"I'll be having a word with Phillipe before I leave," the

Captain said. "That shirt needs to be sent to file 13."

Marie Picard poked her head into the room. "Starfleet Command

called," Marie said. "they want you to call them as soon as possible."

Captain Picard entered the shuttle he had brought with him on

the front lawn. He activated a screen and weaved he way though

Starfleet bureaucrats intil the person who wanted to contact him,

Admiral Theresa McGuire, was reached.

"Captain Picard your orders have been changed," McGuire said.

"You will be commanding a 2 week Cadet Cruise on the Maine starting

stardate 45600."

"Why the sudden change?" Captain Picard asked.

"Szustakowski of the Roanoke was to do it but he is dead,"

Admiral McGuire said. "All of the other people who chould do it are

otherwised engaged in the Cardassian War. And since the Enterprise

will not be finshed with its upgrade/repairs you are the only Captain


"Inform the Maine I and my daugher will be aboard at 1200 hours

tommarrow. Captain Jean-Luc Picard out."

The Romulan procouncil was debating with Sela over her planned


"With the Cardassian war going on the Federation Fleet is

streached out," Sela said. "I could break though to Vulcan with just

the three ships I own."

"The Federation fleet has not withdrawn border patrol," The

Procoucil responed.

"The Chicago, The Stargazer, The Philladephia, it's not a

patrol its a laughing stock," Sela replied.

"Your plan does have merits," the Procoucil said after a

pause. "You may proceed. But I am assigning The Bloodfire and

Deathwing to your fleet."

"Thank you," Sela said and walked out of the office

Immedaitely after the meeting she went home to the Starburst.

Everyone at Romulan Space Command assumed this was to check on her

2 month old triplets. However, this visit had more to do with talking

to her babies 'Nanny'.

"The plan is working," Sela began. "but the procoucil assigned

the Bloodfire and Deathwing to our fleet."

"Don't worry the plan will suceed," the Nanny replied.


Chapter One


Shuttle Garrett approaching USS Maine

An Ambassidor Class Starship

"May I take her in?" Marrissa asked.

"You aren't a certified pilot," Captain Jean-Luc Picard said.

"Check the shuttle's log," Marrissa said. "Data certified me

on STARDATE 47477."

"Then take the helm Marrissa," Captain Picard said. "Shuttle

Garrett to USS Maine."

Doctor Crushers voice came over the intercom, "Shuttle Garrett

this is the Maine. Go ahead Garrett."

"Garrett to Maine," Picard said. "Requesting clearance to land

with Captain."

"Land in the aft shuttlebay," The doctor replied. "I'll meet

you there, Jean-Luc. Maine out."

"Plot a course to the aft shuttlebay, Marrissa," the Captain


"Scenic or Normal?" Marrissa asked.

"Data gave you a rating of Excellent so lets take the scenic

route," Picard said.

The shuttle traveled along the underside of the saucer of the

Maine. It neared the Warp Engines and cross behind the dorsal connecting

the saucer section to the stardrive. The shuttle then drove under the

starboard Warp Engine and circled the pilon until it came in line with

the aft shuttlebay. While it was doing this Marrissa kept the window

facing the most of ship she chould. The shuttle easied into the bay

and landed so smoothly that Captain Picard asked when she planned to

touch down 30 seconds after she had.

Doctor Crusher and Westley Crusher were waiting for them when

they exited the shuttle. "Welcome aboard Captain," Wesley said.

"Enjoy your vacation Jean-Luc," Doctor Crusher said.

"Very much so Beverly," Jean-Luc replied.

"Did you pilot that shuttle in Captain?" Westly asked. "The

whole bridge crew was on edge when it went under the Warp Engine."

"No Marrissa piloted it in," Captain Picard stated.

"You have got to be kidding." Westly replied.

"Am I kidding Marrissa?" the Captain asked.

"No" Marrissa replied.

"I've got some bad news for you Captain," Dr Crusher said.

