Thursday, November 13, 2014

Article Number: 995



Unsuspecting salesman Tyler Waddell was walking down a lonely Louisiana high-

way when he was accosted by five wild eyed space aliens who pinned him down -

and stole his cheap toupee right off his head!

They climbed out of their ship and came straight toward me, and truthfully, I

was scared to death, still trembling Tyler later told reporters.

The grabbed me and stared at me with those crazy bug eyes, and I was sure they

were going to kill me or kidnap me or torture me or something. But all they

did was yank my hairpiece of my head.

They looked at it and started chattering and chortling like it was the funnie-

st thing they'd ever seen. And to them I guess it was - because they didn't

have a hair anywhere on their bodies.

Finally, one of them put the thing on his head and they all dashed back to the

ship, still chattering away.

Terrified Tyler's hair raising ordeal began late one night when his car conked

out on a country road outside Lake Charles.

I was driving home after a sales trip and my car was running like a top, and

then all at once it just died on me for no good reason, the rattled bachelor


I was out there in the middle of nowhere and it was dark as hell, but I got

out and started walking, hoping I could find a farmhouse or something. And I'd

been waiting maybe five minutes when the whole sky lit up bright orange and

this big, silver spaceship came down in a field no more than 100 yards away.

Petrified Tyler, 53, stopped in his tracks as five pint size aliens climbed

from the craft and toddled toward him.

Those little guys came at me and I was just frozen there, unable to move I

was so scared, the mousy shirt sales man recalled with a shudder. They were

only 4 feet tall, no more, and I knew they weren't from this world, that's

for sure.

when they got to me, they pushed me over and pinned me down and one of them

started running his hands through my ratty old hairpiece, kind of checking

it out, you know. The next thing I knew, the toupee had come loose and was

sitting there all cock-eyed on top of my head like a dead rat and they stood

back and looked at it like they didn't know what to make of it.

Finally one of them grabbed it and put it on his head and they all headed back

to the ship.

Mystified Tyler watched in astonishment as the saucer shaped spaceship soared

off to ward the stars. Then he walked to a farmhouse two miles away and called

for help.

It was a pretty frightening experience, but I guess I should be grateful, said

the dazed salesman. they could have decided they wanted my eyeballs or some-



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