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From: (Donald the Curmudgeon)

Newsgroups: alt.drugs

Subject: Re: Calamus Root.

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Date: 18 Jan 94 15:21:42 GMT

I once ate about 4 inches of fresh calamus root.

It's a stimulant. It's a pretty good stimulant, in fact. I didn't notice

any hallucinogenic effects, but perhaps I needed a larger quantity.

In any case, it's one of the foulest tasting drugs I've ever consumed.



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Newsgroups: alt.drugs

Subject: Calamus Root.

Message-ID: <>

Date: 14 Jan 94 13:57:56 GMT

I have been experimenting with calamus root, bought already cut to quarter

smartie size and dried.

I've tried making tea from it to no avail. Yesterday i gubbed half an ounce of

the stuff. Nothing happened again.

Allegedly, 10 inces of the root works to provide hallucinagenic effects....

Can anyone provide some info???



From: (Jeremy Richardson)

Newsgroups: alt.drugs

Subject: Calamus=Vomit, vomit, vomit.

Date: 14 May 1994 20:03:08 GMT


I just wanted to warn everyone about this particular herb. I visited an

herb store last night, and recognized the name "Calamus" on the shelf from

the Legal Highs text. So, being the rash and inept fool that I am, I

bought it, took it home and imbibed it as per the 20th Century Alchemist's

directions. Bad move.

I drank this *horribly* bitter brew at around 10 o'clock, and experienced

little (if any) of the anticipated effects. However, to my chagrin, at

around 3, I felt ill. And I barfed, barfed, barfed, and for a change of

pace, I vomited. I had my girlfriend call the Poison Control Center to

make sure that I wasn't going to die. We found that Calamus' effects,

instead of euphoric, are a stomach irritant. So, I spent most of the night

cradled around the Porcelain God.

Lesson 1: reaffirmed "don't believe everything you read"

Lesson 2: always check out what you buy, and make SURE that it's gonna do

what it is supposed to.

Lesson 3: if you're gonna poke around the psychotropic section of the Herb

store, and try stuff, call Poison Control first to see if you should expect

bad results.

Lesson 4: there are other, much mellower substances to partake of than


(not to mention tastier)

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