"We are the only commissioned Star Fleet Officers aboard."

"You mean that Starfleet gave me a ship with 750 cadets on board

," Captain Picard said," and only 2 Starfleet officers and told us to

review them in 14 days."

"Apparently son," Doctor crusher said. "One things for certain

I'm not crawling though jefferies tubes replacing currcuits and evading


"Sounds like fun," Marrissa said.

"Then the job's yours," Captain Picard responded.

The Neutral Zone


USS Chicago

"5 Romulan Warbird decloaking," the Tactical Officer said.

"Hail them," Captain Sam Morgan said. "Notify the Border Partol,

Requesting assistance, raise shieds, and go to RED ALERT."

"The refuse to answer," the officer responed.

First two then all five fired on the Chicago. The Chicago

resisted bravely but was destroyed.


Chapter Two


Captain Picard arrived on the bridge. "Captain on the bridge,"

the tactical offficer said as everyone snapped to attention.

"Status, Helm," Picard asked.

"Coarse 128 mark 8 warp 3," Cadet Szustakowski said.

"Engineering," Picard contined

"All systems functioning normally," Cadet Crushers voice

filtered up from Engineering.

"Tactical," Picard inquired.

"All weapons available with a seconds notice," Cadet Ross

Lochard replied. "Ship is secure ... no wait power to security systems

is out on decks 3,4,and 5 as are lights on 3,4,5,6,and 7."

"Ask security to apprehend the person responsable," Captain

Picard said. "However, phaser usage is forbidden."

Marrissa Picard was having the time of her life. Setting traps,

evading security, hiding in cargobays while security passed by; this

excerise was a kid's dream. She settled down in a crew longue and

picked up a copy of Nancy Drew and the Cumbling Wall. When Security

Cadets Tanner, Gladstone, and Henderson stopped by looking for the

security breach she was deeply into the book and it took awhile for

them to get her attention

"Did you see any one go by in the last 5 minutes?" Cadet

Gladstone asked.

"A red-haired woman in a lab coat pasted by hear a minute ago,"

Marrissa replied. "She went toward Engineering. If you hurry you might

catch her."

The three bolted to the door. Marrissa meanwhile visited a

near-by transporter room to insert some curcuits. Half-way to

Engineering, Cadet Gladstone decided that he better report in,"


to Bridge." Gladstone was enveloped by a transporter beam and


Cadet Tanner decided she better report this problem to the

bridge and she suffer the same fate.

Meanwhile Cadet Gladstone had appeared in the brig. However

he was missing some items, namely a uniform and a communacator. Moments

later Cadet Tanner joined him.

Of Coarse Cadet Henderson was not as stupid and took a turbolift

to the bridge. Via Sickbay, Engineeering, the Computer core, and the

botanical gardens.

Cadet Henderson arrived on the bridge. Cadet Lochard had been

left in command earlier. Henderson addressed Cadet Lochard," Sir,

Cadets Tanner and Gladstone disappeared in a transporter beam when

they tried to report in."

"Computer location of Cadets Tanner and Gladstone?" Ross


"Cadets Tanner and Gladston are on the Bridge," the Computer

replied as the uniforms and communicators of the said cadet appearred

in front of Ross Lochard's feet. Shortly after the Uniforms appeared

Ross got up to examine them. He was rewarded by two liters of a clear

red liquid dropping on his head.

Just then Captain Picard walked in. "Captain premission to take

the transporters off line," Ross asked.

"Premission Granted," Captain Picard said. Then looking at

Lochard's soaked uniform and wet hair he said, "you may also have a

break to clean that strawberry juice from your hair and uniform."

Tasting the liquid for the first time Ross asked," How did you

know it was strawberry juice?"

"Lucky guess," Captain Picard said. To Cadet Henderson who

releaved Lochard at tactical he ordered," Send someone to release the

Cadets from the Brig."

Five minutes later Cadet Lochard was returning from cleaning up.

