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Article Number: 9923

May 1993

CrackAid V3.39




The Humble Guys - UK's finest

Old Release notes : version 2.10 to 2.47


2.47.00 Removed pause screen from start.

2.47.01 There are 76 new cracks added to CRACK1.DAT.

2.47.02 Following request have allowed backspace to be used when typing

in directory name.

2.47.03 Have included a 'Special Case' dialogue screen for one crack

that require specific intructions.

2.47.04 Fuck me!!. I had some feedback on one of the cracks.

If the Trump Castle 2 crack doesn't find the byte change

necessary.... try changing the file TC2.EXE..

Hex offset 2229B to EB 02 (Hex 2229B should be 9A if not don't use)

Hex offset 232C7 to 31

2.47.05 CRACKAID.COM has become CRACKAID.EXE due to me exceeding the 64k

*.COM boundary.It LZ'exes to under 7k now!!

Version 2.47 to 2.70


2.70.01 Have added 19 new cracks to CRACK1.DAT

2.70.02 Have altered a typing error in crack for Terminator 2.

2.70.03 Have included a couple of cracks in MORECRAC.KS

2.70.04 er.. that's all I could be bothered to do.

Despite me saying that version 2.47 would be the last release, I have decided

to release this version, primarily as a bug fix for the Terminator 2 crack.

Thought I might as well add another page load of cracks while I was at it.

Version 2.70 to 3.39


3.39.01 Have added 57 new byte cracks to CRACK1.DAT

3.39.02 Have replaced MORECRAC.KS with CALOAD.EXE to create a handful

of loader and TSR patches

3.39.03 Have amended a typo in Bad Blood byte patch.

3.39.04 As this is the last full version of CrackAid, I have tried to

the executable file inside the 64k COM boundary. Subsequently,

the file copy section of code has been trimmed (even further), and

users may notice this version takes longer to backup the original




Surprise, Surprise.... Fuck all, not a sausage.

Files in this archive


CRACKAID.EXE - Main executable

CRACK1.DAT - Title listing read into CRACKAID.EXE

CRACK1.OVL - The filename/byte changes needed in CRACKAID.EXE

CAUNLITE.EXE - Extracts PKlite'd EXE files, including the 'unextractable'.

CAUNLZ.EXE - Extracts LZexe'd files to 0.91

TITLES.DOC - ASCII listing of the titles available in this release.

README.BAT - Extraordinarily complex batch file to type this file....

CALOAD.EXE - Creates a handful of loader files


CALOAD.DOC - Brief dox for CALOAD

CAID-339.DOC - This file.

Installation Guide


1> Delete all old files.

2> Copy all new files.

3> er.. that's it.

Further comments


This is definately the last major of release of CrackAid. I am teaming up

with Randall Flagg of Razor 1911 and creating a similar thing under a new

title. The graphics, presentation will obviously be greatly improved, as will

the number of titles (600 or so).

This program will be released as SHAREWARE (whatever that is!!!), and will

also be registerable for a small fee.

At the time of this doc., the final details (including the title), of this new

project are as yet unresovled, but look out for it a board near you soon.

Part of the service of the new project will involve free protection removal for

people with software that has protection in it.

Adieu, Rawhide -=The Humblest of them All=-

Usual old crap


The sole intention of this software is to remove the annoyance of having

to dig out your manual/code-wheel/key diskette everytime you want to play

a game. Also for legimate purchasers of software who have mislaid their

manual amongst all the other crap round their PCs.

It is certainly NOT my intention, that anyone should use this software to

make/distribute illegal copies of software. If you are using this program

for this purpose, then you are very naughty indeed.

Please do not use this software to deprive those smashing ladies and

gents of the software houses, with their BMWs and 5 bedroom detatched houses

in the stockbroker belt out of their hard-earned cash. Support them.

Personal/Group Greets: Hi.T, Byrn and all at THG, Razor Blade, Randall

Flagg and all at Razor 1911, all other groups too numerous to mention, and

everybody in whole world except Bob Monkhouse, who's a cunt.

To all the kisses I've snatched, and vice versa,

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