Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Article Number: 9987

CA-Load v1.00 beta by Rawhide -=THG=-

Because CrackAid makes only byte patches, and more and more programs require

loader files or TSR to crack them, I have chucked together a tinpot program

called CALOAD.

This version will only do 15 titles, but I may incorporate more in due

course. I chucked the code together in about one and a half hours, and

put extremely simple error checking in.

Basically, CALOAD.OVL must be in the same directory as CALOAD.EXE. It will

produce the requested loader file into the directorty from which it was

run, and you have to copy it over to the directory containing the program

you want to unprotect.

A Couple of Thoughts


Whatever happened to flying saucers?? That splendid piece of confectionery

with sherbert encased in a funny rice-paper envelope. Are they still

about ??

If it's true that 'You are what you eat', then that bloke who hosts

the Clothes Show on BBC, must eat a hell of a lot of arseholes.

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