On the way back in the turbolift stopped to pick up another passenger.

A blond haired 12 year old girl entered the turbolift and said,


"Children are not allowed on the bridge," Ross said.

"I happen to be an exception," the girl replied.

"Their are NONE."

"What was your grade in REG 220?"

"C- but ...

"Then I don't think you are the one to tell ME what to do,

Cadet Lochard."

Lochard was about continue when they arrived on the Bridge. The

Girl walked out boldly to the Captain. Lockhard had barely exited the

turbolift when she spoke to the Captain, "Cadet Lochard seems to need

to know regulations 23-4 and 214-2."

The Cadet at the helm tried to hold in a giggle. "Cadet

Szustakowski, would you care to inform Cadet Lochard of those

regulations," Captain Picard ordered. "Please list those personal

aboard the Maine who wrote it."

"Regulation 23 section 4," Cadet Szustakowski said, "Commanding

Officers of other Starships have the right to be on the bridge of the

ship they are traveling during normal conditions. Regulation 214


2, The Captain of a Kids crew will have all the rights and privledges

of a Commanding Officer visisting a starship."

"Marrissa is Captain of my Kid's crew," Captain Picard said.

"Now Marrissa is the Space Cadet Helm simulation set up?"

"Yes, Captain," Marrissa said. "However Cadet Sowers will be

unable to particapate."

"You will take her place," Captain Picard said.

The Neutral Zone

StarDate 47603

USS Phoenix

"Request for assistance from the USS Chicago," Lieutenant


said from tactical. "They are under attack by five Romulan Warbirds."

"Acknowedge the signal, Go to RED ALERT," Captain George Grant

said. "Lay in a coarse for the Chicago, Maximum Warp."

"Starfleet Regulation 213 prohibits travel over warp 5," the

Computer said.

"Override under section 4 of Regulation 213," Captain Grant

said. "Athorization Grant Alpha One Zero Three."

"Does the first Officer concure?"

"Yes authorization Chase Beta Two Four Gamma."

"Captain the Pittsburgh is reponding as well," Johnson said.

"Nearing Battle coordinates," The helmsman said.

"Take us out of warp," Grant replied.

The Chicago exploded in a brillant white flash, but the

Pheonix's crew had no time to mourn. They were to busy triying to

prevent that from happening to them. Meanwhile the Pittsburgh

arrived, phasers firing. However, The Romulans were ready and the

Pittsburgh flashed out of exsistance as 25 torpedoes impacted it.

"Captain the Philladephia and the Brittain are on their way,"

an ensign informed the Captain.

'We are going to need them,' Grant thought.


Chapter Three


The Neutral Zone

USS Pheonix

The Pheonix continued to pound the Romulans. A few minutes

earlier the Philladelphia and the Brittain had arrived. The Romulans

consintraited on the weakest of the three, the Britain.

"Captain the Brittain is lossing life support," Johnson said.

"Are their shields up?" Grant said.

"Port side only."

"Bring us up on the starbroard side and prepare to beam the

crew off."

"Captain the Warbirds have taken off," Johnson said as the

transports began.

"@#$%&***@" Grant responded.

Captain's Log STARDATE 47605.3

StarFleet Cadet Training Vessel USS Maine

Captain Jean-Luc Picard recording

We have just commpleted the Space Cadet Helm Training Exercise.

The thrid place Cadet was Katherine Szustakowski. Westly Crusher was

second. And much to my and the rest of the Cadets Marrissa was First

Place. The Cadets are asking for a rematch.

"Incoming message from Starfleet Command, Department of

Operations," Cadet Ross Lochard said."

"On Screen," Captain Picard said. Admiral Theresa McGuire

appeared on the viewscreen. Admiral McGuire believed in close ups so

only her face was seen.

