Tuesday, November 11, 2014

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TODAY, London, England-June 25, 1990

CR: T. Good

Russian fighters shot down a UFO which flew straight at them.

They saw it change colour and plummet to the ground after their rockets slammed home.

Two peasants who found a piece of wreckage died soon afterwards. The rest of the craft is being kept hidden by the KGB.

The amazing claims weremade yesterday by Soviet scientists attending a conference on UFOs in West Germany.

Dr. Marina Popvich, a former Russian airforce colonel, said: "I believe the military are holding on to something which originated outside our planet."

The delegation said the UFO was shot down in 1983 by a pair of MIG fighters.

Two peasants who found a piece nearly 20-feet square later died, apparently from the effects of radiation.

Dr. Valery Uvarov said: "We have seen the pilot's report. It says the UFO did not explode but turned a bright colour and then fell to earth."

A leading German scientist said: "I am usually very sceptical about most UFO stories, but this one cannot be treated lightly."


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