Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Article Number: 9980

The following Call-of-the-Day was submitted by Terry Carter of the Apple

Assurance PowerBook Support group in Austin, Texas:

A customer calls with a PowerBook 520c and had done a clean install last night.

The unit still isn't working and wants to do another clean install of 7.5. We did

the Shift-Command-K feature and it said that it couldn't do a clean install....?

We boot off the Disk Tools and I ask him to locate the system folder. He says

it's not there. He starts laughing and remarks that he was "a tad under the

influence² the night before and had apparently thrown away the system folder... 1

piece at a time.

Other great lines from this guy were: "I was a might intoxicated" "I see why

part of the number is SOS, I'm the drowning sailor here..." "I'm the support

person for this floor." "I tend to drop things." "My mom is running MS Word 6.0

on her PowerBook 140 and it's kinda slow" " I made an alias of a program and then

threw away the program. That's when I learned that aliases don't run on their

own." "I'm in a high stress academic environment where violent computer games are

a necessity" "I have an arcane Hewlett Packard printer. I dusted it off and tried

to power it on. It wouldn't start. Turned it off and on again. Still nothing. My

friend walks over and TOUCHES the printer and it turns on. I touch it and it

turns off. He touches it again, it turns on and starts to smoke.

his friend's name was Moses>" "Is that Software erasable? Well then it's

probably gone..." "This place is hexed. I found out recently that Doc Holiday

attended here. This must have been his dorm room" "I'm living in a closet here"

"I'm giving my mother a CD for mother's day. I can't use a Cookbook CD" "I'm one

of those people that puts all the crap in the world on my computer and then

figure out how it works... Extension manager is a great tool"

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