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TIMES & WORLD-NEWS, Roanoke, VA - Feb. 19,1990


WYTHEVILLE-Several people who viewed a pattern of lights hovering above

their heads in a darkened Wytheville Community College room agreed that it

looked like an unidentified flying object they had seen in the skies of

Southwest Virginia.

They were not seeing a flying saucer containing little green men, but a

model of the radar-eluding Stealth B-2 bomber that Rhode Island businessman Tony

Gonsalves had constructed.

Gonsalves, 47, visited Wythe County earlier this month because it had been

a hotbed of UFO sightings in recent years. He said similar sightings have

reported in Hudson Valley, N.Y., and Fyffe, Ala.

"I believe there's a secret government aircraft flying around that the

public hasn't been advised about," he said.

Gonsalves is not talking about the Stealth aircraft that was rolled out for

public view in 1988, one of six that reportedly have been built. Those would

make noise, he said, and the boomerang-shaped aircraft spotted across the

country in recent years have been silent.

Referring to recent debate on what happened to $22 billion of the money

allocated to developing an airplane that can avoid radar detection, he said: "I

don't think it [the money] disappeared at all. I think they built some


He suggests that the money went into Stealth craft powered by "UFO

technology"-in his view, some sort of antigravity field generated by nuclear


"Now, where did they get it [the technology]? That's another story, but in

my opinion, they have it," he said.

One possible source, he said, would be a crashed flying saucer that the

government recovered and kept secret.

"I am a firm believer that this planet is being visited by aliens. I think

they've been coming here for a long time," he said.

Whether they agreed with him on that, at least five of the about 75 people

attending his talk at Wytheville Community College agreed that the Stealth shape

is what they saw.

What convinced the group was a quarter-size model of the aircraft, built by

Gonsalves, based on what data has been released about the secret plane.

Using his experience as a jet mechanic on U.S. Navy aircraft carriers,

Gonsalves said he placed lights on his 4-foot model in a pattern that would be

logical for landing purposes or illuminate the ground for a low-flying, slow-

moving plane.

With the meeting room in Fincastle Hall darkened, he showed how using

different lights on the dark craft could make it seem to have different shapes

in night skies. A number of people agreed that the lights defined shapes of

objects they had seen.

Gonsalves said he came to Wytheville to talk with people who might have

seen an experimental-Stealth aircraft. He is compling the information for a




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