"Captain Picard," the Chief of Starfleet Operations began, "four

hours ago five Romulan warbirds crossed the Neutral Zone. They

destroyed the Chicago and Pittsburgh and disabled the Brittain, before

disappearing. Since we beleive that they are somewhere in federation

space, I am ordering you to Vulcan to protect it. You will be in

command of all the forces their. The Excaliber-G under Shelby will

arrive in 20 hours. The Ambassidor class starships Oregan, Washington,

and California will arrive with skeliton crews in 42 hours. Admiral

McGuire out."

"If we are going to be in a potental battle zone it would be

advisable to have a set command chain," Captain Picard said. "So


"Yes Dad," Marrissa replied.

"As of this Stardate you are first officer of the Maine," Picard

continued. "Ensign Crusher to the bridge."

"Captain before you appoint any more people may I ask some

questions of Cadet Lochard?" Marrissa requested.

"Certainly, Number One."

"Cadet, who do you think was the person behind the security

drill two days ago?" Marrissa Picard asked.

"You were," Ross replied. Looks of astonishment appeared around

the room.

"How did you decide that," Marrissa asked.

"It had to be someone Captain Picard knew," Ross said. "Because

Captain Picard would assign someone who he knew about. That makes the

suspects, in order of probablity, Dr Crusher, Westly Crusher, Marrissa

Picard, and Kather Szustakowski. Dr Crusher had an albi. You IDed the

liquid as Strawberry juice. You wouldn't know if Katherine liked

strawberry juice. Westly likes Cherry juice better. That leaves You."

"I recommend Ross for security Cheif," Marrissa said.

"Agreed," Picard said

Westly Crusher entered the bridge. "Reporting as ordered sir."

"Ensign Crusher, You are hearby appointed second offficer and

chief enginer of the Maine," Captain Picard said. "Marrissa update him."

Sela's Warbird

"Report," The nanny said.

"We are on coarse to Vulcan as planned," Sela said. "We have

recieved an encrypted message from Admiral McGuire for you."

"Thank you."


Chapter Four


USS Maine, Starfleet Cadet Training ship

1600 hours, Beta shift,

Marrissa Picard, first officer in command

"5 subspace anomalies travel Warp 7 toward Vulcan detected,"

Cadet Henderson said.

"ETA to Vulcan?" Marrissa asked.

"5 minutes," was the reply.

"Helm go to Warp 9.2," First Officer Marrissa Picard said.

"Go to Red Alert. Captain Picard to the Bridge. Katherine Szustakowski

to the Bridge."

"Nearing Vulcan now," Cadet Diral said from the helm.

"Take us out of Warp, Raise shields and rotate to face the

incoming warbirds," Marrissa said. "Ready phasers and photon


Captain Jean-Luc Picard arrived on the bridge. "Status, Number

One," he asked.

"Five Subspace anomolies traveling Warp 7 on a direct coarse for

Vulcan have been spotted," Marrissa said. "ETA two minutes, sheilds

have been raised and all weapons are prepared."

Five Romulan Warbirds decloaked in front of the Maine. "Open

hailing frequencies," Captain Picard said.

Admiral Saavik appeared on screen. "Greetings Captain," she

said. Looking puzzled she continued, "Captain Picard I thought you

where on the Enterprise." A baby cried and Admiral Saavik picked it


"I thought you were at Starfleet Command," Picard said. "What

are you doing on a Romulan Warbird in its Nursery."

"First This vessel and 2 others in this fleet are no longer

property of the Romulan Goverment," Saavik responded. "Second, my

reason for my present location is to deliver some Romulans seeking

freedom from political opression. Unfortately We We unable to rid

ourselves of two escorts. I request that you shot the three center

warbirds in the coordinates I sending, so we may appear disabled, and

then pursue till distruction the flanking Warbirds."

"Have the coordinates been recieved?" Picard asked. A Cadet

answered yes and Picard continued," I will inform Star Fleet Command

of the situation meanwhile I will proceed with your request. Picard

out. Send a Copy to this transmission to Starfleet Command. Marrissa

if you please."

