Thursday, November 13, 2014

Article Number: 9952

California Games 2

EPYX Software (Therrrrre Baaaaaack!)

Crack: Simple Tie-Dye Protection


Controls: Everything

Sound: Adlib Available? - this is what the package Says

Cracking/Game Notes:

Pretty Simple crack Really, 2.5 K of Confusion code

3 lines to change to crack it.

The Humble Guys are: The Candyman, Fabulous Furlough, NightWriter, Wico

The Slavelord, Predator, Mr. Plato, Fletcher Christian, Lord Blix, Barimor,

The Viper, BamBam, Lord Zombie, The Guch, BigBobRob, Eddie Haskel, Funakashi,

The Humble Sysop, Drool Master Rick, Jrok, Mr.M, Mace Mandela, Belgarion,and

our HUMBLE leader, Gods Gift to the IBM!


|The Humble Boards|


Members |Candyland (***) ***-**** The Candyman |

|The Slave Den (904) 376-1117 The Slavelord |

|HMS Bounty (215) 873-7287 Fletch |

|The Humble Review (319) 372-5987 The Humble Sysop |

|Plato's Place (3 nodes) (618) 254-5263 Mr. Plato |

|Iron Fortress (508) 798-3363 Predator |

|SpamLand (508) 831-0131 Eddie Haskel |

Boards |Final Frontier (602) 491-0703 Barimor |

|DownTown 31-5750-29313 BamBam |

|TinsleTown Rebellion (713) 453-2153 The Viper |


Dist. |The Badlands (904) PRI-VATE Lowrider |

|The P.I.T.S. (2 Nodes) (718) THE-PITS The PieMaN |

|Elusive Dream (317) 452-1257 The Toyman |

Sites |The Wall (716) PRI-VATE Pink Panther (heh) |

|Twilight Zone (617) ???-???? Raistlin (Another 1)|

|The Ice Castle 47-PRI-VATE The Iceman |

|Black Ice BBS (904) 377-1325 Chaos |

|Enterprize Elite (313) 427-8755 Static |

|Paradise City (416) 479-9879 Mongolian Cannibal |

|Gangzterz Paradize 46-313-041-42 Wico |


For an 8x10 glossy of your favorite Humble Guys member, send a self-addressed

stamped envelope to:

The Humble Guys! The Humble Guys!

P.O.Box 24541 or post restante

Nashville, TN 37202 p.o. box 99960

7200 NA Zutphen Holland

Send us any letters thanking us for being so incredibly great!! We know

you guys worship the ground we walk above, but it's good for you guys

to tell us. All letters will be posted on the LSDnet (tm) arts and letters

section! Please send any computer hardware you dont need! We can use it!

Especially modems and hard drives!!

* Note * All Letter Bombs will be returned to sender.

Call The Humble Guys Voice Mail Box! 615-664-1952! Leave us a message!

Look for The Humble Review magazine comming soon to a BBS near you!

Remember, you too can be either Humble Spittle, a Humble Slave, a

Humble Franchise, a THG Distribution site, or even possibly a member.

Contact us on Candyland, The Slave Den, or Downtown BBS if you are

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