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Article Number: 9921

From: (Jasper O'Malley)

Newsgroups: alt.drugs

Subject: Caffeine Trips and other such niceties

Date: 17 Feb 1995 14:08:47 -0500

Message-ID: <3i2s7v$>

"And he opened the seventh seal..."

Just thought you guys be interested in a little bit of excitement that came

my way last night...

After drinking an entire pot of coffee in less than an hour, around 4 AM this

morning I became completely and utterly convinced that the world was going to

end at exactly 6:11 AM this morning, just before first light. I'm not making

this up. I completely lost my shit in a way that I have never lost it


I was so freaked out, I wanted to die. Not to kill myself, just

die. I had absolutely no desire to write, speak, eat, blow my nose, kiss,

think or be in general...I wanted to die and I was convinced that when the

world did end in a blaze of hellfire, I was gonna be judged by the

Lord Almighty and burn for eternity. I wrote four pages about it in

my journal as I was hip deep in the shitpool that was a stimulant

overdose induced, acute manic/paranoiac attack that triggered some

sort of neoclassical, metaphysical, socio-religious and philosophical


Needless to say this sucked real bad, and I didn't real start to come

down off this until around 5 in the morning. This particularly blew

'cos I had two labs to finish by today (already late...I only ended up

getting one done), and I didn't feel a hell of a lot of incentive to

expound on the vibrational-rotational modes of carbon dioxide

molecules being that the world was going to come to a screeching halt

and I was hurtling toward that inevitable eternity of suffering and

agony reserved for unrepentant pagans and unbelievers like m'self...

I fully snapped out of it at 6:20 and now my stomach feels like I

swallowed a pound of Drain-O and pixie stick cocktails...

If anyone ever tells you caffeine is not a psychoactive drug when

taken in significantly large quantities, spit on their nose. And if

you find the bastard that sprinkled LSD on my French Roast, cut out

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