"Helm coarse 0 mark 25 full impulse engage on my mark," Marrissa

said. "Tactical fire phasers on the coordinates We recieved from

Saavik. Helm engage."

The Maine shot toward the Romulan wedge of warbirds, firing

phasers. Disabling the middle three in quick succession with short

blasts to certain spots on the wardbirds. The Warbirds dimmed but the

outside warbirds turned and began tailing the Maine.

"Prority One, message for Captain's Eyes only coming in." Cadet

Henderson announced.

"Can it be delayed," the Captain asked.

"No sir"

"I'll take it in the Ready Room," Picard said. "Number One you

have the bridge, try to keep it cleaner that your room."

"Aye sir," Marrissa said settling in to the big chair. "Marrissa

to Westly Crusher."

"Crusher here."

"Wes can you give me a 10 percent power drop for 30 seconds on

my mark?" Marrissa asked.

"I can do it on 5 seconds notice," Westly Crusher said from


"Be ready," Marrissa said turning to Cadet Szustakowski she said

"Kathy take the helm and begin that edvasive pattern that all most

fooled me. Diral take science One and see if you can get me 12

tropedoes programmed to go though the Romulan sheilds."

When Katherine had seated he self Marrissa ordered, "Kathy

change coarse 108 mark 270 engage. Wes power drop NOW."

As Marrissa got the word 'NOW' Out of her mouth a Romulan

disrupter made a glancing blow on the Maine's sheilds. But it took 5

seconds for the Romulans to Resume tailing.

"Your power drop ends in 3 .. 2 .. 1," Westly Crusher said from


The Maine sped up and the Romulans did as well (after a 4 second

delay. "Diral are those tropedoes ready?" Marrissa asked.

"Finished .. Now," Diral replied.

"Set locks ahead and up 5 degrees," Marrissa said. "Viping on

my mark Kathy." The Warbirds closed and began battering the aft

shields. "NOW."

The Maine went to full stop and the Romulans shot over it

coming to full stop as well, right in the Maines firing locks. "Fire

all weapons Mr. Henderson." Marrissa ordered, "Kathy close in on them."

The Warbirds began to run as tropedoes hit them though their

shields. They ran out of the Vulcan system, It was now time for them

to be chased. But the Romulans chould have still turned back the tide

of the battle if they tried. But as they neared the eadge of the system

that became a vain hope for blocking their path was ...

The Excalibur


Chapter Five


Spying the Excaliber in their path the Warbirds split up. The

Maine took the one that went right the Excaliber the left.

The Excaliber chased its warbird intill the warbird cloaked. The

Maine however was more sucessful. The torpedoes Diral had perpared

passed though the warbirds shields and slamed into the warp engines

creating a massive explosion the Maine passed though the remains of the

warbird and met the Excaliber on the other side.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard returned to the bridge after his talk

with Admiral McGuire via codeded channels. "Status Number One," He


"One Romulan Warbird destroyed by us," Marrissa said. "The

Other has cloaked in the area. All systems normal. The Excaliber has


"Hail the Excaliber," Picard ordered turning toward the veiw


Captain Shelby appeared on screen. "Captain Shelby of the

USS Excaliber NCC-1703-G reporting as ordered," she said.

"Captain Shelby you ar going to 'love' our latest orders,"

Picard said.

"How so?"

"Those three other warbirds in the system are defectors,"

Picard said. "We are to depost all but 6 members of their crews on

Vulcan and transport them to Earth ASAP."

"I hope you have at least one C.O. to send," Shebly said.

"I've only got Commander Adin and Lt.Commander Yarr and bunch of

ensigns on my ship."

"Personal is a problem," Picard responded. "I'm the only

one here, the Washington, Oregan, and California are skeliton crews with

Lt.s in command, no help there."

"Is that Marrissa Flores behind you?" Captain Shelby asked.

