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Article Number: 9956

Date: 25 Dec 87 01:41:01 GMT

From: portal!cup.portal.com!Patrick_A_Townson@uunet.uu.net

Organization: The Portal System (TM)

Subject: Re: Sophisticated modems and Call Waiting

Dave Levenson questions having two lines in the same hunt group when one is

used for modeming --

My modems will auto answer, but generally I don't use that feature, and I

usually leave it turned off via software. My configuration, which I think is

ideal, works like this --

We only give out one number to persons calling. This number is mainly for

voice. The second number is mainly for my outbound modem calls, and I never

give the number to anyone except a person I am expecting to receive a modem

call from.

Both lines have call waiting, and the ability to suspend same (*70). When a

call is in progress on line one and a second call arrives, call waiting will

notify us. The second call can be brought in, and under Starline, switched

to the second line by /flash/#2/announce/flash. I get the call on the second

line, my roomate goes back to the call already in progress on line one.

If we wish, implementing cancel call waiting on line one forces a second

incoming call to to line two. If I am on the modem (i.e. cancel

call waiting by default) then busy is returned to the second caller. If

not, then line two rings and the call is answered.

If on the other hand we each have a call on a line and a call comes

in, it will be via call waiting (usually on line one) and it can be

answered and retained on line one or transferred to line two, where again,

it will trigger call waiting. It can be answered by whichever of us is on

line two, and held or disposed of.

If I am on a modem call (almost always outgoing), then *70 is defaulted into

the dialing string...and an accidental wrong number, for example, which would

otherwise ring line two and disturb me is shunted via hunt to line one....

Line one appears on single line instruments in the kitchen and my roomate's

bedroom, and in the living room area. Line two appears on a single line

phone in my bedroom and on the two modems (I will never be in both places

at the same time). A Black Box swither allows either my Apple computer or

my terminal to use either modem....and allows either modem to use the phone

line, or allows the terminal to talk to the computer via null modem or

to the printer, etc.

Patrick Townson

(at the time this was written I was a user on Portal Communications.)

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