"It is but she is now my adopted daugther," Picard replied

"Put her in command of the Maine," Shebly suggested. "She may

not have rank but she has more exprience than anyone we are going to


"Point taken," Picard said. "Prepare boarding parties I'll send

75 cadet to each ship, you supply the rest. Myself, Adin, and Yarr will

command their crews. Maine out. Hail the Romulans."

"Captain Sela here," Sela said. "Ready to recieve broarding

parties and beam personal down to deffector processing center on


"Have you been listening in?" Picard asked.

"No but Admiral Saavik has been most informtive," Sela

responded. "You will notice I am in the process of replacing the

Warbird symbol on all my warbirds with and old symbol from a auto

company known as Pontiac to avoid confusion so beam over when the

symbol in finished in 5 minutes. I assum as owner I may come with

my ships to Earth."

"You and 5 others," Picard said.

"See you in 5. Sela out."

"Now down to business," Captain Picard said. "Computer note in

Log. Per StarFleet orders Stardate 47608 I am now in command of a fleet

consisting of the Maine, Excaliber and three Romulan warbirds. As such

I am reassigning Command of the USS Maine to Marriss Picard athorization

Picard Omega nine oh one two."

"Maine now under the command of Marrissa Picard."

"Captain who are you taking to the Romulan ship from the Command

crew?" Marrissa asked

"Cadet Westly Crusher."

"Computer first officer is now Cadet Ross Lochard," Marrissa

said. "Second officer Cadet Katherine Szustakowski. authorization

Marrissa Beatpveen one eight one two."

"First Officer now Cadet Ross Lochard, Second Officer now Cadet

Katherine Szustakowski."

Chapter Six


Cloaked Romulan Warbird Bloodfire

Captain Sardak Commanding

Captain's Log

The Federation ships Maine and Excaliber have apparently

destroyed the Deathwing and captured the Adventure, The Starburst and

the Exploration. However they are so short of Commanding officers that

the put a 12 year old GIRL in comand of the Maine.

The Maine, Excaliber ant the three captured Romulan Warbirds

have toward Earth. Vulcan is guarded by 3 Ambassitor Class starships so

we are following the Earth bound fleet. I have choosen to follow 20

meters off the portside of the Maine and slightly above.

Outside the Romulan vessel, the Earth bound fleet can be seen

clearly. The Maine is the nearest vessel. Next comes the three Romulan

vessels. And finally the Excaliber can be seen on the farside.

USS Maine

"1200 hours Alpha shift is releaved," Marrissa said. "Mr.

Lochard, in my ready room." Various staff enter and exit and Marrissa

Picard and Ross Lochard enter the Ready Room.

"Mister Lochard what is this I hear about Cadet Tanner's

transfer to the Adventure," Marrissa said as she sat behind the desk.

"Cadet Tanner wwas still complaining about the present command

structure despite several extra shifts," Ross said. "I beleived she was

deturmental to moral. So I sent her to serve under Commander Adin."

"Your actions were correct but you should have consulted me,"

Marrissa said. "I as commanding officer I must approve all transfers

remember that in the future. Please make sure my record is available to

all personal in order to end such decussion."

Ross returned to the bridge. "Their is a sensor anomoly off the

portside," Kevin Henderson said.

"On screen," Ross said. On screen stars streamed by arcing

around as certain spot. "Inform the Starburst, Captain to the Bridge."

Marrissa entered the bridge. "I think we have found the missing

Warbird, Captain."

"Ready one torpedeo set to detonate on impact," Marrissa said.

"10 percent power."

"Message from the Starburst," A Cadet said, "If the Anomoly is

the Romulan warbird. You are to destroy it completely."

"Fire torpedo."

A Torpedo arched out of the Maine. It impacted the Anomoly and

reveled the Warbird. "Red Alert, All hands to battle stations,"

Marrissa ordered.

The Bloodfire having decided that hiding would be useless from

this point forward, fired torpedoes toward the Excaliber. The Maine was

ingored because Captain Sardak beleived the Maine under 12 year-old

Marrissa was not a treat. He was wrong.

"Kathy get on their tail," Marrissa said. "Tactical fire

phasers and photon torpedoes."

"Nearing Terran System," Katherine Szustakoski said.

"The Warbird is dropping out of Warp," Cadet Henderson said from


"Following suit," Katherine said from the helm.

The Bloodfire emerged from warp just short of Neptune. The

Maine emerged in standard orbit of it. The Maine came about charging

the Bloodfire. The Blood fire ingored it again going after the

Exacaliber which had just arrived. The Maine once agian fired on the

Bloodfire knocking out its shields. No longer able to ingore the Maine

The Bloodfire fired torpedoes at the Maine.

"Fire phasers at incoming torpedoes," Marrissa ordered. "Target

torpedoes at the Warp Engines."

The Maine's phasers detonated the Romulan Torpedoes just short

of the Maine. Meanwhile the Maine's torpedoes impacted the Romulan Warp

engines. The Warbird exploded like fireworks on the fourth of July.

"Captain," Ross said.

"Yes, Number One," Marrissa replied.

"Remind me to never underestimate a Picard," Ross continued.




Captain's Log STARDATE 47613.8

USS Maine

Marrissa Picard Recording

We have entered earth orbit and most of the crew has beamed back

to the Academy. Tommarrow my Father and I will be returning to the

Enterprise. However before we leave we are to attend a press confernce

at Starfleet Headquarters with Admiral McGuire.

Marrissa Picard, Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Captain Shelby and

Cadets Lochard, Shebly and Crusher, entered the crowded Press Confernce

Room. Admiral McGuire, the new Starfleet Publicity Chief, was waiting

as were several dozen members of the press. Around the room questions

were being thrown around, like: How does a 12 year old get command of a

starship? How did a Romulan Warbird get so deep into federation space?

and How is Starfleet going to reward young Miss Picard?

"Gentlemen and Ladies of the Press," Admiral McGuire began, "May

I have your attention please. I will begin with an anouncement and then

Myself and the other people you see here will answer you questions."

The Room quieted down as the Admiral began, "As you know 8 days

ago on Stardate 47605, 5 Romulan warbirds breached the Neutral Zone,

destroying the Chicago, the Pittsburgh, and disabling the Brittain.

The ships then proceed to Vulcan. Once there three ships defected. The

Remaining to two attacked the USS Maine NCC-17715. One of them was

destroyed. The other one eluded us intil yesterday when the Maine

decovered and destroyed it near Neptune. Captain Jean-Luc Picard was

in command of the Maine when the first one was destroyed, Marrissa

Picard the second. However both kills are credited to Marrissa Picard.

"The second item on my agenda is the rewards for those on the

Maine who served with destinction and great bravrey. As you know the

Maine is one of four Cadet training ships in Starfleet and the largest

of those. As such it is crewed by Cadets and a small evaulation group.

As such it is hard to find a reward for those who served so bravely.

However, it has been decided that apon graduation those who were so

noted will serve aboard the ferderation flagship USS Enterprise

NCC-1701-D or her successor. These cadets are Westly Crusher, Ross

Lochard, Katherine Szustakowski, Kevin Henderson, and Diral Bariel.

"Starfleet also wishes to reward Marrissa Picard for her actions

in this battle and at Bajor. It has been decided by the order of the

President of the United Federation of Planets, with the Consent of the

Commanding Admiral of Starfleet to grant Marrissa Amber Picard the rank

of Ensign in Starfleet. Furthermore, Starfleet Academy has decided to

give her 15 hours of credit in various coarses including Tactics 210

which she cause us to revise fully.

"In addition to these announcements, Captain Picard has an

additional one, Captain"

Admiral McGuire yeilded the microphone to Captain Picard.

Admiral McGuire sat down beside Marrissa who had been forced to take a

seat after the last announcement.

"Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press," Captain Picard began, "It

is my pleasure to annouce today that Starfleet Academy is assigning one

hundred Cadets to the Enterprise as an additional campus to releave over

crowding at Starfleet Academy Sanfransico. The Cadets will not change

the Enterprises Mission. Instead they will serve to further deversify

the crew of the Enterprise. My Command crew will serve as staff and

advisiors for the Cadets semester stay. Admiral?"

"We will now take questions," McGuire said. Hands shot up.

"We will begin with Sir Anthony Eden of the BBC."

"Admiral Mc Guire, How did the Romulans get though the border


"The Romulan incursion was a result of the delayed arrival of

the USS Virginia," Admiral Mc Guire said. "Its absence allowed a

weakness to develop. The Romulans used this weakness and broke though.

The Virginia as you know was solving the envoriomental crisis on the

Planet Normandy. Now Brian Rather of World WIde Broadcasting."

"Admiral Mc Guire or Captain Picard, How does a 12 year old get

command of a starship?"

Captain Picard looked to Admiral McGuire who nodded. "As always

Rather either you or Brokaw gets down to the toughest question," Captain

Picard said. "Marrissa was orignally put in command of the Enterprise

saucer section, as you know on Stardate 47570 due to her Kobayshi Maru

time of 20+ minutes. This decision was based on the fact we needed a

crew to take the sacuer section away from the area. The saucer ran into

Gul Ducat's ship on its way to Deep Space Nine and disabled it with out

recieving injury. As we arrived at DS9 to pick up the saucer the War

was declared and a dozen warships from Cardassia were spotted. There

was not enough time to releave her so I assigned her to evacuate Deep

Space Nine's civilian population. Halfway to Bajor Gul Ducat's newly

repaired ship caught up to her and attacked. Marrissa defeated him

agian. When we acquired the three warbirds were needed a Commanding

Officer. There were just four officers for 5 ships, myself, Captain

Shelby, Commander Adin, and Luientant Commander Yarr. As such I looked

for people with some command exprience, Marrissa had the most of the

people available so she got command of the Maine."

And so the press confernce continued.

Captain Picard and Marrissa weering her new uniform with it's

shiney new rank pin, boarded the runabout Rio Grande to return to Deep

Space Nine and the Enterprise. They were greeted by Major Kira.

"Welcome aboard Captain."

"If you are here who's in command of Deep Space Nine?" Marrissa

Out of buffer space

"I had the same question when the Rio Grande arrived," Commander

Sisko said, joining them. "Apparrently Mr. Data volunteered."

"Who is the first Officer he will lector this time?" Captain

Picard asked.

"Constuble Odo," Sisko said. "I didn't think Data had emotions,

let alone a temper."

"He doesn't," Picard replied, "but he has lectured every first

officer he has had."

Over the intercom Miles O'Brien announced, "Everyone better get

seated, we take off in one minute." In a nervous voice he continued,

"Keiko's driving."

-=-=-=Coming this Fall=-=-=-

Who Q? Where Q? (tenitive title)

"I'm here to give your crew a more challenging week," Q said.

"I've alraeady got a challenging week ahead," The Captain said

"The Naklab system will be more than enough to occup my attention."

"Oh yes the Naklab system," Q remarked. "I'm sure I can give you

a more interesting time."

"The Bres, Troac, and Sobians will only negoate with Captain

Picard of the Enterprise as medaitor," the Captain said.

"Not quite."

"Captain Picard Reminder," The Computer interupted, "TAC 360

final exam in five minute on holodeck one."

"You won't be there," Q said. "In fact no adult will."

Ensign Marrissa Picard was waiting outside Holodeck One. The 13

year old waited 10 minutes past the appointed time. nervously tapping

her foot. and then asked the Computer, "Computer locate Captain Jean-Luc


"Captain Jean-Luc Picard is not aboard the Enterprise."

"Ensign Picard to Commander Riker."

"Commander Riker is not on board the Enterprise."

"Computer who is presently in command of the the Enterprise."

"The Senior officer aboard, Ensign Marrissa Amber Picard."

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